The Girl I Will Not Date


The Girl I Will Not Date

This is pretty much a list of things I don't find attractive in a girl..

Being a semi country boy, I like a girl who will have a back bone and stick up for herself and throw the first punch while I'm finishing my beer. Another thing, I find it sexy when a girl drinks whiskey or beer, instead of vodka or whatever cocktail.

Anyway back to the point, here's MY list - If you disagree with anything troll away, I don't give four fifths of a flying Fuck


Number 1. The doormat

I cannot cannot cannot stand a girl that let's herself be walked all over by a guy or her friends, it just ruins a girl for me.

Number 2. The judge

Sure whatever floats your boat to make you feel good about yourself. But why put other girls down? Their makeup, their outfit, their body and anything else that you can think of.

Some girls for some reason think they're better than others because they're super skinny or curvy or have the right ass or the right boob's or something. I honestly don't know.

But it's just unattractive, because all I hear when a girl puts another girl down is "I'm insecure, give me compliments"

Which brings me to the next one.

Number 3. The not so modest but can't take a compliment girl.

OK I know that girls have their insecurities and a lot of you don't think you're attractive. But you want compliments don't you? Because most of the time a girl doesn't know how to take a fucking compliment no matter how sincere a guy is being. You just flat out deny it and almost get offended from a fucking compliment... Accept the thing or they will stop coming.

Number 4. The too modest girl.

Yes modesty is a must to an extent, BUT a girl needs to be comfortable with her sexuality and the fact that she has needs and being open and forwardly sexual is a massive rise in the points you get from me.

Number 5. A girl that doesn't appreciate music.

This will be the trigger for a lot of comments I think. But I'm talking about REAL music. None of that Lil Wayne - Bieber fucking - Miley shit or that other club shit, I'm talking about music with meaning by the people that actually wrote the songs and play them with instruments not a computer.. With the acception of aus hipHop of course.

This means country metal blues rock and everything in between.

Number 6. The girl that lives in high heels.

A minor thing maybe but this says one thing to me. "I'm not getting my hands dirty and that shovel isn't coming anywhere near me."

Odd statement? Maybe, but I'm an active physical guy. I like working hard and having a cold beer at the end of the day, and I like a girl that's not afraid of a little character building and those high heels won't do you any good in the mud.

Apart from that high heels, Fuck your feet up, and I'm a leg man. That in my opinion includes your feet. Yes the heels might make your ass look good and that's fantastic but don't wear them all the time especially every day.

A pair of leather boots is a lot sexier on a girl to me than high heels.

I should probably mention once again that this is my list about MY preferences and has nothing to do with anyone else.

Number 7. The introvert that refuses to go out.

I am an active person, I ride motorcycles, go kayaking, work like a sheep dog, and still have energy for the evening activities.

A girl who never wants to go out just won't cut it.

I want to go to the pub with my girl at my side knocking them down with me. I want to go for beach walks with the dog. I wanna take a girl with me on rides and go to the gym and the movie theater and to dinner.

Sure I enjoy a night in with my lady but being cooped up in the house isn't healthy and breathing the same air repeatedly isn't my thing.

The girl I will not date

I'm sick of typing so I'll continue this shit later.

The Girl I Will Not Date
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  • steveguitar
    Definitely like the music part lol, its hard to knkw people that like that crap. There's no substance
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  • Azara
    sounds like what would not date in man or woman. :)
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  • xXiTacoXx
    You lost me at 4 (if I were a dude I'd rather have a very modest girl, than a chick who has been fucking every Tom, Dic, and Jerry in the neighborhood), 5 (heels ae life, and that's that), 6 (only because you mentioned country and metal).
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    • Metal has huge meaning behind its songs. It tends to have a darker meaning, but it's a very powerful one.

      I agree with the rest of your points though.

  • Errhh
    Ha! I used to target out guys like that!!! 😁😁 !!
    Guys Who would point out specifics... And say they would never date this and that... Etc.. Etc...

    I'd become exactly what they claim to dislike, and make it my mission to make them want me... Then... TADA !!! Just so I can say "You WOULD!! Date someone like that" 😉

    Anyway!!! Your list is pretty understandable... And more common than uncommon. :]!
    I in particular would never consider to date anyone with a list 😜
    • Errhh

      Ohh!!! You know what this also reminds me of... That one movie where the girl names the guy's little worm 'Princess Sophia!' Hahaha and talks to it like a baaby or puppy!! Haha😂😂

      Like doing awkward, super weird things that would drive someone off... And then end up falling for that weirdo person. 😯

  • lolatyou
    lol, I like this until the last part. It's nice to share interest and to go out together but your girlfriend doesn't have to be a clone of you. Maybe she doesn't like the gym, the beach, the theater etc. You make it sound like she has to tag along with you everywhere you go like she's some lost puppy.
    • Anonymous

      I don't want a clone of me and that is stuff I like doing and just tagging along with me isn't what I want but at least doing something once in a while would be good

      No she may not like some of those things but I'll do things she wants to do with her and I'd expect the same in return

      After all, most healthy relationships have compromise

    • lolatyou

      Yup, I agree then, it just sounded kind of pushy.

      Definitely love your other points though, I wish more guys were aware enough to see that.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah by the end of it I was pretty tired because the page kept reloading and I had to rewrite everything about 5 times

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  • MusicMayhem
    "A pair of leather boots is a lot sexier on a girl to me than high heels".

    Omg dude, YES you stole a part of my brain!
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  • abundantlyrich
    I thought country boys are only attracted to people in their surroundings and are prone to marrying their distant cousins if they can't find anyone that they are going to be compatible with.
  • CafèMachiatto
    Ugh you sound like the guy I don't want to date. You just have this obnoxiously high standard and to be frank I don't even like extroverted people at all lol.

  • archiz
    ok the points in general are ok.
    but for me 7 is a major quality I look in a person too
  • SakuraCherryBlossoms
    I like the modern music a lot... what does everyone hate it?
  • lazermazer
    I don't think u can find any girl thats not a number 2 *shots fired... but good take though
  • Cookies_AndMilk
    This was nice. Great take!
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  • Bea123
    Lol great take!
  • IceEverest
    Very Nice take... HELPFUL FOR BOTH GENDERS...
  • Anonymous
    Safe to say I don't think anyone here cares what your turn offs are in a girl. You're totally entitled to your preferences, but like, this was not worth a whole MyTake.
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    • M_A_X

      I don't see you posting on women's posts that say the exact same thing and calling them out on this. Let me see that more often

    • well well, what do we have here, another trollnymous...

    • Jon_Gre_g

      Half of the posts here are not worthy of being posted... So I don't understand what you are trying to say anon. People have a right to post what they want, as long as it is appropriate that is : P

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