Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...


Yes, the title is click bait for trolls and haters, but i'm not claiming to be the hottest male--only one who exists as above average in the eyes of most women lookswise. It is a thing that is internalized and understood at a very early age that you look better than other boys, but it has nowhere near the effect I imagine that it does on pretty girls. We men don't get free stuff and special treatment wherever we go because of our looks (unless you're like supermodel good looking.) We do, however, get noticed/told we are good looking generally once or twice a week. We get looks from girls who are somewhat suprised/mesmerized before going back to doing what they were doing. Here are some thoughts I believe most "good looking" guys have.

***This is your typical--wanna get laid guy.

Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...

She primarily likes me for my looks and is willing to overlook the more boring parts of my personality...

The one thing guys fear more than anything on a date at a party in a club is boring the girl to death. For a good looking guy, he doesn't have his looks to be his focus--he assumes he's good in this area. Therefore, it's all up to the personality to get him over the hill. When he realizes he was over the hill when he started talking to her he breathes a nice sigh of relieve and just says whatever knowing she, just as much as him, is waiting for the conversation to come to a natural end and for sex to begin.

There's a certain percentage of females that i couldnt' fail with if i tried...

The hot guy internalizes his coveted looks to the extent that it would be very out of the ordinary to him if he were to get rejected by a certain type of girl that finds his look to be very attractive. Depending on how hot he is in terms of his cultures standard of beauty he may assume this for all women. You are probably thinking that if he does get rejected he freakes out and fights really hard to get the girl even if she herself isn that hot--not really. His self validation is so well built that he simply does not see rejection. He doesn't understand. He doesn't believe it's true. His mind either reconfigures how the rejection went down to where it was he doing the rejecting or he simply erases her and the interaction out of his memory entirely. It is not a concious thing--it simply is so outside what he finds real life that it doesn't register to him.

Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...

She wants to have sex with me...

The hot guy daily has a conversation with a woman he is convinced wants him. It is an interesting scenario as he, the man, is pursuing her for sex on an external level, but internally he believes himself to be "giving her what she really wants"

Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...

I wonder what weird stuff she does...

The hot male assumes sex is going to's only a matter of which party tricks she is capable/willing to do...since sex comes a bit easier given he doesn't have to "sell" himself as a worthy bed mate despite looking like he just finished a deep dish grease filled pizza, the hot male is free to fantasize about what will happen later knowing that 90% of the time it really will.

Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...

I'm going to enjoy that ass/tits/mouth later...

There's a definite smugness that comes with being a hot male. You have the same appetites, but you get to chuckle to yourself that it's all just there for the choosing. It's kind of like going for really nice decide to start out with breakfast foods, but then you pass some king grab legs and spiced shrimp and you smile slyly that you'll be back...that there's time enough for anything your heart desires.

Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...

***************************MAJOR NO-HOMO CALL Having to find attractive male gifs made me very uncomfortable.

Inner Thoughts of a Hot Male...
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  • cinderelli
    looks do matter.. a lot.. cuz that's the first thing that makes you attracted towards a guy.. but after that.. his personality... (especially sense of humor) is what gets me going..
    and that last gif is HAWT
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    • Yep, looks matter just how personality and having a few common interests matter. You can't lack one or the other.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    "Having to find attractive male gifs made me very uncomfortable."

    It would be instructive to see what the boys here would come up with, if asked to come up with a gif for "hot (straight) boy".

    Mb I start a question, if y'all won't be too uncomfortable lmao
  • Phoenix98
    Yeah not even close and you seriously make us look pretty bad sometimes ( talking about men in general )
    • pavlove

      lol it literally is true whether or not you choose to believe in it. I'm not going to insult you, but trust that you make yourself look pretty bad without my help ;)

    • Phoenix98

      A lot of people tend to disagree on you.

    • pavlove


      and i guess then it's a good thing i don't write to make other people happy

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  • CafèMachiatto
    "And on that day, he learned that arrogance is a major turnoff. The End."
    • pavlove

      you WISH most girls think the way you do. You know in the back of your mind that that's not the case.

    • I don't wish that they do, because I don't care about what they think, unless they tell me about their boy drama, and I know it's not the case but still...

  • LittleSally
    Makes sense - world revolves around looks for men in general (Not All), but the ones who actually see themselves as attractive are all arrogance and little else. xD
    There are women who fall for that - but those women are called teenagers. Haha

    Nice take - I appreciate honesty in whatever form it may come.

    • pavlove

      Lol only teenage women fall for looks? Is this a serious post or fantasy of yours?

    • Not for looks - for arrogance.

    • Honest

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  • Tenxx
    Yeahhh I disagree. You make it sound like sex is all we think about. Or that our personalities take backseat.
  • ColinHarvey
    This is what you chose to write about?
    There are people being sold as sex slaves in Bangledesh, Suadi Arabia was elected leader of the human rights commission, and they don't allow female drivers, Canada elected a himbo male model as PM -

    NO, good god, there are not topics worthy of discussing unless they allude to humble-bragging and mooring abdominal pictures on a FORUM where you're an editor.

    What kind of degree do you need to be an editor on this site?
    • fiodor99

      a degree in penis sucking. but seriously if you want high level articles on important matters thats not the site for you... .

  • Lioness
    That's why I don't date or take you guys seriously... you treat women like an all you can eat buffet. Not saying all hot guys, but most.
  • juliaanita
    Marlen Brando sure looks good in his t shirt though...
  • SoulGirl
    Our generation does revolve highly around looks. And I do believe since sex got easier to get, love got harder to find.

    I guess I can say I'm an above average woman too. There's always plenty of guys keeping in touch with me, and I've been through my fair share of good looking guys. It's sucks though because all the hot guys I've had a thing with only ever wanted sex, or lied to me about "liking me" to get more. Even after ignoring them for several months they always come back to ask how I've been. It always seems like the average looking guys only want a relationship with me. I've been told I'm "kind of weird" but I'm an artist and think differently/deeply than most people. And I have like an innocent face with sexy/intense eyes and into fitness so I guess i understand why they're surprised when they get to know me and have strange thoughts about life. It hasn't been easy to find the right guy!
  • DanHart
    Ok, without meaning to brag -

    I honestly do get cake or coffee for free at Starbucks for example and do have some model guys follow me on social media - I just listed my height and a few photos of me, the rest is other photos of nature, etc.

    I get tons of likes on a dating app, but not a single girl replies to my non-creepy messages -

    In real life, I've recently had a girl (at Starbucks) who was sitting at the table opposite to me, send her guy friend to ask me whether I'd date her - surprised as I was, I just said "yes, okay" but before the guy could reach their table, the girl had stood up and her 2 girl friends stood up after her and they went off.

    The guy apologized to me.

    It sucks that they just chicken out on me - like, I looked much different 1-4 years ago - and neither do I bite nor do I have bad intentions...

    And I rather think that I suck because of such things happening to be honest.
    • sup man, how u been, i remember you, we used to follow each other a couple of months back, and go get 'em girls matey ;) XD

  • Tarvold
    You missed a few.

    Being constantly asked if anyone else has told you you look like XYZ celebrity.

    Having to turn down the advances of gay men.

    Other girls getting jealous of the girl you're talking to/some random girl who looked vaguely in your direction, and decides to go full blown scorched earth cock block rampage on you.

    Turning up at a party and suddenly realize that you've already slept with most of the women there.

    Turning up as a groomsman/best man to a wedding knowing that you've slept with the bride and one or more of her bridesmaids, and wondering how many people know.

    Finally found someone you're in love with, and having to deal with girls you've slept with casually in the past who still thinks they have a shot at stealing you back.
    • Big fat no on the gay thing. Gaydar is surprisingly accurate.

      Gay men make almost zero Type I errors.

      My husband -- who is so disarmingly sexy that women will not uncommonly try to lead him away by the hand in the 45 seconds it takes me to use a public restroom -- has NEVER been propositioned by a gay man, one time, ever. Not one single once.

      Really, false positives from gay men are almost unheard of -- and I socialize a lot, and I've lived in the Castro AND in West Hollywood.

      If you are getting more than one or two advances from gay men -- and those one or two are not absolutely shitfaced out of their ever-loving minds -- then you need to do some serious thinking about how you present yourself and your sexuality.

    • Lol😂 I have this friend who has literally fucked almost all the girls in my social group. And I thought exactly that at my brothers wedding. My friend screwed my bros wife and most of the bridesmaids and some of the girls attending. I found it amusing. You type of guys are living proof that there is truth to the whole "a minority of guys get all the women" and I'm yet to see a girl agree with this.

    • @Scrambledagain Of course there are men who fuck lots more women than other men do... Duh?

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  • BeSomethingDifferent
    The arrogance is astounding.
  • Meesterlijk
    Your arrogance is kind of funny.
  • Bea123
    Hmm good to know how those guys think I guees
  • cindibb
    you left out Don Draper of Mad Men.
  • abundantlyrich
    You should write for GQ
  • verticallyinsecure2
    zoolander though <3
  • IceEverest
    The last gif is nice...
  • Anonymous
    Unless you're trying to say you're Bradley Cooper hot, this is all bullshit.
    • pavlove

      lol you sound so feisty for no reason...

    • Anonymous

      I found this take to be really arrogant. For someone who's a self proclaimed "feminist" you come across degrading and entitled. To top it off, I really doubt anyone is dropping their panties for you left and right. The "giving her what she really wants" comment is just ridiculous. I've seen you posting and I've gotta say the majority of your answers and myTakes really rub me the wrong way.

    • pavlove

      lol again you're sounding feisty for no reason. i didn't do anything to you besides be confident which you apparently very much dislike...

  • Anonymous
    That last gif made the whole post worth reading
  • Anonymous
    more like an airhead male. jesus, what a narcissist tard... .
    • pavlove

      what exactly is "tard" about it?

    • Anonymous

      1. its irrelevant
      2. noone cares
      3. these phenomena exist in your narcissistic little head
      4. if you need looks you got no game.
      5. its just a stupid narc rant

    • pavlove

      lol you've clearly allowed yourself to care

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  • Anonymous
    Ok. But I'm one of those girls that aren't swayed by looks much. Personality is so much more important to me. I can see a hot guy and won't be fazed at all until I know what he is like as a person. Or I can see an average guy and if I realise he's got a great personality, I can become attracted to him too. I once had a date with a guy I thought was great looking and but he was so boring that I was glad that we didn't go on a second date.. plus it was between him and an average guy with an interesting personality... I chose the latter!
    • pavlove

      and that's why your'e the type of girl who goes on girls ask guys

    • So why do you go on gag, eh, take owner?

    • Anonymous

      What's that supposed to mean? You're offending so many girls on here by saying that. Not me though, your opinion is irrelevant to me. I literally couldn't care less about the opinion from someone like you. lol.

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