Staying Single: Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face


Staying single: cutting off your nose to spite your face

Over the years I've come across people who said they don't want a boyfriend or girlfriend. But are such people really being honest? For all these people who act proud when they say that they want to be single, is it because they were born with a desire to be single and never fall in love and experiences happiness with a loving partner, or is it because they've been hurt in some way and have lost faith in the opposite sex? It's human nature for men and women to want love. So are these people just cutting off their nose to spite their face?

For example, a lot of men who are living the single life do really want a relationship, but the divorce and family court laws have put them off. But deep down they still crave love and commitment. I've been single for about 12 years, since I was 20. Deep down I do want a relationship, but I just cannot trust women no matter how hard I try. I just can't.

So when you hear all these men and women proudly boasting that they are happy being single, are they truly happy depriving themselves of love, or are they just cutting off their nose to spite their face? Do these people really want to die lonely, being an elderly man or woman alone in the house with a pet dog to keep them company? Is that what they really want deep in their heart, or are they just being stubborn?

Staying Single: Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face
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  • aliceinwonderland69
    It really annoys me when people assume single people aren't happy. Just because you need to be in a relationship doesn't mean everyone else does. I'm an introvert and I like my own company. Dating can be a distraction to achieving other goals in life.

    I see life as a journey and if people wanna come with me that's a bonus but I'm happy to walk alone and I'm not changing direction to follow someone else.

    Also it's not a choice between a partner or dying alone because people can have very close friendships. The only real difference between dating and a good friendship is sex which is no big deal even when it's good.
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    • Well in my experience people who proudly claim to be single are not truly happy deep down. The main reason a lot of people stay single is because they have either been brainwashed by feminism or they have been hurt in the past by the opposite gender. But deep down nobody is happy bring on their own, it's just that people's pride gets in the way.

    • I'll also add that a lot of single people are single because they are ugly and can't get a partner, so they pretend to be happy being single when deep down they are bitter and twisted.

    • Dude, I see lots of ugly people in relationships. Look, life is complicated. There are many reasons people stay single.

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  • zagor
    Look at all the people who are in couples... and miserable. Sure, it would be nice to be in a good relationship with a good woman, but it has been years since I met anyone I felt I would be happy with, and at that time I was not looking for a permanent relationship.

    Anyway, being single doesn't have to mean being alone. There are friends and extended family.
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    • You missed the point completely. Deep down everybody wants a loving relationship, but something has caused them to remain single.

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  • MyUsernameRules
    I always wanted to date and tried approaching girls for the past 15 years but realized girls weren't attracted to me. Eventually, I had to give up and now I accept it. I have no choice except to accept it because if I continue approaching girls, I'd continue to be disappointed.
    • Gotta keep trying man. If life was really easy and you got everything you wanted the second you wanted it life would feel really meaningless. I mean, life is quite meaningless but we have to feel its worth something that way we'd not all commit scuicide lol.

    • @LiveFreeorDieHard I've reached my limit. Can't take any more or else I'll go on depression again. Accepting it and moving on is much better for me.

    • Well, if you think about it you don't really need a girlfriend to be happy. That doesn't stop you from traveling, going to concerts, watching movies, life is still pretty great. The o. lyrics thing that matters in life is freedom to live as you want and money.

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  • MissMc3
    *despite your face