Why Do Indian Girls Prefer Western Guys Over Indian Guys?


Why do Indian girls prefer western guys over Indian guys?


So lately, I've come across multiple inter-racial marriage posts,in fact there was just one,this winter in my family! My Hungarian friend was like "what are these guys hyping about?" Meaning she was flabbergasted with the number of marriages like this.. Having being fed with stereotypical facts such as "Indians are conservative and protective. Long shot to get your Indian tigress bro." it was pretty natural of her to pose a question like that. So today I'm going to address some reasons for why some Indian girls would prefer western guys over Indian guys.(white,black,European guys = western guys)

No big shocker, but I myself am one of those girls who're attracted to them westerners...and what's my reason? Well, you see Indian guys obviously have the typical Indian upbringing ,which is the problem!! By definition an Indian upbringing simply emphasizes the patriarchal relationship everyone in the family share and the massive protection that they have of Indian women in the family. Not to mention the major restrictions when it comes to attire and who you talk to and where you go (parties,etc). Some of them are so conservative that they still follow their messed up caste system. Awkwardly segregated they are and HAVE to insert their nose into everyone's business. They will never miss a chance to comment or gossip on someone's life decision. They can't help but disrespect it. However au contrarie,most certainly there are modern and westernized Indian families out there who are more accepting of everyone's decisions and other such and such issues. But still their values carry long and strong. I don't mean to hate on all of indian culture and values crazy because of I'm one of them, but some of them are very unreasonable and unnecessary.

Now boiling down to the Indian guys themselves. Most of them tend to underestimate girls any girl any race any culture. They just can't be equal but again there have been quite a few equal Indian guys I've bumped into and I'm happy to have. Again I don't mean to say that all Indian girls are going to burst with feminism and turn into actually tigresses but it's a major turnoff for any girl when they are not given a chance to play dominant. Western guys, specifically white guys actually like it when girls can lead them around and vice-versa unlike Indian guys. Western guys take care of themselves and Indian guys, not so much... :/ they tend to smell. Indian guys tend to be very condescending with their remarks. One of the guys in my karate class gave remarks like "don't be shy like a girl.. Don't be a crybaby..like a girl" to one of our fellow mates and that's just.. It. STOP being so bossy and stop running around with a chip on your shoulder! Don't put others down to elevate yourself! That's not the road to cloud 9.. Well it is to -9. They tend to do all of this for show... And if you confront them like I did once.. They'll not accept they're shit and will come back at you.! "Eh you shut up".

Going on dates with Indian guys is even worse. They just won't be interested in any conversation.I went on one with this guy. I ended up asking him a billion questions about him and was asked only two.. It felt like a waste of time.. (Stopped it right at the first date.)They are super boring to talk to at times.. And occasionally funny. They also tend to carry head weight which makes it so hard to approach them.It's so complicated you guys! πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

This is what I think, and it sure as hell may be very biased. I've yet a lot to experience..and this is a very opinionated my take,like it's supposed to be.. Please feel free to drop down some of your oppinions and questions! And if you have opposite views do not hessitate to set them free!!


(I don't eat pepperonis tho)

Why Do Indian Girls Prefer Western Guys Over Indian Guys?
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  • Intraluminal
    I'm a western white guy, but i gotta say this whole bash on indian guys is just overboard. Indian guys are this they're that, blah blah, there are SO many Indian guys, some of whom MUST BE friggin fantastic people. Celebrate the good guys and ignore the bad ones.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • datgirl
    Uh I'm indian and I have no problems with indian men. Every one is different stop making it a race thing. I hate obtuse people YES I'm talking about you.
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    • dudegrt09

      woohoo! ;)

    • datgirl

      @dudegrt09 us indians must stand up to our haters haha 😜

    • dudegrt09

      Sure, but glad that hot Indian girls are still into Indian guys ;P

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  • chintita
    i don't think the ones in india do, maybe indian girls in the west. indian guys can be really hot so...
    • singlebee

      Ofcourse this was about Indian girls who kind in Western countries...
      I see so many Indian girls here in India who order being with Indian guys only... And also we don't have white people or any other people here in India.

    • singlebee

      And don't listen to her... She is a troll + 16 old..

    • Hahaha yes sir she is trol

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  • Bvroon
    I found your posting rather interesting, admittedly I didn't really know that Indian women were interested in white/western men. I also must confess that I wasn't going to respond to your posting, not because there is anything wrong with it, but rather I was shocked by the number of negative statements from other men. I have never had any issues with Indian women, and in fact have found many of them to be quite pretty. Unfortunately I am married, so I suspect that I will not be subject to the attentions of an Indian woman, if I did receive such attention I would be very flattered and would have to respectfully decline due to the fact that I am married and am very happy with my wife. Were I single I would not hesitate to date an Indian woman, or really a woman of any race. it is my belief that women come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are all beautiful in their own right. I hope the negative comments posted previously don't affect you or your desire to seek out the man you deserve. :-)
  • krash2002
    I've definitely been on the receiving end of being a westerner who has had a decent amount of attention received from Indian women.

    Though I am currently married to the most beautiful Filipino woman in the world (in my eyes). I've dated a few Indian women along the way as well. Being a Caucasian male in the states shouldn't give you an upper hand in the dating world, but from what I've been told by the 4-5 Indian girls I've dated in the past and my friends who have dated some as well who are also westerners. It seems that western men in general have more respect for women, and actually want to get to know them for them. Rather than a means to an end.

    Now, this isn't to say that all Indian men treat their women like a set goal/object, because that's not the truth at all, but from what the majority of Indian women I've spoken to in the past. It seems men from India see women as more of an objective goal towards a set proponent. Rather than a partner in life.

    Again, this is my personal opinion.
  • shiv1990
    I'm an Indian and I pretty much disagree with everything you mentioned above. Patriarchal upbringing is a family related issue and depends on the kind of family the person belongs to. This notwithstanding that even in western countries, traditional families exist that support patriarchal system. So it all depends person to person. But here, you're shaming us.
    • Bhen ki lodi badman kr rhe hai sali pagal hai ladke kam padgaye kya india mai. I also agree with u friend. She is fucking asshole

  • Chief16
    Geez, more beat up the Indian guy Take, dude just date, marry, fuck whoever you want. You can do this without shaming a culture.
  • Kitty_Katt_16
    I'm an Indian girl too, the only difference is that I'm a South African Indian.
    I agree with like everything you've said, but I have other reasons too; like the fact that I was brought up with 'Western" people... okay lemme just say it, I was brought up with white people :P Of course my family is Indian but I've always gone to white schools, and my mum and dad are very open-minded and they aren't typical Indians.
    I like Indian guys... you know, Bollywood actors :P but I'm not saying that I haven't met amazing Indian guys in real life, like guys who don't judge and stuff; BUT, most of these guys are always like... they're a bit too much, I mean, even if they're 'modern' there will still come a time where they will pick on what you're wearing, or what you eat, how you cook etc. because most of the time, that's all that really matters to them.
    My theory is that Indian girls are more attracted to Western guys because of their behaviour. Western guys treat their women a lot better; they're a lot more respectful and caring, for example; if you're in the kitchen washing the dishes or cooking, they won't go sit and watch TV, they'll come and actually help you, or just be there with you to keep you company. Most of them treat you equally, as in, they don't make you feel like there are limitations because you are a woman, in fact , they encourage you to try new things.
    Now look, I'm not saying that there aren't Indian guys out there who do all these really cute things; these guys do exist, it all depends on how they were raised... but what I'm trying to say is that most Western people are raised that way, and we find that attractive.
    Don't really know if I'm making any sense here; but this is what I think.
    Honestly, though, you can't choose who you fall in love with, so at the end of the day you might end up marrying an Indian guy and realising that he is the best thing that's ever happened to you, or he could be the worst thing ever. Same thing applies to the Western guy; he could be amazing, or he could turn out to be a jerk. So I don't think we should be judging people, or trying to choose who to fall in love with, based on stuff like this.
    ... yep.
  • kambo_trick3y
    • Funny Video that can only do from south indian heros hahah They do many stunt which u can not do and all are funny

  • QuestionMan
    So a couple bad experiences and you suddenly hate your own kind?
    I don't get this White fetish people have.
  • singlebee
    Hahaha this is so much generalization about Indian guys and also on Indian girls...

    You must be living in western country... Where there are more white guys vs Indian... Your can marry who ever your want but generalising is plain stupid...
    All those things you said about the conservativeness, hygiene and etc etc are all generalized...
    You must have never been with good Indian guys that's why you think ask indian guys are like that.. Which is obviously not true...

    • Thats not true as indian guys are care there girlfriend at the end of there life

    • singlebee

      @Anilkumar11 your English sucks man! Couldn't understand a think you said... Hindi me bola to bhi chalega...

  • Summerjonee
    by western guys i assume you mean white people? and yeah it's no shock that a lot of women from every nationality/race wants to date someone western.. the western ideal look spread to other societies around the world so now they find western men prefered more than the men in their countries, it's sad but true.
  • cth96190
    I do not understand the attraction, but as a white man I can say that I have been in the crosshairs of Indian females for most of my adult life.
    When I was a teenager and then a 20-something who could almost not get a date with women of my own race, I was being hit on by Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern (Christian) girls.
    My interest level was and remains zero. I do not do inter-racial.
  • Darkone1
    Well, let me tell you some story,
    in the time of Prophets and under the direct guideline of GOD, family orientation and keeping sex private with marriage concept was known as the CIVILIZED nations traits. Now you see sex hungry men with whore bitches that can be with thousand before, they will or even "will" marry someone. I am trying to tell you that other part of the world is still civilized so don't abuse a culture at-least your ARYA SAMAj in this context.
  • JuicyBrain
    The indians I have met who grew up here are fine. The ones who I've met who still had the indian culture were absolute assholes. Such backward thinking and just generally annoying. So I am biased now. If I have to meet another one, I'll give him a chance but it won't take much before I tag him as yet another annoying indian guy and keep my distance from him. Plus, the accent is so annoying. I know it's not their fault, but that's just what it is.
    • lonerider

      You'd be surprised bro. Born and brought up in India.. Still staying in India and planning to stay in India. I'd be opposite of probably everything you assume of me. Try me

    • JuicyBrain

      @lonerider That's why I said I would give him a chance. Because I don't want to make the mistake of just assuming they are all like that. You all get the chance of proving me wrong. By that, I don't mean that I am interested in meeting all of you. You are in far too great a number anyway lol

    • lonerider

      Lol.. Did you know that the no. of people eligible to vote in the latest elections in India was larger the entire population of Europe?

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  • Mailo
    Just To be honest, this my take is way out of my reasonable thinking!! I feel like, while reading it, there's a self hatred speech about your culture rather than actual reasons for disliking Indian guys 😣 why don't you just say "I'm fed up with the whole Indian thing" and there you go without the need to talk some non-sense crap about indian guys!!
  • Vncmc
    indian women are dumb sluts whose potential hasn't been tapped yet, its as simple, they'll lust for any guy who isn't the same race as them, they'll even do those dirty chinky or black ones for their hoedom
    • What the fuck are ΓΌ talking about.

    • Vncmc

      just how i met your mother @AnilKumar11

    • Also i Met your mother too ask her about this

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  • popsickle
    indian girls and guys tend to prefer each other though the culture does obsess over whiteness disproportionately so maybe they dream of white people lol. i prefer indian guys.
  • dudegrt09
    Haha same is true for Indian girls in lot of expects (I hate to generalize though) Indian girls DON'T date black guys... Reason, we all are smart enough to understand... In fact I would say that Indian girls seem to be the most racist and look down on anyone who seems different, this is not a rant by the way, this has been my experience. I like to date white, latino and black women.
  • I'm half Indian and Pakistani and I've always dating British Indian or British Pakistani guys. Though I would probably never date someone from Pakistan or India because of cultural differences... I don't want to generalise because there are many Indian or Pakistani guys that are probably modern; but I, myself, don't know any.
    I think the problems you are having with the Indian guys you have been on dates with is just the guys you end up dating, because the Indian guys I've dated were no different to how a White guy would behave. I haven't been in a relationship with a White guy but I've been on dates with two.
    You NRIs (Non Returning! Indians) are fucking retarded.
    thank GOD i was raised in INDIA and still leaving here, we get our date easily,
    because we are not messed up by western media as u guys.
    GOD! western media made you guys self-haters.
    Its better don't come to India with that attitude.
  • ravidricha96
    Lol. I find this highly funny because my friend who is a "western guy" so to speak actually prefers Indian girls.
  • DruBiEN
    I don't see many Indian girls around me who prefer western men (European men) over Indian ones. They bash Indian men sometimes. Agreed. However I see it clearly that the westernized Indian women give more preference to the western men since their way of thinking and living are modified by the experience in western society. I give equal preference to all ethnicities, it is just the matter of what fits best to ME like no gossip, no judging people for their decisions for their own life, no poking nose into someone elses business, not being sneaky, etc.
  • rjroy3
    Didn't even know this was a thing. Most Indian guys I know are with Indian girls lol. I think it just goes to show you that there are chodes in every color and nationality. Most of the time I think part of the allure to foreigners is because you don't see the good around you. Yes, accents can be hot and they're new and the idea is exciting but we're still just people.

    Now I definitely love foreign girls. I'm international when it comes to women. But I still love American women. Black women, latinas, white girls and the cute Asian thrown in there. Filipino girls are sexy too : )
    • Colocasia

      I completely agree with you 😊 New is attractive always but what makes you stay is what has always felt common and comfortable to you. You're gonna like foreign guys but its only a guy of your race who will be able to know you more easily

    • rjroy3


      Not race necessarily. But where you come from. Locals.

  • babu_001
    Indian men seek sex.

    Indian girls seek money.

    If both meet the requirement, then marriage happens.

    99% of Indian men are poor. SO it is natural for girls to get attracted to western (rich) men.
    • Colocasia

      99% are not poor πŸ˜›πŸ˜’

  • BusinessBasketball
    We are living in the 21st century while India is still using the castle system and their citizens bath in the same rivers where they get their water. Girls like modern guys, so they like western guys.
  • dominiquois
    Because they're brainwashed or in individual cases they genuinely prefer them.
  • ResonantGuy
    omg is this true? If Indian girls also like western guys then who likes Indian guys? 😰
    • Thats not true. I love indian girls as i am indian but what girls think that they are super hot cheeks so they show that only guys are follow them they show that oh i am famous because guys are more into me. I never show importance to tham because of them. They juat want popularity. They want importance from guys.

    • @Anilkumar11 I know. It was just a taunt at the writer of this article.

      But isn't this popularity thing same for most younglings? In both guys and girls.

  • TripleAce
    Quite silly because almost everything you mentioned you can find in other ethnicities too, Italians families, Arab families Asians to name a few. You clearly haven't seen old fashioned families with those backgrounds. You also tend to fall under a stereo type of an Indian girl that's shaming her own people.

    Also it seems like you are just attracting and meeting guys that simply don;t match up well with you. That quiet guy has a perfect match out there but its just not you and that's fine. Having white skin doesn't automatically make you a conservationist. Having the right personality does.

  • truthhammer
    status and hollyood conditioning mainly

    but most other ethnicities would date white
  • legalboxers
    love this stereotype. Im of Indian origin, born and raised in NYC, and Im far from boring and I am a conversationalist. and what is "head weight: ?
  • GingerSnapp
    I'm surprised physical attraction didn't come up once. I know that plays a huge part with most humans.
  • TheAngryBanana
    yeah the UK and indai has had that stuff before pver the centuries
  • YourFutureEx
    Troll is inactive.
  • abundantlyrich
    Hmm ok 😏
  • Jeeveesss
    So what? anybody can marry whoever they want.
  • Avneo
    Another troll spotted... Lol
  • HugIII
  • theegreat017
    Funny to read this when you're an Indian.
  • Electronica
    Because Asians hate themselves.
  • blondfrog
    Maybe cause they don't smell like spicy food?
    • Maazin

      They've started eating Hummus of late :D xD

  • Anonymous
    Lol i like all type of guy's but indian guy's are not all same stop stereotyping your own people even though i see more indian women in interracial relationship than indian men number are not that high they don't prefer Westerner and indian men are boring? Seriously they have amazing sense of humor and we share same culture conversation with indian are not that bad by the way my boyfriend is German so i am not biased.
  • Anonymous
    I have never heard it before
  • Anonymous
    I am an Indian guy and I will say that the majority of Indian guys and girls aren't attractive. As in only the top 1% of the population of Indian population can qualify as at least a 5, and 10's are about as common as pink unicorns.
    I am one of those rare attractive Indian guys. Every time I go out I'm in public girls my age and younger will check me out 99% of the time. When I was in school I had absolutely zero trouble in hooking up with the hottest girls and many girls have told me straight to my face that I'm a 10. However, being part of a race full of unattractive guys actually plays to my advantage. My best friend has blonde hair and blue eyes, and I think he is way more attractive than I am. Yet whenever the two of us are out together in public, I get girls checking me out way more than they check him out. I believe this is because there is nothing special about a hot blue eyed blondie but a hot indian is a rare sight they have to look at twice. I'm not saying all this to brag, I'm just saying this to show how being part of an unattractive race actually helps me out.

    Also to note I don't particularly prefer any race over another and I have hooked up with people from every race. I really don't care what race you are as long as you're attractive. In fact I think it's absolutely ridiculous to say that you only go for one race.
  • Anonymous
    Because the minority women generally prefer white guys. So much so that they white guys are on to us. Knowing this, they have turned into douche bags.
    Back to your own kind again.
  • Anonymous
    Your post seems to very biased because of your karate class and a couple of dates.

    Some people take care of themselves some don't. You can't just say that only Indian men don't take care of themselves that's not true.

    You have to stay open to everyone, you might shut the door on a good Indian/person for a bad western/person...

    I disagree with your take because I am an Indian male and I find mostly Indian women are attracted to me.

    Race should have nothing to do with a person, you have to get to know someone first.
  • Anonymous
    You have expressed it so well. I am an indian and i know most of them just can't treat us as equals. And the worse is d restriction they put on everything fr girls and nothing on boys. patriarchy sucks.
    There r some decent ones out there who make life livable but most of them are nt like dat unfortunately.
  • Anonymous
    Being an Indian myself, although I live in Singapore, I find that I'm not that attracted to Indian guys here.

    A lot of the Indian guys here are very desperate. When they look at Indian girls, all they see is a chance for a date, for a relationship, since Indians are a minority here. But other guys view you as just a girl, a friend, anything more than that is actually a real attraction to you because of your personality and looks, not because you're simply Indian. That's why my boyfriend ended up not being Indian but Chinese. Cause we didn't see each other as anything more than friends at first, no expectations or hopes and stuff.

    You won't believe the amount of guys that started chasing me when I first joined my school, all of them Indian even though of all the guys I mixed with in my school life, only 10% were Indians.
  • Anonymous
    Nice. It's good to be white, the posts I usually see on GAG are black girls begging for help getting white guys, or Asian girls afraid that their boyfriend has "yellowfever", now indians want us too, Pepperoni if you look like Priyanka Chopra I'd date you ;-)
    won the genetic lotto i guess!
    • Haha priyanka chopra dude u can find way sexy girl in india i really hate pryanka chopra she looks aunty. I go to market and see sexy aunties and sexy girl in the market omg i Love indian punjabi girls

  • Anonymous
    TV I media s the culprit. TV has successfully brainwashed almost all women all over the world to believe that all white men are the best and even though that's a generalization, women today are willing to believe it more than ever.
    • Its not like that. It just your assumption

    • Anonymous

      @Anilkumar11 Yes it is. Its not a assumption or up for debate, that's just the truth.

    • Hmmm okay that nice debate

  • Anonymous
    I'm Indian but I am not physically attracted to Indian guys.
    • singlebee

      In which country do you live in?

    • Anonymous

      @singlebee Canada

  • Anonymous
    Now you're talking!
    India and its people are seriously is messed up.
    I hate their attitude towards a ton of things and frankly it will take at least 10 great PMs to clear up the shit in the country's veins.

    But be more considerate about your takes in such topics as people are quick to generalise and stereotype.
    Not every guy is like you described.
    • How come u say like this to ma country

    • Anonymous

      @Anilkumar11 I live in India and I know what's going on here. Corruption is everywhere and you can't deny it. People are so close minded and the ones with a vision, aim to leave this place.

    • Me to i am already going or looking for other country to live