Men Making Women Wait For Them


Men Making Women Wait For Them

Can you please stop making us wait?

I know you have learnt the hard way that women respond better if you keep them waiting for you.

I know you are busy and don't feel the need to communicate as much. I know you may not even be that interested. I know you have other options. I know I'm not the best you could probably be with. I know you've got work and friends and I'm not a priority just yet.

But you could just send a message or call to say hi, sorry couldn't make plans this weekend.

I know you need to make me know my place.

But the thing is, while you're thinking all this, or perhaps not even thinking about me at all, I'm really sad.

We get sad and confused, but we're so terrified that we'll appear clingy (shock horror) and annoying that we can't reach out.

It's a catch 22.

I know you feel more in control when you withhold yourself, and yeah I get it. I'm a woman, we get it - we withhold sex to maintain control, I know we do.

But I'm lying here in tears, I'm sad, I like you, we connected, we flirted, we talked endlessly.

I don't play games when I respect someone enough to like them romantically. So please don't play them with me.

I know you aren't heartless, but whenever men do this, it feels like you're all heartless monsters.

I wake up with a broken smile, I'm crying inside but I can't show it because even my friends and family would think I'm being weird and clingy (God forbid). So society be damned for the creature it makes of us all.

I get why you all do it, I'm just asking for you all to stop if you can see that real women never play games. And we go all in, so things that seem so little to you are mini heartquakes to us. And we can't tell anyone.

Men Making Women Wait For Them
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  • moosette134
    This is the most true thing I've ever read. I feel like such a mess because I get so invested in someone and I never feel like it's reciprocated. To say it feels like a rollercoaster is so cliched but also exactly how I feel. Within seconds I can go from absolutely fine to elated, from elated to crushed. Sending him a text has become terrifying, the kind of thing I have to press send on without looking or I'll never do it. Because I just don't know what he's thinking. I feel like I've been clear and I get so many mixed signals from him which like, yeah I understand why, but it hurts. It's hard for me to put myself out there and not feel like it's making any difference. I don't feel like he doesn't like me, but I don't feel like he's making any effort either.
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    • Thoughts need to be guarded very carefully.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly 😔😔

Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    But when we express our feelings, we get turned down cause we went too fast, we appear clingy, we didn't play...
    So what do we do? Why don't you tell us straight up what's happening instead of playing games.
    Don't blame society, blame yourself for caring about what society says.
    If you want it, go get it, but 90% of women do nothing, they just wait and wait for the guy... we get tired from that, you know, cause we thinl you aren't interested. If we're the ones initiating every single time, how do you think that feels? We have feelings too. If you want yours to be taken into consideration, think about ours too. It's a two way street.
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  • ElissaDido
  • RationalMale
    The simple reality is that when a woman loses attraction for you, she becomes as cold as if she never met you. It doesn't matter if it was a girl who you met yesterday, someone you've been chatting with for six months, or a long term girlfriend.

    Why on earth do we men need to behave to a higher standard? You want better, stop training us to be heartless. Women reap what they sow.
    • Anonymous

      No, not women. Insecure girls in women's bodies. They aren't all of us.

    • Maybe we should be content to wait until a woman is maybe 27, 30, and is "ready for a relationship" because she's "tired of bad boys." We can be that lucky guy getting duty sex weekly.

      Oorrr, fellows, you can be the guy she WANTS to have sex with and then she calls YOU the next day. Not because she's got baby rabies, or because she needs someone to pay off her student loans, but because she WANTS to sleep with you.

    • Anonymous

      A woman's sexual prime is in her thirties. It's the ones who get married in their early twenties who find im themselves in their thirties having grown into completely different women and stuck with a man they have started to get bored of as any 10 year old marriage will - but add to that that the woman is in her sexual prime? Things can get ugly.

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  • CoolSky01
    Nice, except... all women play games, good and bad alike, young and old it just fuels your lives, thats not an excuse to be an asshole , and you shouldn't be most of the time but games make women crave men, in the beggining of every relationship men do all the work and all the texting, women do nothing they just wait and do their thing yes we complain sometimes but we move on after like 5 mins regarldess of how much we like the girl, if a man is insulted he is not going to stick around.

    You are asking guys to give you everything and open their cards and always be with you and around you because otherwise you feel sad... well isn't that selfish?

    Why should a guy who dated and a lot and realized that giving everything he's got never does the trick? why should a man who was hurt by women before give you the satisfaction you need, even if you truly loves you and you love him, its risky, you can't just ask a guy to do all that for you when had to deal with lots of heartbreaks in the past, what you feel is not important what he feels is , if he has never had his heartbroken, these things you listen won't be an issue... however if some woman hurt him opening up and showing interest or at least in large doses is going to be extremely difficult for such a man.

    Men are not as complicated as females that is probably true, but we are quite logical, like you wouldn't believe, if a woman dates a bad boy who hurts her she will not learn and will date a second and third... men once they are hurt by a woman never ever approach similiar women are always on the defense when approaching women.

    one more thing everything you mentioned happens with 90% of men , regardless of how attractive, important, interesting or nice they are, women ignore men on daily basis, it happened to me, my friends, random guys I don't know... etc for no apperant reason we just got ignored by our GFs, dates... for few days just because...
    • Your point about sadness is a good one as guys/men get sad too!

    • CoolSky01

      @Psi_Unknown Thank you, its just a bit frustrating and annoying that women throw the entire responsibility on men, and claim that its their job... like ladeis, i get that were the men and we have to act but you can't play games and hide and seek then expect us to keep trying to get you !! it doesn't work like that, why would i keep texting a girl first for a month and do my best to get close to her while she's just... sitting there waiting ( and yes it has happened ) , girls complain and whine all the time but what about the men? are our feelings taken into consideration when you white? do you remember the 10 guys who messaged you and you ignored them for no reason or rejected them in the worst way possible? it seems to me that women want to have the upper hand and when they lose it they get mad and start acting weird and crazy, too bad iam too cold to actually be annoyed most of the time, so it doesn't affect me...

    • Anonymous

      I don't want him to be with me all the time? I want him to send a message or make a quick call - it wouldn't kill him. And frankly I think if men would stop going for women who treat them badly and have shown every evidence that they will treat them badly then we'd all be much happier. Men play games on nice girls. It's a bitch eat bitch world out there and nice girls don't know how to play.

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  • Maxemeister
    Men? I'm sorry, did someone knock you silly? I have NEVER heard once of a man EVER doing that to a woman. You women withhold not only sex, but also true feelings, fun, and the happy parts of a relationship.

    I applaud the guy that makes the woman wait
    • Reflexy

      I think she was talking about waiting for commitment although im not entirely sure

    • I agree with the part about women withholding feelings.

    • Anonymous

      Men always do that to me. I guess there must be something wrong with me then. :(

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  • lonerider
    "I know you have learnt the hard way that women respond better if you keep them waiting for you."

    Maybe we'll stop doing it if you stop responding positively to it?
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    You say "real" women never play games after describing playing a game.

    It's also possible that the problem is mostly centered around you being *too* insecure, not a guy's 'failings' to soothe your issues - and if you want them soothed then here's an idea, stop waiting and be active for once.
    • Anonymous

      I don't play games - in fact I'm too upfront and blunt. I work, I have a life, I don't have time to second guess a guy so I assume they're the same. I call, I message, and then when I see a guy not paying attention and taking his sweet time or flirting with other women, I stop trying to get his attention. Then circumstances leave us alone together and he's that sweetheart again. then he vanishes again. How am I supposed to feel except heartbroken and unable to talk about it? I don't withhold sex or affection, I love fully. In fact everything you men complain about here - I DONT DO. But it doesn't seem to matter. Men see no difference.

  • BigJake
    Who said anything was fair about relationships? Girls make guys wait all the time. You know how many girls feel bad about that? None. Zero. Girls feel it's their prerogative to treat guys however they so choose, so why shouldn't the same apply to how guys treat girls? Fair is fair. Equality means that you get treat just as guys are treated, so buck up.
    • Anonymous

      Girls do feel bad, I do if I ever hurt anyone or make them feel bad. It's not nice. But will you go for me? No. You'll go for the girl who you know has broken hearts. You'll go for the girl who is quite obviously more immature - because she looks like more fun. And then you'll punish the women who look like they can be pushed around. The ones you know will take it. Go on, break a sweet girl's heart because a horrible one broke yours. Well done. Standing fucking ovation.

    • I agree that people shouldn't intentionally go around breaking hearts period either nice or not. Do you want to start playing G~d though and deciding only certain people should be punished and not others? Who is nice and should be exempt and who is not?

    • Anonymous

      @Psi_Unknown no I don't but I do think that guys should stop assuming the worst of women is indicative of all women. It's not fair on the rest of us.

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  • Panay
    Why can't you message first though? Being the first to initiate every conversation just feels one sided, and makes me feel like I'm in some kind of unrequited friendship or something
    • tyber1

      Which ironically might be the reason he stops calling and texting her

    • Anonymous

      I did actually... But he took a long while to respond and when I responded to that, he didn't bother replying. I don't want to be a pain. I like him too much.

    • Anonymous

      @tyber1 I did write - he doesn't respond immediately and when he does its cold and weird but as we have mutual friends when we meet he's so sweet and attentive

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  • Miss_Behave
    Omg... I can so relate to what you wrote and have been going through that as well and had those same thoughts run through my head.
    The only thing, though, is that I don't withhold sex from my man to maintain control. I've never been one to do that.
    • Anonymous

      Neither have I - but I think a lot of women do. And they're never alone :(

    • Yes, I agree that a lot of women do; I've heard of those before.

  • Investigator
    I have several points do make on this MyTake:
    1) "I know you have learnt the hard way that women respond better if you keep them waiting for you."
    Are you serious, with this first comment? If it true that women do respond better to men when they are kept waiting, why on Earth would a guy screw that up? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's not men who should respond to women, it's women should stop contacting men who do this. But, again, if this is working, that's not going to happen.

    2)"I know you need to make me know my place."
    Is that really what you think a guy not responding to you is intending? Essentially, no response = maliciousness. Make sense... or it could be he's just busy. There's this thing called "time" and there's a finite amount of it.

    3) "I know you feel more in control when you withhold yourself, and yeah I get it. I'm a woman, we get it - we withhold sex to maintain control, I know we do."
    First off, good on you for admitting you (or women in general, if we're going to extrapolate) use sex as a weapon. That's always classy. Secondly, the reasons guys don't respond vary. For example, sometimes I have nothing to say, I'm busy, or I have no interest in having her get pissed at me, because something I say could be misconstrued (which happens a lot more often than it should) and she will not reply. Of course, at that point, I really should just stop talking to her, anyway.

    4) "I get why you all do it, I'm just asking for you all to stop if you can see that real women never play games. And we go all in, so things that seem so little to you are mini heartquakes to us. And we can't tell anyone."
    Pray tell, what is a "real woman"? As opposed to a "fake woman"? And how do you know "real women" don't play games? This part just sounds like projection. "I'm a good woman, unlike this other, bad women." Also, don't you have friends for issues like this? Where are they?

    This whole MyTake sounds like you're turning your issues into everyone's issues.
  • UncagedAgent
    How about you send the first message Copernicus.

    If you're actually that sick of waiting do something about it, you can't complain that men don't address your needs if you don't tell them about it.
    • Anonymous

      I did, Descartes - don't make assumptions. He just takes forever to respond and when he does it doesn't sound like he gives a damn. But when we meet with a group of friends - and he always insists on taking me, like he'll pick me up, open doors for me, drive me home slowly so we can chat for ages, walk slowly so i can keep up in my heels when all the other girls have passed by already... We even made plans to hang out alone and we flirt a lot but he cancelled and then again it all happened over again. And I feel heartbroken. I can't keep asking him stuff when he seems so cold unless I'm right in front of him

    • Maybe he is tired of caring. It's a burnout, what can one say about it? Being in front of someone is not always a possibility.

    • Anonymous

      @Psi_Unknown - I guess... I mean it has happened to me. He did just get out of a long ish relationship. Maybe you're right. Maugham, maybe I should jump him and get him out of my system?

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  • MG-TOW
    Reality is that it will never be alright. If the guy immediately responded you would be writing: "Please give me some space. A real woman needs her freedom"
  • CancerianMan81
    that whole thought in your mind of being clingy is really what is making things worse for you women personally for me I want a woman who is clingy to me
    • I kind of agree, slightly clingy is better than I never want to be around you!

    • @Psi_Unknown I don't get it it's like the whole female gender race is in fear of love or something

    • I don't like to make hasty generalizations like that about all women, or even a single woman who appears that way because of her choices, and I do understand men can be the same way sometimes. Who knows? Maybe everyone is in fear of love?

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  • Byakuyarko
    Don't invest your entire heart into a relationship right away. Most guys play games with women because they don't trust women not to play games with them. It takes a special kind of coward to be this distrustful, I know but that's modern romances for you.
    • Anonymous

      I see. We are friends first though me and him... It makes things a little more confusing. I keep attending group gatherings in the hope to see him but I found out he's gone on a trip.

  • brain5000
    I liked your Take, I identified with it. Unfortunately my experience has been that as soon as I make it known to a woman that I am interested in her romantically, she disappears. You're absolutely right, it is a Catch-22.
  • Scrambledagain
    When men start being more engaged, we get accused of being clingy, needy, desperate, vulnerable, creep, pussy whipped.. man I could go on. So no, unfortunately I wouldn't advise men to jump in, and they must keep their distance.
  • Psi_Unknown
    Making you wait for what exactly? Why men make women wait for them? Because when one pours out their heart onto a page, and that page is never responded to, let alone read, one bleeds to death. (I may get backlogged, but unless there are thousands of messages or a catastrophe, I at least take the time to read what others replied even if I don't know what to say.) I assure you; it is a catch-22 for guys. If one doesn't speak they not talking enough, if one speaks one is a liar. If one sends a message, it is kept to be dug up and used as evidence. If one sends no message, one doesn't care. If one does nothing, they should have helped. If one helps, they did it wrong. If one makes no plans, they are a coward or lacking, if one makes plans, they just aren't good enough or do not work out. If you are so terrified of sending a message, why would you expect others to do the same? Even by coming on here, you might as well be playing the game. Reading the original post like this is draining. I've found that at least more often than not, it was women that actually made men wait, at least til their youth was gone...
    • Anonymous

      I did send messages, I did call. I did wait days only to get a cold answer that hinted that he'd forgotten we'd ever flirted and spoken. I didn't play games. I read all these messages here from guys angry with women and I just think it's so unfair. I wouldn't do anything so cruel as what I've seen described here. And yet I'm always alone. When I try to date someone I get heartbroken. Always! And then I have to hear about how this awful person has dated so many people and I just think 'well why don't they go for me? Cause i would never do that?'

    • I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. Almost everyone has a breaking point and can turn and do cruel things. So, why would you keep dating if you always end up heartbroken? If this person really is so awful, then why worry about them? I have no idea why they wouldn't go you?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I'm just a bit too much. I can't stop loving though

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  • Darkfairie17
    I totally get what you are saying here. I used to feel that way, and still do sometimes. However, if a person is making me wait a lot, then I lose interest. Basically I lose interest because if they actually wanted me to be a part of their life, they would make an effort. If they aren't showing any interest, I am out the door and investing my time in people who want to be in my life.
  • cmale123
    i think it's easier is that if is not putting too much thought getting the guy or girl. If you like someone be honest about it. No need trick or mind game. Treat everyone nice and eventually you will find someone for you because relationship is about trust and honestly. You shouldn't just want start relationship, you should try start good relationship that mean finding the right partner instead going bunch of crappy relationship
  • thewanderingme
    I don't wait more than a couple weeks for obvious signs of real interest and effort from a guy. move on if you're not getting what you want from a guy.
  • Stacyzee
    Yes, those types of men are immature. Why leave a woman hanging? Just be upfront. If you're not interested , you're not interested. No need to pretend you are and mysteriously fade away with no communication m
    • Zeanobia

      Women leave men hanging all the time, can you blame us for stop trying?

    • I know my ex girlfriend would withhold sex all of the damn time and then she wonders why I would make her chase me.

    • Silver119

      because women like to be left hanging. The minute a guy shows he's keen they lose interest as he's suddenly became predictable i. e. boring

  • ComDom
    I'm gonna say this as delicately as I know how. Males tend to be persistent creatures. Men who weren't as persistent as their competition had their genetic line die off. If he isn't pursuing you after you reciprocate your interest and your point of view he probably isn't all that into you.

    The simplest advice I could give would be to make yourself desirable and they will chase you. Let nature run its course.
  • Tdieseler
    hahahahahaha... it is what it is... this is tantamount to asking women to stop nagging.
    thats why i keep it simple... keep the "talking" to a minimum and the fucking to a maximum.
    problem solved.
    as for women using sex as some kind of weapon of control... i always disclaim to girls that i get with that should they do that... there is ALWAYS another girl who will have sex and I've got her number... so you want to withhold sex... fine.. but im STILL gonna get mines lol, if not from you, from someone else...
    then im gonna dare her to withhold again. they usually don't.
    • Anonymous

      Do they stick around as well?

    • Tdieseler

      The ones that did stick around were usually the ones that didn't withhold because before we started something, they've already seen my behavior... they Knew i meant it. The dumb ones still try to test it out, then play victim after they had been warned. Im realistic, i say and do things as is, thats why i give warnings first...
      A few that thought i was bluffing did stick around when they realized it wasn't a bluff though they whined constantly because i'd taken their "weapon" away lol.

    • Tdieseler

      i don't like people doing things to me that they won't like if it were done to them, so i specialize in "giving people a dose of their own medicine" and 10 out of 10 times, they don't like it.
      sometimes (if not every time, women make men wait too) so i frankly don't see the problem.

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  • yololoyo
    huh, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen
    • Anonymous


    • yololoyo

      He's playing you to see if you have any kind of value

    • Anonymous

      And how would I seem like I am of value? I've just seemed a bit chill and busy with other people and stuff... Like that?

  • Metlahaed
    When "I'll be ready in 5 minutes" actually means 5 minutes, and not 2 hours... I will call to say "hi" more often.
    • rjroy3

      *hands you five dollars*
      Thank you for your services. Your jokes have been most appreciated sir. Lol

    • Anonymous

      I never make guys wait more then five minutes - and that too I only make them wait for those few minutes if it's a valid reason. Stop dating shallow people.

    • Metlahaed

      I... don't believe you. Let me talk to your boyfriend/husband/lover/brother/father please.

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  • ForSafety
    Guys really does makes Woman wait? o. o
    I haven't read what's written. But can guys even do that? it should be a crime isn't it?
    • Anonymous

      Apparently it's rare... I guess there's something wrong with me

  • FUCK NO! I don;t make him wait for me! I don't use sex to control men! I am only going to have sex with people I am comfortable begin naked with! So stupid.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Great writing wow, yeah I HATE playing games and all that childish shit! Best of luck sis
  • John_Doesnt
    That's the pot calling the kettle black. Women have made men wait too.
    • Poppykate

      Women don't keep men waiting, only high maintenance bitches do!

    • @Poppykate so playing hard to get isn't making us wait?

    • Poppykate

      Again, women don't play hard to get...

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  • Awesome writing.. I know how you feel, I've been there. I think you have to ask your self, is he worth waiting for.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks x... Maybe you're right. He really isn't worth it. Slowly I'm thinking of him less.

  • Curmudgeon
    Who makes who wait? As the old song goes:
  • JohnDoe3000
    "I know you have learnt the hard way that women respond better if you keep them waiting for you."

    This is the simple truth. We have to make you wait even if we don't want to. Sure you might belong to that minority of women where we don't have to do this but we have no way of knowing and we know the odds are against it...
  • Azara
    I dont 'know my place'. I'm not a servant, if a guy isn't interested or i intent on having me believe so, I'm not 'sad', I'm moving on.

    You are talking bout guys who dot respect you. this is not standard behavior, but as long as you accept it you will not move beyond it. If you feel clingy simply by communicating with someone you are interested in, they re not the worsen for you and you are not ready for a relationship. Not until you can respect your self.

    No i dint use sex to control a person. what would be the point? if they only want you bc you withhold, then its all fake and it'll be over as soon as they get what they want.

    if you can't take yourself seriously no guy will. if a guy can't take you seriously dont accommodate that. move on.
  • OmaiBakaDayo
    yeah. chicks do this too. its the natural thing people do. they dont want to put any effort in when theyre off someone. so they just leave you hanging. dont act like its a male thing. literally everyone does it. you know how many times I've been stood up or ignored? jeez. i wager to say that women do it more than men do. but even if it was only a male thing you have all of the power as a female. ur basically crying that he should give you all of the power. like you said. you get it. sorry thats the way it is. but thats the way it is. u would be better off accepting it than crying about it. or just telling him how you feel about it in a subtle way.
  • TripleAce
    I think those guys are you talking about probably just aren't as interesting in you as you are in them
  • sp33d
    As you said, know your place, woman. There are no games. Extend a finger and you'll bite off our arms. We know how this goes..
    • Anonymous

      I'm starting to think this site is full of heartbroken people.

    • sp33d

      I'm not, can't speak for others. Don't mistake being precise and prioritized with being heartbroken.

    • Anonymous

      Being precise doesn't usually entail an original metaphor - and you seem pretty bitter man

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  • Tanuron
    Always hated the withhold to try and keep or stay in control part. Just disrespectful on so many levels. I dont play games myself either that way, but there is always something. At times no matter what you do its always wrong, no way to win. I know many woman do as described too, but yeah think regardless. That people shouldn't be so ruled by fear.

    I been through so much crap myself and I sure have plenty of walls, but is just unfair how I take all these risks and choose to take a chance when honestly people dont dare for smaller reasons. Anyways again, love hard perhaps or dont love at all. Love isent supposed to make you more lonely in a way.
  • MikeGaultier
    Sounds like an isolated case. I've seen this more with women. How often do you hear men say, "Bro, it took her two hours to respond, now you have to wait 4"? Rarely. I've seen women play this game quite a bit... especially my last ex and many of her friends.
    Not saying that all women are an exemplar of this MyTake. I've met plenty who were incredibly mature, down to earth, and didn't have time for games. They are the ones I went for.

    Rule of thumb: If a guy does something you don't like, don't pursue him.
  • FrenchyRomain
    Welcome to our world ! "Oh i don't know, maybe i'll play 'hard to get', what do you think?" *best friend of the girl i am imitating* "oh yeah defiinitely"
    Stop complaining, you did it to us for years, and now that the tables have turned you have nothing to say ^^
    • Anonymous

      So much hate where love is concerned. Men are mad.

    • women made us that way. what is the problem : the monster? or it's creator (i. e. Frankenstein)

  • Guys who treat you like that are just not interested in you (anymore). Same goes for girls. Mystery solved!
  • MoonlitSonata
    If I don't communicate it's usually cause I don't want to come of as needy or creepy
    • Anonymous

      I know the feeling - being a clingy female is anathema. But frankly I think that I might have just spoken too comfortably with him. My friend was shocked and horrified when I told her that I used to speak to him no differently than how I spoke to her. I guess I should have played games but... I want a relationship. I would never respect a man enough to have a relationship if I played games on him - and I would no longer respect myself.

    • And that is great if you can do that, but not everyone speaks the same to everyone. Most people don't even speak the same on the street as they would on the internet! Different situations, different contexts, different people, different ways of understanding, the list goes on...

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Very fair point I never agreed with the "Treat them mean, keep them keen" philosophy. (1) If a person either gender isn't interested, say so (2) If they are interested as you say please no games. Talk if you feel like it but if you want say "I can't talk now. I will text/msg/call later". If you are open and honest you can work out a frequency of communication that suits you both and both understand why the other person is like that. Some will want to text 50 times a day others will feel a handful of times is enough.
  • ProfessorPratt
    This happens to men and women. The solution isn't for the other person to text you, it's to move on and find someone who will. It's hard but if they aren't trying now, they won't later, and he's not worth your time.
  • Pampered
    Ughh I feel you. My boyfriend has been doing this to me lately and it pisses me off. Makes me think I'm to blame.
  • skinningk20
    Men are soo annoying!
    They say something that seems like it's what there saying but then it's not or they change it
    • Guyguy2020

      Men are annoying? O ya? :(

    • @Guyguy2020 they don't say directly what they want
      They escape they answer sometimes!
      We girls are annoying too

    • Silver119

      Women don't say what they want/mean either thus why there is so many meme's going around translating what "fine" means if a woman says it lol

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  • godfatherfan
    Again, another issue that women do WAY more then men...
    • Anonymous

      You know that's not true. Everyone knows that the issue of a guy not calling or losing interest is a lot more prevalent than a woman not calling or losing interest.

    • not in my experience..
      guess I am just that good of a guy..

    • Anonymous

      I think this site is full of heartbroken nice people

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  • youssefmusic
    Well you all girls don't have to be such as kids or teens when we're busy it means we're busy later we can tell you why we didn't make it. And sometimes we're not in the fucking god damn mode! That's it.
    • Anonymous


      Okay. Feel better now?

  • StickStickity13
    I've been cut cold by women often, I just look for another girl.
  • YourFutureEx
    I think you should interchange men with women 😐
    • 😂 was thinking the same thing. This is more female behaviour. Women flake on men more than a dude with dandruff in a desert.

    • @Scrambledagain exactly 😃

    • Johnagain

      @Scrambledagain 😃😄😂

  • abundantlyrich
    He prolly has another lover around
    • Anonymous

      You think so? So I'm just someone he flirts with but can't break up with because we're all part of a friend group and we're not even dating in the first place.

    • Could be.