Men Making Women Wait For Them


Men Making Women Wait For Them

Can you please stop making us wait?

I know you have learnt the hard way that women respond better if you keep them waiting for you.

I know you are busy and don't feel the need to communicate as much. I know you may not even be that interested. I know you have other options. I know I'm not the best you could probably be with. I know you've got work and friends and I'm not a priority just yet.

But you could just send a message or call to say hi, sorry couldn't make plans this weekend.

I know you need to make me know my place.

But the thing is, while you're thinking all this, or perhaps not even thinking about me at all, I'm really sad.

We get sad and confused, but we're so terrified that we'll appear clingy (shock horror) and annoying that we can't reach out.

It's a catch 22.

I know you feel more in control when you withhold yourself, and yeah I get it. I'm a woman, we get it - we withhold sex to maintain control, I know we do.

But I'm lying here in tears, I'm sad, I like you, we connected, we flirted, we talked endlessly.

I don't play games when I respect someone enough to like them romantically. So please don't play them with me.

I know you aren't heartless, but whenever men do this, it feels like you're all heartless monsters.

I wake up with a broken smile, I'm crying inside but I can't show it because even my friends and family would think I'm being weird and clingy (God forbid). So society be damned for the creature it makes of us all.

I get why you all do it, I'm just asking for you all to stop if you can see that real women never play games. And we go all in, so things that seem so little to you are mini heartquakes to us. And we can't tell anyone.

Men Making Women Wait For Them
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Most Helpful Girl

  • moosette134
    This is the most true thing I've ever read. I feel like such a mess because I get so invested in someone and I never feel like it's reciprocated. To say it feels like a rollercoaster is so cliched but also exactly how I feel. Within seconds I can go from absolutely fine to elated, from elated to crushed. Sending him a text has become terrifying, the kind of thing I have to press send on without looking or I'll never do it. Because I just don't know what he's thinking. I feel like I've been clear and I get so many mixed signals from him which like, yeah I understand why, but it hurts. It's hard for me to put myself out there and not feel like it's making any difference. I don't feel like he doesn't like me, but I don't feel like he's making any effort either.
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    • Thoughts need to be guarded very carefully.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly 😔😔

Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    But when we express our feelings, we get turned down cause we went too fast, we appear clingy, we didn't play...
    So what do we do? Why don't you tell us straight up what's happening instead of playing games.
    Don't blame society, blame yourself for caring about what society says.
    If you want it, go get it, but 90% of women do nothing, they just wait and wait for the guy... we get tired from that, you know, cause we thinl you aren't interested. If we're the ones initiating every single time, how do you think that feels? We have feelings too. If you want yours to be taken into consideration, think about ours too. It's a two way street.
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  • Anonymous
    If a guy doesn't text/call he doesn't like you, so stop waiting.
  • Anonymous
    Are you the same author?
  • Anonymous
    This is funny because as a dude I literally felt the exact same thing but instead of writing it I proceed to pretend like I was cool with how things were going. And tried my best to go about my day like nothing negative had happened. Because I blame myself for not doing things right. Because I'm the guy. I'm the one who's suppose to just know how this stuff works and have all the perfect moves and behaviors to convince her I'm great and worth it. But I'm not so imma just go back to keeping to myself.
    • Anonymous

      Emma Watson have this speech at the UN about her campaign #heforshe... In it she mentions how she sees her male friends become men not learning to manage their emotions - forced to aspire to a biased gender role. That said I can never manage my emotions. I know we women say we'd like a man who is in touch with his softer side but then we generally go for the emotionless jerk... To quote another user: I guess hats modern romance for you.

  • Anonymous
    I fucking love this take!! I'm feeling like this right now 😔
  • Anonymous
    It's because once we show interest and that we really like and care for you we get put in the friend zone or you find someone else I'm sorry but that's the fucking reality and the sooner women realize it the better. Women are attracted to assholes and that's about it if you're not an asshole you're consider too nice and more of a friend. Trust me I've tried being nice and nothing happens except heart break its better to be the one breaking the hearts then getting yours broken. To clear it up the guys that realize this are the ones not messaging you back or paying any attention to you because they know girls want what they can't get
    • Anonymous

      I believe men want bitches. You believe women want assholes. What's the point? Maybe I should be a bitch?

    • Your point is reasonable. Does another really know what one should be or want to be? Change or do not change, either way, will it make a difference?

    • Anonymous

      @Psi_Unknown and then again, is romance worth all the trouble?

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  • Anonymous
    Correction required , reverse the genders !! " I'm a woman, we get it - we withhold sex to maintain control, I know we do. " That's because you can very easily do this , most women barely have a sex drive & women view men more as a utility than a person , women far prefer other women for company over a man. Men are waking up...& walking away !!
  • Anonymous
    hahaha sorry but i can't help but to laugh. what kind of pathetic, meaningless problems people have omg. anyway i dont make anyone wait. my life is free from the bondages of women or anyone else... .
    • Anonymous

      I can tell

    • Anonymous

      your passive agressive insult is amusing. keep them coming. more reassurance of how blessed my life is... .

  • Anonymous
    Thing is, if he didn't do that. You would be happily chatting away with him and never realizing you're romantically into the guy. So well, he kind of has to.
    • Anonymous

      It was obvious to everyone that I was interested in him, including him. I wanted him to know. He knew. He flirted back. He was a gentleman as well. He was kind. He was good. Now he's even gone on a business trip and didn't even tell me - I mean he's acting like nothing changed in our friendship. He says he'll see me and hang out but he never does. I don't understand. I liked him before he started playing games, now I feel a complete lack of control.

    • Maybe he isn't interested anymore. Do you think things will never change? I'm sorry, I have a hard time reading this...

      He probably had his reasons for doing what he did. How does lack of control make you feel? Maybe the details are not as important as you think?

    • Anonymous

      @Psi_Unknown yeah I try not to over analyze things too much - a lot of my close friends are men and I've seen them bumble along in their own romances and not realise that even their little actions are gone over with a fine toothed comb. I try not to be shallow and give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Anonymous
    Amen! Exactly what I am going through right now.. Eventually I'll be sick of the games and leave.. I shouldn't have to wait for him to grow up and be there like he promises..
  • Anonymous
    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • Anonymous
    Lol is this for real? 90% of the time when it happens it's the guy who it happens to. How many times do you think I've been cancelled on by a girl I really liked? How many times do you think a girl has looked me in the eyes and smiled as she gave me her phone number, only to ignore me? Maybe men will collectively listen when women ask us to stop playing games when they stop doing it to us tenfold.
  • Anonymous
    Girl you are 100% accurate. Its frustrating like hell. Its not fun. It is confusing. I dont understand why they cannot be upfront especially after they know that we officially like them. You know we like you.. you know we will devote ourselves to you so why act distant to see what else you can get from us? There is nothing else at that point... because like you said at that point it makes us get clingy... and then oh lord all hell breaks lose at that point because you are now running for the hills from us.

    Damn if we do damn if we don't.

    It is always the good girls that are honest and upfront that share their feelings that get the rug pulled from under them. This recently just happened to me and I am frustrated through the roof. I get it they get scared but thats where communication comes through. You won't be less of a man if you express your fear of a relationship, or the need to go slow... or that they really like us and their feelings scare them. Because then we can reassure them... go at a pace that works.

    You said it... mini heartquakes..
  • Anonymous
    Well when you're painted as the villain simply for being born with a penis you get sick of caring about those that villainize you. You get sick of being blamed for literally everything. So if I'm going to be condemned no matter what may as well not make women look like liars so I'll play the part. You want to call me a villain fine I'll become a villain and play the part.

    The more you blame us for just about anything and everything the more we hate and despise you.
    • Anonymous

      I don't blame men.

  • Anonymous
    stop waiting and crying.
    instead, forget and have things to do, go out, meet friends, have a full life where there is no time to be sad and waiting...
    and the funny thing, that when we stop think of them and wait for them and have a full our own life, guys usually appear and call and text... bcoz they afraid u will forget about them lol