Fatalism and The Fatalist


Fatalism and The Fatalist

Yesterday I found this myTake: Types of Single People, which added a much-needed new word to my dating lexicon: The Fatalist. It is a personality type I can relate to, and so I am grateful to @MissNowhere for highlighting, if not creating it.

The Fatalist is completely done. The Fatalist has given up. The Fatalist tried out the whole relationship thing, got hurt really badly and now can't be bothered to get themselves into such disasters ever again. The Fatalist hates love (often even stops believing in it) and anything that has to do with it. This person sees themselves as a realist, they don't see the point if all relationships end up with a breakup or divorce anyways. The Fatalist just wants to protect their heart from all the potential heartache. A lot of them become very bitter. They will never want a relationship cause relationships suck, apparently.

Most of this I agree with. The Fatalist often does believe in love, perhaps even loves love. The Fatalist knows that other people can get love. The Fatalist is a realist, but doesn't see the point if all of his or her relationships end badly, but he recognizes others' success.

More than anything, a Fatalist is done with cheap hookups and settling for short-term anything.

The Internet and online dating has changed the dating world. Now there are almost unlimited options. People are in pursuit of the next shiny bauble dangling before them, forgetting that no one is perfect. We are in a time where everyone is hoping the profile they swiped right on is a true and accurate reflection of the person, that there is no adverse outstanding information, and that swipe will lead to a lifetime of love and devotion - or at least a hot hookup.

The Fatalist believes this culture has made dating an insurmountable challenge.

Fatalism and The Fatalist

The Road To Fatalism

The Fatalist avoids discussing his/her situation with friends, because no one believes them, especially recent converts. They expect the Fatalist to abstain for a short period of time, maybe a month or two, then jump right back in to the dating world.

Like homelessness, Fatalism is a long and painful process that involves repeated failure. A homeless person might temporarily move in with a family member, for example, who eventually kicks them out and forces them into new accommodations. Eventually there is no place left to go. Likewise, a person on the road to Fatalism might enter into a brief dating spell that ends in heartbreak. On the MissNowhere list of single types, the Fatalist might have started out as The Soulmate Seeker, spent time as The Desperate One and eventually became The Reminiscer before becoming The Fatalist.

Eventually one must either drop their standards below palatable levels, or accept the prospect of a life and death alone. Once you see the objects of your pursuit dropping into territory where you swore never to go, you are in danger of becoming a Fatalist.

In my descent, I came to enjoy typical date activities alone - going to movies, plays, parties, watching TV, etc. I only dine out with friends and prefer eating alone. Being with another person at the movies, for example, means my attention is divided, and I don't enjoy either the movie or the person as much.

Fantasy also takes on greater importance. If we can't earn the love of someone we respect and admire, we can at least imagine someone admiring and loving us. Love and romance, even when successful, involves delusions and fantasy.

The pursuit of a real-life relationship risks fantasy; if the object of my fantasy rejects my affections in real life, which will almost certainly happen in either the long and short-term, the fantasy is destroyed. Thus there are very real stakes in the pursuit, and good reason to avoid it.

The last step on the road to Fatalism is realizing that there are other ways to make life meaningful and rewarding without a relationship. I detailed some of these in a previous myTake. Once the Fatalist finds other fulfillment, (s)he enters a new and brighter phase of his/her life. Things do start to look up.

Becoming happier and healthier makes one more sexually attractive, and the Fatalist's attitudes about relationships do not change. Since turning Fatalist, I have turned away women who showed enthused interest. At one time, I would have been happy to date them as they fell well within acceptable standards. Sadly, though, now the pursuit of any relationship is futile, and I do not reciporocate interest. These incidents can feed fantasy, but also remind us of our chronic aloneness.

Fatalism and The Fatalist

Is there hope?

The answer to this question might vary from individual to individual.

While looks and appearance remain important, personality surges to the forefront. The object of my pursuit is someone whose company I would enjoy at those movies, plays and meals that I now prefer alone. They would have to have a killer personality that I would not want to be away from, ever.

I see the odds of this happening as extremely low. There are tons of nice, wonderful people out there with pleasant enough personalities. I have dated them, and the relationships invariably failed. It is one thing to recognize a good person, but another thing entirely to face the prospect of spending most of your non-work time with them and cohabitating with them.

As stated earlier, I am building my relationships with friends, and some of these friends are female. There is a remote possibility of something coming out of that. I am not pursuing those friendships with that as a goal, though. I am withholding romance from friends, too, because I will not pursue them romantically unless I am confident in that romance enduring, and that it is something they want.

Fatalism and The Fatalist
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  • Bearoness
    I would venture that one is doomed to remain a fatalist if one's goal is always a 'forever' relationship. People change, situations change, that doesn't negate any love, attachment, personal growth or positive life experiences just because the relationship changes shape and both people party ways or needs evolve. Just as keeping a friendship throughout all of one's life statfes is low, keeping that 'special one' forever is also most likely low.
    The beauty of this view is the beauty of nature, the beauty of things passing, changing, not staying the same. It makes that love, that situation all the more precous, makes you want to enjoy it to it's fullest while it is here, and now, instead of getting lost in the potentials of 'forever'.
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    • brain5000

      Point taken. I would probably feel as though a relationship was a success if it lasted at least 90 days. :) Thanks.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    "Eventually one must either drop their standards below palatable levels, or accept the prospect of a life and death alone."

    Yup, that's about where I'm at. What a choice. Unless those girls I liked somehow become single again, AND decide to give me a chance (which would require one of them to completely reverse her position), I am indeed on a one-way ticket to Fatalist City. I have no interest in lowering my standards, as that wouldn't make me happy at all. I'd still feel the regret, the longing, the wishing things could have gone my way. I wish there was something I could do to get off this path, but it depends on things out of my control. I just wish I hadn't messed up in the first place.
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    • brain5000

      "I just wish I hadn't messed up in the first place."

      This is rather cryptic?

      If those girls really wanted you in the first place, they would have made themselves single for you. Now they would have to lower their standards for you to have them. Would you want to be with someone who feels you are beneath them? I would guess she would have her eyes open for a hotter prospect while she was with you, that she would consider you a stopgap measure.

      I wish you the best, my friend.

    • Anonymous

      Well, they weren't just some random hot girls I saw. These were people I could talk to quite well. They were really nice to me too and seemed to show at least some interest in my life, in how I was doing. They really did seem to enjoy talking to me somewhat and said several things along the lines of them thinking I was a neat person.

      With some of them I didn't make a move fast enough. With one, I made basic mistakes I should have known better than to make. I screwed up and accidentally gave them a shitty impression of me, even though we could talk really well and she was always so sweet to me.

      I messed up by not being confident, by not having my life together (job, hobbies, etc) and just not having enough to show for myself. I was kind of a blob who just sat around on the Internet all day. I had dreams but didn't act on them. These girls on the other hand were adventurous. I wanted to be on their level, I just wasn't there yet.

    • Anonymous

      One of these girls especially, really talked like there might have been a possibility for more. They all kinda did, if for no other reason than we had stuff in common and could talk better than I could talk to most people. But there was one who seemed to always go out of her way to be sweet to me.

      I just wish I was prepared to meet them beforehand. I just couldn't catch up in time. My ideal self would be a match for them, but my real self isn't there yet. I wonder what could have happened if I had known how to act and had more going for me. I really think I could have had a chance.

      I haven't really met anyone like them since, so I haven't felt like there is anyone who would have made me feel like I've done just as well. I couldn't do that. I'd still feel the weight of the regret, and the wishing I could be somewhere else.

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  • Prof_Don
    Hmm no wonder @MissNowhere said to me once, "I'm not her type of person".

    My high level of optimism and overt aura of lovingness goes totally against the fatalist mantra!

    Very well written article, bro. Definitely opened my eyes to the type of personality trait I never would have been able to understand myself.
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  • OfAfricandescent
    Great My Take, I see some things here that remind me of me. For example 'The object of my pursuit is someone whose company I would enjoy ',
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  • GreatnessPersonified
    That's not what fatalism means. smh
    It means that one is resided to fate and that all decisions are predetermined.
    It's not inherently a bad thing. It frees up the mind believing that what you do it already mapped out, so no worries.
  • takumii
    Fatality ! Single guy wins.
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Damn good my_take
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