Types of Single People


We're all constantly surrounded by single people. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has noticed how many types single people there are. Some are more annoying than others, but they all have something in common - they're cruisin' through life on their own. Some for a long time (or even forever), some just for a wee bit. Not gonna lie, GAG was also one of my main inspirations for this myTake. It's no secret that there are heaps of single folks here :P It's like a beacon for all the single pringles. Why they're single hugely depends on how they approach their love life, as well as their personality sometimes. So, let's dive right in...

The Party Animal

Types of Single People

This is the type of single person who just LOVES being single. They're all about that party lifestyle. Their life mainly consists of going out to clubs, getting drunk, hooking up, loud music, maybe doing drugs on an occasion. They basically go by the annoyingly mainstream motto of YOLO. The Party Animal doesn't really need anything else in life as long as they can go to awesome parties and have as much fun as possible. It's usually the relatively young people who belong in this category, since with time a lot of The Party Animals tend to calm down and look for something more meaningful in life. It's not unusual for it to be just a phase.

The Phoenix

Types of Single People

The Phoenix rises from the ashes of their last relationship to become the best version of themselves. They either work out all of the time, focus 100% on their career, study non-stop, find a hobby they become obsessed with or do anything else of that kind that they know will benefit them in big ways. It's all about their own personal growth as a person. The Phoenix realized that while they were in a relationship they got lazy and comfortable. Now that they're out, they're going to work 10 times harder in EVERYTHING. The Phoenix just has way too many things going on in their life to worry about a relationship. A relationship would just get in the way of all the things they're trying to achieve.

The Reminiscer

Types of Single People

The Reminiscer is someone who dwells too much on the past. You can't date The Reminiscer, cause they still love their ex. It's one thing still having some feelings for your ex, but it's entirely something else when you mention and talk about your ex lover ALL THE FREAKING TIME. The Reminiscer just won't shut up about them. You can have a converstaion about the most random thing, and The Reminiscer will somehow still find a way to bring their ex into it. This kind of single person is basically undateable, it's impossible to date them until they get over it and move the heck on.

The Couch Potato

Types of Single People

This type of single person is incredibly lazy. So lazy that they barely ever leave their house. They love to indulge in simple the pleasures of binge watching TV shows and snacking on junk food. They're not interested in going out and socializing. They just can't be bothered putting in any effort in meeting people. It's not rare that The Couch Potatos tend to be socially awkward. It's no surprise that The Couch Potato is single, cause how can you find love if you never even leave your house? Soulmates don't just fall from the sky.

The Timeliner

Types of Single People

The Timeliner has it all figured it out in the tiniest details. They know the year they're gonna get married and the years they're gonna have children. They even know how many kids they're gonna have and all of the names of all of them. They have already made all of their parenting decisions. The one and only thing they don't know is who the other parent is gonna be. But they wrote it all down, so obviooouuusly it's gonna happen, it has to, no doubt about it. That's how The Timeliner thinks. If The Timeliner is still young, they're taking their time to find the perfect one. But if they're a little bit older and the deadlines are getting closer and closer - anyone will do. The longer The Timeliner is single, the less picky they get.

The Free Spirit

Types of Single People

This person values their freedom VERY highly. In The Free Spirit's mind you can either have your independence or a committed relationship. They think that when it comes to this, it's strictly black and white, there's no grey area. Obviously they strongly prefer their independece over being committed to another person. Therefore, The Free Spirit doesn't mind being alone, they actually enjoy it quite a lot. Freedom equals happiness to them. Well, committment isn't for everyone I guess.

The Soulmate Seeker

Types of Single People

This person wants true love. Badly. The Soulmate Seeker is definitely a hopeless romantic. They have watched way too many romantic comedies, and they want that same perfect love story. They constantly put themselves out there and do everything they can to find that that perfect other half to complete them. The Soulmate Seeker daydreams a lot about love. Settling isn't their thing, they won't give up till they find that fairytale-like person who will shower them with love, affection, gifts and whatnot, and it will be absolutely beautiful. They believe their soulmate is DEFINITELY somewhere out there.

The Organic

Types of Single People

This one doesn't really care too much about being or not being in a relationship. The Organic simply goes with the flow. The Organic prefers to leave things up to destiny and live their own life rather than hunting for a partner in any methodical or calculated fashion. This type of single person lives by he motto of "if it's meant to be, it will be" and "fate will find a way". The Organic doesn't sweat it, they just take things as they come. Love life... eh... if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't. I suppose you could say that these people are quite laid-back and chill. They don't worry too much about not having a partner right now.

The Workaholic

Types of Single People

The Workaholic always puts career first. They're extremely career driven, so much so that they have no time and sometimes even no interest in relationships. The Workaholic is basically married to the job and makes passionate love to it non-stop. Career is their main priority in life and almost nothing can change that. They're just super busy people.

The Picky One

Types of Single People

This person thinks they're the bomb, which means it takes someone truly extraordinary to capture their attention and their heart. The Picky One refuses to date someone who doesn't check all the boxes in the super long list of what they're looking in a romantic partner. People often call The Picky Ones overly selective, but they often just see it as having high standards. They know exactly what they want and they're going to wait until that person comes along.

The Flinger

Types of Single People

The Flinger is all about hookups. It's really hard for them to be in a relationship cause they strongly prefer having sex with lots of people rather than a single one. It's not in their nature to stick to just one guy or girl, which results in them jumping from fling to fling like a super horny bunny. The Flinger wants to experience as many sexual relations as possible with many different people. They like to mix things up, it's exciting for them. They don't want to be tied down.

The Desperate One

Types of Single People

This person desperately wants and NEEDS to be with someone. They can't focus on anything else other than finding someone to date. Each of The Desperate Ones has a different reason why they're so desperate. The Desperate One will give anyone a shot, their biggest fear is ending up alone forever. This is the type of person who posts "Forever Alone" memes everywhere and often whines about how nobody wants them. Them being so desperare results in them trying really, really, REALLY hard. The problem with The Desperate Ones are that their desperation can be smelled from a mile away and it's very off-putting, that's why desperation usually only scares people away instead of attracting them.

The Fatalist

Types of Single People

The Fatalist is completely done. The Fatalist has given up. The Fatalist tried out the whole relationship thing, got hurt really badly and now can't be bothered to get themselves into such disasters ever again. The Fatalist hates love (often even stops believing in it) and anything that has to do with it. This person sees themselves as a realist, they don't see the point if all relationships end up with a breakup or divorce anyways. The Fatalist just wants to protect their heart from all the potential heartache. A lot of them become very bitter. They will never want a relationship cause relationships suck, apparently.

Of course these are not ALL the types of single people out there, there's more that have not been listed. But I believe these are the most common ones.

Which one are you? 😈

Types of Single People
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Rawrzz
    I would be a mix of The Fatalist, the Free Spirit, the Couch Potato, and the Picky One. With a tad bit of the reminiscer. Humans aren't monogamous. Attempting to be so without that understanding, and yes, your relationship is most certainly bound for failure, by all literal and figurative probabilities. The romanticized notion of monogamous, committed love is simply ludicrous. All you must do is examine your parents relationship. If they're even married or still married. In essence, even if the marriage or relationship survived, there is nothing Disney about it. Love is simply oxytocin. It sparks up and turns into an infern, started by your brain to get you to fuck someone for reproduction. After 6 months to 2 years, they oxytocin says bye-bye, and your brain says, "We need more genetic diversity, so at least some of our kids will live."

    There will be no old man and old woman lovingly staring into each others eyes on the porch chairs. And, if by some miracle there was, and the love persisted or grew stronger, one of you--the woman, statistically, since they live 8 years longer and typically marry older men--would have to watch the person you love most in the world--the person who is a part of your very soul, whither, suffer, and die. Probably in a horrible way, as my grandfather had to watch my grandmother become a vegetable after a stroke, get bedsores in a shitty nursing home, and rot and whither and die. You must pay for that love, as everything has its cost. You must pay a debt of pain and despair. He is a withered husk, after her death. They were married 50 years. His life is nothing but pain and misery, greatly expounded by the indescribable loss. Even 12 years later.

    I will take neutrality, thank you. Its much more stable. And significantly less likely to end in a murder-suicide. Fulfilling relationship is not a synonym with marriage or commitment. If anything, the type of people who will actually wholly commit, will soon be heartbroken and learn to guard themselves, holding themselves back, thus becoming someone who is not a committer.

    However, unlike the Fatalist, I don't simply predict my future behavior. If I had to guess, I would say future me would be The Flinger person. Or, the polyamorous person. Well, and i have particularly high standards. It would, indeed, take a very rare and very special woman to sway me.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    At first I was going to say I'm the reminiser... but I honestly do not mention my ex all the time. When I'm with a new guy I don't mention my ex unless the new guy asks but the most I've been asked about a previous relationship is "how long ago since your last relationship ended?", "how long were you two together?" and finally "why did you two break up?"
    Never gave a name and to me it seems like appropriate questions to ask to make sure I'm not hooked on my ex... I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing I got with a guy fresh out of a relationship even if he was the one that broke up with her.
    I compare as to reminiscing.

    But I would have to say I'm a selection of all.
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  • ElissaDido
    I'm a mixture of Picky, Workaholic and the Soulmate seeker 💔😭🔫
  • AvaMarina
    I love the way you broke all of the types down. The names, the descriptions... Nice job. :)

    I imagine I'm the Organic. I'd like a relationship, but I'm not seeking one out, and I don't really care. If it happens, it happens; if not, that's fine too.
  • Doffydood
    Never tried relationships before, don't plan on trying any time soon.
    Hmm, I think I'm mostly Organic, with an aspect of Fatalist, i. e. I don't see the point if all relationships end up with a breakup or divorce anyway so why bother? :P

    Nice take, well done :)
  • cinderelli
    very nice take..
    soo which one am I? I think I'll be a mixture.. lol..
    • Thanks πŸ˜‚

    • cinderelli

      its good that you haven't made fun of us.. now that you have happily left the single crowd..

    • I wouldn't dare! πŸ˜›

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  • JudgmentDay
    What about Single people that have clearly made up their minds and they are absolutely certain that they do Not ever want Any children? Can that be a separate category of it's own?

    I think it's very hard for those kind of Singles to be in genuine committed relationships. It becomes more difficult for them to actually even find someone out there that also does not and if they are even right for each other or have anything common in the first place Other than that one Big life decision.

    Because if 1 partner absolutely Does Not want Any Children and the other does at some point then it is definitely going to hurt and affect the relationship negatively and turn it into a complete disaster.

    It also depends on the partners as compromises and negotiation are not guaranteed and will always be very difficult.

    But if Both partners are absolutely certain they don't want any children AND if they feel they have enough in common then they'd probably either be committed to each other long term successfully either through a marriage or a serious relationship rather than one that is just for convenience (just didn't want to be alone), business/wealth (money, position/status, and other material things like houses, cars, etc.), or some other purpose (physical attraction/beauty/features, stunning looks) other than because they actually "Truly" do love each other.

    And I see no point in someone to ever lie and hide something important like this in their mind from their partner. Because then the partner that Does Want children would feel very betrayed once they have discovered the truth about their partner.

    But my other point is, does it not also make dating that much more difficult for those kinds of Singles?

    Although I have heard something about "childfree" focused or themed dating websites but these are rare kind of services and again it doesn't and cannot guarantee things will always work out, but these Singles have become limited and restricted to whom they can really be in a serious long term relationship with, other people would screen their profiles and just ignore and pass on them.

    Also, what about Single people with mental health issues or illnesses? Such as autism, asperger's, severe depression, etc?

    I think it's about the same, but most cases there's not a whole lot that can be done since sometimes it's inherited or hereditary conditions which they have no control over and they can't simply just get rid of or remove these conditions and health problems.
  • luvstoned4him
    I am the soulmate seeker with a little bit of organic in me. Of course most people just see me as being the "picky one" but I dont. That last one tho... fatalist... jeez.. how depressing, hope I never end up there. Excellent take by the way!!
  • martyfellow
    Then there are the explorers, who don't think they know many answers, and are open to new experiences but not despeartely seeking a partner or an ideal relationship... some of us are married and supposedly settled down, but are still fascinated by the opposite sex at times.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Some might mistake me for the Couch Potato, but I'm actually closer to a Phoenix. I do have some fatalistic tendencies though, as well as Soulmate Seeker tendencies. I don't know if anyone is purely one category above or another, but has tendencies of each of these.
  • Kris85
    I'm the Party Animal mainly. And I'm also a free spirit. Although I'm not really single anymore, I do tend to go out a lot and I also don't settle. I won't get into a relationship with someone unless it's exactly what I am looking for. I would rather be on my own and I quite enjoy being on my own. After being married for 11 years I can appreciate finding myself again and also having as much fun as I can along the way while I do it.
  • NearlyNapping
    Well if you count both past and present:

    The Party Animal – check
    The Reminiscer – partial check
    The Couch Potato – these days, yea that’s a check, but not as bad as some
    The Free Spirit – check
    The Soulmate Seeker – check (with a dose of realism thrown in)
    The Organic – big big check
    The Workaholic - hmmm, I'll give it a small partial check
    The Fatalist – sort of, but not at all how described
  • QooLipBite
    Party Animal and Pheonix is where it's at for me 😏👌

    I want my life to be spent on chasing dreams, not girls 👌 the girls will flock soon ❀️

    Don't get me wrong though, I love romance, but it's not such a great thing with the wrong people. True and genuine romance is my ❀️
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    The picky, the party animal and the flinger.

    The funny thing is that I would stop being single if I could have people that I meet on the Internet around.

    I also have a free spirit and when I do not want to go out I'm a couch potato. When I watch romantic movies I have my timeliner moments XD
  • vishna
    I sucked as the reminiscing person. It makes everything worse.
    But I'm also an organic time liner if that makes any sense 😅
    If it happens, it happens, but I'm having x many children and I have allll their names figured out, know what pets I want, know where I want to live, know what type of furniture I warn, and what I'm packing in my kid's lunchbox 10 years from now.
    I'm also a dreamer, I just want a good loving life
  • Khaleesi89
    I see myself as a mix. I work a lot when I am single, I go out a lot with my friends and also am such a hopeless romantic. I currently am talking to someone but I am very honest about wanting to be friends and he is willing to wait until I am ready to open myself 100%. Also right now I find myself growing a lot as a individual and learning to love being single (kinda single). It's nice having some form of independence.
  • SilenRose
    Bit of soulmate seeker, organic, and picky. Before dating I wasn't picky in regards to personality types but after dealing with a few guys I've started to narrow down what I like and don't like in a guy. In regards to soulmate seeking I'm not sure if I'll be fortunate enough to find him but I don't doubt I'll find a guy I'm compatible with.
  • CheerGirl38139
    Very cool take. I'm a combo of several of these types I think
  • rjroy3
    A cross between the Phoenix, Flinger and Organic.
    I tend to better myself after a breakup, I don't go searching for a new girl and tend to sit back and watch it happen naturally. Usually a fling or two shows up, before a serious dating option comes along to steal my heart.
  • Alexious
    I'm the picky one.
    I have had people interested in me, I can't lie. I have high standards.

    Maybe that's why I'm single.

    I wanna have a girlfriend I can show off and be like "she's mine."

    No shortage of confidence, I just want someone to say yes.
  • Bea123
    Great take, though I'm unsure of which one I am ;) thanks for this it was very well written.
  • apple24
    The Couch Potato...
    *🍎 apples stuffying her face with browines while reading this! hahah OHH FOR SHAME! haha I really can't help it! I don't know where I would even start! I can't even make any friends! WHERE DO I GO? I honestly think i have an apple shape body and going out seems like a nightmare! haha lol Hahahaha WHOOLLY APPLE! Please bring an a man or women to my life! Come On maybe a friend! APPLE GOD? CAN YOU HEAR ME! lol
  • iamthefourthdoor
    Or maybe they are single because they are just single. Of course there are different types of single people, because there are different types of people.
  • Crybaby123
    The Desperate One - (plsplspls notice me senpai)
    The Picky One - (I'm terrible)
    The Soulmate Seeker
    The Couch Potato - (games)
    The Reminiscer (damn I still love her)
    The Phoenix (cuz I have nothing to do now)

    Damn, looks like I'm a example of a shitty person.
  • Ihav2fart
    Soo Ms. Couch potato... hows it feel to be with a workhaholic?
  • kat_gran
    I am definitely The Party Animal, The Phoenix, The Organic and The Picky One. Don't settle for anything less and enjoy your freedom! (Y) Love live, the moment and being awesome! :D
  • kxera
    I'm the love child of an organic, free spirit and potato couch. I attribute to all three of these. Althought, I do timeline a bit at times. I'm closer to being an organic couch potato though.
  • Betwyn
    I'm like, a hybrid of Organic and Desperate with a side of Party Animal lol

    I need to be in a relationship.. but, I don't sweat the details.. if it stops working, break up and try again.
  • SpecJack
    I'm more of the Free Spirit as I put my individual freedom above all else, but if I were to get romantically involved I would turn into the Picky One.
    YOLO and I'm gonna have it my way 😉
  • brain5000
    I have been a fatalist for months now. Eventually the bitterness is internalized, like a virus that has gone dormant, and we convert to one of the other types of single people, e. g. workaholic, picky, phoenix, couch potato, etc.
  • DiamondRuby
    The Soulmate Seeker for sure. With a little bit of Picky, Workaholic, Remiscer (not so much over an ex, I just know who I like right now and want only him).
  • springocelot
    if i just came out of a relationship, i immediately become the reminiscer (but a lot more contained than you describe it), transitioning into a phoenix, my normal single person mode.
  • Omar5881
    I am the soulmate seeker 😛 which one are you Diana?
  • Iamathinker
    Do you think the fatalist will change? I hope so cause the one I found is sexy as hell.
  • InconspicuousBox
    How about the one who is crazy about one person and is going out of their comfort zone to try and make it happen?
  • NatoriBella
    I am the Phoenix any time there is a crisis in my life, break up or not.
    For a while I became a Fatalist coupled with the couch potato.
    Then, after starting to work out, eat better etc. I went back to my original self: A hybrid between the Free Spirit and Soulmate Seeker. I would rather be alone than be with the wrong person... however right now it's shifting back to the fatalist. Lol
  • Faerthurin
    I think I'm a cross between the soul mate seeker, the picky one (minus thinking I'm "the bomb"), and couch potato lol
  • Albinoninja66
    Phoenix, soulmate seeker, free spirit, workaholic, picky, and slightly fatalist. Lol I'm property going to die alone.
  • Darkfairie17
    I'm definitely a mix of a few. I think I've got parts of the Phoenix and the Soulmate Seeker for sure.
  • Rloco
    I'm a mix of most of these. And even though I say I'm done with relationships deep down I'm still hopeful about finding the one.
  • PizzaGuy22
    I think organic or picky

    and I read the flinger as the finger ahahaha wow epic fail
  • croxy
    The lazy one, although not to lazy to go out and socialize and have fun, but to lazy to put in a continuous effort that's required to maintain a relationship going.
  • Enaya
    I'm the organic, free spirit with high standards for the soul mate.
    • SilenRose

      Technically you don't need high standards for your soulmate since they're your other half. They should already have everything you want in an SO.

    • Enaya

      @SilenRose True

  • tiredofwaiting
    Great take. I am definifetly a mix between: The Free Spirit, The Organic, The Picky One, The Fatalist. I am NOT desperate though lol. I think the one I score highest in is definitely picky.
  • questonin
    Picky, a bit of organic, soul seeker, and a bit of a couch potato- although I am strong and in good shape, I just don't know what to get out of the house for...
  • Prof_Don
    I'm definitely the organic. I just go with the flow talking to people, and whatever happens happens! ;-)
  • Zorax
    I guess I'm between several types... The Reminiscer, The Couch Potato, The Soulmate Seeker and The Picky One :P
  • AleDeEurope
    I'm the Picky One, which then turns me into the Flinger xD
    • ChocoLada

      I thought you were a party animal :P
      But I can imagine you as a flinger, by looking at that picture ;)

    • @ChocoLada Party animal too, but I'm not that because I'm single, I'm still gonna party in a relationship.

  • Starfishlover
    I am the party animal, phoenix, free spirit, soulmate seeker and flinger :)
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I love the juxtaposition between a Phoenix and being single... ☺️ I never thought of it like that. Good take.
  • HersheysDrop
    I'm definitely The Picky One 😅💁🏽 Maybe I have a bit of Soulmate Seeker in me as well 💖☺
  • peachblossomluck
    I'm a free-spirit party animalβ™‘ and maybe a little organic.