Guys, Beware of the Confidence Overdose

Guys, Beware of the Confidence OverdoseAs if it wasn't hard enough just feeling like it's ok to be yourself around people you find really attractive...

It is possible to overdose on confidence.

Mehhh pavlove mehhh thats stupid to say. There is no such thing damn you!

Wrong. If you've ever felt like being at a loss as to what to say is your downfall then you might think being able to talk endlessly and do anything without fear of consequences might be the ultimate savior in attraction.

The problem is that the life of the party only thrives at the actual party.

When you sit with your friends and it's literally just you talking nonstop even if you're being hilarious...many will get frustrated that you dominate every conversation with the sound of your own voice. Some people will like it. Typically, those who've been raised to listen more than to talk. But for many, it becomes tiresome.

Guys, Beware of the Confidence Overdose

It's amusing, sure. But the same inevitable problem of placing too much emphasis on the opinion's of others comes into play. You imagine by harnessing your charisma to a high enough point you can become the center of attention but then you are still needy to be in the spotlight. Things you might here are:

"you talk a lot"

"you're needy for ego stroking"

"i've never met anyone who talks as much as you do"

"you're crazy..."

"where'd on earth did you come from?"

"Just Stop!!!!"

The key is to not feel any need whatsoever but instead feel fully whole. To feel you've already reached your destiny and are living it out everyday. To be the object of your own hopes and dreams. This is real confidence. It is not loud or soft and you can't use it like a tool. Confidence is something you are not something you do.

BeWare The Confidence Overdose

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  • I agree over confidence can become over bearing sometimes.. to the point of being autocratic, or even domineering. I have many egotistical friends and family and am surprised people dont see the danger of it.


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