Surviving the Social World as an Overly Analytical Human Being

Analyzing is like a muscle. You make connections and associations which lead to conclusions which are often highly complex and even brilliant. Yet, there's a coldness to the person who refuses to stop analyzing the social world around them. They separate themselves so that they may better observe. They often draw conclusions from experiences so much that they even sometimes have experiences just to get more observations. They lead the charge on Takes but they often fall short of becoming a well liked well respected member of the community because their observations come from a place of evidence rather than emotion and because their intentions come from a love of understanding rather than love to connect with others.

Many, many, many people accuse me of being overly analytical and as i'm analyzing myself right now as being overly analytical i'd be smart to agree. Yet, as stated, there is this disconnect between you and that which you seek to understand. Thus the need for a brief guide on surviving in a world of people who are, for the most part, different from you WITHOUT HAVING TO CHANGE

When you're on GaG (or just on your own) you can be a student, but when you're out and about just be a person.

Surviving the Social World as an Overly Analytical Human Being

It becomes and addiction. Thinking of new connections, reading books, talking with other people about this stuff. You just want to learn and understand MORE MORE MORE!!! Yet, when you're out with people its important to transform away from thought and just live. live presently (meditation helps) and rest easy knowing you will have plenty of time afterward to make conclusions about human behavior.

Share as much as you can!!!

To combat an analytical person's you versus everyone else mentality is a habit of sharing whenever possible. sharing your ideas, sharing your resources, sharing your happiness by giving someone else a compliment. Shock your mind into realizing other people than just you have emotions and emotional needs. Be that person for others and they will be that for you.


The truth is no one is ever going to understand you like you want them to, they're not in your brain. Instead, writing or getting your emotions and thoughts out tangibly is a very positive self gratifying way of getting that feeling out that you have a lot to say but no one to say it to. You never know who out there connects with one thing you said or another.

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  • Yep no one understands me at all but I'M AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND AWESOMELY AMAZING
    BRAIN FART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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  • Everyone is analytical, because everybody likes to understand things from an objective perspective and yet nobody is truly analytical because it's impossible to understand the world completely objectively. It's just that people like to think they're analytical because they like to think that they're smart, special and unique when realistically, everybody else is having these thoughts anyway - so in truth, they are no more analytical than anyone else.

    • So in short, the way to overcome the endless array of paradoxical beliefs and logically contradicting thoughts, actions and behaviours that the analytical mindset brings to you, is to understand that you are nowhere near as smart as you think.

  • Being overly analytical is also a disadvantage when it comes to choosing which idiot to vote for...