The Fake Gold Standard of Your Favorite Girl


"I keep going on dates feeling like it might not go well and sometimes it goes average and occasionally it goes really bad. I'm starting to get paranoid because I'm not getting a lot of callbacks. Maybe i should just be a player because when i do that i tend to be the one not calling back."

Why does it never work out when you try and work out when you don't? Because you're nervous? No...because you try to impress her.

You're reacting to're looking at her for cues on how you're doing and what she likes. You're nudging yourself closer to her in hopes that she wants that but fearing she doesn't. You're talking about topics you don't like...

It's like think it's annoying how everyone sings the chorus to some song randomly and then one day you start doing it too. You go home later and you're like wow i'm such a ***** why did i join in on that. You felt the need to do what you predicated they wanted you to do. that's NEVER a good thing. Create a style for yourself and just do that. Don't ever do anything that you think is impressive to other people. **** other people should be the mindset including your hot girl. Be a free spirit. And if she's not with it and walks away, you'll feel that strong pull to conform if only to get laid. But **** her. You're building your core. That's infinitely more valuable.

Most of you guys don't know you are what you think is cool or not don't know what you appreciate don't know how you feel have no vision no understanding of your own emotions don't understand when things outside yourself are corrupting your thoughts. You're all over the place.

I know this seems antisocial but in the end everyone will want to buy into what you purport to offer.

Stay being awesome

The Fake Gold Standard of Your Favorite Girl

The Fake Gold Standard of Your Favorite Girl
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  • NJ_Casanova
    Sounds like you're trying TOO Hard. Maybe they are seeing it as being desperate? Are you opening up too much? Are you normally a different person/act differently vs. when you are on a date? If so, just be yourself... because if it worked out anyway she would have to get to know the real you eventually.

    Be yourself and go into the dates with the mind set that at least you can come out with a great friend. This is what I do, and it makes it so I don't get bumped out/take it personal, if it doesn't work out.
  • Thesis_Something
    Dammit so true. Stokke is a lie!

    Texas forever, Street!
  • Anonymous
    Games playing and this whole dating culture has messed with both guy's and girl's heads. It leads nowhere and everyone involved ends up getting hurt. Because it is all based on lies of who we portray ourselves to be. Just be yourself as you are and the right person will like you for who you are from the start. The ones who don't are obviously not for you. Its simple but everybody's scared of their feelings hurt unaware that playing games will definitely deliver that result even if just passively for some.