The Reason Nice Guys Always Finish Last

Now the whole bashing and shaming of nice guys by women and men is basically a defense mechanism put in place by women (mainly feminists) so they can justify why they don't like nice guys.

The Reason Nice Guys Always Finish Last

I mean we all hear women say they want a nice guy but when one is presented before her she mostly friendzone his ass and never sees him as a lover. Unless, of course she becomes very desperate or needs to settle down and looking for an obedient husband.

Now the real reason nice guys finish last is PERCEIVED VALUE.

The Reason Nice Guys Always Finish Last


When man and women meet each other with prospect of possibly becoming lovers, women tend to size up the man to perceive whether she is more valuable than him. And this is where the shit test and mind games come into play. The test are done to test whether the man is of higher and lower value than her.

So let say you are 6/10 male and you meet a 5/10 female.

If you puts up with her BS and let's her get away with shit he indicates low value.

If you chases her then he is of low value to her.

If you give compliment her too much or do nice things for her without her warranting it then you are of low value in her.

If you try to impress her then you are perceived as lower value than her.

If you open doors for her or buy her flowers on date it just indicate your of lower value than her and she can do better than you.

Doing all these things lowers your value in a woman's eyes. The only time doing this shit will still get you the girl is if you are so much better than her at life that the point subtraction you get from doing all this doesn't lower you so much that she loses interest.

Women are unable to actually understand that a man might be doing these things because he genuinely wants to show appreciation that he likes you. TO us men it makes sense if you love something or care for it treat it well. Yet, women don't see it that way they perceive you being nice to them as you trying to garner favor as to why they should choose you and when looked at it from that point they perceive you as the beggar while they are the chooser (position of power). This is where hypergamy kicks in and the woman will drop you in favor of another man because she can do better

The Reason Nice Guys Always Finish Last

On the flip side assholes or guys who treat women as one of the guys and nothing special will get the girl because they exhibit either being on her level or better than her through the use of not being afraid to call her on her BS, tease her about her insecurities or disregard her personal space and protest and take what they want.

The Reason Nice Guys Always Finish Last

It's all about perceived value. Women want to be the submissive one and servant in the relationship while the man is the leader. They detest when a man tries to be nice to them because it makes the man end up being submissive towards them;which is suppose to be their role.


Most Helpful Girl

  • This again? https://rs44. pbsrc. com/albums/f41/ninerchick2005/Reaction%20GIFs/obamayawn_zps248a0d7b. gif~c200

    No. Thing is, good women like good men. If these so called good guys can't get a good woman and are only aiming for those women who choose shitty guys... Maybe he's not as much of a good guy as he thinks he is. He's chasing shitty women, and smart guys, good guys, guys we all aim for... they dont chase shitty women.
    It's good anyway though, because when guys talk like this, it makes it so much easier to suss out what kinda guy he is, what kinda women he goes for etc... Then other girls don't need to waste their time.


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is true. Then when they get knocked up by the bad boys, they come groveling back to the nice guys expecting them to clean up the mess. At that point they are damaged and used goods not to be taken seriously by any man of substance and or value. Let the little Momma's boy faggots have them.


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  • What I gain from this is women are deceptive and manipulative. Men are inferior if they aren't not what society says they should be. I guess Darwin wins. I quit, it's not worth the hassle.

  • Good idea, but its missing details. For instance the video says you need to tease her to "keep her guessing", tease her how? What keeps her guessing? How nice is too nice?

    • 1. Tease her. Play on her insecurities in a joking manner but don't come off as rude.

      2. Keep her guessing that she does not have you wrapped up in the palm of her hands and you could leave her at any time. Don't be too eager to go out with her, don't text her frequently or match your interest to mirror her interest. Act like you don't need her in your life but would like her to come along for the ride.

      3. Too nice is where you do all those traditional romantic gestures like buy her flowers, take her on something fancy, cook for her or buy her presents, text her lovely dovey shit too early without her having to work for it. Women by in large are overgrown children who want to be awarded a prize only if they think they deserve it and be kept in check.

      If she does something good or you think she has been good - reward her.
      She is out of place - call her on it.

      But never do these things too early in relationship when you are just getting to know one another. You just met this girl.

    • Treat her with respect but know that she is just another girl and nothing is special about her. Do not get oneitis feel and think this girl is special.

    • Oh so its like pavlov. Reward the good and punish the bad.

      Do you have an example for playing on her insecurities?

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