Genuine Guy vs. Nice Guy: Ladies, Try and Tell Me I'm Wrong


Genuine Guy vs. Nice Guy: Ladies, Try and Tell Me I'm Wrong

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Guys, you're all doing this to yourselves. In fact I almost put this in the Guy's Behavior section instead of the dating section.

Guys, despite how this article may sound to some of you I am on your side. I'm on everyone's side. Ladies please chime in.

First of all, nice guys don't exist except in your minds. The "nice guy" isn't an actual person. It's a mentality. An attitude. A vibe.

This mentality is faker than plastic boobs. Girls sense that shit. Nobody is naturally extremely nice.

This mentality generally comes from guys who think they're not enough so they overcompensate by acting nicer than they normally would. They act like someone they're not. That is fake. An asshole even how shitty he might be is still more real and genuine than that. And that is what women want. No they do NOT want what they can't have and they do NOT want an asshole. What women want is a man who is happy enough with himself to present the real authentic him. How is a girl going to be happy with you if you are not happy with you?

That's right. Girls would rather be with a genuine asshole than be with a fake extra kind person because there's just something off-putting about that fake vibe. How fucking sad is that for women. This is the unfortunate reality girls have to deal with: 90 something percent of creepy vibe nice guy or genuine real assholes.

Genuine Guy vs. Nice Guy: Ladies, Try and Tell Me I'm Wrong

I once met a classic "nice guy" but as a girl (does the term nice girl exist? idk) and this girl tried to win me over by being extra sweet to me. I could just tell. I could smell it. Other guys didn't want her either believe it or not. I knew from her friends that she was a virgin and her dating life was struggling. I'm not badmouthing this girl I'm just stating the situation. Let me tell you something: that shit was uncomfortable. Extremely off putting. Major turn off. That's what girls deal with all the time.

We can all agree on one thing: this "nice guy" mentality had to start somewhere right? I guarantee it started with guys who think kindness earns them something because that’s what girls want right? Wrong. Girls don’t want a guy who treats them well out of misunderstood obligations as men. Girls want someone who is fucking real with them. The fact guys have expectations shows they’re being disingenuous and that’s the exact reason why girls reject someone with the “nice guy” mentality. They want a genuine guy. This nice guy mentality comes from guys that expect a certain outcome and then are unhappy with the results. There’s no arguing this.

I don't give a damn even if you really are perfect and a girl rejects you. If you really knew your worth and were genuinely happy with you and your life then you would laugh at how this girl missed out. You'd continue doing you and being happy because you would know you didn't need her. If you really believe a girl is "using you" or taking advantage of your good nature then dump her. Know you'll be happier without her. Stop blaming her for using what was presented to her. If an eager to help person is in front of her then that's what'll happen. Don't be eager to help. Be fucking you. Not the extra nice you the real you deep down inside that you're too shy to show. If your kindness is this easily earned then girls might assume you show this kindness to anyone and that she herself may not be all that special to you.

Genuine Guy vs. Nice Guy: Ladies, Try and Tell Me I'm Wrong

Don't give me this "but I really am a super nice guy" crap. Get off your high horse. You're not Mother Teresa. Nobody is that nice. We as human beings are all selfish to varying degrees. A nice guys’ goal is to get a girl is it not? It is. And that is selfish. No harm in admitting it. I can hear some of you guys, "ok sounds fair but I'm tired of being hurt and rejected or played by women I think I'm going to explode!" Well you know what: if you want a good woman then you have to become a good man.

Guys: work on your mentality. Work on yourselves. Admit that you're actually kind of selfish. It's not a bad thing. Everyone is. You don't have to broadcast it to anyone. Just internally come to the realization that you're not the nicest person on planet earth and neither is any other guy. You're all actually kind of selfish. Now run with it. Be a little selfish in your life. Do NOT do that by hurting others. Focus on you. The inner you. Just do you. Become a better person for fucks sake. Stop pointing the finger at women and blaming them for your sadness and for not wanting a creepy vibe dude.

That is your fault, your mentality's fault. Stop doubting yourself. The real you not the unnaturally nice you. Work on yourself. Work on your mentality. Work on your happiness. Your happiness without a girl. Work on yourself mentally emotionally spiritually. Be selfish. Make yourself happy without a girl. When you take care of your shit and are happy on your own terms girls will like that. They love it. If you love yourself then a woman will be capable of loving you. That's what every woman wants is a man that is happy with himself.

Do not become misogynistic. Do not become cynical. Do not hate women. They simply just don't deserve it. And realize something. Hate breeds more hate. If you snap and treat a girl badly and then she snaps and treats another well-meaning guy badly and that guy snaps and the whole viscous cycle keeps going. Do everyone a favor and become a better person. Become so amazing that you inspire others to be better themselves.

I really wish this would be the last of this nice guy talk. I wish I could apologize to all the decent girls out there that have had to deal with this nonsense. I wish I could apologize to all those decent guys out there that are in a lot of pain and are struggling to figure out their shit. But my apology wouldn’t go too far so I share my knowledge instead. I wish guys who are dealing with this ugly part of their lives could take my advice and better themselves. Sadly I anticipate most guys won’t listen to a word I said even though this shit’s gold. But if I can help even one person, whether it be a guy out there or give a lady out there some hope that some guys do grow up and figure their shit out, then awesome.

Genuine Guy vs. Nice Guy: Ladies, Try and Tell Me I'm Wrong
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  • the_rake
    this is all very well and good to talk about, but there's a hell of a lot of factors you neglected to mention in your discussion.

    let's start with looks. now I don't think looks are the be all and end all of dating - at least not for women, who are much less visually inclined than men - but we can probably agree that looks do have SOME influence on women, especially the ones who DO give a damn about looks.

    next thing, money. again this isn't a huge deal but for gold diggers, and gold diggers are never attracted to the man carrying the wad of cash but to the wad of cash itself.

    finally, moving on to status. this is actually more of an important factor than looks in a lot of ways. men with high status can and do bag extremely attractive women. these are men with good careers, dominant personalities and a bunch of other "alpha male" techniques. they might be rich but that is not the reason the women are attracted to them: wealth just adds to their high status appeal. they might also be good looking, but again not the reason women are attracted to them: looks just add to their status appeal.

    so what does all of this have to do with your take? simple, you neglected to mention how other attractive qualities - including, but not limited to status - affects a woman's perception of a man.

    if a confident, attractive man approaches a women, he is charming, suave and has good social skills. if a not-so confident, not-so attractive man approaches one, he is weird, creepy and has poor social skills.

    if a confident, attractive man is nice to a woman, then he is one of those "genuine guys" you talk about in the take. if a not-so confident, not-so attractive man is nice to a woman, then he is one of those "nice guys" you talk about in the take.

    do you see the double-standard that get's employed not so much by women, but by feminist women? do you also see the shallowness of female attraction compared to the shallowness of male attraction, and that the only difference is that while men are willing to admit their shallowness, women (specifically feminist women) will deny it altogether.

    This take I wrote might help to elucidate matters for you:
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    • Gh2000

      yup being not confident can make you come across as a loser. my friend who is only 5 foot 6 can asked out quite a few women and dated a a couple of them too. the thing is too many "nice guys" try to over compensate their ugliness with overt nicity that come across really fake. my friend is just a geniune good hearted man and he is quite popular with the ladies.

      it is funny, they don't just fake it with women, they fake it with their guy friends too. i called out many of these nice guys for faking nicity with me. i told them i could easily tell that they were faking it. they were shocked and asked me how. i told them that their body language doesn't match the words that is coming outta their mouth.

    • Looks fade, dick/pussy becomes useless and you forget who you are/lose your personality at a certain age.

      SO... to-each-their-own. Enjoy what you enjoy.

      I'm a feminist, and just for the heck of it.. I'll admit that I, initially (while single or on my period), do have shallow attraction towards men with a sexy nose, eyes, hair and desire a guy who wields a 5incher if/when there is no chemistry or decent personality. But when that happened, I got sick of it. I learned to value the personality and shared goals. Then learned to respect myself enough to wait for someone that I love and want to share my life experiences with. Nobody is perfect, I think we all just like bitching and complaining about others to take the focus off ourselves. lol.

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  • rosey_bananas
    I agree with the point about being fake. I have noticed that the really "nice" guys I have met ended up being very draining once I got to know them. If they weren't jerks they were selfish or overly negative people. I have found that some men who seem "mean" at first have a kind side after getting to know them. So, I do get skeptical of the sterotypically "nice" guy from time to time, especially the one who always complains about no girls wanting him because he's "nice". He may be nice in simple ways (holding the door, paying for dinner, etc) but this is all on the surface.
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    • Someone being an overly negative person doesn't make them not nice. So many women are negative and complain a lot. Does that mean they are not truly nice?(sarcasm).

    • howardque

      @steven7890789 Agreed.

      Also I don't think nice guys are not nice. Only those who are pretending who are in fact jerks. Nice guys ARE nice guys. That is why they are called that. It makes no sense otherwise.

      A guy who does things on the surface cannot be categorised as a nice guy. What you are doing, is taking the actions of jerks and pinning those crimes on nice guys. That's completely wrong. In the same way that the actions of a few women, doesn't mean the all women are crazy.

    • I didn't say being overly negative makes someone not nice. It makes them draining though. So what is the point if someone is "nice" but drains you with their problems 24/7? That ends up being really selfish.

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  • Bluemax
    You missed something here, and I think it's a huge error on your part. Women want an ATTRACTIVE good man. In fact I'd say physical attraction trumps "genuine" any day and twice on Sundays. There's nothing wrong with that. Same for men. Virtually all men want an ATTRACTIVE good woman.

    The part about self improvement was the smartest part of the take, but it's as if your pretending improving one's physical appearance doesn't even matter... or exist. I submit to you that a man or woman can be happy, well adjusted, spiritual, slightly selfish and *genuine* but it won't attract anyone save the desperate if he/she is ugly.

    Let's do a thought experiment. Take a look at this guy...

    Suppose this dapper gent followso you advice. He becomes happy, well rounded, slightly selfish, spiritual, goal oriented, and above all (according to you) *GENUINE* but doesn't change his appearance at all. Do you honestly think he would start attracting women? If you do, that's just foolish.

    While your self improvement section was smart, you left out a vital step. Don't feel bad, author. Roughly 4 out of 5 "Nice Guy" takes leave this out (and nice guy takes' numbers are legion). That vital step in self improvement is MAKE YOURSELF MORE PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE. Hit the gym. Dress fashionably (and burn the fedora). See the dentist/orthodontist. Smile more. Get a good haircut. Watch your hygiene. Do everything in your power to become more physically attractive.

    Other than that big oversight, good take.
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    • Bluemax

      Sing it with me!

      99 bottles of Nice Guy takes on the wall!
      99 bottles of nice Guy takes!
      You take one down!
      You pass it around!
      98 bottles of Nice Guy takes on the wall!

    • I have to agree here. Physical appearance does play a role for sure, and making an effort does help. I think some people assume you have to be a natural 8 or higher to attract anyone, which isn't true. You don't have to resort to plastic surgery or other extreme measures to be more attractive. Even some basics you mentioned, like toning up, a nice outfit, and shower and a shave can make all the difference. I've seen guys go from "meh" to "whoa" with a little bit of self-TLC. The same goes for us women too. I don't attract a lot of guys in my baggy hoodie and jeans, but if I wear some form-fitting clothing and a bit of makeup, I definitely get more looks and attention. It's only natural.

      That being said though, I fully agree with the article. Loving yourself for who you are is the most important key to being confident, which is an attractive quality in either gender. I have become more confident in myself overtime, and feel like a whole new person. It does make a difference.

    • An addendum: I think a problem people encounter is having their physical standards in a partner set too high, and then get upset when they don't get someone at that level. It's just fact that someone who's a 5 or 6 probably isn't going to attract someone who's an 8 or 9. In this regard, likes attract likes. If they were to broaden their horizons even a bit, they would have a much easier time finding the one.

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  • samhradh_leannan
    I agree with a lot of this. But I don't think the true issue with "nice guys" is that they are pretending to be nicer than they really are. In my experience, the true issue with "nice guys" is that they THINK they're nicer than they really are. They believe that because they aren't the stereotypical alpha male jerk, that makes them a "nice" person. But often they are bitter, petty, and judgemental- not qualities that are conducive to being nice, kind, and good to others. So yes, this is absolutely an issue of mentality, and how people see themselves versus how they behave. But they aren't necessarily pretending to be nicer than they really are. Rather, they feel entitled to get what they want (because they're so "nice", they must deserve it) and this leads them to act bitter and spoiled- not nice in the least. I've never met a self proclaimed "nice guy" who I considered to be an actual good, kind person. The nicest people I know are the ones who understand that they aren't perfect, and that they're not entitled to anything, but who treat people with respect and kindness because they truly care about others.
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  • JohnB1
    As long as there are single guys out there being passed up for other guys, then this argument will continue. I was a late bloomer. Non virgin girls wanted to date me because I finally bloomed and I was a nice guy who would treat them better.
    Guess what, I don't like non virgin girls. I don't like girls who have been treated bad. Thats not good enough for me. Nice guys should do what I did. If the non virgin girl is not up to your standards, then lead them on, use them for sex, then dump them.
    Nice guys need to take advantage when they finally get the opportunity to date a girl. Nice guys need to use the non virgin girls like i did and dispose of them. Stop complaining, start using, start doing if the non virgin girl is not up to your standards.
    You don't have to be a nice guy if you don't want to. Just use non virgin girls, treat them bad, and you will shed the nice guy label forever. I was a nice guy late bloomer who turned bad when in had my chance. And nice guys should do the same.
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  • Ssimon91
    growing up I was raised that you treat people (not just girls ) with respect and kindness. there was a time when I took that too literally and it got me burnt a lot. I wouldn't say Im a fake, but I saw it wasn't working out at all.

    so I changed up my style , be a decent guy , BUT be assertive and "real" . I stopped sucking up, I put my value over their and I started to live to my worth and value, and what did you know? IT WORKS. Girls are more attracted to someone who acts like they are a real human rather than a kindness robot. they have their females friends for that. that's not our Job. tease her and annoy her (without going too far ) and Implying she's into you already, you will definitely have her

    this takes me to my next point. while all of you aren't guilty for this, the vocal female population on social media is. Stop putting up unrealistic bs characteristics you want from a guy. like never ending kindness and other bs. cause when you get that person , you still going to ignore him for someone like me who will probably give you the opposite of the bs you ask for on Tumblr.

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  • amarahorrorstory
    "That is your fault, your mentality's fault." Yep, that was it. I like how this encourages guys to just be their self. You here is a lot for girls, but not so much with guys. Everyone needs to stop being someone, especially if it's in order to please anyone. I'm not a fan of the "nice guy" either. I don't want a douche, but I certainly don't want to get someone who is too nice, just so it can end up being a slap in my face. A lot of girls would rather be with a true dick, than a fake nice guy. I really actually liked this, didn't know if I did. I know a lot of guys in the comments probably have your head about this but at least you were honest. See that guys, we like em honest. Do not hate women, ever considered your lack of action, is um, your fault. I constantly see guys comment on random girls posts on here, and flip out and just say stuff like "See, that's the problem with women..." and go off on a tangent. Sounds like someone got their feelings hurt. It's not like women are perfect, but your luck with relationships is not on us. I come to hate whenever a guy says he's a "nice guy". He can just say he's nice. But a "nice guy", oh, give me a break, cry me a river, get bent. I can't stand it because I know he just lied, or said it as if that would make a difference, do you really think I'm that easily manipulated? You saying doesn't make me want you, you just being genuine, now that's attractive, I'm not looking for a Disney prince, I'm looking for a human. Girls want too much? Don't start out that way, filling her head with expectations that you can't live up to. Someone who comes to me with flaws and broken pieces, that's fine by me. Cause everyone's got them.
  • Beaver19
    Hey you bring up some points but you are also seriously mistaken as well, knowing you need an attractive girl in your life to be in happy in the end doesn't mean you are less confident or don't know yourself, ever thought maybe a girl rejecting a guy means a lot because he really actually liked her? Look we know there are fake nice guys of course but there are real ones too, I call them Good Men which honestly your comments show me your not at hat maturity level yet, I'm not offended by this post kind you as I am not a self proclaimed nice guy however some of your points about that supposed girl wanting something who was a virgin or struggling dating that's a bit wrong, you obviously lack empathy of those and what it means to them. I'm a virgin does that mean I don't have worth dating? No it means I've told a decent number of girls no to sex as I'm waiting until marriage (which tenfold sky worth in this age) others are the same. I've said it before, there is a difference between being self conscious and insecure. You act as though confidence could save you from a free fall with no parachute, it doesn't I would know given I'm a skydiver. My point is that many guys do care a lot what a girl they like thinks of them and I think that makes them all the more 'real' because they value her enough her opinion really matters, you claim that shows weakness when you're wrong, sometimes being vulnerable and actually really caring takes the most courage and strength and regarding real affection and when a guy falls for a girl that's the best example. If you can honestly shrug off a rejection from a girl you cared for you really didn't care for her in the first place. Period.
  • Kuraj
    Assholes are genuine.
    Yep, all those players who cheat, break people, produce single mothers and fool naive gals to sleep with them are genuine people.

    Women don't care who you are, they want somebody attractive who says things they want to hear.
    I identify as a relatively successful asshole and I have never been less genuine than when I'm talking to women.
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  • BubbleBoy69
    For anyone interested in full complete discourse topic of nice guy, girls, good guys and good girls please follow here.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Yeah - I would agree with the take in as far as it goes but I think is aimed at the internet term "Nice guy" who feels the world owes them a favour for being nice and as you point out if you have to say you are "Nice" you come across as disingenuous - It is like the dude who is saying "I am so Alpha (please tell me how alpha I am because I am so insecure about it.
    Great take - Guys, lets shoot for genuine rather than "nice".
  • Dimmu
    I think the "nice guy" is an excuse for girls to fuck around

    Why did you cheat on him?
    Cause he was nice to me

    As if it's wrong , they mostly cheat the nice men with other men who just treat them as objects and degrade them

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  • ClassicGinge
    this made me laugh. i know heaps of nice guys. genuine nice guys. also telling people to be selfish is just fucking retarded by the way, selfish people tend to be leeches and users and in some cases theives! i have no time for selfish people as they are very boring to be around and seem to be lifeless. sharing is caring man, the trick to it is to give and expect nothing in return! i agree on the work on your self first idea, but that doesn't mean sink to their level.
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  • devilish-cutie
    I haven't read all, but I wouldn't say fake thing is true... nice is always good, the problem is if you are a pushover... be nice, but stand up for yourself!
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  • Alex88F
    nice guys are fakes. nobody ask you questions out of the blue and try to make himself likes he's special or one of a kind unless is for his own personal gain. i know that well. i used to do that!

    now im pretty much more confident and stand in the middle ground. its all about self respect. if some girl is playing games, i tell her im not willing and see what happens. that's not being rude, that's being real
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  • luisnunez
    You are god man, this is some real shit!!! i used to be shy long time ago when i was younger, but then i realized that you have to be a jerk with everyone at first then show your soft side but never let people step over you
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  • goodmood
    I think teen girls prefer assholes while women prefer nice ones
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    • Exactly, that's why most girls on here complain about the nice guys... xD

    • It is not just the teen girls but most women in their late teen adult years (18 and 19) and also early twenties. Most women in their mid 20s and older prefer nice guys.

  • chriss
    i disagree because we all have different personalities with different tastes which means one girl will like a nice guy and one girl will not.
  • MoonlitSonata
    Any post about or concerning "Nice Guys" is immediately bullshit. Learn to love yourself and others will love you too.
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  • flypaper
    Yeah my Husband was genuinely nice, a real good guy. I feel like this "nice" guy thing comes from woman for the longest time saying "You really are a nice guy but..." so guys think that's why they get turned down because they are tooo nice when really it was someone just trying not to hurt their feelings (or to get flipped out on and has nothing to do with their nice factor), girl just wasn't interested. Nice, decent guys are a good thing, self-proclaimed "Nice guys" are not. Most of the guys that label themselves this way do not behave in a way I would define as remotely nice.
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    • Yup a lot of the guys who make it a point to emphasize how nice they are are really far from it.

    • If only nice guys would realize that most women reject them for their looks and not for their niceness, than they would realize things better. I don't know why many people believe everything people say.

    • flypaper

      @steven7890789 True. Men do get regreted based on what woman can tell about men from their looks... like posture, eye contact, and things like that. I do agree with you there. Woman have things they are attracted to and looking for just like men do.

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  • awesometjgreen
    Sir I don't know who you are but if you look at my comments on other questions and articles you will see I have been preaching this ALL DAY I'm so happy someone has this mentality!!!
  • Xseed
    Good thoughts mate. Bluemax was right tho, physical attraction does play a part but I assume that was under the "better yourself" category. We all want that sexy and beautiful woman but we don't look at ourselves first. The "nice guy" act usually means overcompensation for a lack of something else. Money, physical attractiveness, swag, etc. Not ONE thing is gonna work. men has to work with all of our self growth traits. Work on yourself; hit the gym, look up fashion , pick up a book, talk to women more, work towards a goal. Etc. Literally, the best way to attract women is to not attract women. If you want quality women that is
  • CancerianMan81
    even if you gave in to what women wanted they would still change their minds constantly they never know what they want cause their never satisfied
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  • slimstiffy
    i dont think of myself as a nice guy. i think im a bad boy. but most people say im a nice guy. so, am i a nice guy :'( ?
  • Jaketran2308
    May I copy your post into my journal, so that when I am down, I just pull this out and read to myself?
  • Pacificblue62
    Actually it's very simple. Guy you don't want to be: desperate, treats women like objects, tries to hard to impress and cater to their needs, has no life, gives too much attention, obsesses over a girl constantly, no ambition, goals, pushover etc.

    Guy you want to be: confident, concerned about other areas of life besides getting a girl, ambition, not overly needy/ desperate, interesting personality, strong social skills, works hard, works on keeping up appearance, not concerned what other people think of him all of the time, goes after what he wants and gets back on feet easily after things go wrong, persistent (in a good way).
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  • WhoStoleMySock
    Oh my god... I might be one of those "nice" guys :(
  • naturaldeven4
    if only you knew that the most superficial bullshit was the only things that mattered
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  • MissMickey
    My boyfriend is a genuinly nice guy...
  • SugaryLips
    thumbs up !
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  • Anonymous
    op is right, being kind and confident make you really popular with the ladies.
  • Anonymous
    u not wrong
  • Anonymous
    I agree! One thing I want to add is that being nice is the bare minimum for being a decent person. Being nice isn't enough. Oh, you held a door open for that lady? You should hold the door open for everyone. You listed to your female friend rant about her problems? Well yeah, that's what friends do. And it works the opposite way too: I'm sure most guys would say they want a girl who is more than just nice.
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  • Anonymous
    "Nobody is naturally extremely nice." :( :'( :(
  • Anonymous
    Ladies are scum new rules get over it and screw them over by becoming a greater scumbag or you'll never survive.
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  • Anonymous
    Nice guy = nice wallet + nice dick
  • Anonymous
    Nah disagree. A nice guy is a nice guy. Someone who isn't nice is NOT a nice guy.

    So if a woman is using nice guy, he is still a nice guy and she is NOT a nice woman.

    Someone pretending to be a nice guy is in the jerk section of the venn diagram. The only difference with other jerks (the ones who get laid) is that the other jerks only pretend for a short period of time and then hit and quit leaving the woman with regret as to why she went for that. Then she goes back to the nice guy and expects him to not mind that she makes him jump through hoops.

    Do not excuse women using real nice guys. There are guys who pretend to be nice, but there are many more who are really nice.

    Also pls see this question: Pls see updated question
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the like. would appreciate thoughts on mine if u can.

      Also I like your take. My question is about a genuine nice guy and what he can do?

  • Anonymous
    Yes agreed women want a man who is genuine & nice but not trying to be extremely nice for underline motives. I do believe there are people who are out there who are genuinely really nice :) However, there are people who are being extremely nice cuz their being fake. I rather be by myself then with a guy who is fake or a jerk. I hear a lot of guys think girls want jerks but in fact a lot of them don't. Who wants a bad boy, when all he will do is either get you in trouble or leave you with a broken heart or both.
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  • Anonymous
    Yes and no. Extremely nice guys have always been a turn off to me, but I wouldn't say it's always fake. There are guys who are genuinely very nice, I just don't like super nice people. Personally I'd pick a genuine asshole any day (not an asshole to me, obviously).
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  • Anonymous

    It seems like a lot of the guys raging about how they're so nice don't like women at all, just want the "cheat code" to get laid and feel validated.

    Being authentic and gasp! actually liking other humans without just wanting an idealized doll gets both sexes pretty far.

    Gals - this goes to you, too. If you're whining no good men are left take a long hard look at your efforts and how you think of men.
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    • Anonymous

      Per other responses:
      People need to not confuse "getting women" with "pulling hot chicks" ...

      If you're not hot and charming, you're probably not going to score a hot and charming partner without major work on your appearance and social skills.

      That doesn't mean you won't meet a nice person that you get along with and makes you feel good who looks roughly the same level as you and have a happy life/.

    • SinisterS

      Not really. Ok maybe some guys rage cos of that. But you can always pay for it if thats only thing you want. Guys rage cos girls are manipulative mostly, 0 honesty, 0 truth, 0 code. If you want something true and you can only get twisted crap well... If things you get even from "good" "normal" girls is manipulation, indirect blackmailing, mind fuck games, power games, someone who wants to train you or make you his slave intentionally or unintentionally well what are you left with? Disappointment, bitterness, or even hate. Some guys just hate thous bullshit games that even normal girls play, did i just say hate? No sorry we really despise them from bottom of our soul.

    • Bluemax

      "That doesn't mean you won't meet a nice person that you get along with and makes you feel good who looks roughly the same level as you and have a happy life/."

      Generally speaking, unattractive people do not find other unattractive people any more attractive than you or I do. See my response in my opinion to Princessofknor.

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  • Anonymous
    Like people here have stated before, women care about looks and if you are considered unattractive then who you are as a person is irrelevant don't get me wrong you should be nice to everyone regardless, the truth of the matter is that a chunk of young women aren't attracted to the majority of men. ... so when guys try to court a girl he may never stood a chance and this why assholes don't care because they know that there is always going to be another option... the majority of young men don't have the luxury of picking and choosing because not every guy is meant to be a pretty boy or a player... but guys in general should be confident in life not just dating because a woman should be the last thing on a mans list of needs... guys should have goals, dress presentable and ambitions because these qualities can make an average guy more attractive plus being an asshole can get somebody assbeat... I could write a whole book on this but that is a short version
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  • Anonymous
    Warning: possibly off-topic.

    Im quite skeptical of the motivations of all these *anti nice-guy* posts, when they come from other guys. I may be wrong, but I suspect that the guys who show the most vehement disaproval of *nice guys*, are the ones most afraid of having the same fate of *nice guys*, ie, that all women will deem them utterly unfuckable.
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    • I'm skeptical of anyone who writes them whether that is a guy or girl. Because I know that that person has a bunch of character flaws as well which we all do and they are afraid to share. Anyone can write this and feel good about themselves. Describing the character flaws of another individual is a good way to draw attention away from your own issues.

  • Anonymous
    You've missed the point entirely.

    Girls like nice guys if they are tall.

    Girls like assholes if they are tall.

    Girls even like "nice guys", if they are tall.
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    • Belgie

      Let me guess. You're not tall, are you?

    • Anonymous

      @Belgie 6'1 so I'm not gonna play for the Celtics, but I'm cool with that. Tall enough I think.

    • Ssimon91

      Shane Larkin, nate Robinson , mougsy are all under 6'

      just saying

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