5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys


For all of the ignorant males on this post who asked me what I do like.

1) Happiness

5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys

A guy who's very chill and just likes having a good time with his friends, is awesome. I can't stand guys who try to put on a moody act and call themselves "loners" and shut everyone out. You're not super cool because of that, you just seem closed off.

2) Realness

5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys

Having some insecurities and not desperately trying to hide them is attractive. Just being real with yourself and with your friends/family/girls. Walking around with over-confidence just makes you looks like a bit of a d*ck. Everyone has their flaws, embrace them.

3) Humility

5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys

A guy that you can have a conversation with who knows that sometimes he's wrong (sometimes you're wrong too) and doesn't feel embarrassed to admit it, is so cute. A guy that's able to say "Oh wait, yeah I think you're right" without feeling a loss of macho-ness is the best.

4) Not Trying To Invade My Personal Space

5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys

If we've just met or we're just kind of acquaintances, I don't find it attractive when you keep trying to touch my arms or grab my waist, I find it uncomfortable. But a guy that respects my space and doesn't try to put his hand on my leg or physically make a move on me is attractive.

If you're going to try and make a move, do it verbally, not physically.

5) Equity

5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys

I don't like it when guys don't treat me like their equal. I don't want to be treated like a girl you're trying to sleep with or keep dating you, I want to be treated like your friend.

So there you go you little angry b*tchboys. I hope you hate this one just as much :)

5 Things That Turn Me On About Guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • iOoko
    best mytake ever! this is literally the only mytake that i ever liked so far. certainly the only mytake about guys written by a girl i ever liked. there really aren't many girls like you out there. it's nice to meet an emotionally mature girl who accepts guys are just people and doesn't obsess about manliness. who expects guys to respect her as a person and not as a woman. don't get me wrong: i've often resorted to old-fashioned chivalrous courting techiques, but i don't like being a rude macho, as most women expect nowadays. i know i'm judging you, even if in a positive way and i probably shouldn't, but girls like you are great people. you consider both yourselves and guys as people, people with feelings, people with flaws and their strong points. i'm dispapointed by the opinions you got from my gender.
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    • iOoko

      very disappointed. i can't understand how they dare call you an angry bitch

Most Helpful Girl

  • amarahorrorstory
    I agree, and look at all the butthurt boys here. Maybe that's why girls don't like you. All the things she listed were easy to accomplish, the problem is you.
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    • ayylamo

      If a girl can't like me for who I am then it's probably for the best that she rejects me.

    • @ayylamo like I said, none of these things are much of an accomplish, just being out right decent. you should't be attracted to someone who doesn't like you for who you are either.

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  • Pac-Man
    Little angry bitch boy here. You are a terrible human being for having standards and preferences. For shame myTake writer, FOR SHAME!
    • Anonymous


  • aggresor
    "... a guy who's very chill and just likes having a good time with his friends, is awesome..."

    honestly that sentence just sounds really dumb to me...
    if you are still in college I don't blame you.


    once you are past college age, when you are out in the real world, do you realize how much it takes to stay chill and have good time with whatever "friends" you have left, if any?

    I mean, if you are making a lot of money, you probably aren't chill or have much friends because you want money more than you want to be "chill" and people who get ahead are usually shit human.

    and if you are chill or have friends, you probably aren't getting very far in life or anywhere meaningful which means you aren't getting much money which means you can't really be chill because you are broke or not as rich as you want to be.

    Hence, when I saw the sentence:

    "a guy who's very chill and just likes having a good time with his friends, is awesome"

    it is as laughable as saying " If I know the numbers for the next lottery, it would be awesome"
    • aggresor

      or to put it another way:

      yeah I can be very chill and just good time with my friends
      If I have a billion dollars and don't have to work another day in my life.

  • Blanchmess
    I like some of them. while others are just much to ask or get

    But hey you have accomplished your dream. And that is too enrage most of dudes here lolz

  • Maik567
    Not getting touched turns you on?

    Yea I don't think you understand what something turning you on means. You just listed a bunch of qualities that you like/respect guys having.

    And it really is ridiculous how negative you are. I mean this post is supposed to be about what turns you on and even then most of the text is you whining about what you don't like. And I can tell you that that kind of negative is a turn off for everybody.
  • Truthatanycost
    Guys, hear what this girl says on this take and then have a look around and observe their actions. Very rarely will you see what they say matching up to what they do.

    Now there are always exceptions but very few.
  • maliciousg
    Thanks for this. I think I do all those things, maybe just need to work more on not being such a loner. I'm always turning down invites to hang out with friends. Don't know why and I hate it. Recently though, I've started saying yes to a lot of things and I'm having the most fun I've ever had.
  • orphan
    all the guys in the pictures youve selected look like bitchboys. yes im judging.
    • Anonymous

      Jeffrey Tambor is a very attractive man, I'll have you know

    • Right?

  • YourFutureEx
    I am REALLY very HAPPY that I could treat you as a friend because we are EQUAL, I may WRONG tho, I admit that.

    *sits 5 inches away from you*
  • DeadBattery
    If I treat a girl as a friend, I get friend-zoned. If I place some subliminal messages here and there, it works better ;)
    Every girl asks for different contradictory things. For some girls if you wait too long before a touch, it gets you friend-zoned. So your "my take" is confusing :P Can't you all women meet up somewhere and decide on what you exactly want and ask for the same thing so us guys will not disappoint you :p
  • SleepingSnorlax
    Im never happy
    I am pretty real tho
    Im not too proud to admit when im wrong
    I have connection issues so dont worry about me getting i. Your personal space
    And i dont think of myself as better than anyone so were equals
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Sounds like a good dude - I hope you find someone close to that.
  • Vivaldi
    3 things that turn you on
    1.) Tall
    2.) Handsome
    3.) Muscular ( As long as the guy is tall)
  • DaModernDaVinci
    Respect. Especially to the humility. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
  • MrShinyPants
    Thats not what real men do, lol jokes aside, most of those should be mandatory for guys to have but sadly their not.
  • FakeName123
    Sure. All those things will make your panties wet. Not.

    Thos things might be desirable for a relationship, but its nothing that will actually turn you on.
  • crimsonqueen
    Were those supposed to be pictures of guys? Because I just saw a bunch of beanie wearing bitches :/
  • ayylamo
    "I can't stand guys who try to put on a moody act and call themselves loners"
    But I am a loner dammit. It's no act. It's not an attempt to be cool. I know I'm not cool.
  • ProbablyTooMature
    This is cute. I have found that I attract more attention when I'm in a good mood and smiling than when I'm being dour.
  • awesometjgreen
    This is good just don't hate on loners. I'm a loner because highschool girls don't like intelligence :-) I'm too nerdy so I'm automatically shut out
  • vnmc1231231111
    "5 things that turn me on about attractive guys"
    • Anonymous

      You say that as if I'm a bad person if I like good looking guys but you know damn well you'd rather date a good looking girl over an ugly one

    • ewww, only fools date in this fucked up generation :-D

    • Anonymous

      So you're angry that girls won't like you because you're unattractive but you think people should just fuck and dump each other? That makes sense 😂

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  • zagor
    You should have more luck finding such a guy next year when you're in high school.
    • Nah, (assuming you were being serious), all she will find are good guys gone bad or Mgtow haha.

  • Pacificblue62
    Yeah that second guy epitomizes realness and the third guy epitomizes humility... Lmao
  • FinnishBeautyGirl
  • Maazin
    Equity means cash lmao..
    • Anonymous

      Google "define equity"

    • Maazin

      wut.. my bad :/

    • Anonymous

      It's alright, I thought so too but apparently it doesn't mean money

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  • beebetree25
    Lmao " bitchboys lol
  • phoenix2000
    Amazing take
  • Joesyyyywhales
    Cringe OP. Guide to get friendzoned
  • Djaaaaaay
    It is what it is... Good and kinda funny. I agree
  • Phoenix98
    Ehhh, yes and no.
  • watchmen
    I hope I fall in one these factors.
  • John_Doesnt
    These sound like do nots, as opposed to dos.
  • Fuentes
    Good luck finding this guy lol
  • Unpacuaqueteculthi
    everything exept #1
  • Anonymous
    So anon... where do I go about finding people like you? I'm finding I'm ever so slowly turning into a fuckboy as I navigate the dating scene.
  • Anonymous
    So, you want a feminine gay friend
    I also noticed you like justin bieber
  • Anonymous
    i also like this in guys
  • Anonymous
    " For all of the ignorant males " You are enemy of men and you hate men. So I don't care what you like on men.
  • Anonymous
    Nice list.
  • Anonymous
    All of these are good traits, great take.