5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys


Inspired by this post about 10 weird things that turn the poster on.

1) Awkwardness

5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys

I know some people find a guys awkwardness cute, but it can get pretty uncomfortable and mutual comfort is just attractive to me.

2) Over Confidence

5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys

If you walk around thinking you're a God I'll automatically find you incredible unattractive.

3) Over Estimation Of Intelligence

5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys

Guys who walk around thinking they're so smart and shoving all of their opinions on religion, politics, and life down peoples throats because they feel their opinions are the only right ones are not only unattractive but really annoying.

4) Invading My Personal Space

5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys

Some guys will literally be aware of the fact that you are cringing away in disgust and yet continue to try and give you hugs and touch you. It's unappealing and it makes me like you even less.

Don't touch me. I shouldn't need to tell you that.

5) Over Masculinity

5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys

Giving our genders each specific roles is agitating. As in, thinking I shouldn't be the one driving or I should be the one cooking or any general sexism whatsoever. I don't want to be treated like you think I'm weak or less competent than you at certain things, I want to be treated like your equal and respected like a woman.

So there you have it, things that turn me off.

*prepares for the hoard of angry internet men*

5 Weird Things That Turn Me Off About Guys
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  • Anonymous
    *prepares for the hoard of angry internet men*

    i think it's shit like that which makes men hate you, honestly. i know what you're thinking. you think you're just "being real" or whatever, but its girls like you that are contributing to this ever-growing dislike of women across the board that men are having.

    im not saying you can't have preferences, but who do you think you're helping making egotistical thought-pieces like this? no one, really. you're just pissing people off. and you'll most likely point at the men who DO get pissed off at you and say "look! see! this is what they get like!" only cementing further dislike.

    c'mon, just learn what humility is.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    So what is it that you do want in a guy?
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    • E-Nigma

      Why the dislikes? o_0 it seems like an honest question to me?

    • @E-Nigma Yes, it is a sincere question. If I say, "I don't like A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, or J in a girl," it might leave you wondering 'hasn't he eliminated 99% of the girls out there?' You might also wonder if I have a rather negative attitude about girls since I am focusing on so many negatives.

      So. . . I asked the question to try to get a better understanding of the motivations here. Why someone would read that and perceive a negative is beyond me!

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  • Belleza2
    I am sorry but are you a lesbian! Like what the hell? These are the traits you actually find in a guy/man! Want to know why men are assholes nowadays because little feminists like you and the other annoying ones on my campus and everywhere I go practically tell every guy he is an idiot and does not know what he is talking about yet, you all want a man to still pay for you or hold the door for you or fight for you! How does this make any sense in your head I do not understand!

    I want a man who is intelligent and can talk about politics and religion and science and whatever else there is even if he is smarter than me I will learn something new and will never be bored!

    I want a man who has confidence or is over confident because he knows what he wants and he can get it and if he cannot then he will brush it off and go "oh well, your loss"

    I want my man to touch me and hug me and squeeze - ever notice how in public women initiate the first touch and kiss in everything because men do not actually do that!

    Awkwardness - mmh it is in our genes, we all awkward!

    Seriously, I really hope you reevaluate on how you think because sweetie you are giving all of us a bad name!
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    • Anonymous

      Honey, the only awkward person here is you, and every other woman disagrees. So please, go gently glide your nonsense opinion up your wide ass. :)

    • Belleza2

      aw, honey you are so not old enough to call me honey and thank you my ass is wide because I actually work out but anyway, how about stop cursing and actually speak intelligently because you are not doing that at all! If every other woman disagrees its probably because she is not a foreigner like me like ok oh and good luck with guys, that is if you are interested in guys!

    • Lmaoo she must be a lesbian, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I LOVE these traits in a man!

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  • 10dsw
    Every single time I check this website I swear...

    Men this... men that... men suck... men are pigs yada yada

    What's wrong with people these days rofl =P
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    • Anonymous

      "Is my dick size good enough?"

      We deal with that every day. Calm your man tits.

    • 10dsw

      "Calm your man tits."

      Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate who you talk to.

    • Heera

      actually I mostly see posts from men complaining and stereotyping women "women are golddiggers" "women are sloots" "women only want money" "women don't know what they want" "women are not worth it" "women are dumb" etc Believe me it's awful

      but this post isn't complaining about men, even tho I see a lot of people misunderstood it, it's only about women not liking douchbags or extremes in a person, which I doubt you find attractive in a woman either

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  • LittleSally
    Oh! I agree on all of these!
    I mean awkwardness can be alright, if it's cute, more than just awkward and you can't go around it. But yeah, all of these - pretty spot on!
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

  • oldanddecrepid
    Why would anyone be angry with you. These are things that turn you off... not things that turn every woman off.

    Hey if it doesn't work for you, then such as life!

    You did the negative side, how about the positive now... perhaps a mytake on what turns you on now?
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    • fuqthegovt

      Probably nothing because she's a lesbian but doesn't realize it yet.

    • Anonymous

      @fuqthegovt I'm a lesbian because I don't like males with big egos?

    • Hey your just being honest about what turns you off of guys... I am sure other lesbians likely feel the same way.

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  • AriesLove
    I don't personally agree with all of these..
    I read this thinking so she wants a man that isn't too smart, too masculine, too touchy or too awkward.. well damn no wonder men now a days say they can't figure women out! Lol I am not perfect by no means why the hell would i search for a perfect man with zero flaws. I happen to think some flaws are cute. Be awkward, be witty, be masculine and sexy! That's the guy I would be interested in!
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    • Anonymous

      Everyone seems to get the impression that I don't want a smart guy, and I don't mean to be rude but... can you read? I specifically said guys who over estimate their intelligence, not intelligent people.

    • AriesLove

      You're young, what you want in a guy and what younfind attractive will change as you get older. I didn't realize your age when i posted my response. Guys your age are just trying to figure who they are and who you want them to he so most of them are overly annoying one or another lol most either think they are gods gift to women, or the complete opposite and have zero confidence. They figure it out better when they get a little older and how to balance it all so you you'll be able to find a guy that's a little bit in between of it all. ;)

    • Anonymous

      But why are you ignoring what I just said to you... 😂

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  • martyfellow
    They are all highly debatable generalizations about guys. Only a minority of guys will have any ONE of these traits.
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    • Rick1998

      Many guys have them, thereby, she doesn't say that guys have them and thus doesn't generalize, but only states that she finds them less attractive if they do...

    • @Rick1998 You're trying to Trump-cover for this honey. The title. '5 things ABOUT GUYS clearly implies she is talking about guys IN GENERAL having these characteristics.

      But you of course know that, you just won't admit it.

    • Anonymous

      No, I mean I don't find those things attractive, not that every man has those qualities.

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  • Mesonfielde
    4) is funny because some girls start whining about how the guy doesn't approach her enough, lol
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    • Anonymous

      There's a difference between approaching and physical touching...

    • Nope, not in those cases when she says "why doesn't he make a move"

    • Heera

      but is not about that, is about when you really gave the guy every signal that you're NOT interested and they keep being touchy and flirty

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  • Fathoms77
    All girls under the age of 20 have a big problem with ego these days (quite the opposite of the '50s).

    As they age, they start to waver... they start to realize that confidence is typically extremely sexy, while overly confident still isn't, and they actually start to prefer touchy-feely guys for some reason.
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    • the confidence can be a turn off because it's not real...

    • Fathoms77

      @SovereignessofVamps Again, all young girls seem to think all forms of male confidence are fake. Either it's an act of blustery bravado or they're doing it to cover up insecurities... it's as if females can't conceive of a man who's just plain confident. :P

    • I've nvr seen any. confident guys wouldn't need to show off right?

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  • YourFutureEx
    Just because it is YOUR take, it doesn't mean that I cannot opine here. This is my space too and I am confident about it because I AM a MAN. No, this is not over-confidence, this is just your perception and I know because I am intelligent. Okay this is awkward :|
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    • 😂😂

    • dangerDoge

      Hahaha at first I was trying to figure what angle you could disagree with, but now I see what ya did 😏

    • @dangerDoge ;)
      I hope the take owner doesn't take offence lol.

  • Cccgala
    Relatable myTake!

    #2 is pretense, and I am with you for that. Not only it would put me off but also I would find myself harboring speculations whether he knows what he's blabbering or not.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you! :)

    • Cccgala

      Oh sorry, I meant #3
      You're welcome :)

    • Anonymous

      Haha I thought so :P

  • OPBinYYC
    MHO to this is to respond to each one of your so called turn offs with the male perspective:

    1) Awkwardness: We're awkward because we realize you don't have two brain cells to rub together and are so self absorbed with yourself that we are like an animal caged and wanting to escape. We can only be your emotional tampon for so long and then we get annoyed and antsy and want to leave, instead we're awkward to make it more comfortable for you (actually I just end the date now, not going to waste my time on the 'all about me' women.
    2) Over Confidence: We're overly confident because otherwise we're awkward, sorry we don't have time for grey area, men are straight forward in general and we don't want to waste time with mental gymnastics. Either we are left to have women say we are awkward, so we become confident so we can approach, by the way women 99.99 percent don't approach men do, so that sh*t takes balls so give it up for confident even overly confident men or else you'd be buying your own dinner, flowers, etc. and all the other (everything pretty much) things in life (besides shopping we hate shopping for girl stuff ).
    3) Over Estimation Of Intelligence: So you'd rather have a man who sits there awkward? Conversation that is intelligent is that too much of a threat to your emotional dumping on the guy? Cutting into your 'all about me time' ? Honestly, if the were unintelligent then you'd complain, if he's average you say he's boring, if he's too intelligent you shame him. Get a grip on yourself!
    4) Invading My Personal Space: If you didn't want to be on a date with him or spending time with him why bother, mens intent is to be with women that includes physically. If you wanted a male girlfriend get a gay guy please, or one of your girlfriends, please do so, us regular guys have things to do, like build everything women have in this world around them and keep society running as we've been doing for millennia before women's liberation.
    5) Over Masculinity: Ummm that would be hypermasculinity. Not over masculinity, wait... I'm now over intelligent lol. FML seriously anything seems overly intelligent when simple grammar eludes you.

    In summation here is my take on your closing statements.

    Given our gender 'differences' (correct grammar usage) you feel the expectations placed upon each sex respectfully are aggravating (agitating is a physical action or verb upon a noun/object).

    to be continued...
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    • OPBinYYC


      Additionally, you want to be treated equally but respected like a woman (equality + all the benefits of a woman = hypocrisy/benefit seeking feminist).

      Great! I agree with you, you get your equality so guys, let her pick you up, pay for dinner, drinks, movie or whatever. You can do it next time you go on a date, just to show her you 'respect her as a woman - an EQUAL woman' ! Sorry can't have your cake and eat it too. Guys are catching on, if not they are a simp/mangina and need to grow a set.

      Also, no anger here, I agree totally, let's all be equal. As men we shouldn't answer your calls or return your texts. Instead we will use you for everything (money, gifts, rides, time, emotions, sex, etc.) & when were simply bored of you we will dump you for the next woman that wants us regardless how much you put into the relationship.

      That's true equality! Not one woman I know comes even close to men I know in terms of skills & versatility. We men are the trophy good luck girl

    • OPBinYYC

      By the way, please understand you wanted to rock the boat, so there's a honest male perspective.

      Also, I hope I'm not 'OVER' confident (high level or overbearingly confident);
      OVER estimating my intelligence (no, I'm not over estimating (inaccurate estimation of my level of intelligence - I truly am a genius & I have MENSA scores to prove that shit, not that it matters, pearls before swine).
      Over masculine (How can you be overly masculine, I am male be default, if you meant machismo or having exaggerated tendencies to portray male traits in a overly exaggerated manner then that may be annoying but it's no different than women putting on way too much makeup and dressing up like a hooker).

      Cheers! (I. Q. 172 averaged over 5 different assessments) what value does that have? It means I have the sense to realize I've given far too much to this topic, but it's for the sake of the men, my fellow brothers, not to you. As I am assured that much if not all of my comments will elude/baffle you

    • VomitV

      Well, shit. That pretty well destroyed the OP. Thanks for taking the time to write a long-ass post so I didn't have to, lol.

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  • BigPunny
    Okay, so most of the things in there are relatively normal things that people would find unattractive, so okay. . . great.

    But then I get to the end and I see this: "Giving our genders each specific roles is agitating. As in, thinking I shouldn't be the one driving or I should be the one cooking or any general sexism whatsoever. I don't want to be treated like you think I'm weak or less competent than you at certain things, I want to be treated like your equal and respected like a woman."

    1) You can't be respected "like a woman" if you aren't playing YOURSELF into some kind of "woman role," which you had just stated you didn't want to be in a "specific role." So that doesn't make much sense and begs the question:

    a) What the hell does being "respected like a woman" even mean if not being respected as a woman.

    b) If you expect to be treated as an equal to the man, then don't you also have to rid yourself of any social norms associated with pre-women's rights, such as: a man being expected to open your door, a man being expected to pay for dates, a man being expected to come up to you first, a man being expected to bring home all the money, or a man being the one expected to die protecting you and the children?

    It feels like you click-baited everyone into reading your MyTake so that you could end with some crap about men not treating you equally.

    It is a biological fact that women and men are different -- you cannot factually assume/expect otherwise, because that's life. We're different. Men have been protecting women and children since we realized men were born to be protectors and women, nurturers and child-bearers (for the most part).

    In fact, you brought up "don't be sexist" while saying some very sexist things. If you want to be considered 'equal' to men, then maybe some day you'll get exactly what you want, and I can tell you right now -- you aren't going to like it one bit.

    So, the majority of the stuff you brought up is all preferential based on what you like/want, but then you went off the deep-end and had to turn it into some sexist rant.

    Sorry, but that kinda' stuff annoys both men and women. Someone's always trying to get their cake and eat it too. If you don't want to be in a "woman role" then stop placing yourself in one by saying and believing the crap you said here, because it makes you a hypocrite.

    Maybe you should start holding doors open for men and workin 60 hours a week and working dangerous jobs or risking your life.
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  • WillowTree
    I completely agree!

    I don't find awkward guys cute. I see it as a lack of confidence. If I'm the only one making plans and pulling the strings, be it in a relationship or a simple friendship, I get turned off and can never think of the guy romantically.

    AND THE TOUCHY ONES OMG! There's a mailman that comes by sometimes always wants to hug female residents. He'll be like "heeeey haven't seen you in a while" and we don't even know each other. At least I don't know him like that but obviously he knows my name. And a few other women on the block constantly dodge him whenever possible because he's always trying to hug. Just hand me my mail and be on your way.

    The rest are all full of themselves in different areas. It's impossible to have conversations with #3s. My tolerance level wears out quick and I get bored and blunt. I don't mind a little bit of the #2s, especially if they can admit areas where they're weak or if someone else is better than them. If they're fair enough to give credit to other people, I don't mind if they have a bit of an ego as long as they can back it up. #5s are just assholes who are going to be alone forever and never truly happy and blame all their problems on women no matter what. I'd never give the time of day. Let them die alone.
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    • HotDogg

      Woah, that mailman is creepy...

    • WillowTree

      @HotDogg I hate when he catches me in my garage. I pick things up or put stuff between us so I can just reach over and take my mail. I hardly run into him so it's not life interrupting, more like an occasional annoyance.

    • HotDogg

      I'm thinking he's had success before seducing women that way, and that's why he keeps trying it.

  • Phoenix98
    Basically the same for me when it comes to women except it's a bit different.

    1. Major Awkwardness
    2. Over Confidence
    3. Over Estimation Of Intelligence
    4. Invading My Personal Space
    5. Excessive Clingyness
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    • Would you be friends with Chad THundercock?

    • Phoenix98

      @BubbleBoy69 Went to school with him.

    • Sounds like some kind of very tomboy girl, if all 5 applied.

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  • StewieRH
    I agree apart from the awkwardness one.

    I still find that cute and am awkward myself so wouldn't be able to say much on that one anyway.
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  • PrettyBama
    I like Over confidence and generally conceited men lol if you think you're a god. I'm gonna think you are too. That's just me lol but the others are terrible 😂
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    • Anonymous

      To each their own haha

  • MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah
    Your preference! Nothing wrong with that. Rock it girl
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    • Thanks for not being one of those people that flips out!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you <3

  • amarahorrorstory
    I can handle awkwardness to a degree, I wouldn't say I'm quiet awkward, but chatty awkward. Not everyone understands my personality so they take a while. If he's too quiet, I feel like I'm talking too much. I like confident men, I don't like cockiness, or guys who think their shitty personality will get them girls, like relax, be yourself. I agree, know it alls are gross, I don't mind a dopey guy if I'm honest, you don't have to be a walking encyclopedia but I do like someone with depth, you don't have to be book smart I guess. I have a few weird places that if you touch me I will get upset. I hate when people rest their hands on my shoulders, instant cringe. Overall, most guys I know respect my personal space but I'm not a cuddler. Over masculinity, yeah please don't think you're better than me just because you've got a dick. I think a primal type of man is hot, one that thinks I'm less valuable than him? Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I know girls who date guys who talk about how gross vaginas are and how bitchy girls are and I couldn't "love" a guy who thinks so little of women. I'd never trash men that way so I can't tolerate it.
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  • danishnaseem05
    Lmao!! I just read through most of the comments. It's like a wild fire that just keeps on spreading and spreading. Guys and some girls, chill! everyone has their own preferences.
    And honestly, I might be the only guy saying this but I believe all those are true. Except maybe in 3, you might be talking about 2. If a guy is intelligent, he'll know when to stop boring the shit out of someone. But only a overly confident person would keep on talking, which is not bad unless if he's being too cocky.
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  • Pac-Man
    I am an awkward over confident masculine genius who loves hugs, and I find this offensive.
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  • lightbulb27
    Those are good things, you want someone emotionally available, treats you normally or like a valuable person who is a female. sounds healthy to me.

    the #4 can be a challenge in some cases because we have to break through your space barrier, but yes, some guys are clueless (on serious drugs caused by your amazing beauty and feminine presence) and you have to put up a fuss for them to get it.
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  • PrincessofNohr
    Personal space stands out as the big one for me, particularly when you've already given a clear message by pulling away from contact. Staring would have to be another one for me. I don't mean being checked out for a bit (I love that), but when someone is sitting at a distance and looking as if they're trying to see straight into your soul. It's quite off putting...
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  • Gommers
    Just for reference, OP is a lesbian, so literally anything can be a reason that a man would turn her off.
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    • Anonymous

      I love how when a guy realizes he isn't good enough for a girl he just starts shouting "LESBIAN! LESBIAN!"

    • Gommers

      Yeah I'm sure that the beautiful girl I'm dating agrees with you about how I'm not good enough.

      You're saying that traditionally masculine traits are not attractive to women. If you think that masculinity is unattractive you're not into men; ergo, if you're not into men you're a lesbian.

  • Cloudy25
    So here's the thing, I actually find all of those things attractive if done in the right way. Most cases I would probably find them unattractive too, but I don't know with some people it just adds to their charm as well as it makes other people more repulsive. I'm weird that way. I know.
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    • Well said.

    • MrNameless


      Basically, if the guy is attractive, you won't really mind.

      But if he's ugly, you're like GTFO, ammiright?

    • @MrNameless yeah 😂😂 I mean there is some personality that she is talking about but I think it probably comes down to that

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  • Amanda2
    Oh my God I so love this. I will add that a hate a man that females can easily get.

    Pick and choose, some of them try to justify it by saying they don't get into relationships with these girls and that it was just sex. However, if you're easy I don't want you, that's dramatic and dangerous to me.
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    • I can't stand man-whores. There's no double standard in my opinion.

  • CancerianMan81
    well you might as well go lesbian cause biggest part of what you put in this MyTake is what men have you might as well put the whole male gender out of the equation
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    • because that's what you basically just did

    • you women expect to much from us men no wonder most of us men don't want to have anything to do with you women goddamn picky ass women I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!

    • Anonymous

      It's picky to want a guy who isn't sexist? Or egotistical? Or over estimating his intelligence?

      Wow. No wonder you're single.

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  • bighairy1
    I suggest you eliminate the highly immature feminist lesbian influences from your life. After that, take a fresh look around you. You are probably in for either along hard road back to reality (and deprogramming) or bound to become a dyke with butch spiked haircut and a swastika tattoo'd on your forehead.
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    • Anonymous

      *a long

    • bighairy1

      Thanks for preforming spell/grammar check. You are pretty good at it. They need to incorporate you into the next version of spell/grammar check in Internet Explorer.

    • Anonymous

      I know you're kind of "mature" sir, but you should really upgrade to Google Chrome or Firefox if you'd like the best experience. I know change is hard, but you really must get with the times.

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  • glock33sig357
    What is having them shine your shoes with their tongues light your fire?
    Every man can think of 20 things we don't like that you do so don't think your any better, some of you are down right weird to the point of being disgusting.
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    • Anonymous

      Well your time has passed anyway old man, so you don't need to worry about it 👍

    • This old man is still relevant and to be honest younger women still like a man like me and older Google how many young & teenage women hooked up with older men and are happy;
      AKA your future president Donald J Trump.

    • Anonymous

      Keep trying to prove you're a catch, it's working so great for you 😂👍

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  • TayTay21
    YES. Soooo many guys have come to believe (mistakenly) that girls will fall at their feet if they act like overconfident jackasses. So many guys think they're so much better than they are. #5 is especially true. I see all these skippy little guys strutting around my college like they're the Rock or something. It's like, you're 5'9" and 140 lbs. You're barely masculine, let alone hyper-masculine.
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  • AustinMan
    It sounds to me like you just want respect and some appreciation of your gifts and talents before he goes all macho on you.
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  • novastar_11
    #3 is sooooo true! I hate it when they try to make everyone agree with their own opinions. Also when they go on and on and they don't even know what they're saying...
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  • TheGreyMan
    "Over confident"

    Make up your fucking mind. Oh wait, you're a woman.
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    • pooper89

      It's called not liking extremes

    • TheGreyMan

      It's called "being picky"

    • Heera

      actually it's not, I doubt you'd like those extremes in a woman, just like people don't like extremes in general (this is a fact, everything is about balance) Also, most people are somewhere in between so it's not really being picky

  • Heera
    I agree, except for the first. Awkwardness is ok for me, it looks more like the guy is interested which is nice :)

    But I think "over confidence" should be replaced with "narcissism" that is more accurate. Confidence is a great thing, narcissism is not, and narcissism is actually a mask for insecurities.
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  • kakarotto
    This take would have been cute if the title was: "5 things that turn me off about people"
    All the things you mentioned are not gender exclusive (including over masculinity yes) and they are all very common turn offs that men find in women too.
    You can easily see from here how sexist this take is.
    The last sentence in your post also gives the impression that you belong to category number 3 and possibly 2 also. The post would have been much better without it.
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  • abundantlyrich
    Wow so true. There are a few well known guys here in gag who'd display all of those traits.

    Throw in narcissism too because it's a mask for their emotional inadequacy.
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  • SarahsSummer
    I agree with all of this with one minor difference. I actually like when my boyfriend drives us or drives my car places. Gives me time to check my GaG. Lol.
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    • Jujulius

      Ikr when I'm on the road or a long road trip with my girlfriend she loves it & so do I. It's like we're on an adventure standing on the head of the ship pointing out ward as she says "point the way Cpt." What is it with vulnerability being viewed as weakness with women these days wtf. It's like their afraid to be submissive. News flash women are naturally submissive, and stop looking at submissiveness as degrading it has power as well. For you don't agree then why do 90% of women have sex dreams about powerful strong men taking control? It's natural submission, stop fighting it.

    • @Jujulius while I get what you are saying, I don't view his driving as being dominant vs submissive. I just prefer it.

    • Jujulius

      You've completely missed the point

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  • Tdieseler
    Surprisingly, i agree with them all... they are turn ons to a certain extent...
    everything is good in moderation... the above mentioned things were just over the top.
    I keep 2, 3, and 5 for the homies... every guy knows that.
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  • Hot_Hotgirl
    Lol, all of them are a huge turn on for me. I Iove awkward guys, cause I'm myself awkward girl. I love intelligent guys cause we can talk forever. Masculine ones, damn, love running my fingers on their chest and abs. And the ones who invades my space and grab me is a huge turn on, especially if we like each other, makes me feel super weak; although I'm not.
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  • aprilmist70
    #3-Dr. Phil comes to mind... Aaaargh! He's so annoying, I want to rip my hair out! Nothing irritates me more, than a self-riteous know-it-all! #1-my older sister had a boyfriend like that, and I don't know if she saw his awkwardness, but I did. I felt uncomfortable around him.
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  • TruExo
    We can't date. I'm all those but number 1, I'm too good for you anyway pfft
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    • Josht13

      First off she's under 18 mate so you wouldn't have a chance 2nd you sound like that egotistical douche bag that she wouldn't go out with.

    • Anonymous

      @Josht13 The more I see your username around here the more I like you. Thank you <3 lol

    • TruExo

      @Josht13 who dis b*tch

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  • Unit1
    Over Confidence equals to men believing in the alpha male concept and thinking they are such one. I can see why that is unattractive.
    As for number 3 - The i-am-right-and-everyone-else-is-wrong syndrome is really annoying. I can see why that is unattractive.
    4. Cliche is indeed damaging healthy relationships. I can see why that is unattractive.
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    • Heera

      People hate extremes in general, and even if we DO like masculinity, being too masculine is a turn off because too much of a thing is well... too much. Just like being affectionate is great but being clingy is not. And we evolved from our ancestors who felt the need to procreate just like animals, we're way more rational now, even if women still have the need of being protected (subconciously) and men still have the need to find a healthy mother, we're not attracted only by physical. Again, we're rational beings and personality means a lot for both sexes, being too much of an "alpha" is a personality turn off just like being too much feminine would be a turn off, that meaning a girl would be too emotional, attracted only to huge men, too clingy, lazy and a coward. As you see, being too feminine and too masculine bring qualities that may be good into negative traits.
      I hope you get y point, is pretty hard for me to explain this as English is not my native language xD

    • Unit1

      @Heera Hm, yeah. I can't like extremes.
      Again, there is no such thing as alpha or beta male in the human species. It's merely a psychological way of thinking or believing or acting. It doesn't matter in our given discussion but yes, way too much of a thing can be bad.

      However if we take me as myself, I do not need to find a healthy mother but only a healthy girl, which see's it the same way as I do =)

      But still, we got a bunch of people, who don't make themselves their true self.

    • Heera

      @Unit1 Sorry, my first reply was because I misread that you CAN'T understand why the concept of alpha male is unattractive, my bad. Indeed, there shouldn't be an alpha/beta thing because we're evolved human beings, unfortunately there are lots of men trying to prove themselves as an alpha. By the way, looking for a healthy girl is actually subconciously looking for a healthy mother for future children (even if you don't want children, this is why you'll be attracted to healthy looking women)
      You're one of the very few people who didn't got offended by this post, is so nice to see there are still open minded people on gag! :)

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  • Embercelica
    I completely agree. I think this just goes for people in general. I remember one time me and my friend were going to this game club at our highschool during lunch. My friend dropped the controller and all the nerds flipped out on her. We just got up and left right away hands in the air like "I'm out, I'm out!"
  • AlwaysAGoodDay
    What is the relevance of telling people what you find do not attractive in guys if you are anonymous? I mean sure people may share some of your opinions on what they do not find attractive but you do not speak for all woman, right?

    What I mean is that unless you are giving guys pointers on how to be appealing to you specifically then this is all pointless in which case you are anonymous therefore what exactly is the point? To just rant?
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  • GoodBoy24
    Wow you are one superficial girl that's so unattractive even if you have good looks you still would have difficult time finding a long term relationship we guys when we mature after high school we want a girl with personality she always wins our heart but a girl with hot looks and superficiality ugh!!! Disgusting!!! Your standards are too high no guy is going to climb to the top of the tree to get the supposedly best apple but you still have to prove yourself to a guy... just your looks is not gonna do it!!!
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  • VictoriousSausage
    Okay, that's cool. i think i'd agree with this statement if these were qualities in a woman. (but with over femininity obviously)
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  • blondfrog
    Don't hold expectations towards the opposite gender when you yourself can't hold up those same expectations cause that just makes you a hypocrite everthign you just mentioned is what I see in most girls as well.
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  • creative1998
    I think every female has their likes and dislikes about men. things that turn me off about women are:

    - Not being true to their feelings.
    - Staying with a man for comfort reasons i. e ( Good Job etc ).
    - Egotistical Women whom crave your attention only when they feel rejected by you. (Attention Whores).
    - Women who smile/Laugh at everything you say.

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  • vishna
    Absolutely! I hate it when random guys try to push themselves on you. You really hit it home with this list, though I'm generally more ok with awkwardness because I'm fairly awkward in crowds.
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  • Megabeauty
    Especially the smarty pants part. I went to college of nursing and health professions and my boyfriend has the nerve to tell me that I'm just eye candy cause I can't beat him at jepordy. Lol!!
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  • Fearless_banana
    Lol despite number 1 I'm all of those so I don't think we can date each other pink anon. Not exactly your description but the general idea.
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    • Anonymous

      ... So you think you're over-confident, over estimating your intelligence, invasive of womens space, and overly masculine?

    • Pretty much. I can be arrogant but a lot of people like that part about me. I know for a fact I'm smarter than most people I meet but it can bite me in the ass sometimes. Esp in my engineering classes. Insasive of space in the sense of being sexually aggressive yes. Not in the sense of holding hands or some cringe shit like that. Overly masculine.. yeah I've been called hyper masculine and a lot of people think that stems off of insecurity but I've always been the way I am and it;s just my personality and the way I was brought up. Was an athlete in HS. Was military. I like lifting heavy ass weights. I like to shoot guns. I like to dominate during sex. I like trucks. I like blowing shit up lol. Was always taught that showing emotion is weak. etc. Don't really see any of these as flaws though. It's just me.

    • Phoenix98

      Lol you sound like half the guys I know, fun people.

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