The Awkward, "Are We or Are We Not in a Relationship?" Moments

This is more about texting and emoji moments than usual dating world....

OK so you meet a guy and you start getting to know him and there is a lot of contact in the beginning, we all get this right? Normal texts when you find out something about them you like or a cute pic is usually responded with this:

You then wanna say goodnight and so you send him a 'Night!' and this:

He tells you he has just had the best Mojito of his life and you send him this (JOKINGLY):

Then you go on a few dates and start to really like each other... You are falling for one another and all of a sudden the emojis confuse EVERYTHING!

Him: "what's that? a heart? OMG do you like LOVE ME?"

Her: "errrr nope just like the fact we are reading the same book.... u just sent a pic?"

He sends a pic of him and a puppy, you respond with heart eyes emoji:

Him: "I love you too!"

Her: "OMG I thought the puppy was just adorable..."

You go to say goodnight after a date and say "Hey I had a great time tonight..." and the kissy heart face...
Them: "this is moving a little fast"

You: "we have used kissy heart faces every night for the last week... wtf?"


Be aware of the emoji dating curse otherwise it ends up with these:


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  • lol ;-) :-*

    • careful what emojis you use hehehe :) x

    • haha.. i was gonna do all of them but i didn't have the rest of them on keyboard and only know these two "suggestive" emojis

  • lol that's all


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