The Sad Truth Is: Men Don't Like Natural Women


I speak from experience, and this is definitely not meant to offend any of our fellow men or women!

Growing up in a city with 1 million people- mostly white collar, I had some interesting friends. I remember speaking with my 2 male best friends; both of whom were quite intelligent. They described their perfect woman as being the "girl next door", natural, humble, funny and smart. One of them finished medical school, while the other went on to work for a large company in the IT field.

Well, a year later, after many girls next door and the door over (lol), they both had girlfriends... And to my surprise... the bitchy, face-full-of-makeup, high maintenance and certainly demanding girlfriends they chose were not at all what the "perfect girl" was described as.

The Sad Truth Is: Men Don't Like Natural Women
So I asked the witty, doctor- why this girl? She isn't exactly the "girl next door"! And his response was simple; "LOOK at her!". Well I took it at face value. I mean she was beautiful, and confident and certainly sexy... and NOT at all the natural, humble, oh so sweet and simple.

The Sad Truth Is: Men Don't Like Natural Women

I later connected with the IT friend of mine, to talk over coffee, and I was still determined to get an answer to my curiosity. I mean he went from dating the girls next door, to settling with a high fashion princess. He laughed a bit and said, "they are all the same and boring, these girls next door, I mean just because of her (gf) looks people assume she is some sort of bitch- but she is just so... I don't know confident and alluring?"

I smiled and said "she isn't at all the 'type' you were looking for?" He looked at me and said; "I'm a guy, guys are seen as the 'bad' boys, and guys should want the girl next door right? I want a girl that takes care of herself, and any guy who tells you he doesn't care how his girl looks... well he isn't honest. I worked hard to get to where I am- I have a house, a good job and a nice car- call it shallow but I don't want a plain Jane".

The Sad Truth Is: Men Don't Like Natural Women
"So you'll take a high maintenance, demanding girl over a girl next door?" I asked. He paused and said "yeah, others girls are jealous of her and I get that. We walk into a room and every guy with his 'Plain Jane' girlfriend is staring at my woman. That guy wants my girl, one way or another- some just don't wanna put up with the BS".

Later that night, I thought about what he said. I mean it's true: When a beautiful girl walks in, all the men turn their heads to look. It doesn't mean they want to date her, maybe its just sexual attraction. But what does it all come down to? It comes down to the fact that as my 2 male friends grew successful, they went from wanting a girl next door to wanting a hot, confident, demanding girl (perhaps one they couldn't attain before they were high up in the food chain).

I want a good girl, no makeup, just natural... says the guy who ends up with the pretty princess. ;)

The Sad Truth Is: Men Don't Like Natural Women
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  • JSmuve
    Moral of the story: people are full of shit. What people say they want and what they wind up going for are two different things. Pay attention to people's actions, not their words. Actions are far more telling.
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  • MissMc3
    Completely disagree. Guys don't want a girl with a face you can wipe off and boobs you can pop with a needle.
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  • LaBoheme099
    Woah! I didn't know wearing makeup and taking care of one's appearance, or dressing how one likes to, makes one fake, not down to earth or humble, and mean! Wow! Learned something new! Bettwr watch out for those fake women who chose to wear makeup! They must be so shallow and dumb!
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    • I hope you can sense my sarcasm.

    • Anonymous

      LOL I wear a full face of makeup everyday & LOVE IT, doesn't make on shallow or dumb, but you get my point. The men said they want a natural girl, and go for the bitchy looking, full face of makeup girl

  • Latinamoon
    I think you are right about the last part... a person that can afford a mercedes isn't gonna say I'm going to buy a lamborghini. They were at a certain level and now there completely somewhere else... plus who know maybe the girl wouldn't be with him either because most girl say they want a good honest loving guy but when they grow they want status money. Which no shock these guys have by the way so its a two ended deal, the woman gets what she wants the guy gets what he actually wants.

    As a guy, yes we are attracted to looks but some guys can manage that and not look or draw a line on whom to look. Which is why I would want my wife to look good only in front of me not in public. I would want her to be as natural as she wants there. So I'll tell her make me special by making me the only ones thats sees your beauty and I'll make you special by looking only at you. Some girl don't get this... this is why I want a smart, intelligent, understanding girl. Because like all humans one day she and I will age and be wrinkled and look old as everybody else and that day our character and personality will show what true love means.
  • Kuraj
    I know many women with a "face full of makeup" who are funny, humble and quite intelligent.
    If you don't want to spend so much time taking care of yourself feel free to be "au naturel", but I frankly don't care what you think I should be attracted to or what you consider "not fake".
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  • Fathoms77
    I think there's a happy medium between totally made-up/high maintenance and "Plain Jane." Right?
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  • Djaaaaaay
    Nicely said... I'm one of those men who's sucsefull too , although I don't want a plastic or fake woman in my life. I have a girl from next door too , and couldn't be happier. I don't have enough ink in my pen to tell you all the great attributes that come with my decision.
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  • somebodysaycheese
    I've been saying forever that men dont even know what they want. They may not agree with it but what a man says and does are two different things. Thats why our mommas taught us actions speak louder than words.
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  • Demon_King_Alastor
    Just like how girls lie about liking "nice guys" with confidence and instead go for bad boys, guys lie about wanting average girls next doors and instead go for the most attractive and classy women available.

    I feel it would be better if men and women didn't lie to each other and just told the truth.
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  • Browneye57
    Guys don't know anything about beauty, make up, or fashion, so don't even bother asking them.
    They just know pretty when they see it. So always be pretty, as attractive is you can possibly be, for love can't start 'till attraction does, and then there needs to be a conversation. So bone up on your social skills as well.
    Men like pretty women. Period.
  • LittleSally
    I guess... it's true... to an extent.
    Some do, some don't. And there are plenty of people who say one thing and then do another - hypocrites.

    Look at actions, not words.
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  • giggleswilmington
    This is where the term trophy wife originates. "I worked hard..." They were raised to become materialistic which is exactly what their lives and wives have become. Skin deep, and it leads to unhappiness and a lust for more. They will try their very best to appear as everything is great but in the end they will be miserable. No thanks.
  • Misunderstood88
    A well maintained girl is not desired because of makeup or shoes or whatever it is because it is visible proof of EFFORT which equals care which equals ego stroking and it makes men feel good.
  • TheWaterBear
    The sad truth is that you can't generalize 3 billion men. I hate makeup of any kind. I'll choose a "plain" woman any day.
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  • Unit1
    Not true for me! I love healthy and natural girls.

    Make up is made to enhance your beauty, not to cover your ugliness. Know how to use it properly!
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  • Azgeda
    What does "natural women" even mean? I need graphical representations.
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  • CoralSun
    So true. Men fall for the illusion of a woman and often stray when they get the real thing.
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  • DianaWest
    you don't need to wear makeup to be very attractive. though quite a rarity, i have seen some naturally gorgeous people without a drop of makeup.
  • Errhh
    Men love fake stuff... but they don't admit it because they don't realize it. They are in denial. They will never admit to it.
  • Loadedgamer
    Maybe it's the men you're going after, and that's the reason why you're generally speaking to all men?
  • AhGojira
    They aren't attracted to naturally ugly women. Not everyone is going to be born attractive... Those are the breaks...
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  • lizziepooh03
    I don't think whether a women wears makeup or not or wears high heels or not is the determining factor on attraction or not..

    Have you maybe thought that these women's shapes are their most physical attractive feature and the fact that they aren't scared of showing their shape off is that which makes them so attractive to these men. (And maybe these men never thought someone that hot could like them? That could be it too.)

    Women's shapes are women's shapes whether you are natural or not. I guess it is just a matter of whether you know how to show off your shape. But you can still do that and be nature. It is just a matter of clothes choices.

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  • Soteris
    Its hardly as simple as you make it out to be. For example I hope we can all agree that the modelling industry has gone a bit haywire with editing, model selection and makeup to create the "ideal woman". The thing is there have been a few notable experiments where they show unedited photos or photos where the models were not actually professional models or did not wear makeup and noticed an increase in views.

    Basically while there is certainly a point in dressing up and looking pretty I believe there is plenty to be said for "normal looks" not to mention that if someone dressed up every day I would stop consider it to be special in the first place.
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  • ImaginativeDreamer
    Not true, I never liked high maintenance girls with tons of makeup. Natural girls rule.
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  • front2back
    Most guys can't tell the difference between natural and natural looking makeup anyways.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    I'd actually prefer the girl next door / natural look over the gal that takes an hour to get ready just to go to the grocery store.
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  • Keyboardkat
    You know, it works the other way, too. I remember in the '80s and '90s and even today, women would say that they don't want a shallow, macho, full-of-himself guy. They would say they want what was called "the new man," meaning, not macho, sensitive, in touch with his feelings, willing to listen and understand, etc., etc.
    So then who does she end up falling in love with? The macho guy in the sports car with all the gold chains! And the fact is that all the sensitive traits that she said she wanted are NOT the kind of traits that lead a guy to become financially successful. And power is an aphrodisiac, and money is just another kind of power! And which guy would be the best protector of the cave, so to speak?
    Watch what people do, not what they say!
  • FakeName123
    Superficial men will go after superficial women. Simple as that.

    Also anecdotal evidence is a logical fallacy.
  • Blonde401
    This is the realist take I've ever read. Well done.
  • Truthatanycost
    When she refers to men , she is not talking about the average Joe here, she is talking about the handsome or more Chad like type of guys.

    The guys that actually do go for the plain Jane's are not only invisible to her, they are also invisible to the plain Jane's.

    This is why you will always see stuff like this written by girls here and in the media... the guys that actually do as they say are not visible to them.

    TLDR, see the picture of the crowded street below...

  • Redstang88
    Those guys are definitely the minority.
    Most guys would strongly prefer naturally pretty over a girl that has to draw her face on like Mr Potatohead
  • HarvestMoon
    Insecurity and victim complex is strong in this one.
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  • Lightspeed-Lemon
    Maybe your friends told you the truth about wanting a girl next door at that stage of their life. But people can change over time, and when they become richer, more powerful, or more beautiful, they often start hanging with a different crowd. I'd guess that the richer you are, the more decadent and corrupt the environment becomes. That can change your attitudes about things. Rich guys are targeted more by the shallow, high-maintenance but hot women you described.

    ""yeah, others girls are jealous of her and I get that. We walk into a room and every guy with his 'Plain Jane' girlfriend is staring at my woman. That guy wants my girl, one way or another" -- From the sound of this, he just wants a status symbol or trophy for the sake of being envied by others. This relationship is doomed if she gains weight or he becomes poor. To me, that's not love, it's a business arrangement.
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  • Oram52
    I've always said I prefer High mainteinance girls :)

    You've mentioned some reasons in your Take:
    - I mean she was beautiful, and confident and certainly sexy
    - settling with a high fashion princess
    - they are all the same and boring, these girls next door...
    - people assume she is some sort of bitch- but she is just so... I don't know confident and alluring?"
    - I want a girl that takes care of herself

    Even girls next door tend to be attarctive or hot in guys fanatsies. But yes apart from being attarctive she's CONFIDENT, assertive, strong, independent, ambitious, has style, looks after her appearance, and like you mentioned not boring. Its same things girls look for in guys in their own ways. So yes I do find High Maintenance girls attractive and that's who I go out with.
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    • Oram52

      "to wanting a hot, confident, demanding girl (perhaps one they couldn't attain before they were high up in the food chain)."

      I'm curious what do you mean by demanding girl, demanding in what way.

  • FrankReynolds
    Make up or no make as long as her body gets my attention. I do however love Red or pink lipstick and nails.
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  • Alex88F
    i want a girl who doesn't look like a fucking mashup with barbie and pogo the clown ya hear me? natural is cool tho
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  • Scrambledagain
    Just like woman don't like gentlemen. We at a crossroads now🤔
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  • ScottSummers
    i like both , if i date girl next door that doesn't mean i would not date dif girl and other way around
  • genericname85
    i don´t know in what funny tiny subculture you´ve been growing up xD
  • slimstiffy
    both of ur friends just chose looks over personality. and a lot of men do. but not all tough. we all have our preferences. but at the end of the day, some of us wouod rather want a nice, down-to eartg girl, and dont mind if she isn't a 10/10 in looks.
    so , not all men are dogs who go for looks. only about 90-95% of them.
    i would like to say im better than the majority, but while i do look for good personality, my ideal girl still needs a phat ass. can't do without it. blame genes maybe, all women on my moms side have phat asses. but im shallow in that regard. unfortunately :-(
  • lacorine197
    A Truth is a fact, and a fact is something used in research, in your research, have you met all men that stated that they don't like natural women?
  • Chian
    i think it all depends on the guy, if I love a girl from bottom of my heart , I prefer her not to use too much makeup , cause makeups usually contains lots of chemicals which affects skin very bad , not to wear high heels too much. From your conversation with your friends , partially it says that he is using her girl friend' appearance to show other guys his ability to attract woman , no offense to your friend , probably he has a flashy car too. there are guys out there who does like next door girl.
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  • takumii
    Why so materialistic brah? Having a hard time growing up?
  • malealpha00
    I want my girls to look perfect and be natural - they gotta be natural, no fake girls
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    • "girls" plural. Very interesting.

    • wtfomg2222

      lol good luck with that. there's no such thing as a naturally perfect girl so have fun with rosie palm and her five sisters lmao

    • Xyzg123

      @wtfomg2222 you need to meet more women. They are not common, but I promise you, they exist.

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  • SmokinAces2000
    I hate fake ness and plastic surgery the only plastic surgery people should get is corrective like a nose job or something like that. The fake boobs and butts are a huge turnoff, I don’t even really like women that wear makeup maybe a little bit but it would have to be very little. The western beauty standard is shit and it sucks cause I live in California where if you Throw a rock into a crowd you will probably hit 10 women who got unnecessary plastic surgery to please disgusting men smh it’s a real shame
  • kingarthas
    It is proven fact. millions of women can't be wrong
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  • APRU5
    Your right, some girls need make up to be attractive or they just are without make up.
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  • jacquesvol
    Superficial persons prefer looks over personality.
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  • Summer_Bunny
    I like this... a lot! Great job.
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  • levantine99
    yeah cause two dudes represent all 3 billion.
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  • YourFutureEx
    Yeah because ALL GUYS ARE SAME!
  • dudeman
    Like fathom said. There is a happy medium.
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