Why I'm Attracted to Broken Girls

I'll begin by saying this: broken is mistakenly a derogatory word and I am no way trying to insinuate that I feel any kind of superiority over these women. Rather by broken, I hope here to imply dispersed, deprived, and most importantly fragile...the fragile beings that reside within the human form.


People can be difficult. Nowhere else can we find such developed and multifaceted sensory apparatuses. The amount of information people transmit to each other often exceeds the human capacity for comprehension. However, because of this intense predisposition of potential people can have amazing interactions with each other unlike any other relationship between organisms.

What really has importance to me in life are moments. The moments I share with material present and wonderful plenum of creatures and environments that inhabit it.

And so when I can watch an ant really focus on its modus operandi when I can really visualize and sympathize with such a simple operation of life it brings a great sense of serenity into my heart.

Once again I'll reiterate people are difficult.

I cannot so easily immerse myself into their lives because immersion into another person's life requires play.

It's like a dance. And nature has arranged for us such a immaculate opportunity so that by playing with others we discover ourselves. Once you have really begun to establish a sense of intimacy with someone else you are constantly baffled because at moments it hits you, and you find yourself saying: "Fuck, this is me!"

The process of play is like a discovery of the essential nature. In a sense you begin to strip down all sorts of inhibitions and insecurities and flow without interruption, without self criticism. And as you strip yourself, you become a mirror for someone else. And then it begins. The paradox of the two mirrors facing each other. Which goes on indefinitely. And once you've arrived here you've seen it, you have gone full circle, you've experienced yourself in the fullest sense of the term.

Broken Girls

Being a creature rooted in rational thought is both magnificent and tremendously painful. Broken Girls are complex, they are lost in their frameworks of reality, lost in seemingly endless possibilities, but most importantly they have estranged themselves from the sensation of touch. And to be the one to bring this back to them is to imbue a desolate flower with life. And because they are you, in sense that you become a mirror, you get to experience it yourself. And well it is breathtaking. It is enormously profound. It perhaps life's most precious moment.

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  • Good myTake. I enjoyed reading your reasons.


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  • i used to like broken girls. now i've been heartbroken so much i learnt my lesson


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  • If I read this correctly than mostly what you like about broken girls is getting them to the point that they enjoy physical touch again. That they awaken to the fact that it is a wonderful feeling; that there is no other touch sensation that is better than the feeling of skin on skin as long as one allows themselves to experience it.

    Did I understand your point correctly?

    • To an extent. It's more like certain sensual experiences have been repressed or neglected so that we don't use them in our daily interactions and so our reality is mainly consolidated through sight and sound even though there is so much more. It was also about discovering "ground being" through play. By immersing yourself so wholly in dancing with another person they forget everything else and you see beyond that specific identity of 'Jane' or 'Stacy' and you see the whole thing.

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    • Hm I think the problem here comes with our differing relationships to the word "broken" as I tried to convey in the beginning I did not mean broken in the sense that these women were 'damaged' but rather that they had become habituated into a style of living that lacked full expression of color. They subside in white n black. But I mean so do I at times.

    • Ok, when you say "broken" you mean insecure which to me just means being a girl. lol!.

      But I think I get what you mean. Here is a guy that I think gets what you mean and has made it an art form www.theonion.com/blogpost/you-will-know-love-16213

  • I am a broken girl after reading this


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