3 Perfect Places For the Perfect Date

Campfire Dates

Campfire dates are great, because what's more romantic than cuddling up around a bonfire? Get cozy alone with your partner, or bring along the crew for a more lively night! Bring a blanket to cuddle in and snacks to share and there you have a perfect night set under the stars.

Ice-skating dates

Not only does ice skating get you moving, it's the perfect way to change things up a bit, get together on the ice and go from skating to laughing to falling then laughing even harder.

Beach date

The beach date is a great idea for those of us who want classic romance without even having to try, it's a perfect setting for a great night and a perfect place from anything from long walks, to dinner, to splashing in the water and finding shells. Perfect for spending time with your loved one.


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  • Ice skating date sounds fun