How To Find the Perfect Look For Homecoming

It's Hoco season and you gotta be fashionable on the dance floor so here are some tips on finding the right dress.

Step 1: Restrictions

Now this isn't the best thing but you have to know what you can and can't have for your school's homecoming dance. Find out what your school rules are on dance dress code expectations. Also know your price range, you don't wan't to find your dream dress then realize it is wayyy out of your price range. So make sure you know your school's dress code and your price range before going dress shopping.

When you find your dress but then you look at the price tag

Step 2: Knowing what you want

Before going to hundreds of stores trying to find "The One" make sure you do some research. It is important to have some styles and colors in mind. Do you want lace? Do you want plain? Do you want Patterns? Do you want a dark color? Do you want a light color? Ask yourself these questions before going dress shopping to save yourself the hassle of trying on every dress in the store on.

Step 3: Choosing your Color

Everyone is different, so the color that will look best on you might be the same as your best friends but don't let that change your mind. Hair and Complexion are the main factors in trying to find the best color to suit you. A few Examples would be:


Blondes - Go for bold colors Reds, Coral, Blues, Greens

Redheads - Light Colors will wash you out, Go for Emerald, Sapphire, or Mocha

Brunettes - You have a variety, Go for Pinks, Blues, Greens


Fair/Light Skin - Earthy Tones Dark: Greens, Purples, Reds

Olive Skin - Basically any color! Dark colors and Bright colors, Bright Oranges will give you a summery pop, Dark Reds will give you a nice glow, and Bright Reds will make your skin pop!

Medium Skin - Stay away from light pastels and grey, choose Jewel Tones like Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds, Navy & Royal Blue as well

Dark Skin - Stick to colors opposite of skin tone, Stick with bright colors and pastels like Bright Yellows and Pinks

Step 4: Choosing your Style

Every girl has their own style of what they want, and its important that you are comfortable when your breaking it down on the dance floor. Bodycon dresses, Skater Dresses, Ballerina Dresses. High neckline, Sweetheart neckline, Drop neckline. There are many styles to choose from!

Step 5: Accessories

Choosing the right accessories is important to how your final look will be. You don't want to go over board wearing matching necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Go for simple looks, it's just Hoco, not prom. Find a cute pair of earrings nothing too extravagant, like ones you already have. Only wear a necklace if you have a sweetheart neckline or other low necklines you don't want to over due your look with too much jewelry. You won't really need a purse or bag to have back up make up because honestly at the end of the night everyone will be hot and sweaty and look the same as you, so as long as you took good pictures before its not necessary for all that. Make sure you try make-up ideas way before hoco night so you don't end up like this:

Step 6: Have FUN

Its Homecoming just have fun! Don't try to over-do your look. Always remember less is more, and you don't wanna be uncomfortable when your gonna be dancing it up all night. Find your perfect dress by following my steps and you'll be the center of attention.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Nice mytake. Homecoming is so much fun. Their is so much fashion designs and assesories to choose from. I agree the restrictions can be strict. I remember how strict they were when I went. I could imagine how strict they are now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Cool mytake, but step 3 - what about us black-haired girls? You know, black hair is different than brunette (brown).

    • Yes I understand and I noticed I forgot but the colors still work for black hair

    • Ok, I'll try :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • Well done - Not being patronising but a really mature, sensible take - Lots of great advice for other Homecomers.

  • Wait the girls in the first pic are your friends?


What Girls Said 2

  • I wore a cute shirts, leggings or nice jeans and boots to all my homecomings so I could dance like crazy.

    • Wow I'm surprised. At my school you have to wear formal attire.

    • We didn't have a dress code for homecoming. It was just a big party for us. We did have a Winter Ball and we had a dress code for that.

  • 9Good post