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How to have a cheap date (including amazing atmosphere, great conversations) - date #8


As most of you are aware of now, I'm dating someone right now but we don't have a label yet other than being exclusive. We've been on so many dates recently that I haven't gotten around posting, so this is where the series continues.

Here's my last three posts on him:

Slowly falling for him, him hugging strangers, a really cute letter - date #7

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Here's the thing - we really miss one another during the week and he's been trying to see me more often recently.

[Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash]
[Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash]

I don't have a lot of time, I've got university, church and a life next to that, but he manages to squeeze himself in.

Some people love planning their dates a long time in advance and while I think that this makes dates more special, I also appreciate spontaneous dates where you focus on the other person more and not on the great things you're doing with one another.

I was shook when reading the reponses to several questions posted recently where users asked other users how much money they spent on (first) dates. Some people spent up to 200$.

I tried thinking of an activity as expensive as this but couldn't come up with one. So here's some ideas to spice up your dates without spending more money than you'd like.

I'm not expensive. On date #8 with this guy, I paid at the one venue while he paid at the other - not one of us spent more than the other person. Nobody spent more than 10€ and we had food, coke and hot chocolate.

I will get back to this, seeing each other in our situation is definitely more expensive than it should be (because of the distance thing).

[Photo by Farrinni on Unsplash]
[Photo by Farrinni on Unsplash]

Go for a walk

This is something we always do, you can set the pace (fast if you want them to lose weight, slow if you want to be more touchey/romantic).

Pick a place that will be special for you. By now, we've got so many of these, I've honestly lost count. Go there and revisit some of your dates, sit down on a park bench and talk.

Touching while walking is easy

Just hold hands, that's romantic enough on its own if you don't allow your hand to act like dead fish.

On date #8, we walked a lot, which gave him the opportunity to let his hands very slowly travel from my waist towards my hips. I couldn't stop smiling when I realised what he was doing, it took him hours to finally touch my ass and that was the last little push I needed to fall for him.

Not him grabbing my behind per se - the fact that it took him eight dates, that he respected me this much, that he was so nice about it and that he very clearly appreciated me letting him do that.


I've never had anyone touch my ass before. We have a little tradition of going to one of the only places where we aren't treated like crap, getting food there and then sitting down on a bench we like a couple of minutes on foot away to eat. I didn't comment on him touching my ass until it was clear we'd go there again - I hugged him and told him in a playful way that I didn't want him to touch my ass while we were in there ordering take-away.

We had a really good laugh about what I said - I love how he doesn't take himself too seriously. He then went "I won't touch it again then" and I said "please don't stop touching my ass", which made him pull me in and grab it tighter. I don't mind him doing that, he's so sweet about touching me and it never feels like it's too much.


I tried to keep this as short as possible. The most important aspect to remember is that the most important thing on dates is creating opportunities to get to know one another better.

Try being open and honest about what you want and what you don't like. For example, he knows that if he wants to go somewhere noisy, he'll have to hug and calm me afterwards. If he didn't, my mood would drop, I want to avoid that (already happened several times, sometimes it's not preventable).

I've seen many pink users on here make the mistake of not expressing what they want and I am a good example for this too when it comes to the whole kissing thing I outlined here.

He stuck to my no-kissing-now sanction on this date and I'm glad he did.

Why are people trying to buy their date's attention?

What do you enjoy doing on dates?

How to have a cheap date (including amazing atmosphere, great conversations) - date #8
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  • Massageman
    The most important aspect to remember is that the most important thing on dates is creating opportunities to get to know one another better.
    That's what dating is all about.
    You are mature for 19 years old.
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    • Exactly :)
      I'm so happy that we make the most of one another's time.

  • Lynx122
    I've never had anyone touch my ass before.
    Go for a walk
    (fast if you want them to lose weight, slow if you want to be more touchey/romantic).These parts made me chuckle :D

    I'm happy for you :)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • proteus912
    I remember one of the first dates my boyfriend of two years and I went on. We sat in the park and watched trains. We spent no money and it wasn't expensive, and it is also one of my favourite memories
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  • pleasestopthis
    Casual cheap dates are more appealing to me than fancy ones, I like to keep things simple
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    • I didn’t mind when a lady chose a place where we can meet

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  • Knighted2170
    Here's an idea that can be a lot of fun. I've done this several times and it always brings great conversations and smiles.
    Try a photo scavenger hunt. On a walk, have a list of items that each of you take photos of. At the end you can see who took the most photos or the best to see who wins if you want.
    If nothing else you have a beginning scrap book of memories.
    • wow, this is such a nice idea! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  • J_Fitz
    I did a myTake on this not too long ago! I have found that if you are running out of date ideas, it can be fun to go to nationaltoday. com and check out random upcoming national holidays. You can use it for a goofy or serious date! I have a few examples on the post, so check it out if you need inspiration. Also, my girlfriend and I go bowling once every week, which is fun. On Mondays at our local lane, college students bowl for $1 per game from 9pm to midnight, so it's turned into a fun tradition to go bowling on Monday nights (We suck at bowling, but it's fun!). If you can find something you both enjoy and can to repeatedly, I highly recommend it. Cheers!
    • Yeah lol, agreed, it was ass slap day yesterday I believe (maybe he made it up though haha) ;)

  • Excellent points. I should point out, however, that expectations are usually different for the cost of a date when a guy is in his 20s (and I lived in Germany for most of my 20s), than when he is older.
  • alldayfybbobbarino
    Jus remember it's the thought that counts... That's what romance means... Money is the root of all evil...
  • I_am_a_so_called
    Go to a place wich is nice looking like a park but also gives a sense of privacy andjust talk as if you didn't know anything about each other.
  • DaMack999
    I have done that park dates many times irs wonderful especially big city parks. if you're driving just go by drive through and park at nearby park great make out session too.
  • 87609lf
    Sounds like he is reeling you right into his heart. Be kind to eachother.
  • Jjpayne
    Thank you again for posting this! It is pretty fun to see a girls dating prospective
  • FictionalCharacter
    I just a guy to give a ice cream 🍨 and balloons 🎈
  • DayDreamingPHd
    I’m on Facebook dating website & a few other dating website but had no luck so far & hopefully I will meet a woman soon because I don’t like being single
  • Luna1998
    A cup of coffee in a nice bakery, a walk around town or some movies should be fine
  • nikooo0ooo
    go to a movie, that's cheap. I kinda wanna go to the movies I haven't been there in a while
    • Hmm, when going to the movies here, you have to expect to spend 30€, which is already too much in my opinion. Is it cheaper in the US?

    • nikooo0ooo

      Hmm I don't know cause of covid usually it's $12 for tickets and like 25 for some candy popcorn and drinks

    • woah, that's a lot.

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  • whatdoyouwantt
    Cheapest date is to go for a walk
  • Kayla45
    Neat :)
  • shepardmaddison
    Quite good ideas :)
  • WowwGirl
    I'm not paying but good take
  • Flakey-Flake
    Nice 👌
  • That's sweet :)
  • Anonymous
    Well take her to McDonald's of course.