Guys, Let’s Have Fun With Online Dating

Guys, Let’s Have Fun With Online Dating

Hey fellas, online dating can be tough for us. Never mind getting a girlfriend, or having a date, it’s a long shot just to get a girl to respond. So why not have some fun with it and enjoy the process itself of online dating? If girls don’t respond then the upside to that is you can say anything without impunity.

I’ve been having some fun with this and I’d like to share some of the messages I’ve sent.


Girl’s profile says her profession is woodworking.

My message: “your profession is woodworking? Hmm, I'm sure there's no sexual innuendo there :P ”

I was originally going to say “your profession is woodworking? You can work my wood anytime” but instead wanted to hint at it without actually saying it.


various profiles

My message: “Hiloha”

It’s a combination of hello, hi, and aloha. Just mixing it up a bit.


Girl’s profile says she is a sushi and cat lover.

My message: “you like sushi and cats, eh? I hope you don't eat the cats too :P ”

Yeah, it’s racist, but you laughed didn’t you?

Guys, Let’s Have Fun With Online Dating


Girl’s headline says she’s looking to meet new people.

My message: “Hey, I'm new and I'm a person - I'm the perfect guy for you :P ”


Girl’s profile says she would rather have a conversation.

My message: “I'd rather have a conversation too :P ”

By saying that I meant to imply that it takes two to have a conversation – girls, don’t expect us to do all the talking. Needless to say she didn’t respond; either she missed what I was implying or she didn’t believe my message. It doesn’t really matter what guys say when it’s misinterpreted or misbelieved.


Her headline says “Liker of things, do-er of stuff.”

My message: “nice headline; I feel like I know you already.”

I really did like her headline though; I found it amusing.

Guys, Let’s Have Fun With Online Dating


Profile says “the body is my temple and you should always treat it with respect.”

My message: “can I come worship at your temple?”


Profile asks “What does the last girl you slept with look like?”

My message: “She could look like you ;)”


Profile description says “I'm too lazy to enter a proper description.”

My message: “Hi there. I’m too lazy to send a proper first message.”

Hey, a lacklustre profile gets a lacklustre response – it seems appropriate to me. You get what you put out there girls.


Profile says “just ask” (guys, don’t you just hate these?)

My message: “What do you want me to ask about?”

Which in itself is a question.


Headline asks "what’s up," also in her main profile pic she’s wearing a bikini.

My message: “with a profile pic like that you can guess what’s up”


Description says “You'll make my day with a pick up line.”

My message: “Even Da Vinci couldn't paint you

and Stephen Hawking can't explain you

Rosetta Stone could not translate you

I'm at a loss for words”

…yes, these are lyrics from a Weezer song. If she doesn’t like it then I blame Rivers Cuomo :P


Headline says “I’m new??”

My message: “You don’t sound certain that you’re new.”

This one actually garnered a response: “Lol I just typed something random.”

...but no conversation.

Guys, Let’s Have Fun With Online Dating

FYI, none of the other messages got responses, not even a simple "fuck off." So it's like I said at the beginning of this take: no impunity. Have some fun with it guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • As an "attractive" girl or so i have been told by several, i dont wait for the men to contact me, i choose the ones i want and then dangle the proverbial carrot in front of them.

    • I don't know what dangle the proverbial carrot means?
      But it's good to hear some girls out there message guys first!

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    • Hell yeah we do! I can't speak too terribly much for other guys, but I am more likely to find $20 on the streets than I am to get a message first on a dating site (I've found $26 so far). It's so refreshing to see a proactive girl rather than the lazy, I mean "traditional" girl.

    • @Botchie love ya Botchie!

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's always best to just have fun on those "dating" websites and fuck around since the odds of ever getting any real response back is nil, unless your look like some celebrity, male model, or professo athlete or something. And even if you did it could be back and forth a few times and then absolute cold radio silence as they either ignore you completely, or even block you, etc.

    My point is you'd actually get something back out of trolling or fucking around as it's just for the fun, shits and giggles for all your time and effort invested into those places, comparec to ever actually taking it all uptight, or desperate and/or even serious about it. And if the girls that got the responses from you jad some good laughs and fun with it, then that's even BETTER!

    Thanks dude, this mytake really made my day lol!


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What Girls Said 2

  • Haha, I do the same but for men 😉 It is actually a lot more fun. I also like to reply to these weird kind of messages, the other ones I might answer of I have time but usually I don't really.

  • Man this why people don't take it seriously.. you gotta watch out for sex craved pervs and now trolls.. dude you are part of the problem lol


What Guys Said 14

  • okay , the trick is :
    1 - do not text them first.
    2 - text them all with the same text that says who u r and what u do , then they see you and choose to text back or skip.

    both works fine.

    • Profile descriptions are supposed to serve the purpose of #2, but this is still a good idea as girls may not go out of their way to read your profile description. It's like leaving an advertisement pamphlet on the side of the road hoping that someone picks it up versus giving the pamphlet directly to someone. It's not guaranteed that the girl will read it but it improves your chances.

    • they won`t go ready your profile yeah but when they check their inbox they will read what u sent about ur self if they interested they will go to your profile and read more. if they still interested they will text back.

    • Sounds good. I may try that.

  • I want to join a dating site now :D

  • "“I'm too lazy to enter a proper description.”

    Oh GOD, stay the hell away from me. No reply from me on that one.

    "“You'll make my day with a pick up line.”

    Ten to one she's one of those girls who, if you tried a pick-up line on her in a bar, would laugh at you.

    "Just ask."

    That's a cop-out; not much different than the lazy one up there. You can't be bothered to even explain yourself in your profile? Why should I be bothered to ask? :P

    “Liker of things, do-er of stuff.”

    Glad she went into specifics there. 'rolling eyes'

    • I assume "You'll make my day with a pick up line" was meant to be sarcastic...

    • "You can't be bothered to even explain yourself in your profile? Why should I be bothered to ask?"

      ^I like this one, perhaps I'll use it sometime.

  • It's the anonymity that allow people on dating sites to be as shallow as they want to be, in real life a girl would feel to nervous or insecure with the thoughts of those around her to just flat out ignore an advance, she'd at least give a nervous laugh before giving you and excuse or saying no, it's not a problem in my opinion I'm just pointing out the contrast cause no matter how hot the girl is she well likely be smilling nervously when she rejects you In person

  • meh...

    but this one was funny:

    Profile says “just ask” (guys, don’t you just hate these?)
    My message: “What do you want me to ask about?”
    Which in itself is a question.

  • You don't sound like you have any trouble with online dating currently. Your answers are too perfect.

  • This take was full of cringe. No wonder no one responded.

  • Great take. Always gotta make some witty/sarcastic remark for the best results.

  • LOL, no they won't work. Never. Ever.

  • Wow man, why so smart-ass huh? Lol.

  • Good take.

  • I find none of them funny or witty, but again I am not a girl. If it works for you, go slay'em.

    • Nothing works :(
      I just do this for my own amusement. Call it hedonistic but my philosophy is to put fun first.

  • I actually looked into automating messaging see if i could get asimo to do it for me?
    That would have made the problem worse for everyone else though!
    There should really just be a cap on how many people you can send messages it's spam messaging from guys that causes most of the problems in the first place!

    • I won't spam messages. If a girl doesn't respond then I'll move on. If I happen to send a second message then it's probably because I forgot that I already messaged that girl.

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    • Unfortunately, it's a numbers game, so a lot of guys have to do things that way. Why invest so much time and effort into constructing the perfect message if it won't even get a response? I'd gladly drop the generic bullcrap if a girl showed interest.

    • I got responses 1/2 the time on OKcupid but only if they're well targeted and crafted there always uninterested and lazy yet polite never lead to anything and i never got a first message so I gave up because it was a lot of effort with no return!

  • Lol spot on brother. Thats the way to do it. I know because my openers and replies are like that and it works albeit you have to look at least avg. looking


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