7 Ways You Can Tell He's a Bad Choice (Satire)

7 Ways You Can Tell He's a Bad Choice (Satire)

1. He Has A Female Best Friend

This one is a no-brainer. If he has a female best friend, or even TWO, he 100% will cheat on you. Because guys can't have a girlfriend and girlfriends at the same time because men are just SO untrustworthy.

2. He Cares About You

This sign can be tricky, because men know that girls want a guy who cares. So they act like they care until the girl believes it just so they can use the girl!

3. He Says Yes When You Offer To Split The Bill

This is so selfish; he has to know that you were only saying it to be polite. Any guy who actually takes up the offer is a no go.

4. He Gets Upset With You

So what if I accidentally broke his brand new Xbox? That's doesn't matter. He shouldn't get upset with you for doing these kinds of things, you can't help it. Besides, he should think about how I'll feel if he goes off at me.

7 Ways You Can Tell He's a Bad Choice (Satire)

5. He gets mad when you 'cheat' on him

Well, it's not your fault that he was just so bad in bed, you had to go get it from elsewhere. He should understand that he couldn't give you what you needed and he should be happy that you told him. That's the respect that he could never give you.

6. He Says He Won't Lie To You

Because we know all guys are lying scum, this is obviously a lie in itself. Don't trust a man who tells you he won't lie to you or isn't lying to you, because unless he is a feminist or a virgin, he will lie.

7. He Isn't A Virgin

Ladies, if he isn't a virgin then get out right now. This means he obviously just wants sex from you, and who knows how many other girls he used? Even if he only had sex one other time it doesn't matter! This could be a pathway to him using many girls.

I hope now you've taken a good look at your man only to decide he isn't the one for you because we all know he is a scumbag.


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  • Half the things you listed are considered bad choices for some girls.

    • Which is ridiculous, unfair and stupid. Girls who actually think this way make me so mad.

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  • I know it says satire but i still feel like its real lmao

    • Sh*t. I really didn't mean it to seem real. I'm just making fun of females I know and what they say about it all lol.

  • I think you have a bigger issue at hhand good luck with that.

  • i dont get any of this


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