Falling in Love Before Actually Meeting? Yes, It Can Happen

Hey guys!

So I am often on here with the trials and tribulations of my very dramatic love life. I found myself single again and now I have found the man of my dreams... We are crazy about each other but here is the catch; we haven't actually met.

We met on a well known (paid for) dating site. He is this amazing guy who speaks to my soul whenever I am lucky enough to hear his voice (which is fairly often!) and we have an awful lot in common.

We have these knowledge gaps between us and they can be big or small but it doesn't matter. Together we form this well rounded single unit who I am fairly confident could take on the world.

We come from very different backgrounds however our dreams are still along the same direction. We have our own dreams of course, but the ones we want together would be easy.

I would love to have lived in the days of old fashioned romance and now I have met an old fashioned romantic gentleman. He is my modern day prince charming which I really didn't think would come for me.

Our lives have changed since 'meeting' we are happier people who smile a lot more, we are more relaxed and our lives have just somehow crept together. It is so scary but so good.

So to the cynics, I was one just like you but love really does conquer all if you let it...

We meet in person fully this weekend... If you would all like an update I will happily provide one, so how many of you have fallen in love before meeting the person?


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  • I believe it´s indeed possible and I think I can say I did fall in love before meeting her in person... hope you will have a great time together

    • Thanks :) We skyped last night for the first time and it was wonderful!

    • congrats about that!

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