Love at first sight...Merely a delusion!


This is a rather debatable topic and I might as well receive mixed responses.

My definition of Love at first sight, is only on the basis of physical appearance. I guess good looking people are lucky? Or born lucky with good genes?

In my opinion, it's a merely an infatuation where one experiences a strong emotion towards someone, without really knowing them well. In other words, it's like falling in love with the idea of the person, not with their reality (living in an illusion fantasy world where you had glorified your love interest who is ideal and perfect) Apparently, by doing so you tend to ignore the obvious red flags - I know it's a bitter truth to accept the reality of incompatibility and probably he/she is just not into you.

There are quite a number of factors which makes a person believe that love at first sight does exist. One of it which most of us could relate is, romanticism - an artistic and intellectual movement which took place in Europe between the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. The romantic movement emphasised on an emotional sensitivity and individual subjectivity. For the Romantics, imagination, rather than reason, was the most important creative faculty. Throughout the years, the influence of romanticism has engulfed in literature, arts and music where artists, poets and music crafted the feelings and emotions of falling love and heartbreaks in such a beautiful way , in which commonly made an individual adhere to a strong desire or craved to be in love. I wouldn't deny the fact that, it requires an amazing talent and creativity, and these artists are indeed the great minds.

Reproduction of the kiss by Francesco Paolo Hayez
Reproduction of the kiss by Francesco Paolo Hayez

Many of us are not aware ( I wasn't and learned it the hard way) we often misunderstand it as love but it might as well be limerance - defined as the emotional state of uncontrollable obsession and infatuation for a particular person, called the Limerent Object, coupled with a desire to obtain their emotional commitment and begin a relationship with them.

The difference between limerence and love
The difference between limerence and love

So, in simple words its basically the honeymoon phase. Where everything seems to be a bed of roses. On an average limerance lasts for 18 months to 3 years (which is quite a long time) and now how can one justify love at first sight as true love?

Because I believe love is a strong word, that builds naturally by witnessing the beautiful and ugly of an individual and taking a stand of not leaving the person no matter what.

Infatuation will fade, and it will fade quicker than you realize.

Therefore, I don't really believe in love at first sight.

As the process of getting to know each other in depth, you tend to realize, understand and accept each other's- fears, flaws, insecurities, strengths and weakness. Subsequently, you would soon realize the compatibility levels and feelings reciprocation.

In reality, that's how it eventually develops into true love.

Thank you for reading :)

Love at first sight...Merely a delusion!
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  • mrgspoter
    I agree people use the word love to easy it's a really strong thing and I don't think happens too much at all, as even if one did it don't mean the person will love them back.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    Good take. I always look at it as follows:

    At first sight: Lust or infatuation, self-centered.
    Love: other-centered.
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  • Rocco70
    You are completly right, its your opinion. I could make a blanket absolute such as you have, but I cannot. I dont know the entire human race, therefore any statement like you made would certainly make me appear either clownish or ignorant. What a conclusion, telling hundreds of millions of couples their wrong, and your right! I couldnt look my grandparents in their faces and tell them I have complied a list of reasons why their 68 years of love is not real. That, no, you werent in kove at first sight, in that cattle car to Auschwitz, you didn't look every morning to see if you could see him because the towers billowed smoke! Its all physical!! Its what you believe, no one else believes it. Here, here's my kist of reasons why love at first sight isn't real! My God, what would they say? Surviving the ovens, everyone they knew gone, aYet on that grand Liberation day, a 13 yr old russian jewish girl jumpted into the arms of a 15 year old German Jewish boy, and has been in his arms 70 years! They couldnt even understand the language of the other, but language didn't matter. didn't know each others name, wasn't important. But tonight they still hold each other, This is where I came from, dont try and tell me it doesn't exist, because I exist!
    • Vero4567

      Thank you for sharing your story :)
      My view on this- "to each their own"

  • ohshee
    I love this question I feel this way about it first of all there are over let's say 500 types of love or more love is so very powerful and beautiful yes I believe ther is such thing as love at first sight but I think it's more than sight , it's a long story Some thing I believe in ,, I'm an Empath I can take away pain hurt sorrow all I have to do is look at you talk to you weather face to face or east coast to west coast or even touch ,, .. someone could be going through one of the above and with in 15 min there pain is gone and I now have it ,, I've always wanted to know why and how it worked that way ,, in the hospital one day I had an out of body experience a light the size of a dime past right in front of my eyes as I past out as it went right in front of my eyes an I hit the ground I was the light I floated up to a light and stood there watching doctors and nurse's bring me back as I awoke I told the doctor and nurse's word for word what they said and did they wanted to know how we are made from atoms and water Atoms broke down is energy I believe when 2 people meet the energy or are even around each other they meet some how how can I take pain from someone east coast west coast if our body's are our temple it protects our soul our spirit our energy for me today I will say energy have you ever been some place u meet someone and say I have a bad feeling about this person or who is that I believe our energy is our teacher our guide they say you can't take it with u when you die but I believe energy lives for ever and every thing we have done and learned is in our energy we die we leave our body's in saying all the above I believe when we meet someone our energy's also meet and why couldn't they fall in love or bond ,, have you ever fell in love broke up and your body just hurts for months u can't understand the pain the hurt the want no matter what you do ,, it's like another part of us hurts could it be energy that has been around this other energy depended on the other when we become addicted to something is it our energy that becomes addicted that's why we crave things have you ever been talking with someone about some thing special and you both get goose bumps from the inside out is thst our energy's talking to us here is some thing I don't understand but I can talk to someone on the east coast I'm on the west coat we can have phone Sex and just by what I'm thinking I can get her going crazy with out a word I have been thinking of something so hot and she can feel it and is moaning to it and I will stop cold and she will say something to the fact I have done it over and over I have tested and tested her it's just crazy but so true so I think you can have live at first sight but I think it goes deeper
  • nelly83
    “Good looking” is entirely subjective. What may be good looking to you may not be good looking to someone else. Everyone has a specific type. When you see your Type, you have love at first sight. But I don’t believe in love at first sight
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    "You don't love me, you love the idea of me" (3:35, but I recommend the whole thing)
  • Kaneki05
    You understand love, hope you didn't go through to much mistakes to learn it. I know i did. I have had a really bad problem with limerance heck still do very quick to it. But 2 times it hit me i finally overcome into love. So i know the difference completely. I always knew it was just lust never love even when i didn't have love but it was just hard to get out of that mindset even with knowing it. Both times my limerance when into actual love was about 8 months after. So now i am thinking when i meet someone i have to wait around 8 months to see if it's true love. But it can be longer so i dunno.
    I am still quite always thinking about them but it's just different somehow.

    Even people who don't believe in love at first sight like myself can still get this limerance which i think more people don't actually realize since it can stay for so long. I don't hear many people say ah let's wait a year to see if this is just a crush lol.
  • Ripper_E
    There is only a debate if a person is naive. It doesn't exist.
  • Silverio_Stieger
    Actually, the right sentence is "SEX AT FIRST SIGHT!"
  • asshole_
    love at first sight, doesn't exist