The Journey Of Giving Up On Women

The Journey Of Giving Up On Women

No, it doesn't mean I'm going to date guys instead. I tried that and it made me uncomfortable but at this point I wish I was gay. It doesn't mean that it's because I could never find the right girl. It just that the odds of finding the right girl are very low. There may be girls I like who would go out with a guy that looks like me but my persona and my lifestyle choices isn't their type. There may be girls I like who would go out with a guy who has my persona but I don't look physically attractive to them. Or it could be that their personas are not the right ones for me. I have no time and energy to waste my time finding the girl who is the right one for me when the chances are so low. This means that I will start my journey to forever give up on relationships and dating women. The door is closing.

The Journey Of Giving Up On Women

Yes it's mostly my decision based on the women of today and my experiences. My horrible relationship with my mom has scarred me and makes me not trust women. Most women are hypocrites because it's okay for them to be a certain way but if a guy is just like that then they don't want anything to do with him. I'm that the type of person who finds reasons to not like people. I will become a celibate for the rest of my life because STDs and cheating is on the rise.

The Journey Of Giving Up On Women

I know that there will be people telling me why I shouldn't give up and some bitter women will go ape shit. But I'm not going to read any of the opinions. #Peaceout.

The Journey Of Giving Up On Women
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  • sovetskii13
    🍻 More men who understand. I gave up when I turned 21 for my own reasons. It has been over 5 years for me. Giving up on women does not make a man gay. He just doesn't want to be with a girl or spend time searching anymore. Nothing bad.
    By the way, if you don't mind answering, how does your family feel or think about your decision? My parents and grandparents are very upset with me and keep trying to push me towards getting a girlfriend. Saying that I'm gay or something. So annoying.
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    • Tell them that relationship or no relationship, the reality is still the fucking same, we all die in the end, and technically we all die alone, everything we had ever attained or "gained" in this world, we'll lose it all once we're gone anyway, and includes people we have emotional attachments for such as in relationships. The real truth many don't want to admit is that more often than not, one spouse will almost always die before the other so someone is going to be left behind all alone on their own.

      Deep down everybody is alone, because nobody else can actually be us, they cannot feel what we feel or how we feel, they cannot think what we are thinking about, or even think like the way we think. They don't see the world exactly the same way as we do and they don't even realize that. Because everyone doesn't interpret and see everything and everyone in the same exact way in this world.

    • funny how every societal person thinks you people are gay. their brain can't go far beyond that. they are retarded... .

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  • Luci92
    This is sad. You are sad.
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    • Luci92

      If you don't like my opinion, don't read it.

    • Elarra

      That doesn't make any sense because in order for someone not to like your opinion, they would have to know what it is first, thus resulting in them reading it.

    • Luci92

      @Elarra True

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  • JudgmentDay
    Watch these videos, they have more explanations on things like love and relationships and it really isn't what we all thought it really is:

    Don't be so hard on yourself man. Just take some deep breaths and relax. Abusing alcohol will only further cause more problems, from health problems, or even get you into trouble.

    If it makes you comfy, you're not the only one that has given up on relationships and love. Many people have also. But whatever the case maybe, you just have to re-prioritize and pull yourself together and figure out what it is you want to do with your life if relationships and dating just aren't working at all for you. You just have to find some other way to cope, BUT without causing further damage and harm to yourself.

    Besides, once you sober up again, you'll be miserable, and then you'll have to drink so much again just to get drunk to try and numb out those miseries. It will be an endless cycle where you're rally getting nowhere.
  • ginny_weasley
    • I saw a similar post a few weeks about about a woman who was giving up on men and she was sad and everyone was showing sympathy. This feels like sexism double standard.

    • @KatieLEE2222 no, I would've posted the same thing.

  • kaylaS91
    You're going to 'become celibate because or the rest of you life 'because STDs and cheating is on the rise'? You are aware that STDs and cheating are not so much on the rise as actually being reported and being kept track of now, right?

    The relationship you had/have with your mom is completely different from a romantic relationship (at least I hope so) but... whatever dude. If you feel like reasons like that are adequate to make you happy living your life alone, so be it.
    • No they are actually on the rise they have been recording this information for decades and its actually on the rise comparative to the past fifty years.

    • kaylaS91

      @hellionthesagereborn probably because casual sex is on the rise, as is lack of using a condom (which protects against STI's as well as pregnancy) due to hormonal contraceptives.
      But whatever man. Have fun being alone for the rest of your life if you feel like those kinds of reasons are enough to justify your not sharing everything with someone you care about, and who feels the same about you.

    • I haven't given up on anything you made a statement that was inaccurate, I was merely pointing that out. Yes casual sex is on the rise as is not using a condom hence the increase of STDs all of which is not a good thing.

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  • damnwinter
    That's not gonna help at all. Running away from what scares you won't make it go away. Try to work on changing your perspective, there are all kinds of women around, much as there are all kinds of men. But if we all gave up on each other... well who am I kidding, the world doesn't need humans :)) but you get my point. I do not think this will make you happy. Think about it :)
  • CisScum
    Good luck in MGTOW dude, maybe you'll find the man of your life in there.
    • Mrwoo99

      Nice shame tactic mangina, why mock him if you really don't care if he goes his own way. Someone needs to grow up a bit

    • CisScum

      @Mrwoo99 dude he basically insults all women and then says he doesn't care what anyone says, that's not exactly what a grown man says himself.

    • i never got the whole thing with you inaecure guys that gay shame people to feel better about your supposed "straight" and "normal" selves. whoever is normal doesn't need to shout it out loud. and as far as i'm concerned mgtow isn't about gay couples. nor did he mention mgtw anywhere. and even if he went this way there are countless monks, scientists, philanthropists, teachers, poets, philosophers etc, that chose this path not out of desperation but out of love and dedication. and they didn't have to turn gay. in your primitive brain everthing is about sex.

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  • Fathoms77
    Come on, dude. You're 18. I hadn't even STARTED with girls at that age, let alone entertained the idea of giving up on them. ;)
  • cth96190
    Go over to YouTube and watch some of the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) videos.
    You will discover that you are far from alone.
  • BoldnessOfGlover
    No you are making the right decision. Girls aren't worth it. Become the next Newton, he had thoughts similar to yours.
    • Even relationships do not automatically mean guaranteed happiness. No guarantees that relationship are ever going to last forever. But I think that we should not place the blame onto either gender, because there's plenty of bitter and miserable people from both genders in this miserable and cruel world.

      The thing is, the reason we seek relationships is because we feel loneliness and emptiness within ourselves, and because of this suffering and void we have within ourselves, we seek someone else to try and fill in that emptiness and void. But it's just a delusion, because we have to figure out what exactly is it that will bring us fulfillment and complete ourselves and not expect the other person to provide that us, because that would be the wrong mindset and expectations. Because if someone realized that their relationship is failing and then eventually they have to breakup they will be right back to square one, miserable and lonely all over again.

  • ThunderButt83
    here here! women are horrible beings, they exist only to torture us, we guys need better, and i hope you find your greener pastures. or that better thing.
  • Mrwoo99
    Yeah don't worry most men can relate, women are too busy either chasing or whoring around with pyscopathic bad boys, rich guys, tall jacked douchbags and six pack pretty players rather than have relationships with good caring loyal nice guys.

    Karma will hit those women when they reach their post wall 30s when nobody wants sour milk anymore. They might not think it now but trust me, it will hit them right in the face reasons why it's called hitting the wall... it's when they hit the wall and fall off the cock carousel.
    • Doober

      Why u hatin on mah jacked body bruh?

    • Get jacked and get money yourself then ;D

    • Loveherbut


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  • SmokemJay
    Hit some weights homo...
    I was in your position and I'm slowly climbing out dating beautiful girls now stop being a fag and making excuses. TOUGH LOVE HOMIE!!!
  • Dargil
    You absolutely don't have to do that. You are like a Mafioso who subjects himself to death because his urban life of crime is the only life he knows and working as a security guard in Salt Lake City is worse than being tortured to death on a meat hook in Brooklyn. Western women are a corrupt, diseased strain that bring misery and sorrow with them. You are addicted to The Life... easy sex, hooking up, hanging out, social media, "dating", etc. Walk away from it. The Security job in Salt Lake City is foreign born and residing Latina and Philippine women. At first, you might feel a little bored but then you will discover you are sleeping at night and looking forward to the next day. You will feel you are cheating fate. You aren't. You are just stopping killing yourself over your addiction.
    • Dargil

      PS. I did this and love my Security job every damn day.

  • Elarra

    Well, I'm not going to be as cold as some others commenting on here, though I do agree with them. This doesn't sound like it was written by someone with a lot of relationship experience, so I'm going to assume you're bout 18-20 years old, and it that's the case, you are giving up a bit too easily. I say give it a chance. You never know, you might find the one for you. And I think giving up so early on in life might make you a bit miserable.

    But ultimately, it's your choice. More power to you whatever you decide.
    • I saw a similar post a few weeks about about a woman who was giving up on men and she was sad and everyone was showing sympathy. This feels like sexism double standard.

  • PrincessofNohr
    You're giving up in your early 20s? What a negative world view...
    • Jorge567

      I gave up when I was a teen I had a traumatic experience with other kids when I was in school one incident in particular changed me completely

    • age has nothing to do with it. one can have wisdom even as a kid. the question is, is it a creative and mature decision? to dedicate his life in a higher purpose that needs full dedication? it unfortunately doesn't sound this way... .

  • hellionthesagereborn
    I would simply say that at this point in your life your not ready. I had a psyco mother too so I understand that, that will take you a long time of self reflection to undo the damage she did (or at least make it manageable) but its within reach if you so choose. As for the rest, yeah things are bad but we tend to look at things from a skewed view when we are upset we see the negative more then the positive. Cheating is on the rise and it seems like its everywhere but statistically its only between 15 to 20% that leaves you at least 80% of the world population to trust. I would simply suggest working on yourself for a bit and then stop caring, once you stop caring you can do as you will and if a woman appears that your interested in you can try asking her out after all if you don't care then getting rejected is meaningless.
  • This_is_my_username
    dude cmon man... Get a grip on life and push on because right now this is sad.
    • Why are people being mean? Not everyone is lucky, some people have bad luck when things like this, and love can be complicated. Especially now days with so much going on, cut the man some slack. I've felt like him at one point.

    • @This_is_my_username

      Aww come on 😞, its not fair the way people are treating him, I saw a similar post a few weeks about about a woman who was giving up on men and she was sad and everyone was showing sympathy. This feels like sexism double standard.

  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Welp, if you do leave, try and better yourself. Lay off alcohol or any destructive substances. This path is destructive in general, but at least maintain yourself. If you quit, you're really being an a**hole in their eyes because you are shrinking their dating pool and their chance of survival. even though in today's world they can generally have all their physical needs addressed without men thanks to machines, emotionally, there's a hole without men to fill it <-Mind, gutter, out. You know you're getting to them when they get emotional. Everytime MGTOW swells in ranks, a spinster is born. I know it seems logical from your end, they continually reject, so why bother. Definition of insanity, right? Well, I doubt you tried everything. Do us a favor, when a girl drops in your life who needs your help, don't turn her away because she has a vagina, she's human too.
  • Flurr
    I think you should, I think a lot of guys should, and then leave them all to me :D
    • It's not fair the way people are treating him, I saw a similar post a few weeks about about a woman who was giving up on men and she was sad and everyone was showing sympathy. This feels like sexism double standard.

    • Flurr

      @KatieLEE2222 you're right, it is. That's the way it is, it always has been, and always will be. Men don't care about men, women don't care about men, nobody does. Just the way it is.

  • SlightlyCrazy
    Congragafuckinglations more for me
  • John_Doesnt
    You need a prostitute.
  • Redstang88
    Have fun with that dude
  • Adigelunar
  • Omar5881
    Like you had a chance LOOOOL
  • heathers1988
    Join a Buddhist temple ;do something constructive
  • Anonymous
    Dating is fine. One or two dates with anyone is tolerable. It's going to go horribly off the rails anyway. Women are angry and miserable for the most part and only happy when everyone around them is as miserable as they are. They don't want a man they want employees and if they ever ran out of things to complain about they'd complain about that. So it's not that men are giving up they're simply behaving as indifferent and mercenary as women. And women really really hate that.
  • Anonymous
    I've personally been considering going MGTOW too, i'm not sure though...
  • Anonymous
    Tell me about it. Some men are shitty too, they rape girls, or just use abuse and leave them. Fuck all men!!!

    Seriously, you gag guys make me laugh.
  • Anonymous
    You've my support.
  • Anonymous
    Girl says: "I'm giving up on men"

    Guy says: "I'm giving up on women"
    Same twats: "You're a pathetic loser", "No one cares", "Misogynist"... waa waa waa

    Stop acting like spoiled little children.
  • Anonymous
    I am sitting in a cafe and looking around seeing all these men. (It is mainly a guy cafe) and envisioning myself going in there and showing them these comments. They'd be like GOOD ONE LESS TO COMPETE WITH. So go. Nobody is gonna miss you
  • Anonymous
    Emmmm... You know when I was in my early 20s I didn't even talk to guys because they didn't notice me.
    I'd go out with a bunch of girls and they would get hit on, all of them and guys would approach them and I'd sit in a corner trying to look busy with my hands and purse and phone... It was a sad life. I often fwlt inferior to everyone.
    Well, in the end I found the greatest guy. He's goid looking in my opinion and has a great education. He's very understanding and cultured. He's a little weird just like I am! I feel so lucky. Most of the girls from back then have either gotten their heart broken or are in unhappy relationships and marriages. All this happened when I was 27.
    Don't give up. Your time will come.
  • Anonymous
    To be fair , proportionally even more women have turned their backs on men. Women do NOT care if men go MGTOW.
    • Anonymous

      ... cont There will NOT be any bitter women. Women have 2 advantages over men. 1) Very close inter female friendships , there is a strong inter female gender solidarity , women tend to stick together , whereas most men DGAF about each other. 2 ) The vast majority of women are happier without sex , most women do NOT have sexual urges that men do , the biggest complaint women have is " men always want sex " Nature is cruel to men here.

  • Anonymous
    Good mate. You'll find a lot more happiness when you stop trying to chase woman/get their approval. Live your life and be content with who you are.

    As i say. It's much better to be alone and free than be strap down to a woman who ultimately does not love you but is just using you.

    • 150010836

      That's why you leave women like that.

  • Anonymous
    Well relationships/women aren't for everyone. Why would women go apeshit? I mean you are just one guy, there are a lot of guys out there. If you feel like you have a better life without having to manage a relationship then i say go for it. No need to take some poor woman down with you. There are a lot of guys out there that should be doing what you are doing but they don't have the presence of mind to look at themselves and do what you are doing. I say good on ya!
  • Anonymous
    you thinking of going MGTOW?
  • Anonymous
    As the anonymous girl said. nobody cares especially them. they'll always find nasty bad boys to fuck like bunnies in their youth, and nerdy family guys to become their providers later. either if you'll participate in that or not. as for grabbing alcohol dont be a fool. living woman-free can and should be creative, not self destructing... .