Short letter to the women in my life

I'm sorry to say this is a letter of bitterness and resentment.

Short letter to the women in my life

To you four, who like an accursed axis of evil worked along to fragment and destroy my being as a man, I have to write and dedicate those words that I know will never reach you (because I'm a coward) but do express what I feel for you in the deepest of my heart.

- My fiancée

You say love me, but I think you just like to keep me imprisoned. You are a jailor and a butcher. You keep holding over me the shadowy treat of interment in hospital, which is more or less a death threat - nobody should be allowed to hold such power over the life of a human being.

- My mother

Accursed whore. This all started because of you, and the fire got reignited because I prepared that letter for you, as a way to show you the way your behavior and snobbing me over the years affected me and to work together. But no, you had to shut me out again. And so I think, you deserve all the misery you've lived through, and that is not yet enough, and you deserve to die alone and unloved.

- My sister

You have been ruining me since childhood. You should be put on trial for all the abuse and you should pay for it - be it in prison or other ways. You say you want to talk to me again, I don't. So you deserve all the misfortunes and suffering you'll get.

- My ex

You are nothing but an accomplice of the former, and as such you should be treated. Go back to your mountains, and let no one ever hear from you again.

I'm bitter, but no vengeful.... I'm unable and unwilling to exact revenge. But I hold my convinction that the Heaven will look on you four, and punish you accordingly. I place my faith in the Providence.

I've said everything. I'm just an empty, bitter husk.

Short letter to the women in my life
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  • Kaazsz
    My sister hates men. She also has a little boy. She told me she hates little boys, and actively ignores them and treats them like shit if she comes across
    Them. She told me she thinks all men should be castrated at birth.

    She treats her kid like shit. Our neighbors called the CPS on her. I don’t know where she is now but I may call them as well and tell them what she told me.

    My mother beat the shit out of us growing up. Screamed at us all day. Slashed her wrist with a razor in my face for no reason at all.

    All the women in my family are abusive. They abuse their children.

    My ex wife abuses my son and I can’t do anything about it. The state always sides with the mother. They never took me away from mine and she was 1000 times worse.

    I live in the hood. All I see is raging screaming mothers abusing their kids.

    Women aren’t innocent, that’s for sure. They’re just as much monsters as men are. As much as they try to deny it.

    Did you know it’s common knowledge that nearly all women want to murder their babies? I read it in parenting books and websites back when my son was born. It’s just the norm. Their babies cry and they want to murder their kids every time they make them upset. Imagine if women were as strong as men? They would be murdering kids a lot. And men and women murder children at similar rates.

    These hoes ain’t perfect. I still love women and I hope to find a good one one day. But don’t be fooled by what society taught you, that somehow women are angels and men are evil. It’s nonsense. They have their own version of evil and they hide it from us.

    I have a female friend, she burst into tears because she has 3 sons. She was crying and saying she’s so scared for her boys because she loves them and she doesn’t want evil women to ruin their lives. And she knows because she knows women are not innocent and so bad things and the bad things SHE did in her life make her fear for her sons.

    Hey, it is what it is. The reality is human beings are just fucking scum lol. Male or female, it doesn’t matter.
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  • WalterBlack
    You can't change who your family members are. However, at some point you should do some serious soul searching to figure out why you are attracting women who aren't right for you. I would suggest getting some professional counseling. I think you might need to unlearn some of the incorrect ideas that are buried in your brain about what love looks like and feels like. I will take you at your word that you lived in an emotionally toxic environment during your formative years. But it seems that you have a lot of work to do so that you can get those metaphorical toxins out of your brain. I think you are starting to see an unhealthy pattern emerging with your romantic relationships. You can take control of your future. It doesn't always have to be this way. I understand that you are feeling a lot of pain right now. But finding people to blame doesn't help your situation. Other people may have tainted your past. But YOU are the only one who has the power to improve your future.
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  • Anonymous
    All I’ve heard is a broken man playing the victim. If you love and value yourself your tune would be different. My dad is a narcissist, my ex was a cheating drug addict. My other ex left me for my roommate, my third ex got two girls pregnant during the two years we were together. My last ex gave me herpes and was seeing a younger girl behind my back. My mom oh my mom she stayed in an emotional and mentally abusive relationship for 29 years. She is the reason why I bond to trauma and like bad boys. I have been working on myself because that’s all I’ve got. I’ve been engaged once, love is beautiful. It’s who you attract and take a likeness to. Cut toxic people off and live, be the best version of yourself. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, the world is a cruel place
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  • Are you really still sit down and be their puppet? Don't complain if you won't do something about it. Have balls and break up with them. For being coward you'll have an unhappy life and at the age if 50 you'll ask yourself "what have I done in life?", and you will get sad because you won't be able to go back.
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    • I was thinking to either assert myself over them and show them who's the boss, to completely run away from them.

    • Just do it, you are still young, you still got time to live the life that makes you happy or at least that doesn't make you feel miserable. I am just a stranger, honestly I don't care about you because I don't know you but I pity you, I saw similar cases in my family, so yeah, you should move right now, on this second, don't leave it for next month, next month is Christmas. People on comments will sound so convinving about caring about your case.. oh boy I bet! Be serious.

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  • AlienParasite
    I feel sorry. I don't know you and your relationship well enaugh to tell what's exaggerated, what is just spot on or even if something could be softer worded for reality you suffered. I can only wish for better times to come for you.
    • Itsroxxie

      I think he inflates some things but it's concerning how he seems to ooze genuine disdain for people who love him

  • Xcommunicated
    Well, please don’t hold back. I don’t know you or what you’ve been through.
    but a good (happy, useful, positive) life is the best revenge.
    wishing you all the best, get rid of negative. Don’t pile on more bad on more bad and put yourself in a position to be positive and good in long run.

    Life is short don’t waste it.
  • Itsroxxie
    Yes, you are a coward.
    If you had any spine you would go to each one of those women and read them what you wrote here.
    Prepare yourself for the reactions you will get. Then see what you can save.

    I think that all of them (maybe not your ex) sincerely love you in their own way. You just don't want to see it.
    • Honestly I where u coming from, but u can't say you think they love him etc.
      I say this because u are not him, you haven't lived the abuse and all of that.
      You not the one being emotional torn apart, so I don't think that is something u should say because I don't think u can walk a mile in his shoes.

      This comment ain't criticism I'm just sharing my veiw.

    • Amanda2

      Writing is cathartic, he seems to have a lot of hate... this to me is a good medium to channel that hate. I think he’s a coward for bottling up all this vengeance and not moving on. Who would want to stay in such a dark place?

    • Itsroxxie

      @Amanda2 because he's weak. He rages here because he can't do it at home. He said multiple times he doesn't talk back or express his feelings at home.

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  • aarnasen
    WOah okay so you need to cut them out from your life and do it asap. You do not need to be vengeful, but if you let this drag on then it will haunt you for the rest of your life. What is stopping you from leaving?
  • jennie16
    Omg... this was all so sweet. Maybe not all men are trash. But this absolutely broke my heart
    • jennie16

      Don’t call your mother a whore though?

    • jennie16

      Also why’d you use that sexy pic while writing about your mother and sister... you should’ve used something more that represents all lol

    • jennie16

      I’m sure all of those women had their reasons, because you wishing ill will upon them and actively seeking revenge is actually really immature. Move on.

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  • chris0977
    My question to you:

    Who gave you the belief you were owed or entitled to anything from anyone else - they're not your puppets... you either be a crybaby & suffer the rest of your life, or work on yourself; choice is yours along w/ responsibility for all consequences... but get the crybaby idea out of your head life owes you anything if you ever want change, otherwise play the lottery, because everything outside you is outside your control. It's life. Get used to it.
  • Unit1
    You may want to consider joining MGTOW then. Just saying!Short letter to the women in my life
    • I don't put myself under labels, especially of that kind. I need no label because no one from any group would ever stick with me and I don't need them

    • Unit1

      Suit yourself.

    • Be assured I feel the same, if not worse, towards other men.

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  • Poppykate
    You need to get your life back on track Jean. Do what makes you happy. You only get one chance at life, so don’t live it for someone else.

    I do feel your pain on family problems. I had my dad cut himself out of my life when he remarried. It was the best thing that could have happened in my life! I realised that his narcissistic negativity was holding me back, and making me feel low. But I just couldn’t see it at the time.

    You can create the life you want, it just takes time. Work towards that job you want. Cut out toxic people in your life. Do things that make you happy.
  • Dargil
    It is time to reboot Jean.
    Recovering and deleting them from your life and memory will give you victory both over them and over yourself.
  • Tea-Spaghetti
    Psychological issues aside I think this was pretty nicely written.
  • You okay?
    you should just cut them out of your life
  • msc545
    Wow. You've really had some bad experiences with women!
  • Pinky_what_why
    That was deep are you gonna be Oki?
  • Ally247
    Why don't you cut them off?
    • I'm not a violent person

    • Ally247

      Well not literally cut them off, but cut them out of your life

    • I understand.
      I have already cut off my ex and my sister a year ago actually, but I still resent them.
      For my mother, she's not entitled to block me like she did. I have to do that, I should be the one rejecting her.
      My fiancée made me lose my job and income and now provides for me, so I need her money. Plus she said she'll get me hospitalized if I try to leave her.

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  • honestGUY45
  • Anonymous
    More details of why you feel the way you do.

    I have my personal goal to be single by 2023 and have been working on a exit plan for 2yrs already. Not married to her, but I am not gonna leave empty handed, nor will she be left empty handed.

    I feel i have given up way to much for the success of the relationship. I love cats, she is allergic. I used to have tons of female friends, she works in IT and i am 99% sure some how she has spoken to them as the friendships have changed. She is always pissing and moaning about something, and what really gets me is it always something so petty like cloing a kitchen cabinet or a crumb on the counter.

    Honestly, the only thing i want is to be fed. Seriously, thats it. No, wild freaky circus sex is wanted anymore anyway. I do my own laundry, i have moved out of the bedroom into my own, i have my own bathroom, which i clean too.

    In previous relationships i had zero problem with working my ass off and well me paying for everything so to speak. The woman would keep the home. I was happy. The girl i have now, wants be - well the alpha in the house too. God forbid i want something, if i even catch a glimpse of what she wants i am already working in a way to get it for her cause well she wants it. We can afford it so why not. So i do my part to make a plan, then its if i want it it i will get it myself... wtf.

    So we co own, 4 business now working on the 5th. I am a horny capricorny, i love numbers. I have achieved tremendous heights of success and i can say she has definitely helped. My net worth has increased 10x in the last 7 years. But to be honest, i was happier playing video games in my studio apartment w a cat by then being with this one.

    So in two more years i will have found another few businesses to generate enough income. I will get my passport, travel to maybe the Philippines and find an island girl to hang with. No fancy house, just live comfortablly on the revenues the businesses generate w my cat.