An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

An Open Letter to Womenkind: Thanks for Nothing!

I tried being nice. From the time I wrote a MyTake honoring what I love most about women to when I defended older women from the misogynistic charge that they are worthless. I even wrote a letter to my future daughters, because I loved women and delighted in the fantasy of someday raising women of my own as a father. But now things have changed, and changed badly they have.

To those who have been following my recent escapades at work, this is the update you asked for.

Upon receiving my "Yes" and her phone number, I called the girl in question and tried to plan an official date. Not only did she reject me, which is strange after initially expressing interest and volitionally giving me her phone number of her own choice, but she told all of my coworkers that I stole her number off of Facebook and have been stalking her, and that I am a creeper.

She was a lying cunt, simply put, and has completely jeopardized my status in the workplace.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

Now I have guys in different departments calling me pedophile and creeper, threatening me, and giving me dirty looks. I will forever be the store creeper, all because I sincerely approached a girl.

I hope that you are happy. I tried to be your friend. I tried to defend your sex from the generalizing charges of the bitter neckbeards and misogynists who lurk this website. I tried to have faith in your sex, knowing that no matter how bad many of you may be, you could not all be like that. There had to be some good women left in the world. I trusted you. I went all in on this faith.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

And you betrayed me. You took a genuinely nice guy who was barely starting to step out of his shell to approach women and nailed him to the Cross. You crucified the one man who believed in you. I'm sorry that I had the audacity to think that I could respectfully approach you. Should I have slapped your ass, called you "bitch," and cheated on you instead? Then you would respect me? Because you sure respect it when Chad Thundercock does precisely that. But when an average male like myself who is not Chad Thundercock opts to approach you in a respectful and dignified manner, he is automatically a "creep" and a "pedophile" who deserves to have his entire reputation destroyed?

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

I guess so. After all, you must be having a huge laugh about this. Guess what else is funny? I will never be able to use the fridge in the break room again, for fear of having my food poisoned or tampered with, and I will now have to start carrying pepper spray whenever I leave the workplace at night for fear that the guys this lying cunt turned against me ever decide to attack me in the parking lot. More than that, my supervisor had to hug me just to keep me from CRYING! Yes, I almost broke down in tears at the workplace, and the head cashier had to assume the role of mother for me.

Hilarious! You must be dying of laughter by now. You hurt the one guy who sincerely believed in you.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

Because if there is anything I have learned from this fiasco, it is that you women have not changed one bit. You are still just as vain, conceited, and poisonous as you were in the Garden of Eden. Your sex still bears the Curse of Eve. God was right to subject you to the patriarchy. Never again will I put your sex up on a pedestal, never again will I stick up for you or try to fulfill my role as a man.

I have lost all faith in you

And as a result, you have lost me. You lost a sincerely nice guy who believed in you. And I hope that you are happy. Of all the men you could have destroyed, from the Chad Thundercocks to the real misogynists, you chose to destroy me simply because I was meek, respectful, and an easy target. You chose to destroy the soft-spoken virgin who wears a Holy Trinity necklace and purchases his mother flowers every night after work. You chose to destroy your only friend.

The next time I approach a woman, she will be either a prostitute in Nevada or a mail-order bride from the former Soviet Union. And until you can prove me wrong, I affirm that the majority of Western women are like prostitutes and arguably even worse. No, definitely worse.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

You see, you talk a good game against prostitutes and sex workers, as if you were afforded some sort of moral high ground by which to pass judgment upon them. But from where I stand, you are worse. You opt to sleep only with the Chad Thundercocks of the world, and then when you reach 30 and decide to settle down, you shamelessly hook a genuinely good guy such as myself and then force us to take care of you via the institutionalized slavery known as marriage. That is, not only do you want to spend the majority of your life rejecting us, but then you want to force us to take care of you when you decide that the party is over. Well guess what? No hymen, diamond. Not every man is content settling for a thirty-something year old Sex and the City slut. If you were afforded the luxury of being picky, shallow, and superficial during your youth, then the men you spent your youth rejecting are entitled to be the same way once the power dynamic of the sexes change.

At least prostitutes and sex workers do not pass judgment. They sleep with all men equally provided that they have the money. They give average fellows like myself a chance for sex. If my entire reputation was destroyed just for approaching a woman for a date, how could I ever expect to have sex the normal way?

But that is why you hate prostitution, isn't it? That is why you condemn sex workers. It has nothing to do with morality, decency, or even the wellbeing of the sex worker. You could care less. Rather, it has to do with the fact that you do not believe average men like myself are entitled to sex. At least not until you decide that we are via marriage, when you will grudgingly sleep with us once a year or so just to keep us quiet so that you can keep living off of our money while you daydream of all the Chad Thundercocks you banged in your youth. This is why. You do not want average men to be afforded the same luxury that you have: to be able to have casual sex with whomever we want. This is why you hate prostitutes. Prostitutes completely upset the status quo; they break the monopoly that you possess over sex. They make it so that average guys can experience the sex of their dreams without having to jump through hoops or follow the unfair rules that you have set up for us.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

It all makes perfect sense now. Why on Earth would feminists whose entire platform is built upon overthrowing conventional sexual morality and promoting an anything-goes culture oppose prostitution on moral grounds? They do not believe in morality. They could care less about right and wrong. They only care about protecting their total monopoly over sex so that they can continue to screw over nice guys like myself until they reach their 30s and decide that we are useful.

Prostitutes break the conspiracy; they open the Pandora's box.

If this sounds like another misogynistic rant, that is precisely because it is. I tried being nice to a fault and it completely backfired on me. Your sex utterly destroyed me all because I was not Chad Thundercock. I used to think that all of the bitter neckbeards on this website were just misogynists and losers. I now realize that they have every reason to be bitter. They were screwed over by a female-dominated conspiracy that was, and is, completely rigged against them. I held out for a longer time, until I myself was also screwed over by it.

In conclusion....

I used to think that the reason why you women rejected me was because you were better than me. I tried to prove my worth by bettering myself and being the best man that I could possibly be. But I now realize that I was wrong. Rather, the reason why you women reject me is because I am better than you. You are shallow, superficial, and conceited like your mother Eve. If Chad Thundercock is who you want, then so be it. Do what thou wilt. But do not expect the nice guys like myself to still be around once you reach 30 and decide that you want to settle down with one of us.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

Because then we will be in the position of power. Like the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, the tables will have turned. Time is on our side. Whereas age marks a rapid decrease in worth for women, it entails a massive increase in worth for men. By the time we approach our 30s, we will barely be experiencing our peak while you will be experiencing your downfall.

And we will no longer want you,

I certainly will not, and you will die cold and alone in a world of regret, forever haunted by your own foolishness which drove all of the good guys such as myself away. And you will have no one to blame but yourself, knowing that you are responsible for the impending extinction of nice guys.

As it is, I will never approach another woman again. That nice guy that was once inside of me is completely dead. Dead, and you killed him. You crucified him. You nailed him to the Cross.

The next time you complain about where all of the Nice Guys went, remember what you did to me. Remember my story.

I, JRICHARDS1996, hereby forfeit the misandristic, female-dominated conspiracy known as the world of dating, sex, and relationships.

It cost me my reputation at work, my pride as I nearly broke down in tears before my supervisor, and my self-confidence as I was just barely starting to step outside of my comfort zone before the matriarchy forced me back into place. Well I will no longer comply. I will no longer be your insurance policy, your future husband once you reach 30 and Chad Thundercock is nowhere to be found.

I forfeit the game, and I encourage my fellow males to do the same.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!
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