An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

An Open Letter to Womenkind: Thanks for Nothing!

I tried being nice. From the time I wrote a MyTake honoring what I love most about women to when I defended older women from the misogynistic charge that they are worthless. I even wrote a letter to my future daughters, because I loved women and delighted in the fantasy of someday raising women of my own as a father. But now things have changed, and changed badly they have.

To those who have been following my recent escapades at work, this is the update you asked for.

Upon receiving my "Yes" and her phone number, I called the girl in question and tried to plan an official date. Not only did she reject me, which is strange after initially expressing interest and volitionally giving me her phone number of her own choice, but she told all of my coworkers that I stole her number off of Facebook and have been stalking her, and that I am a creeper.

She was a lying cunt, simply put, and has completely jeopardized my status in the workplace.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

Now I have guys in different departments calling me pedophile and creeper, threatening me, and giving me dirty looks. I will forever be the store creeper, all because I sincerely approached a girl.

I hope that you are happy. I tried to be your friend. I tried to defend your sex from the generalizing charges of the bitter neckbeards and misogynists who lurk this website. I tried to have faith in your sex, knowing that no matter how bad many of you may be, you could not all be like that. There had to be some good women left in the world. I trusted you. I went all in on this faith.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

And you betrayed me. You took a genuinely nice guy who was barely starting to step out of his shell to approach women and nailed him to the Cross. You crucified the one man who believed in you. I'm sorry that I had the audacity to think that I could respectfully approach you. Should I have slapped your ass, called you "bitch," and cheated on you instead? Then you would respect me? Because you sure respect it when Chad Thundercock does precisely that. But when an average male like myself who is not Chad Thundercock opts to approach you in a respectful and dignified manner, he is automatically a "creep" and a "pedophile" who deserves to have his entire reputation destroyed?

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

I guess so. After all, you must be having a huge laugh about this. Guess what else is funny? I will never be able to use the fridge in the break room again, for fear of having my food poisoned or tampered with, and I will now have to start carrying pepper spray whenever I leave the workplace at night for fear that the guys this lying cunt turned against me ever decide to attack me in the parking lot. More than that, my supervisor had to hug me just to keep me from CRYING! Yes, I almost broke down in tears at the workplace, and the head cashier had to assume the role of mother for me.

Hilarious! You must be dying of laughter by now. You hurt the one guy who sincerely believed in you.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

Because if there is anything I have learned from this fiasco, it is that you women have not changed one bit. You are still just as vain, conceited, and poisonous as you were in the Garden of Eden. Your sex still bears the Curse of Eve. God was right to subject you to the patriarchy. Never again will I put your sex up on a pedestal, never again will I stick up for you or try to fulfill my role as a man.

I have lost all faith in you

And as a result, you have lost me. You lost a sincerely nice guy who believed in you. And I hope that you are happy. Of all the men you could have destroyed, from the Chad Thundercocks to the real misogynists, you chose to destroy me simply because I was meek, respectful, and an easy target. You chose to destroy the soft-spoken virgin who wears a Holy Trinity necklace and purchases his mother flowers every night after work. You chose to destroy your only friend.

The next time I approach a woman, she will be either a prostitute in Nevada or a mail-order bride from the former Soviet Union. And until you can prove me wrong, I affirm that the majority of Western women are like prostitutes and arguably even worse. No, definitely worse.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

You see, you talk a good game against prostitutes and sex workers, as if you were afforded some sort of moral high ground by which to pass judgment upon them. But from where I stand, you are worse. You opt to sleep only with the Chad Thundercocks of the world, and then when you reach 30 and decide to settle down, you shamelessly hook a genuinely good guy such as myself and then force us to take care of you via the institutionalized slavery known as marriage. That is, not only do you want to spend the majority of your life rejecting us, but then you want to force us to take care of you when you decide that the party is over. Well guess what? No hymen, diamond. Not every man is content settling for a thirty-something year old Sex and the City slut. If you were afforded the luxury of being picky, shallow, and superficial during your youth, then the men you spent your youth rejecting are entitled to be the same way once the power dynamic of the sexes change.

At least prostitutes and sex workers do not pass judgment. They sleep with all men equally provided that they have the money. They give average fellows like myself a chance for sex. If my entire reputation was destroyed just for approaching a woman for a date, how could I ever expect to have sex the normal way?

But that is why you hate prostitution, isn't it? That is why you condemn sex workers. It has nothing to do with morality, decency, or even the wellbeing of the sex worker. You could care less. Rather, it has to do with the fact that you do not believe average men like myself are entitled to sex. At least not until you decide that we are via marriage, when you will grudgingly sleep with us once a year or so just to keep us quiet so that you can keep living off of our money while you daydream of all the Chad Thundercocks you banged in your youth. This is why. You do not want average men to be afforded the same luxury that you have: to be able to have casual sex with whomever we want. This is why you hate prostitutes. Prostitutes completely upset the status quo; they break the monopoly that you possess over sex. They make it so that average guys can experience the sex of their dreams without having to jump through hoops or follow the unfair rules that you have set up for us.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

It all makes perfect sense now. Why on Earth would feminists whose entire platform is built upon overthrowing conventional sexual morality and promoting an anything-goes culture oppose prostitution on moral grounds? They do not believe in morality. They could care less about right and wrong. They only care about protecting their total monopoly over sex so that they can continue to screw over nice guys like myself until they reach their 30s and decide that we are useful.

Prostitutes break the conspiracy; they open the Pandora's box.

If this sounds like another misogynistic rant, that is precisely because it is. I tried being nice to a fault and it completely backfired on me. Your sex utterly destroyed me all because I was not Chad Thundercock. I used to think that all of the bitter neckbeards on this website were just misogynists and losers. I now realize that they have every reason to be bitter. They were screwed over by a female-dominated conspiracy that was, and is, completely rigged against them. I held out for a longer time, until I myself was also screwed over by it.

In conclusion....

I used to think that the reason why you women rejected me was because you were better than me. I tried to prove my worth by bettering myself and being the best man that I could possibly be. But I now realize that I was wrong. Rather, the reason why you women reject me is because I am better than you. You are shallow, superficial, and conceited like your mother Eve. If Chad Thundercock is who you want, then so be it. Do what thou wilt. But do not expect the nice guys like myself to still be around once you reach 30 and decide that you want to settle down with one of us.

An Open Letter to Women: Thanks for Nothing!

Because then we will be in the position of power. Like the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, the tables will have turned. Time is on our side. Whereas age marks a rapid decrease in worth for women, it entails a massive increase in worth for men. By the time we approach our 30s, we will barely be experiencing our peak while you will be experiencing your downfall.

And we will no longer want you,

I certainly will not, and you will die cold and alone in a world of regret, forever haunted by your own foolishness which drove all of the good guys such as myself away. And you will have no one to blame but yourself, knowing that you are responsible for the impending extinction of nice guys.

As it is, I will never approach another woman again. That nice guy that was once inside of me is completely dead. Dead, and you killed him. You crucified him. You nailed him to the Cross.

The next time you complain about where all of the Nice Guys went, remember what you did to me. Remember my story.

I, JRICHARDS1996, hereby forfeit the misandristic, female-dominated conspiracy known as the world of dating, sex, and relationships.

It cost me my reputation at work, my pride as I nearly broke down in tears before my supervisor, and my self-confidence as I was just barely starting to step outside of my comfort zone before the matriarchy forced me back into place. Well I will no longer comply. I will no longer be your insurance policy, your future husband once you reach 30 and Chad Thundercock is nowhere to be found.

I forfeit the game, and I encourage my fellow males to do the same.

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  • Listen,

    Shitty people exist. Your vagina or your cock doesn't dictate that. But I would like to say: no man is "entitled" to sex, just as a tidbit, nobody is entitled to having someone give themselves to you entirely, that's earned. Unless you like meaningless sex.

    What that girl did to you wasn't okay, but it is no reason to let it destroy you and suddenly go to this extreme. Not all women are heartless assholes, dude. You've had some shitty luck and this girl was wrong but you have to look in the mirror yourself sometimes to really address the issue. You're feeling defeated, but don't stoop down to this level or you will NEVER find yourself happy and you will never win.

    I don't know what went on between you too, maybe you came on too strong, maybe you didn't, either way what this girl did wasn't right.

    Rejection sucks, being slandered sucks, but the only way to rise from the ashes of that is to show that bitch that she has NO POWER OVER YOU. You have to move on, you have to have it in yourself to be ready to receive love from the right woman. If you just submit to this horrible mentality you're never going to get anywhere. You're smarter than that.


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  • Dude. I was rooting for you. I was really hoping that you'd have a good experience with this gal, because guess what? I had a gut feeling something would go wrong and that you would end up writing THIS exact take.
    She's an ass, and you're justified in feeling mad at *her*. If she has made you feel unsafe and uncomfortable at work, talk to your boss about it and see if there's anything you can do. If not, quit your job and find another one. You're working at a grocery store or something, right? It's pretty easy in general to find jobs within retail so don't be afraid of quitting and not looking back, for your own safety.
    And sorry, but I have to be blunt. Shunning an entire gender for one bad experience is dumb as fuck. Seriously. Everyone has a bad experience with someone at some point. If we all started turning our backs to each other, we'd become hermits. This is not how you fight the problem. And the problem isn't all women, even though you want to believe that so badly because it justifies your hurt feelings and bitterness. The problem is that assholes, in general, OF BOTH GENDERS, exist. And there's always going to be assholes, no matter what you do or where you turn.
    So what can *you* do? Realize that the problem is HER, not her VAGINA, release some of that pent up anger by doing something productive like working out, and then move on. Blaming an entire gender for, literally, the actions of ONE person is not only extremely closed-minded, but it's also ignorant and flat out stupid. Really fucking stupid. And I expect more from you than stupidity.
    I remember confessing my feelings to a guy for the first time. I was 12. I was really fucking nervous so I did it over a long text message. He ended up showing it to everyone in class and they all laughed about it. They used to quote the message and remind me of the things I had said until I was like 14 or 15. It wasn't like a constant thing, but it definitely happened often enough for me to feel pretty shitty about it for quite some time.
    Fastforward until I was like 15, there was this guy who was having some problems in school. He was kind of a bad apple. He wasn't a bad kid, he just had trouble concentrating in class and would interrupt the teacher a lot. I tried being his friend, and it worked for a while. But then he started bullying me and making fun of me in front of everyone. He and several other guys would shit talk about me to my face. Or whisper it behind my back in class, just loud enough...

    • ... for me to hear. I ended up silently crying a few times in class because of them.
      But you know fucking what? I never blamed all guys for what they were doing. I still had some good guy friends who had my back. I still had my brother and my father who definitely had my back and would comfort me when I came home and cried. I fucking recognized that the actions of a few don't define a massive group of people who just happen to share the same genitals as them, or race as them or whatever the fuck else that they had in common.
      So pick your damn self up, brush yourself off and stop this nonsense.

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    • WHY are you apologizing? You shouldn't have to apologize for what that cunt did to you!!!

    • @Absolute_Revenge except that he wasn't apologizing for what she did to him, he was apologizing for the awful generalizations of women.

  • I'm really sorry about what happened but you can't tell me that this is all that it takes for you to think that ALL women are of the same sort? Do you sincerely believe that we all have a hive-mind, and would behave in the same way?

    What do you hope to gain from 'encouraging your fellow males to do the same'?

    • Absolutely because the same thing happened to me when I was in 6th grade, which was why I became so shy until now. Then now that I barely start to step out of my comfort zone, it happens all over again.

    • Ever stop to think that it might be more reasonable to conclude that you may be the factor at fault, versus saying that an entire sex sharing nothing more than genitals/chromosomal makeup, is to blame?

  • You're blaming an entire sex for one woman's actions?
    Boy, you're giving her a lot of power.
    If you keep this way of thinking she will always be a winner and you will forever be a loser.
    You're allowing one woman to control your thoughts and actions.
    I'm really appalled at what I read and expected more maturity from you because I always thought you had a head well screwed on.
    I guess I was wrong.

    • How would you feel if you went through the same thing? I did everything right and then some, and my reward was that I was slandered, dragged through the mud, and threatened, and now no one will ever believe me because I'm a male and she's a helpless woman.

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    • All women do this.

  • I'm sorry that happened to you. You are completely justified in being upset and feeling hurt by this woman's behavior. I can't blame you for feeling this way. However, lashing out and blaming all women is simply irrational and won't help your situation.

    Try to realize that the actions of one or even a few do not represent us all. Obviously this woman was not the right person for you but the right person is out there. If you just give up and resent all women, it will only make you feel more miserable and, in turn, make the GOOD women out there feel apprehensive about dating you.

    Another piece of advice, this is exactly why it is not a good idea to get involved with someone from your workplace. I know it can be easy to catch feelings for someone you work with since you see that person often, but if things go sour, it can make your work environment incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. I know it's too late now since the past is the past, but use this as a learning experience as you go into the future.

    I have seen you around on here and you do seem like a nice guy who's just had some bad luck. Try to keep your head up. Don't let this one insensitive, hateful person ruin your view of life and dating in general. I wish you the best.

    • I'd like to ask you, xHoneyxBeex, why you *aren't* answering a certain way.

      Why *aren't* calling him a fake nice guy?

      I'm curious what makes you tick.

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    • @19MK34 Perhaps you should re-read my post. I never said his current attitude is what has always held him back, I said it will hold him back from the genuinely good women in the future, which is true. Lashing out at all women because of one woman who was a jerk won't make the good ones want to date him.

    • They don't want to date him anyway. If he had other girls lining up he wouldn't care about this girl and would be just laughing it off. Meanwhile other men with far more significant problems do just fine, attitude is irrelevant.

  • "Nice guy" alert. Nice only until you didn't get what he wanted doesn't make you a decent human being.

    • It is not about not getting what I want. It is about having your entire reputation ruined and living in fear because a woman decided to make up lies about you.

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    • Special snowflake alert. Of course you haven't reached 30 yet have you. Stop thinking you can treat men how you like.

    • @Bluemax I fully agree. While the author's take was rather extreme and he overreacted, it's one thing to call someone names but it's another to call someone something that you could go to jail for like a rapist or pedophile, then it shouldn't be taken lightly.

      It'd be like damaging a girl's reputation by saying she's a prostitute or has an std when she doesn't.

  • Honestly from the way you wrote this, it does sound like you probably came off way too strongly to this girl. Like you took it so seriously, it may have spooked her. Honestly... from how you wrote this it comes off as just really self focused. I think that you should look into being genuinely empathic towards people.

    • And I read a lot of your story, not all of it but a solid half and everything that happened with the chick.

      And on the flipside if you think other people can be better than you... that's really not good. So I'd also suggest that you try to stop thinking that way because other people will be able to tell...

    • So asking a girl out is too strong now? How much pussy-footing does it take to get a girl to go out then?

  • Well, there you have it. "Nice guy" suddenly turns asshole because of one awful girl. Don't hesitate to blame the entire female gender for the actions of one.

    I get that maybe you're just letting off steam here because you're rightfully angry. It sucks when kind people get screwed over. But this is such a strong reaction that I wonder if you were ever nice in the first place. It sounds a lot like you were only acting nice because you thought it would get you laid, which is called manipulation.

    I hope you come around. True and genuinely kind people are invaluable.

    • I have followed this guy for awhile. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy who has just gotten over his shyness enough to approach this girl and. . . I don't know why she set him up like this; maybe people at work thought this would be good for laugh, but it's not. You're right, he shouldn't judge all females by the actions of this one, but try to have some empathy for him, because I think he is a genuinely nice guy who has just felt the awful sting of rejection.

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    • Ones mind is very irrational after a rejection. It can be a rough experience and one can say things they dont mean. I'm sure he isn't blaming all females here. He's just letting off steam and had some strong feelings for her and is skeptical that other women will hurt him as well. Its wrong to give him a hard time about it if you can't understand where he is coming from. I highly doubt he was just trying to get laid.

    • not that this has really any pertinence to the discussion but I'm making this comment towards your last sentence.

      True and genuinely kind people are invaluable as there "seem" to be fewer these days. The problem with truly genuinely kind people is that quite often they are taken for granted. When one is taken for granted all the time it can really bring a person down. Now don't get me wrong, I agree with what you said here especially that one bad apple in this case doesn't ruin the bunch, but I just wanted to make it clear that nice people CAN change based on their experiences. especially if they feel they are taken for granted or unfortunately often times, used as a doormat because people know they can abuse their kindness. (once again.. this is all just me saying).

  • Dude, are you kidding me with this? One woman does not make us all annoying, lying cunts. My dad was a deadbeat, does that give me the right to call all men deadbeats? No.

    Look, I'm sorry she hurt you but don't generalize an entire group of people because of this one experience. The gender does not make the person. She was probably bad from the start.

    You will have more luck in the future. :)

    • Believing in magic physics doesn't mean Newtonian rules don't actually apply. There is only so much energy to give, only so much belief a person has, and so many times you can convince yourself to believe when you try.

      I'm all for the "Just keep pushing forward" mindset but to do so and blindly reject the past experiences that have shaped the way you approach the world is absolute retardation. For me, I can look at someone and pick them apart, find that thing that makes them not just crack but completely crumble, or I can find that thing that makes them love me for life. It's made dating far less interesting and magical knowing that there are exact moves at every second that could make or break the relationship and it's your choice if you want to walk the safe path or give her the up and down experience that every woman secretly wants.

      I mean, you see it from the perspective of someone who's wanted, we see it from the side that will never have.

  • Dude,

    One lying, classless, mean-spirited moron does not an entire gender make.

    Of course, you already know this. I'm sorry that this happened to you, I really am.

    But people stab others in the back in school, at work, wherever. It has nothing to do with gender. She's probably just a horrible person. I would bet she's done similar things to other girls out of insecurity and/or pure meanness.

    Don't let her reprehensible behavior dictate your future behavior, or define the rest of us.

    Good luck man. :)

    • Well thank you, I know that, and I apologize for being so offensive. But remember that I use hyperbole a lot, especially when I am angry. The only thing now is that I feel like I can never approach another girl again. The irrational nightmare actually became a reality for me, and just when I barely stepped out of my comfort zone. Now I'll always be afraid that whenever I approach a girl, this could happen again.

    • I understand that. Just don't worry about "trying" to find that girl. She will come along when the time is right. God's doesn't work on our time schedule. You know this too.

      Just try to take a deep breath, and realize that you're going to live. You'll get through this.

    • i'm gonna go with never aproach a woman again. if this is how you act the gene pool doesn't need you

  • "I tried being nice. From the time I wrote a MyTake honoring what I love most about women to when I defended older women from the misogynistic charge that they are worthless."

    No. Being nice isn't something you "try". It's something you either are or aren't. Being kind and respectful towards women (or better yet, towards other people in general) isn't something you do as a favor, or because you think it will get you what you want. That's not how it works. That's not what it means to be a genuinely nice person.

    What happened to you was terrible. That girl did something very wrong. But she does not represent all women, just as one rapist or murderer or jerk doesn't represent all men. I've been hurt too, and I've had run ins with some pretty terrible guys. But you won't see me swearing off men completely, or failing to appreciate to truly amazing guys who are out there. So do what you want. Say what you like. Feel how you feel. I'm sure you won't listen to a word I say. But if you let this experience turn you against all women, you're the one who loses- not us. Just keep that in mind.

  • Well if that's what you wanna do then do so...
    However just because some few have tried to destroy you (and they happened to be female) doesn't mean the rest of us are like that.
    I'm pretty sure most men get irritated by women stating that all men are assholes and evil because they happened to go through a bad experience with one or few.
    I've had plenty of people trying to destroy my reputation many times all the way from middle school to work, both men and women. But am I going to stop associate with people and play it safe? Hell no, I'm just trying to develop a thicker skin and show that their shit isn't getting to me and that I immediately disassociate myself with such bad people.

    Secondly which is a more extreme case, I have been raped by a guy once, and I've been continously sexually harassed by guys, in one case I was scared for my life by men who were chasing me down with a car. I've been through some crazy stuff. But am I going to disassociate myself from men because of some few who have made my life an utter nightmare? No, because I know not all guys are like that. And there's no point in staying bitter about them because if I'm bitter I'll never truly be happy.

    I'm never going to ask where all the nice guys went because I know they're out there and I've met many amazing people, simply because I've allowed myself to let go of that bitterness and actually get to know people, the right ones. I'll always be cautious about anyone though and see if I get any bad vibes.
    Dating will never be one of my top priorities in life, and neither should it be yours. I think everyone should focus on themselves first and improve themselves for themselves.

  • oh my GOOODDDD you tried being NICE and it didn’t WORK! how SAD! you are a pitiable creature. there is simply no better way to convince women that you’re a NICE GUY than by calling a woman who rejected you a “lying cunt.” in dialectical philosophy, there are two equally-valid sides to every story. yours that you impart to us here is of a NICE GUY being SPURNED by a LYING CUNT. you TRUSTED US. …………………. what did you trust us/her for? maybe to tell you the truth? that she’s not that into you? if you stop being a fucking crybaby you’ll recognize that there are app 3.5b (that b stands for BILLION) women in the world and you’ve met like maybe (and i’m being generous here) two dozen of them that you deigned worthy to fuck.

    nobody fucking betrayed you. nobody stabbed you in the back. someone told you they weren’t into you. you, in your infinite wisdom, likely took this as a personal gender-wide assault on your person and sex and collapsed into a ball. do you wanna know what we do when we get harassed in the workplace or assaulted? a lot of the time we keep going to class and to work, and we go to family functions, and we continue. quietly. sometimes, and i say sometimes because #yesallwomen but #notallmen, we post on the internet about it.

    oh my GOD you can’t use the FRIDGE in the BREAK ROOM at your JOB THAT HASN’T BEEN TERMINATED because you reported harassment, abuse or assault? that is so sad. i am sorry for your loss.

    that fear you feel walking to the parking lot? imagine having that instilled in you since you knew what rape WAS and just having to walk from the car to the store at 11, 14, 18 with that knowledge.

    imagine having a guy violate your boundaries so horribly that you’re unable to trust any guy who says “no, i understand, i respect your boundaries.” imagine if someone said that to you right before the raped you. imagine the things you think of when any subsequent guy says that to you.

    (also holy fuck. eve? bitch was being proffered knowledge. eve said “sounds cool. i’d like to know things.” she bit. fuck her, right?)

    oh, we’ve lost you now, have we? oh noooooo. we’ve lost a bitter, self-aggrandizing person from our dating pool. how AWFUL for us. how will we get on.

    i hope you do not seek to inflict yourself on anyone, paid of voluntary, until you work out your shit. you’re in no state to be seeing anyone in a romantic sense until you get your animosity toward women worked out. please seek professional help.

    • If you saw my recent Take, I actually apologized for this. But either way, that still does not change the fact that she did more than just reject me. She actively made up lies in order to ruin my reputation and screw me over good. I am very angry about that, but I was wrong to blame and generalize all women.

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    • Because I do not believe that feminists are really about women, anymore than labor unions are about workers. They are only about the members of their group, in this case, left leaning, privileged white women who are either lesbians or do not believe in traditional gender roles. They still devalue motherhood and female heterosexuality, and just try saying that you oppose abortion. They will declare open season upon pro-life women just like they will men. Abortion holds sacramental status to them. In reality they are very opposed to women.

    • That's a really unfortunate and dense reading of feminism. If only there was some way for you to find out more about it.

  • She is a total bitch but there a big ass issue with lying cunts. I remember in grade 5 a guy who I had a short term crush on was trying to paint me of a stalker and a slut to everyone else. Saying how I wanted to bang him all the time and I am too crazy etc. These cunts are pathetic but its not all men fault that he is one same with women.

  • Do you really buy your own bullshit? That a kind, loving and respectful man was turned into the man who wrote and posted this by the actions of ONE woman? A cruel, phony cunt to be sure, but still... only one woman out of billions. I find it difficult to believe that that one experience led the phrase, "Chad Thundercock." You are big-time bitter, dude, and that just don't happen overnight, my friend.
    My assessment of you? You over-idealized your own personality and motivations, proceeded to do the same to all of womankind, and wonder why you got fucked over? Perhaps you approached a silly, plastic bimbo, rather than a real girl who may not have lived up to your visual expectations?
    And as a former sex worker, please be warned: we will eat you alive as well, there, Skippy. Why? You've already made the same mistake of forgetting that you will be dealing with live people (who are likely even more damaged than you sound) rather than one-dimensional cardboard cutouts.
    My advice: save the money that you were planning on spending on whores, and get some professional help.

  • I am sorry to hear what happened to you, but, there are shitty people out there. There are shitty men, shitty women, shitty Christians, shitty Jews, shitty Muslims, shitty atheists, and pretty much shitty anything and everything. If you want to take a single instance as representative of the entire whole... well, you'll find a lot of big groups to hate.

    Give it some time, this will mellow out, and then you'll be in a place to learn lessons from it.

    If you want to GUARANTEE that yr next woman will be heartless, exploitative, and completely unempathetic... go ahead and get that "mail-order bride".
    Unlike this girl, a "mail-order" woman will make sure she's got firm control of yr life -- and yr assets -- and THEN she'll show you her true self. That ain't pretty.

    • Exactly. Men saying all women are cunts, bitches, or any derogatory term is like a person using the N word towards all black people because one person got robbed by a black person.

      Now being a certain race, gender, religion, etc doesn't excuse a person to do something but they should never be prejudiced against because of those things.

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    • @redeyemindtricks I can't believe these guys fall for their BS , I live in the UK & there have been similar cases here, these women are after a UKBA Leave to Remain sticker in their passport. However I'm a bit cynical & do not trust people , unless they've EARNED my trust , I can easily spot , then trip up a liar , I love making them squirm !!

    • @FatherJack Yeah, I don't get it either. I mean... a moment of clear thinking and common sense should be enough to figure out what someone's after, if she is willing to leave EVERYTHING behind. (Especially if she's willing to leave everything behind for some guy who -- let's be honest here -- isn't really anything special.)

      Part of it is probably just marketing... I mean, I'm sure the "mail-order bride" agencies market HARD, and they're probably good at pushing the proverbial buttons that need to be pushed (making clients think they're going to end up with a "traditional" or "submissive" wife... ahahah lol, especially lol at the submissive part).

      The other part is a universal human shortcoming, which is simply bias: If someone WANTS to believe something badly enough, then he's gna believe it -- regardless of whatever evidence may exist to the contrary.

  • Sooo... because 1 person was a bitch you now blame 3 billion people?

    In that case, since I was raped once, all men are rapists and I hate you for it you asshole.

  • Oh good, you did allow comments at the end! Honestly I feel that the majority of women frown upon sex workers because they are jealous. Not only do these women embrace their open sexuality, and get to sleep with many different kinds of men, they get *paid* for it.
    The women in this country are indeed screwed up! They wanted equality, and then bitch about how the men aren't treating them like queens anymore. If she wants to be treated like a queen, she needs to treat her man like a king.
    We got our equality, and with it a responsibility to take on exactly half of burden of dating. Ladies, newsflash, you can ask him out now! It's socially acceptable! Considering more and more women make as much if not more than men it is also socially acceptable to buy dinner! Why should he have to buy you dinner just to get inside you? Oh, that's right, because you want to pretend to be one of those sex workers you're secretly jealous of! That makes sense :) Wait, no it doesn't. Average sex worker, around $500. Average steak dinner, around $30. Damn, you're a cheap ho, ain't ya?
    I'm not really interested in marriage, my relationship started out as a fuck buddy, and we have an open relationship. No cheating, no trust issues. I wish more people would realize how outdated our dating habits are. About as obsolete as this "White Knight Chivalry" bullshit.

  • 20+ something are just bunch of foolers ^^ it's the age of making and getting mistake so we can grow up in a more complete version. Take your times to deal with your feelings and you'll be alright! I believe you will ^_^

    • I disagree. This woman was pushing 30 (late 20s) there's no excuse for that behavior. Even teens don't act like that.

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    • @Stacyzee I do like older women more.

    • People are judged by their mistakes and past. Women need to stop thinking they can do whatever they like without consequences and then the slate is wiped clean as soon as they reach 30. The time to stop behaving that way is 18.

  • Chivalry is dead because of men, not women. Your one bad experience with women does not speak for all of us just as one bad experience with men doesn't speak for all men. It kills me that if a woman does a man wrong once, the man is allowed to be an asshole and hate all women but if a woman gets screwed over by a guy, it's our fault, we have to get over it, and make sure not to punish the next man because of previous experience. If you want to be a jerk because of one chick, go ahead with your bad self but don't lump us all into one category because you found a dud.

    • I don't think so, women killed chivalry ourselves, let me ask you if you try using a stool to change a light build and keep falling off won't you change the stool to a ladder and never use it again? Likewise if you try being nice to a woman, by paying for her meals and opening doors for her, and she says "i can buy my own food and i have hands to open the door", would you still do it for the next woman? No cause you fear the same reaction, secondly with the advant of feminism (feminazis) chivalry is seen as a way in which men look down on women, so the stopped it, you sound really insensitive maybe cause you have never been hurt before, he is just hurting, how would you feel if a guy you liked labeled you as something terrible and you got teased at work because of it, well you can never understand how he feels cause you are female, and this will probably never happen to you.

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    • @AIAthefirst This guy just labeled us as something terrible, what're you talking about? And you just did, too, generalizing.

    • Chivalry is dead because of men? Woman you are UTTERLY insane. it is WOMEN that killed chivalry!!!

  • I think that the roles need to reverse in the universe, meaning I really think men should STOP doing the chasing and women should start doing it. Because as a female I struggle with this, I get approached by guys that I may not even like and they ask me for my number and i might even give it to them because I feel bad for them but then I don't ever respond. Now what this girl did is wrong, she shouldn't have humiliated you that way, she was absolutely wrong but maybe she just felt uncomfortable when you asked her and couldn't say no or give you the wrong number because you guys work together so she just gave in but again what she did was wrong, but I've been in her shoes before where a guy i'm not into tries and i feel bad but i know deep down inside that its never going to happen but then at at the same time there are guys that I'm SOO attracted to but they dont approach me or even talk to me and i really want them but I hold back a lot because i dont want to come off as a desperate girl and thats why in the beginning of my answer i said that i think its for the roles to reverse. In this day and age women KNOW exactly what they want, maybe 50-100 they really didn't, they just wanted a man to take care of them, nowadays women are pickier, they have certain criteria and men usually aren't as picky as women so i think the best way is for women to go after what they want and if they get turned down they have to keep trying. Because I think us women are all honestly just tired of men coming after us because men come after us A LOT and its overwhelming sometimes because we know what we want and the chances of every guy that approaches us being "out type" are very low.

    • It is not about being rejected or her flaking out, but the fact that she openly made up lies about me in order to jeopardize my entire reputation at work, with people now calling me stalker, pedophile, and threatening me.

  • Not all of us are the same and you know what, some of us have just been treated bad by men, but not all men are jerks!
    yes this girl was a total bitch and girls like that really irritated me, but just know NOT all of us are like THAT girl!!!

    • No, every other girl just ignores him because he isn't tall and good looking lol.

  • Not everyone is like that woman. What she did was fucked up, and I hate the fact that bitches like her can give women a bad name. For every girl out there who is willing to pull that kind of crap, there more decent women out there who aren't. It also irritates me that women like her are sought after because of her beauty. It's a shame that you're letting one stupid bitch change your mind on all women.

  • So one woman rejecting you makes you Christ Crucified? Lol, dude. That's not even almost accurate. She probably picked up that you were a bit off center, which is why she said what she said. After reading this rant, I'm not sure what woman would be ok being in a relationship with you. How about instead of looking outwardly to the Cursed of Eden, as you said, why don't you examine yourself? I know everyone's entitled to his own opinion, but there's nothing right about this take or your views. This is disturbing.

    PS God loves men and women equally. "For in him there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free." Spend some time in Proverbs 31. There's hate in your heart. Pluck it out.

  • Then become A-SEX-U-AL OR unload with the whores and change the world. I give you from 30 till the rest of your life. Because if not alpha with women, then alpha by leading the tribe. Ask old daddy alpha Putin to send you a few of his overstock. And remember, change the world. Invent the fucking lightbulb in a black hole. Maybe then you'll realize there is so much more to this world than women and your willie.

  • I knew this is going to happen when I read your previous take. You were getting overly exited for nothing. Phone number doesn't mean a 'yes' and guys need to understand this. She might say yes at first but she could change her mind anytime soon for whatever reasons. I'm sorry this happened to you but perhaps it could be a lesson for some guys who judge women's personality based on their past. If I am not wrong she is a chaste Christian girl? I guess it hurts you more knowing the fact that a 'virgin Christian' girl whom who dreamed about has turned into a bitch. So now you wrote how you will be going after a bad girl instead? Hmmm.

    • I sincerely am sorry for saying such rotten things about women. It harms me more when women like yourself are being so nice to me even when I do not deserve it. Did you see my new Take?

    • No. What is it about?

    • An apology for saying despicable things toward women

  • Don't date co-workers, don't date minors, don't let rejection get you down.

  • Sooo you hate women now because one woman screwed you over? Sounds a bit immature.

    • I am a man of hyperbole. But for the most part this was letting off steam.

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    • Because she is 17 and I am 20. I did not see no problem with it, and my mother did not either when I asked her if she thought it was okay or not. It is not like I was going to have sex with her or anything. I repeat, I wear a Holy Trinity necklace everyday so what does that tell you...

    • That you like your Holy Trinity Necklace?

      I mean, I wear an All Time Low guitar pick and a Fall Out Boy pendant on a necklace, what does that say about me?

  • You need to chill obviously. One bad experience doesn't mean you need to lump us all together. I suggest set people straight or rise above it and move on. That anger isn't healthy and maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself and find a bit of peace because you clearly haven't got a balance right now

  • I wish I could meet this pathetic excuse of a woman and slap her hard. These women defame and ruin the chances of other decent women who are really looking for nice guys and are not interested even the slightest interested in Chad Thundercocks 😕😑

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  • Look at you!
    No seriously, look at yourself now!
    I was reading your 2 takes: One, that you learned from rejection and one, when this girl said yes.
    In both of those you compared yourself to these how you called them misogynistic bitter neckbeard nerds, who don't even try and pictured them as this
    And now you got rejected once again and released the exact same reaction.
    Is this really what you want to be?

    Look, I know, that what you've been must SUCK and I would not like it either (That's also why I'm a complete social outcast with 0 real life friends)! But just because someone happens to be from the opposite sex and you had quite many of similar bad experiences from them does not mean jack about the female gender.
    People can be arses and gender has nothing to do with it. I simply learned that by meeting different people ONLINE (because in my locals there aren't really good people from both genders! Only a few nice people from both genders I have met through my former workplace) and I am glad I have.

    I think you (and anyone) can do better than dwell in your own self pity for as long as taking so much time to write this article this long and bashing women.

    Pick yourself up, move on and start creating an "asshole list" and adding bad people in it. Avoid them and do not talk to them at all other than work related.

    This is just yet another rejection from my point of view. Disappointments are part of life. Live with it. We all do.

    Welcome to life!

    • Pretty much, the problem here is NOT the opposite gender BUT RATHER it's that one person in the workplace that had fucked him over. And I would agree that girl is a real bitch for what she did to him. But I had said before, asking out and dating co-workers are a BIG NO-NO because when something goes bad or goes wrong this is an example of that kind of situation in reality.

      All he has to do is find a way to move onto a new job and a new environment and DON'T repeat the same exact mistake again, and he'd be alright again.

      I understand it's easier said than actually or realistically done due to economic situations but he either do what I had advised and jeep trying until he's successfully moved onto a new workplace with a fesh start, or he can continue to be bitter, sulk, mope and cry about his current situation or the big mistake he had made because he had not been aware of the consequences in the very first place or because he had overlooked them.




    Obviously speading lies about you is not acceptable behavior for her, but your behavior clearly indicates you have serious issues as well.

    You exhibit classic nice guy syndrome as you believe women should respect you and be attracted to you because you were "nice to a fault".

    You are also clearly an angry and bitter person who has no friends. If you did, then this woman's behavior would not change your opinion of all women. There are plenty of great women out there, so if you're having trouble meeting one the problem is you, not them.

    You also are a narcissist. Comparing yourself to Jesus. Claiming you're some great guy, and that women are the ones to blame that you aren't attractive to them. You think you're the genuine guy, and that the guys women are attracted to aren't genuine. Need I go on?

    It doesn't give her the right to lie about you, but your behavior show that she was definitely justified in being afraid of you. Are you really confused about why women are creeped put by you when you act the way you do?

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    • @Pacificblue62 I didn't assume, I know. How do I know? Because I read what he wrote. Anyone with half a brain can see how his writing shows he has said disorders.

    • You interpreted what he wrote. Entirely your own interpretation. I have mine, the others on here have theirs. Some may agree with all of this others may not. Yes he appears to be a bit off here/ inexperienced with rejection but pretty much everyone is at some point or another in their lives. And I don't disagree with everything you are saying here. He's clearly going through a rough patch and is in an irrational state here. But it's hard to necessarily conclude that he is a narcissitic douche or has no friends or what not based on one article, he worked on for 2 hours of his 20 year life. Not saying you are wrong or right here, maybe you've met the guy and its the case.

  • Holy shit, you get rejected and you make it out to be some form of tragedy. Who cares it's a dumb bitch. Stand up for yourself.

  • The First golden rule is always to "TRUST NO ONE!"

    Then the next rule to remember is to NEVER ever ask out, court or date anybody from the workplace. The risks are that much bigger and can hurt you really fucking bad should something go really bad and really wrong compared to being rejected by just some random stranger or anyone else outside of the workplace.

    If you called it quits on dating and relationships, then so be it, as I also had but for different reasons. Don't know if that makes you a "MGTOW" or not or whether you consider yourself to be one at this point.

    Your best case scenario is to get a new job, in a completely new environment, with new co-workers and people that is unaware of some really bad shit like what had recently happened to you. If possible dusconnect from Social Media accounts uf necessary as employers may screen and check for incriminating and all other kinds of crap to make biasef hiring decisions. And then you should have a second chance with a clean slate and a complete fresh start and you should be OK again, but again remember asking out and trying to date girls from the workplace is a BIG NO-NO, as really bad shit like what had jyst happened to you can always happen when attempting to date and ask out anyone from the workplace. The only exceptions are unless you are aware either you or they are leaving the job soon and had already put in your 2 weeks notice or something.

    Also, if you could, find another job in a different city or state or something. Best thing to do if possible to have a clean slate and fresh start.

    • Damn right.
      But changing workplace is a bit extreme to me, especially in economical difficult times like these. The most I can think of is shift-changing.

      JudgmentDay, you might be interested in my response given to the TakeOwner here. Have a read please and let me know what you think :)

  • Aw man, this is the saddest thing I've ever read. You were one of the most happy and enthusiastic guys too, that must've been absolutely devastating. I understand if you need time to gather yourself. I only hope you'll remember that not all girls and women are this way, and please don't become bitter. You are better than that, I know it

    • I already new this shit wasn't going to turn out too well after he was jumping for joy at getting the number.

  • I get it. I've had horrible things like that happen in the past for no reason other than the girls were hurt by some other guy so they decided to make themselves feel better by fucking with other guys heads.

    Eventually I realised that they were just assholes. The trouble is that as we're brought up somehow we're taught to view girls as angels and men as the bad ones. I don't know whether this is a result of feminism or what, but that's how we're taught. Then one or two girls act like this and all of a sudden we hate them all as kind of a defense mechanism because we feel let down. We did everything they ask for, treated them with respect, didn't act like those assholes they complain about constantly yet always seem to go back to, then they fuck us over.

    I realise now though that they aren't all. like that. Just like guys, a lot of them can be assholes, and others are nice. That's just how the dating game goes, you end up dating a lot of assholes before you come across a nice girl, or before you work out how to tell the nice ones an ld the assholes apart.

    You probably won't change your mind soon but try not to let it get to you too much. She's just a cunt, you dodged the bullet there.

  • The problem isn't women, I know that's hard to believe considering everything (and I have statistics to back how screwed up everything actually is) its that society, thanks in large part to feminism, does not keep women in check. Basicly imagine a child that was never disciplined, that always got their way how would they act? Suspiciously similar to how women act currently. The reason is because society functions not unlike a parent it suppresses bad behavior and encourages good. Yet feminism has removed every restriction on women but has maintained every restriction on men causing a massive imbalance. Since women cannot be criticized, cannot be held accountable they are able to do what they want when they want and they themselves don't even realize its wrong because they have never been told its wrong they have never been questioned so any attempt to question them is in fact you doing wrong in their eyes which is why what you have stated will not affect these women in the slightest its your fault as far as they are concerned they have never been forced to put others first, they have never been forced to reign in their impulses and think about the consequences so those thirty year olds you speak of, they don't know why their lives are the way they are they will just assume its all men's fault they don't have the capacity to take responsibility. Its a lot like a muscle if it foresight and empathy and character and self-respect are not excercised it atrophies. Imagine some one who hasn't moved from a chair in their entire life, that is what these women's character is like society has allowed them to not exercise restraint or empathy so its atrophied to the point of near non-existence. The only real solution is frankness and being able to realize this and find a woman who is not like this. People give you crap for what happened you tell them what actually happened if they don't believe you then you don't care its irrelevant whether or not they believe you its what happened and their opinion won't change that. Then you stop caring you go out and you find a girl who is decent and you be the nice guy for her this rewards those women who are good and decent, it makes you happy and if you have a daughter it allows you to raise her the right way instead of the current wrong way of being and behaving.

    • That's how you beat them, you simply don't play the game every thing else lets them win. If you decide you don't want a relationship any more and start sleeping around who wins? They do, they get the bad boy they want the nice girl gets her heart broken from rejection or being used and responds exactly as you have. If you become an asshole what happens? She wins, your miserable and you changed who you are for her. The only solution is to continue to be you and not care what she does its her life right? So if she ruins it then who cares it has no bearing on you. Find yourself a decent girl, I think their fairly easy to find, maybe a little shy or quite or what have you, you find a decent girl you go out you live your life your happy and these women lose out you have now discouraged the bad behavior and encouraged the good behavior. Society wins. That's the only real solution. Your anger is understandable give it time then try again.

  • wow... you really unloaded... and all of that because of what one immature wounded female did? I get it, I know the feelings, but you missed one thing... by rejecting you she did you a favor. She saved you from her! What she did was terrible if it was lying, but I don't know what her vantage point was... maybe she was feeling stalked because you hovered around her secretly trying to figure out how to approach her... and she freaked long before you spoke to her. Females are like Gazelles in Africa... you got 3 seconds to approach them or they are gone...

    I suspect what you are saying isn't all the truth. Are you really a nice guy, or are you on the introverted side? Girls (immature or emotional ones) can't handle "nice" for very long... they get sketchy.

    You took some good lessons from this. My advice is to fly to Philippines and find a good quality woman, there are higher % quality there... family values, Catholicism. Western girls are more difficult.

    Garden of Eden is right on. They don't want nice submissive guy, that is what Adam was. They want Man to stand emotionally strong and protect them from themselves! They are emotional and easily lead astray.

    "women rejected me..." plural?
    Learn more about Women, how they think, and be the best "self" you can be. I used to live your existance. I still get lots of rejects, but I've had far more success since I healed some inner stuff and am more confident.

    Don't let one woman turn you into a woman hater, DO let that woman motivate you to be the best MAN you can be. There are quality women out there...

  • Dude, you'll get past this,
    Just try to keep on moving, there are plenty of decent women out there.
    You just happened to approach on of the handful of assholes

    • Normally I would agree, but when you have coworkers in other departments openly threatening you because she made you out to be a creeper, it is a lot worse than just moving on. I will now have to spend every day at work in fear and looking over my shoulder, and why? All because I approached the wrong girl.

    • "Normally I would agree, but when you have coworkers in other departments openly threatening you because she made you out to be a creeper, it is a lot worse than just moving on. I will now have to spend every day at work in fear and looking over my shoulder, and why? All because I approached the wrong girl."
      I got something to show you,
      This happens with both sexes and a lot more frequently and scarier than you know

    • @JRICHARDS1996 I have some advice for you: Try to explain everyone everything what happened. Be calm and confident in it. Explain that she gave her number voluntarily and that she suddenly changed her mind (or I don't know what happened) to make you seem like a creeper.

      Explaining is the best thing and only that can be done. Are there people you trust at work? Talk to your boss about this. Figure it out with someone who is neutral. But please keep in mind. Don't back off, just explain it. They will believe you, especially if you tell someone you trust.

  • Dude I'm gonna be straight with you, I've been fucked over by woman plenty of times but this mentality isn't anymore helpful than woman saying all men are assholes/pigs.

    Now I'm not siding with the girl at all, she sounds crazy but each women is different. I mean how would you feel if you met a girl who was mistrusting of you solely based on her bad experiences with some men?

    • Look at it this way, there's guys I was friends with who ended up being scumbags, shady, and douchebags all around. Am I not gonna make friends with men because of it?

  • Are you done crying?
    I've written these 2 myTakes a long time ago but they still apply.
    Read them, wipe off your tears and stop being a bitch.

  • You got too heavily invested in this one girl before you even went out with her once.

    I have been thinking about your comment on my Take about asking people out: "The way I see it is that you should just ask as many attractive girls out as possible until one is bound to say yes." You make a good point: you are correct that one should ask out lots of women, but one should also date lots of women too. You should arrange to take out two or three a week if you can; that way you won't get yourself hung up on one. I suspect you of all people needs to do this.

    I don't know what happened here. I do believe she treated you poorly. When women talk about men as "creepers," it often means the guy is paying an overabundance of attention to her, more than she is prepared to handle at that point in the relationship.

    NO WOMAN YOU HAVEN'T BEEN OUT WITH _ONCE_ SHOULD EVER HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE YOU CRY. Jesus on the cross should NOT appear in a Take about 'The Girlfriend That Hasn't Started Yet."

    I get that you have a lot of love in your heart to give. You seem like a good guy and I hope you stay that way, despite the way you see yourself as being treated.

    Take a cold shower, keep your head down for a while at work, put an ice pack to your heart. You will heal - this too shall pass, I assure you. When you feel ready, go out and work more of your mathemagic. Just remember that an agreement to go out with you for the first time is not marriage. Do not put her on a pedestal. She's just a person, like you - just another sentient cell blob in the crowd, not a goddess. She hasn't saved your life, nor will she - that's your job.

    A first date is nothing more than a test, an experiment, the mixing of chemicals in the lab that might cure cancer but probably won't. It's all speculation before the first date, and usually just after too.

  • I can't go one week without some bitter dude making a Mytake complaining how an ENTIRE gender have it out for him.

    Getting a phone number is jack fucking nothing. Woman flake all the time. Dating is a number game. You ask 100 woman, 30 actually give you, 10 actually return your call, 5 actually interested in you, 2 actually show up for the date, and 1 actually want a second date with you.

    Get over the rejection and get back in the game. Don't be a fucking quitter, what a disgrace.

  • Do you have any grasp of how whiny, self-pitying, pathetic & delusional you sound? Do you think women are grieving your withdrawl from the dating pool? Got a suggestion: the French Foreign Legion is still looking for a few misfit men.

  • This is the best thing that could have happened to you! Imagine how much worse it would have been had you ended up married and still thinking like this, it would have destroyed you. You have finally lost your innocence and joined the world of adults, now it;s time to decide what kind of person your going to be.

    Think of this as a growing process, like a clump of useless iron ore being smelted and hammered into a sword.

  • Look man, at your last myTake I warned not to get too excited over a phone number: a phone number means nothing, neither does her agreeing to a date, or even going on a date. The flake rate is extremely high and girls are often too chicken to just say no.

    Talk to your male colleagues, tell them she's a lying b*tch (yes, use those literal words).

    P. S. I hope you're not just approaching airhead cheerleader types (who do only want Chad Thundercock), you need to figure out your target demographic. From what I've seen of you here on gag the best way for you to start would be to only go for girls who are religious and practicing, like yourself.

    • That's true. I used to be scared to say no to giving my number when I was 16-18. I've learned since then but girls that age are scared and don't know what they're doing. I've done it... then I did tell my friends the guy was being creepy because I perceived it as creepy since he didn't really know me. It's a thing. But they learn how to say no as they get older.

  • Everone gets raked over the coals at some point. This hopefully makes you talk to a girl more before asking her out. Just figure what would have happened if you both actually went out. She would have called rape and really dragged your name through the mud.

  • Well, I am telling you. Woman here on GaG will try to corner her and prove that, they are right but "it is What it is" man. I am sorry, You believed in feminism lies that are present here but now You can can see it. They will even say not every one is like this but remember simple rule dude,

    They are not XY, they are XX which means all of them are same. The only d/f is that, they have separate good and bad clock speeds but they are same.

  • I get how u feel, although u r generalizing, u have a point I agree with. Namely women can get away with really harming us. And basically want to use nice guys. I am really sad about that. I am sorry this happened to u. I recently almost (? Maybe yes?) Lost my job because of a girl.

  • I always wait for women to ask me out on a date. I understand how you feel, even though I never experienced this kind of behavior. Too bad your coworkers are a bunch of white knights, don't you have any friends that will defend you?

  • Sucks what happened to you bro, but you can't let an action of one pathetic women define everything. Hope you get back on your feet someday and try again. Do not let those idjits get to you. Just ignore them

  • Probably the best, well written take ever on GaG. And accurate assessment of women as well. Might I say also there were a few things that made me laugh as well. Good on you mate and welcome to our side.

  • What a whiny entitled little punk, no wonder no one wants you around.

    Under that false veneer of niceness lurked a toxic and angry little man.

  • Hooooooolllly Shit! Simply WOW! I don not have words to say other than the ones I've typed.

  • Maybe you're just bad at communicating with females. Not all of us guys are born with the ability to handle females with ease.

  • Hi Jricards, I was wondering if she ever got with chadthundercock. sorry these problems happened brother and friend, keep fighting the good fight and peae sign

  • Get real dude... I mean I know your not a bad guy. You going to let scum bring you down. ? Sh... Pick your self up and never mind these weak ass people playing you. Stop blaming women for your judgements... We all know what that's all about already. Times have changed in your area. Quite giving a f... When they don't if that's the type your into. Played back if that's the girls your into. Looking for someone good.. Look in the right places then. Good women everywhere !! With the same problem as you. Or just move to Hawaii where no more of this shit happens.

  • so learn your lesson-don't be a fuckin simp.

    don't nod to feminism. cuz women are NOT superior. And instead value yourself, and they'll come running.

    white knights DON'T GET PUSSY. get that through your head, mate

    don't be a doormat, don't be Matt, this shit ain't rocket science. be valuable, and you'll have them lined up... kowtow to them and you'll have them lined up to EXPLOIT you, just like feminism taught them, and taught you... forget everything you thought you knew. Or get used to this shit...

  • Women " shit test " men all the time , to find out if he is right for her , take my advice , do the same to women , always gauge her character first...& take it from me , do NOT date in the workplace... been there , done that. I have had numerous bad experiences of women , even violence from stranger women , there are a lot of shit people in the world , but don't let them corrode you , it's a downward spiral , make people pass your tests to see if they are decent & use your intuition , men especially don't listen to their own alarm bells ringing. There ARE some decent ladies out there , 2 ladies on here recently have given me a positive boost , so shout out to @tarrycat & @Sal_202 , impressed with your mature & positive attitudes !!

    • Wow! Thanks so much 😊. Your high opinion of me means a lot to me, it is a BIG compliment & it makes me VERY happy to know that I have made your journey with women at least somewhat more positive/hopeful (it brings a smile to my face 😃).

      Women aren't hard to find, but women who understand men, definitely are, in my opinion. However, they DO exist. My respect for you has increased, because you are able to distinguish between good & bad women, & you know your worth.

      Also, shoutout to @Sal_202 for making men hopeful & making the world a better, happier, & radiant place to live in. I'm glad to see there's more women with positive attitudes towards men in this world. I don't know you, but you must be a wonderful & special woman for a man to acknowledge you. 😃👌🌹

    • @tarrycat You are a De Beers diamond quality woman , definitely a gem of a lady & deserving of a man of the same quality... if you don't already have one !! I want my own little lady to grow up with those same attitudes , she is feisty , but lovable !!

  • You do realize that you just spent like 2,000 words attacking feminism, dating, gender relations, nice guys, bad boys, sex work, Eve, pedestals, parking lots, marriage and most of all, Chad Thundercock, because some random chick you don't even like started some facebook drama about you. Even if we accept the premise that she wronged you, dude, get a fucking grip.

    This is about as sane as going on an anti-consumerist/anti-American/anti-corporate/anti-capitalist/anti-black/anti-woman rant because the black lady working the Drive-Thru didn't give you a straw with your Happy Meal. You had a nice cry about it with your boss, now move the fuck on.

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