A Thank You to the women in my life

A Thank You to the women in my life

This is both a ''thank you'' and an apology myTake, and it's something I think it was truly overdue.
Some months ago, when things were turning out the worst for me, I wrote this Short letter to the women in my life . It's short but filled with anger, hate and resentment. The stuff I've vomited here is truly appalling and disgusting, and while I've considered deleting or anonymizing it, I decided to leave it up as a reminder of my awful behavior and not sweep it under the rug.

So, let's begin.
I wish to sincerely say Thank You to...

- my fiancée

A Thank You to the women in my life

Simply said, I see how much and how sincerely you love me. I feel the same, I love you and you are the woman of my life. I'm really grateful for how much you have supported and have been close to me through the years, and want to be close and support you for many years to come!

- my mother

A Thank You to the women in my life

Things have never been easy with you, and for many reasons that I won't delve in for the -nth time. But in the end, despite my lack of trust and all around suspiciouns, you kept up a very supportive and caring behavior for the last year and proved you do wish to rebuild our relationship as mother and son, you showed me that we can get along very well with just a little effort, so it's definitely more productive to work together and focus on the good things rather than argue over the same things and be miserable.
So for this and all the other good things you've gave me, I really wish to be a good and honorable son to you.

- cooperative girl

A Thank You to the women in my life

I did my best to ''drive you mad'', between calling you ''carrot top'' and making some other jokes about your signature red hair color - that to be honest I think it's really beautiful and unique - but you keep smiling, taking care of me and make sure that my ideas and projects become reality and don't stay just on paper.
You are a true friend and comrade, and I'm really sure you'll reach your dreams in life!

- my sisters

A Thank You to the women in my life

With you two too we had some disagreements - mainly over economic and resources issues - but in the end we didn't let those things to poison our relationship and even if some exchanges can be a bit tense, in the end we always stick close to things that matter the most.
I recognize you are both very artistic and talented women - one with her bakery, the other with the tattoo parlor - and I wish you all the luck and good things in your endeavors, especially in those trying times.

- my aunt

A Thank You to the women in my life

You are the one who really raised me and gave me love even after everything you've suffered. I know your austere views on those things so I almost never dare to talk about you, but I still give you a little nod, hopeful you'll appreciate it.

There are also many other women, with whom I have established close and meaningful relationships, that I'd like to mention, but this would get too long so I'll just make sure they'll know how grateful I am to them.

In the next Take I'll share the men in my life that I wish to thank.

Thank you for reading!

If there's someone special you wish to thank, feel free to do so in the comments, I'd be glad to read your thoughts!

A Thank You to the women in my life
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  • Unit1
    I'm not a fan of giving any "thank you" to those, that opposed me or my will or posed a significant obstacle/annoyance but hey, it beats being bitter anytime any day. Women are amazing.

    Watch out! No good deed goes unpunished: Some pathetic incels are gonna come at you and call you and me simps. Those losers.
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    • I agree with you. I've decided to consider the good things and leave out the negative, especially since the net is positive.
      Let them come, I'm not afraid of them!

    • Unit1

      Haha, yeah, let these losers come into the block list 😎 there's plenty of room for everyone.

  • Anon621
    I'm not a woman obviously but I can certainly agree with your statements and your gratitude towards women in your life as I have also had many women in my life that told me things years ago that I did not fully understand or appreciate until now.
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    • Thank you for reading, and it's great that you are grateful to the women in your life! I'm sure they all root for you!

Most Helpful Girls

  • Amazing it brought tears to my eyes the love you have shows through your passionate words you are an incredible person it's always a pleasure to chat with you ✌️
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  • pleasestopthis
    I'm sincerely pleased to read this, Jean. It's good that things are going better with the ones you love.
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  • MzAsh
    This is sweet of you. ♡
    • Thank you, I'm doing my best to turn over a new page so the first step is thanking and apologizing to who's close to me.

  • lightbulb27
    Wow!! What a change. What brought about the change?

    Is the drunk you or the sober you? Sounds sober and heart felt.
    • I don't drink much so I'm definitely sober, I'm doing my best to turn over a new page!

  • Pogi-Paddy
    Very well written, and I believe that this is the 1st time that I have ever seen such a beautiful composition. I have a newfound respect for you and your thoughts. ☯️
    • Thank you for your kind words, I wholeheartedly appreciate them!

    • Pogi-Paddy

      No problem my friend. I wanted to express my feelings from the words that you composed with your written word which moved me.☯️

  • JosyJosy
    I was already curious when you had something special in mind :) thanks for sharing
  • I like this. I would like to thank my father, who is sadly no longer with us do to COVID - 19. Without him, I would not be the man I am today.
  • Ok, very nice!
  • Very nice.
  • Vetis
    I kove you man. you look delicious to my wolf eyes