Act Hot and You'll BE HOT!


1. It is all psychology

In other words, if you make yourself valuable and unattainable, others will view you like this and treat you in the manner you want to be viewed in. Shoulders back and head high!

Act Hot and You'll BE HOT!

2. Fake it till you make it

Sometimes even on your worst days, you get up, get dressed, and put on a smile for the world to see.

Act Hot and You'll BE HOT!

3. You are what you think you are

If you believe that you are a strong, sexy person- then others will believe it too. You have to convince yourself before you convince the world.

Act Hot and You'll BE HOT!
Act Hot and You'll BE HOT!
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  • btbc92
    That is not true at all. Everything what you just wrote does not make sense at all. People have their own judgements and convictions about other people. Just because I see a person who is attractive, it doesn't mean I have to worship them or cater to them. Especially when they have a salty personality. Your hot because of sexual lust. And lust is in the dust. Real men are not worrying about who's hot. They want a person who sparkles in their eyes, who's different than the rest and not another soulless robot. You can't fake. Because there are people like me who sense and knows fakes from the first glance. You have to show and prove it for yourself when its fitting. But other than that, you only have yourself to prove. Not to other people.

    I gain respect because I dress and act in a respectable manner. I don't behave like other women. I don't have to prove to the world anything. I act according to how I want to be treated. You have to have character and personality. The looks is irrelevant. Because at the end of all of that physical is the heart. And if your heart is not right, no real man will be attracted to it to want to stay committed to you for long term.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    She can tell herself she's beautiful as much as she wants... but she's not even close to even being average.

    Stop with the bullshit.
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    • Maybe her personality is likable. ­čśŤ

    • @RainbowFanGirl I highly doubt it hahahahha

    • harabi

      @RainbowFanGirl In an English class back in highschool (an American guest) teacher told us in US English 'you've great personality' amounted to telling someone they're ugly.. Like an idiom or the kind..

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  • Phoenix98
    Lol um no what makes you attractive at first look is looking attractive.

    For your tactics to work you'd have to already be physically attractive.
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    • Or dress nice.

    • Phoenix98

      @BubbleBoy69 That helps but again the face is usually what people see first, of course though you always want to dress good obviously.

    • Mrwoo99

      @BubbleBoy69 "or dress nice" you can't sugar coat shit...

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  • John_Doesnt
    Really? It's all psychology for this woman:
    Can she really fake it and BE hot?
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    • Anonymous

      if she is confident in who she is, then guys that are into obese women will find her hotter than if she was a complete, emotional mess...

    • I'm a chubby chaser and hell no. No amount of confidence can fix that.

    • yet, this gal will get many more offers from men than an ugly guy would from women... count on it

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  • KHaskins
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    • Dipsy

      I know he's dressed up, but he should get a haircut, ditch the glasses, get new clothing and he'll look like 10x better

  • peachblossomluck
    All the women in your mytake are already physically attractive. I do agree with this somewhat but not sold on it entirely. Arrogance can turn a lot of people off and there's a thin line between that and confidence. If you are good-looking already but have low self-esteem anyway, every bad person within a ten mile radius will flock to you and try to exploit that. You can tell some people are obnoxious with the confident front. It's not working because they are overcompensating for their lacking.
  • Bluemax
    There is something to be said for "acting hot." Indeed our attitude can affect how attractive we are perceived by others.

    Now, that said, there comes a point where acting hot will be to no avail. At that point, it might be best to think about changing one's appearance.
  • Mrwoo99
    That is absolute... BOLLOCKS. A girl could be introverted, shy and even have extreme social anxiety to the point of having panic attacks and still could land chad thunder cock if she is physically beautiful or even average. End of the day women are the ones being approached so they don't need any courage or confidence... just sit/stand there as usual.
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    • I've never been approached... I really hate myself...

    • Mrwoo99

      @Lonewolf881 Women are so privileged today because of gynocentrism, you have no idea. You women can't see how privileged you are because you're so self entilted and spoilt for rights. Please just go away. Your saying men are not approaching you, well why don't you get approaching men why shouldnwe have to do it.

  • G-Daz
    I'm actually not into those kind of girls at all. It seems more common than not. I prefer girls with humility and relatability. I've no interest in someone that thinks she deserves the world and one should be lucky to know her
  • Kaazsz
    How do you fake it if you don't even know how to fake it in the first place? It's like telling me to act like a gorilla but I never heard of a gorilla or seen one in my life.
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  • amphet11
    This is not true in regards to women, looking good is the only thing that makes you attractive. Men have eyes, acting like you are hot or thinking you are hot won't make you attractive at all. An ugly girl who thinks she is hot gets laughed at.
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  • Crumbles
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  • SarahsSummer
    Yes! I've been saying this for a long time. Mostly to guys who are insecure about one thing or another regaring approaching girls but its so true for all of us.!
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Good take as long as you don't go too far into the arrogant column
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  • F├ŻrdracaD├│cincel
    I do believe all these comments can be summed up with, you have to already have a certain level of attractiveness for this to work.
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  • Lynx122
    Great thread to write as a anon lmao. Where's your confidence?
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  • CisScum
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, confidence does help though. Another man may see that a woman is ugly and another man may see her as beautiful.
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  • sp33d
    Number 2 works only up to a certain point. Number 3 is mis-leading. You aren't necessarely what you think you are, but certainly defined by your actions.

    Number 1 is common sense.
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  • CoinFlip
    No. It doesn't work that way. You are either born with it or not.
    But a personality can move the scale to a pretty big degree.
    BUT, some people just aren't good looking. It is sad, but true.
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  • metalinjected
    Meh, attractiveness is subjective. I doubt you can just make people find you attractive using pseudo mind tricks.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    LMAO... ugly/overweight men were fed this BS in an attempt to blame them for women being shallow..."well, if you had acted confident..."
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    I sorta agree. Charisma and charm is important in attraction. Even the most unattractive people can be likable if they have charisma. This is what draws people to you and makes you likeable.

    Now replying to all the people who are going to post fat or ugly people and ask if they can be likable, they in fact can.

    My mom is overweight and she is liked by many because she possesses confidence and charisma, which are important in getting people to like and value you.

    Romantically speaking this may or may not be true, but in other aspects yeah it's true.
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  • TheInvisibleMan
    You can think that you are a potato if you want but people will see the way you look and judge you based on that
  • BertMacklinFBI
    short and to the point!
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  • LaFemmeFatale
    Great MyTake!
  • Undress
    great take!
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    • CoinFlip

      It is a delusional take that isn't true at all.

  • AlwaysBelieving
    Yes and no on this one.
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  • mits777
    I act cold because I am too hot.
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  • Adigelunar
  • Whaaaaa
    It's not working
  • CathyLiz7
    Too right!
  • AnonGod
    I'm so hot.
  • Anonymous
    4. Be an actual Jedi, so those mind tricks might have a chance of working.
  • Anonymous
    None of this is true and is just misinformation and feminist propoganda. Act hot and you will be hot is why so may girls that are at most 5s think they're 7s and so on which is why they can never find a man on their level and why they get used for pump and dumps and are still single in their thirties.
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  • Anonymous
    Real world observations and experience would say otherwise. If you're hot you're hot. No one knows you're confident if they don't give you the time of day. To get them to give you the time of day you have to be naturally hot.
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  • Anonymous
    It takes more than just acting though, you have to actually be attracted to them, in order to "be hot"
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  • Anonymous
    Act hot and you'll be hot... if you're hot.
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  • Anonymous
    LOL, I doubt that... what if a woman looks like this?
    No acting would help her :P
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    • Seneya

      I don't think this woman is ugly. If she gets her tooth fixed, have nice facial expressions rather than being goofy and keeps her hair down I think she would look fine.