Why Sexy People Are Superior


1. In the dating pool

Let's be honest: attractive people have an easier time finding mates and going out on dates than people who are not attractive. The more you date, the higher the chances you find someone.

Why Sexy People Are Superior

2. In the career world

Let's be honest, attractive people are nice to look at, and in the difficult times of the economy- good looking people have an advantage.

Why Sexy People Are Superior

3. In personal/emotional confidence

If sexy people are used to being told how hot they are, this will most likely boost their confidence and they will be emotionally stronger

Why Sexy People Are Superior
Why Sexy People Are Superior
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  • loveisbeautiful
    1) Those three in that picture don't look like they are looking for dates, they look like they're looking for something else entirely. Sure, maybe looks make a difference but the people that want a committed relationship and someone worthwhile aren't going to be looking for the "sexy people".

    2) Really? And, what career world have you been looking at? I mean honestly, you really think that if two people interview for the same job and one is "sexy" but not qualified and the other is just an average looking person but more than qualified for the job, that they'd actually choose the unqualified one simply because they are nice to look at? I mean, how does that even make sense? That's stupid.

    3) I see, so because people say to sexy people "You're so hot" or " my God are you sexy, I just can't handle it" you think that will boost their confidence and make them emotionally stronger? In what universe, unicorn land? That compliment is simply about looks and sure it may boost your ego but if your looks are all people notice and all that they compliment you on, wouldn't that kind of get old after awhile? Wouldn't it do the opposite and lower your confidence, when you do something really great but the only thing people can tell you is how "hot you look tonight"? I mean, how does complimenting one on their looks make them stronger emotionally? I can't see how it would.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    Lol, when are you gonna quit writing this nonsense? Maybe some 'hot' people have it well, doesn't mean every hot person geta to the apex of things. The world sees what it wants.
    The world is ruled by business conglomerates, politicians and some religion obsessed figureheads. None of them are described to be particularly hot. Example?
    He ain't no looker, but he's definitely up there with the most powerful people in the world. His impact and influence are undeniable. I can give you a boat load of examples. But to me its the most productive and hard working people alive who are superior, who have the competitive edge over the rest of us. Hard work was superior to looks, is superior to looks and will always be superior to looks. I don't care if anyone says otherwise.
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    • Well, of course the highest achievers aren't going to be very attractive. Duh... Think about that for a sec.

    • I agree with this smartass dude

    • DizzyAster

      Bill Gates was a looker back in his day. lol.

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  • thetundrawolf
    This is funny.

    Actually, when I see a hot girl, I cringe, because I know she know she's hot, and she is going to demand respect, rather than earn it. There are precious, rare exceptions.

    I am a attractive man, and women throw themselves at me, married women, single girls, and it has been this way for years. It's made me a proud, angry, vindictive asshole and I hate it. People who are pretty on the outside often are uglier than sin on the inside and not worth it.

    If they want to overcome their conceitedness it is a long uphill battle of self control and being humble, being sober about your REAL self.

    Superficial beauty isn't worth shit because it WILL be gone one day and then what are you left with?

    Shit, pretty people suffer more because they are selfish and arrogant, and never find real love, just a shadow of it. Average people work harder at it so they actually find fulfillment, not in someone sexy but in true love, that comes from the heart.

    So no, all of your points sound okay on the surface, but deep down, they are all death.
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  • Library
    Sexy people look great and have some advantages but I wouldn't say they are superior to other humans.
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    • Couldn't have said this better myself.

    • mits777

      @AlwaysBelieving They don't have any advantage, they have 0 advantage indeed. All politicians in my country of origin are ugly and short as fuck, businessman may be random both ugly or handsome and so on. Handsome people rule in modeling, acting of course and in public relationship, social jobs only.

  • madhatters4
    this all generalizations that can easily be countered. sure sexy people can have an advantage in dating pool or in the workforce but they can also be taken less seriously. they can be used primarily for looks and cast off

    sure being attractive can help in life, it is proven but i wouldn't go so far as to say they are superior
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  • TayTay21
    This is so stupid that I can't even believe I'm responding to it. The best people I know aren't sex bombs, and least not now. They're people who struggled to make something of their lives and became better/stronger people *because* of their struggle, not in spite of it.
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  • _Atreides
    if you step outside of the celebrity obsessed world its personality, character, intellect, drive to succeed that are more important.

    I'd consider success in the dating pool finding someone you want to be with, not how many times you've failed to do so.
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  • NyomiMcClinton
    Im so over people being so caught up on their beauty and looks. Other things that need focusing on. Just because a woman looks good dows not mean she has all the answers or have her life together. She may be going through more issues than Vogue and here folks are saying that she has it easy.
  • CisScum
    I'd go as far as a lot of sexy people have the BIGGEST ego's, have some of the worst personalities and some even think they're above people which makes them prone to judge people more often. Obviously not EVERYBODY sexy person but I'd say a lot.

    So no I don't think that's true.
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  • beaves11
    I agree it's easier dating as I'm only average looking and have to shave my head bald still I hold very high standards and expect a girl to be very attractive looking for me to date her. You're post is mostly garbage.
  • FemWorship
    All things being equal, you are firing on all cylinders.
    That said. when all things are not equal, e. g. competing against a liar, pirate, shark with lawyers, screw everybody but me dropouts (like Gates mentioned below) ... no one really has a chance. If fact, the suckers take up the motto, if you can't beat them join them in order to feel part of the "team" as winners, not suckers anymore. Other examples include cable supporters, entertainment groupies, etc.
  • FatherJack
    It depends on the gender , women are generally THE desired gender , whereas men are generally NOT desired !! An average woman will outgun a " hot " man , men have to bring far more to the table than just mere looks. Conventionally attractive people can often be arrogant & conceited , due to hugely inflated egos.
  • JensonStatement
    You know that this is shit right. Mostly sexy people been used for shit. Lik picture 3; who is freewilling to take this kind of picture. There goes your masculanity like a leaf in the wind.

    - Hot girls are used as models and mostly naked like porn and rapper video (you can read more porn as well)
    - Hot guys are used as models and mostly naked and for gay stuff like pic 3.
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    • Although their worth is their beauty. Nobody cares about your intelligence. They use you a object and you want to be an object so bad. If you hot (insert selfie of yourself) be it and i can give your first shift. Come to my room and be a sexobject.
      When they old nobody wants them or if they don't take care of there exterior.

  • bloodmountain1990
    I disagree with number 3. While there are confident people who look good, there's also a lot of good looking people who lack confidence and self esteem.

    Regarding the career world, it depends on the job. Sure someone working for a modeling agency or clothing store, restaurant, etc might have an upper advantage over someone who who's less attractive but it's an office setting, looks don't mean shit.
  • Fathoms77
    Good-looking people rule the world. It's as it should be. ;)
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    • TayTay21

      Guess that leaves you out in the cold, then.

    • Fathoms77

      @TayTay21 Kind of hard to give any credence to an insult from a random 19-year-old on the internet who has never laid eyes on you.

    • TayTay21

      RIght, because most anon 38 year-old dudes on the internet look like Channing Tatum irl.

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  • UdontNeedtoknow
    they also tend to be less intellegent then regular looking or ugly people. attractive folks also tend to be more caught up in hollywood bullshit than in the real actual social affairs and political issues... if your good to look at then usually your not good for anything else... hot sex maybe, but half the hot chicks i dated have been absolutely dead lays.
  • sp33d
    Boosts confidence some, but not necessarely mental strength.

    The advantage is minimal with respect to anything not related to superficial values. You shouldn't delude yourself thinking otherwise. People with ability, accomplishments and attitude have the advantage and it's well deserved.
  • Chico_brah
    As far as number 2 I sort of laughed at because engineers are usually pale and pasty.. not very appealing to look at. ahaha. It's a matter of skill in the career world.
  • vishna
    1 and 2 can be swayed so easily by looks. Think about waitresses...
    Being sexy would seem like a no brainer for high confidence, even though that's not always the case, but overall, yea, being hot... usually people have higher physical confidence than someone with less regarded looks.

    However, that doesn't mean they're superior XD Being pretty or athletic or smart doesn't make someone to superior to someone else.

    Also, there's a limit to how far looks will take you. You can't be a rocket scientist because you're tall or have nice cheek bones. It's about more than that.
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  • Bandit74
    I agree. Aside from being born to wealthy parents, being attractive is probably the biggest advantage you can have in life.
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  • mits777
    This isn't true. In the career world you say, only if they are models or something like that it matters being sexy. How many sexy politicians do you see, how many sexy businessman do you see?
    • Well, statistically taller men are more successful in business and politics and pretty/handsome candidates are more likely to get hired.

      Of course they aren't superior (though they can be more confident because they're used to people sucking up to them), but they do get advantages.

    • mits777

      @JohnDoe3000 As I mentioned it depends on the job, and isn't true for everything. For public relationship jobs, social jobs handsome people may get a bonus only that. In science looks matters 0, engineering and most of high payment jobs, politics anywhere the mind matters. It doesn't matter if you are tall short in 80% of the jobs and things (and I am tall myself not a short man crying here).

    • mits777

      And of course for dating it is normal handsome people rule. But dating is another thing and jobs/skills/personality is another thing.

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  • PrincessPanda
    I can attest to these things but I wouldn't call it being superior
    • mits777

      Of course they aren't superior, this post is very shallow and stupid. I know handsome people who are stupid or with health problems (not so superior at all), so are they really superior to a taller then average guy with average face guy with god genetics? (never sick, great body health smart, all his grandfathers/mothers lived without sickness up to 90 etc). Comparing people doesn't take only look there are many more factors before deciding who is superior or not.

    Except for number one, this is all true for me although I don't feel like I'm above everyone else.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    honest... but too much of coward to not be anon... perhaps a guy who accidentally hit the nail on the head.
  • CHRIS11796
    Not really. Sure they're attractive but that doesn't make them any higher than someone who is average or below/average. Ya they may have a better time in the dating game but it sure as hell doesn't mean average or below/average folks won't find a date because they can. And why does this make them higher than other people? Because they have the looks? What about their personalities, the way they act? Because ya if i see an attractive girl but she has an ugly personality she becomes more uglier to me. Bottomline is nobody is higher than someone else just because they look visually appealing.
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  • Theodorable
    It's genetics. Perfect exterior, more likely to have perfect brain
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    • mits777

      I see that you don't have either brain or look. If you have studied biology you should already know that different genes are responsible for different aspects of a human. So a gene may be for eye color, another one for height, one for nose etc etc (simplifying it).

    • @mits777 Don't be a dip shit. I'm not saying beauty and intelligence are genetically codependent or even intrinsically interlinked. Some of you people do not seem to understand how generalizations work. Stop being so glib. Anyhow, I'm right, as a GENERAL rule, attractive people are smarter than ugly people. Otherwise ugly people would rule the world and be extremely wealthy -- which IS NOT GENERALLY THE CASE. Sex sells, but economics doesn't care about appearance. You're ideas stand removed from your appearance.

    • mits777

      I see ugly people ruling politicians bussinessman short ugly people rule where I live. Why dont models rule instead according to your broken logic.

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  • diegoD
    not in my experience, I was told these complements, but I always had low self esteem and insecurities
  • GoldCobra
    I am naturally unnatractive. I built a decent body though
  • Omar5881
    1 and 3 ok
    But 2 ? really like bill Gates and walid ibn talal are very fucking handsome
  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    That last dude looks like he's waiting to take a long, hard dicking :/
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Superior? I don't think so.
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  • Phoenix98
    Just because lol.
  • Puppylove94
    Kind of agree with this actually lol
  • Adigelunar
  • Winrey700
    Because people judge you on your appearance.
  • DizzyAster
    Because they're sexy!!!
  • skykidx1
    Yout dumb
  • skeptic002
    Lol no
  • BruceTrails
    I guess thats how it goes in your country.
  • Blitzkrieger
    Everybody can be sexy.
  • AnonGod
    Perfect Take.
  • Pilulu
    There goes mu self esteem again..
  • Anonymous
    LOL! This should get the award for most blatantly obvious take ever! Aren't we all aware of this? :P
  • Anonymous
    Number 2 is really a flaw in society. Society should take in people based on ability and dependability, not on looks. Hiring someone based on looks is an extremely prejudicial and discriminatory practice. Unattractive people deserve equal rights and opportunities.
  • Anonymous
    This from an anonymous girl on the internet, lmao
  • Anonymous
    Sexy people have the pussy (or the Bigus Dickus)

    A good escort makes more than any teacher, professor or employee, more than some doctors.
    That's Sex Power.
  • Anonymous
    I'm sorry. I used to think so too. Unfortunately, most of my life. But I recently had an epiphany. Not one of the great people I know were hot. None of the presidents, kings, queens, scientists, business people, artists, musicians, songwriters, CEO's, doctors, inventors, athletes, and so on. In fact some of them were extremely ugly, lol.
    Being hot, at most you will be a celebrity, and that's if you're good at acting or singing in addition to your good looks. Or you might end up being a fashion model. But if you're smart, there's a whole world of opportunities out there for you. You could rule the world if you chose to.

    I can't believe Hollywood has taken over people's minds so badly. It's like if you're not hot, it's the end of the world.
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    • FatherJack

      Too many people let the " media " think for them , good comment !!

  • Anonymous
    I know ugly people with all that. I'm convinced it's their confidence that does it. They interview very well, because they're confident and think the company is as lucky to have them as they are to have the company, they walk into a room with an aura of confidence and demand respect just by the way they walk. Then I know people who'd genuinely be handsome/pretty if they weren't lazy, depressed or broke. Like one girl I know she's always been depressed and it shows in every part of her, she slouches down and wears very ill fitting clothes, doesn't do anything to her skin and her hair is always just pulled back, also the sad years are beginning to show on her face and is becoming haggard and sad looking... but then I've seen her laugh and you can catch a glimpse of what she'd look like if she was happier, if she cared about herself and her appearance and she'd look amazing.
  • Anonymous
    Still doesn't mean much if you have a crap personality.
  • Anonymous
    Yes... Our greatest scientists, inventors, discoverers, writers and philosophers were smoking hot...
    Get real woman! Being too good looking in some real jobs can be disadvantageous because you won't exactly being taken seriously as a proper whatever when you spend more time in fron of the mirror than snow White's evil step mother!
  • Anonymous
    Since everyone's view of what is sexy is different, this is a pointless take.
  • Anonymous
    Only that attractive men have a hard time in the career world..