How NOT To Get Caught Cheating


1. Password protect phone/computer/social media

Always make sure that you are careful about the accessibility of your communication devices. If you need to buy a pre-paid phone, or even set up an email account.

How NOT To Get Caught Cheating

2. Use cash, not credit cards

If you live with your partner, make sure that nothing suspicious is on your credit card statements by simply opting to use for cash that can't be accounted for nor traced.

How NOT To Get Caught Cheating

3. Don't get mad if you get accused

The biggest sign of someone who is guilty, is to get mad or defense about being accused. Instead just calmly deny and laugh the idea off.

How NOT To Get Caught Cheating
How NOT To Get Caught Cheating
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  • ginny_weasley
    Here's a foolproof way:
    Don't do it. If you find yourself bored in a relationship, attracted to someone else, or any other stupid reason people cheat, don't be a selfish coward and break up instead. Literally all you have to say is, "I don't want to be with you."
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Riggers
    Take should be called.

    "How TO be a cunt"

    If you're speaking on account of personal experience asker. You have about the same human value as a dead skunks bleeding arsehole.
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  • JustDesiree
    You shouldn't cheat all tho. That's one of the most cowardly and horrific things a person can do if they're unsatisfied with their significant other. Not only does it make your partner feel like they aren't good enough, but it will also ruin your reputation for future relationships if they happen to find out you've cheated in the past. The best way to not get caught cheating, is to not cheat at all.
  • kellyg83
    you're disgusting, and i hope karma kicks you in the pants.
    • You realise that if she's posting something, doesn't mean she IS one.

    • kellyg83

      @YourFutureEx ok, but why the heck would you tell people how to get away with cheating. it's like she's giving them the green light. not cool.

    • Maybe she's just having fun? Maybe it's satire?

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  • CisScum
    Wow thanks OP! With this guide I have finally cheated and now I am officially an asshole. You're the best OP!

    For the people who don't understand sarcasm, it's sarcasm.
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Oh oh I have an idea 🖐🏻! What if... What if we just don't cheat and not be scumbags? 😮 Wow so easy right
  • frerardsprincess
    Or just don't cheat you know, thats a very simple way or not getting caught
  • Tony1974
    I am shocked! Who would think that a WOMAN would post this! Too many of her friends getting caught lately. (They are the biggest players of all; that's why they hate players, especially when they've been played)
  • AdamThomas
    I don't think number 3 is true. I've never cheated on my girlfriend and I'd get angry if she seriously accused me. Probably shouldn't actually be telling a cheating slut. this but oh well.
  • Bleh-___-
    You got my hopes up. I thought this was a guide on how to get away with cheating on exams.
  • GraveTruth
    If you have a prepaid phone then the guy will think you are a dug dealer or a cheater. lol
  • yellowmamba024
    "First of all, shut the hell up." In Chris Jericho's voice. Second of all, this goes on the list.
  • Brodicus
    If you cheat you will get caught. Anyone who wants to cheat and keep their current partner is selfish and too scared to be alone.
  • Rdzivan98
    Well you know who won't be having a boyfriend this Thanksgiving this girl.
  • bloodmountain1990
    4. don't cheat at all.
  • YourFutureEx
    First give me a girlfriend to cheat 😂
  • Unit1
  • Adigelunar
    ı hate cheating
  • clampfan101
    4. Don't do it at all. 🙄
  • Anonymous
    If they had the money and the resources they can hire a or multiple professional private investigators to find and track your whereabouts, assuming how paranoid and suspicious they are. Either that or they'd set up something almost like a sting operation where whomever you were supposed to meet and cheat or have an affair with is the bait. Sometimes it works, I remember seeing something like this in a reality TV show on how they catch cheaters and people having affairs.

    Kind of like how when someone that wanted to hire a hitmen presumed the person they met would be a contract killer but in actuality it was an undercover police officer in disguise gathering all of the details and evidence of their plot.

    Cheat at your own risk. It is not 100% impossible to get caught, depending whom you are with.
  • Anonymous
    Cheating is messed up. Don't do it. Even if you are so good at it and think its fun, its so much effort trying to hide it and the guilt of it will catch up with you and make you wander what kind of person you are and what the hell is wrong with you.
  • Anonymous
    Always use "Incognito" mode with no cookies allowed on your browser and remove all traces of anything you search.
    Remove or hide recent phone calls and texts.
    Store important stuff in the cloud.