Why I'm Giving Up On Men


Inspired by a number of lovely takes about why some men have decided to give up on women.

I thought that in light of all these, I should share my 2 cents too.

Why I am Giving Up On Men

All Men Are Evil

I don't think I need to explain much here as anyone with a brain can see that all men are evil.

They do things like:

* send unsolicited dick pics

* catcall

* pump and dump girls

* have no emotions

A Few Guys Are Going to Ruin It

I've had a handful of bad experiences with guys, and I am going to let them ruin any chance in the future with men.

My experiences have consisted of:

1. In grade 6, I told a guy that I liked him, and he told everyone he thought I was ugly.

2. A year ago, I asked a guy out and he said yes, only to tell me a day later that he doesn't really like me and he just said yes because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. A shitstorm ensued, and he called me a lot of really nasty names.

3. I really liked this guy and I thought we were gonna date, but he ended up choosing to date another girl. Following on from that, he almost immediately tried to make me his 'side chick' by what I'd describe as emotional cheating, and trying to initiate physical cheating too.

4. I hooked up with a guy at a party, he asked me on a date the next day, and then after making it clear I wasn't interested in a friends with benefits, he tried to use me anyways.

So yeah, I've had a pretty rough time, and I'm a victim of the evil ways of men.

Why I'm Giving Up On Men

All Men Care About Is Sex

Enough said. Stop being such horndogs and show some emotion please.

Why I'm Giving Up On Men

You're Secretly Submissive

You're all submissive, and just pretend to be dominant because you think that's what will get women to like you. None of you are true alphas, unless of course, @Chico_brah.

I think you all secretly want a dominatrix to boss you around as well.

Why I'm Giving Up On Men

So, in conclusion, I'm giving up because I want to be pathetic. I am going to avoid men at all costs.

** This take was satire for those of you that don't understand sarcasm, I hope you found this entertaining. My point is to highlight how stupid all these takes men have been writing about 'giving up on women'.**

Why I'm Giving Up On Men
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I love this. Those guys who write those myTake are absolutely pathetic. If a woman did the same thing they would be the first to lunge at her neck and call her a stupid feminist. So... only guys can give up on women? Women can't do the same because of societal pressure? Okay. Lol.
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    • nojogrant

      If a women did the same thing no one would care. Our society places pussy on a pedistal when it comes to dating.

    • nojogrant

      I'm not hating on the post or anything, personally I think it's kinda pathetic that people make these posts too, but for the most part men place pussy on the pedistal

    • Anonymous

      And lol at all the guys who think this post is serious

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    look at all the people who didn't know it was satire
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    • Anonymous

      It's funny how triggered people are getting tbh

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  • Blanchmess
    Satire? more like mocking people for their decision. Im sure they did not write it as bad as you wrote it

    And if they did. That`s a shame. Because nothing will get better if you are grumpy
  • Negrodamuss
    some guys still didn't get that it was satire, despite explicating saying that it was. Fuck... GaG men are retarded
    • Anonymous

      lmfao I love you :')
      they are a little retarded lol

  • Library
    I gave up on women. Who cares? Oh wait, there are people on the internet who care enough to insult me about it … This wasn’t even funny. This was offensive towards all men, not just to those who gave up. I don’t care that you put a satire disclaimer at the end. If your main intention was to make me change my mind then you definitely failed. I personally think giving up on women is more honorable than writing a myTake that’s trying to mock men for giving up on women. There is this thing called freedom of choice. Does that sound like Chinese to you? It’s okay to think that myTakes about giving up on women are pathetic. There are plenty of myTakes with titles that I think are pathetic but I don’t pay much attention to them because I truly don't care.
    • RJMusickid

      @Library Just a thought: I don't think her main intention was to get you to change your mind. She also gets to exercise freedom of choice by cleverly mocking things she finds ridiculous.

    • Library

      @RJMusickid Whatever, I don't know and idc. If her main intention was to insult people then that's just pathetic. And I know and I also get to exercise freedom of choice by telling her that it's ridiculous to mock people for something like this... Smh at white knights these days.

  • alphadoggystyle
    This was not funny or clever in the least. Deciding to not commit to women anymore is not pathetic at all, deciding to pump and dump women is just smart from a male point of view based on the instincts men and women have.

    The only thing pathetic here is that you made this take because deep down you are bothered by the ammount of men ditching women as a whole, while pretending you dont care. Dont start crying now.
  • Elarra
    "I'm giving up because I want to be pathetic."

    Lol, the fuck is happening to this website hahahaha
    • Anonymous

      lmao I was making fun of all the men who give up, because in my opinion I think it is pathetic.

    • Elarra

      I know, it was funny, this Take is like... everything I want to say to men who generalize women just to get a reaction from them haha

    • Anonymous

      lmao glad you enjoyed it

  • davidshaw
    tbf this is just as relatable to what some women send, it's just a different scenario e. g

    Some men: "I was nice to her, always gave her gifts, made the right moves and she goes off with another guy? Fuck all women"
    Some women: "I used to go out with a lot of men, when some of them would use me for sex and then ditch me, fuck all men"
  • Rloco
    Most takes about giving up on men are stupid. But then there are those of who only give up romantically. There is no hatred no feelingerie that girls are mean, just an understanding. An understanding that you're unappealing in a sexually or romantic way. So for the guys who want to prepare for a life without romantic love. Just having the love of friends could be enough.
  • Cherokeehp
    This was the funniest thing I've read all day. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Someone please give this girl a medal.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you! lmaoo

    • Cherokeehp

      You're welcome!

    • Unit1

      I hereby grant this under 18 pink anon author the medal uhhhm... "Qualified satire article". Sorry, I couldn't think of a better name :]

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  • FatherJack
    " All Men Care About Is Sex " ... Your mum wasn't complaining last night !! ... Sorry couldn't resist , my workplace banter is like this !!!
    • Anonymous


    • FatherJack

      2 humourless feminist downvotes... it's a friggin' JOKE !! At least the OP can appreciate salty humour !!

  • genericname85
    the typical bitter girl who always gets with assholes and won´t learn... well give up then. it´s your loss.
    • Anonymous


    • xD oh the downvotes. i was being facetious... it´s just guys aren´t all like that and giving up on it all together, just cause you happened to just pull blanks out of the huge pile, doesn´t mean they´re all blanks... i hope that gets my message across better.

  • Alistar
    "All Men Are Evil"

    Oh no! She's figured us out.

    Quick, Chaps! What was the plan if this happened?
  • QooLipBite
    I have a strong feeing that this is @Luci92

    Show yourself.
    • QooLipBite

      That's what I FUCKING thought. @Luci92 😂😂😂

      My expertise are too much.

    • Anonymous


    • QooLipBite

      If you wanna be sick and pull stunts off while remaining undiscovered, you have to do it smart 😂😂😂

      Your anon age gave it away cause you're literally like the only Under18 who gets loud and chats shit 😂😂😂

      Your question of whether all men were submissive also gave it away.

      In addition, I've seen in some MGTOW takes where you mentioned how takes like these were pathetic (which you emphasized in this take).

      Reasonable take nonetheless, just rather don't get too much into your feelings in your takes 😂

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  • FrenchyRomain
    All men are evil? xD lol... you can't generalize based on your own experience... that's a child's logic sorry
    • Did you read the bottom where she said it's just sarcasm

    • @EccentricRose i did indeed read it, my point is satire is good and fun when used correctly... it felt like reading a 9 year old's paper

    • Anonymous

      It was meant to be stupidly sarcastic, so even the dumb people would realise its satire. But apparently not, some idiots still took it seriously.

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  • CasaNorba
    "All Men Are Evil"

    yes and all women are softy little angel (sarcasm)

    "All Men Care About Is Sex"

    and all women care about is money and status

    "You're Secretly Submissive"

    you do know there is no such thing as "alpha" right? this was a term created by inferior and insecure fools to be used as a shaming tactic against those they look down upon and feel better about themselves in return.

    so yea coming to the conclusion you women are no different. in fact you guys are a threat to yourself and that is why a lot of men including me have actually join the same boat as you and giving up on women even if you guys try so har at giving us "the only thing we care about." speaking of...

    "All Men Care About Is Sex"

    you along with all the women out there should not see this as a problem. think about if we didn't care about sex women would be 100% USELESS in our society.
    • Anonymous

      looooool it's bloody sarcasm dude! stop getting so triggered

  • Jamesol1
    ''All men care about sex''
    I have a friend who like me is average looking. A hot girl asked him if he wants to be friends with benefits... he said no he wants relationships... she tried dating him for a week and she said i just want to be friends with benefits... he told her to ''fuck off'' apparently. the kind of guys you find attractive will determine your experience.
  • JesseBrooks
    I read the satire part, but still there are some women who actually believe this way and vice versa. I read and posted in the aforementioned articles you speak of. This is a deliberate attempt at creating discontent among both sexes by re-igniting that toxic spread of hate. Trolls do this, call it satire all you want. It probably wise to have remained anonymous, although I have a few female candidates who would go through this much typing just to start some shit.
  • TayTay21
    What's really pathetic is that you actually took the time to write this.
    • Anonymous

      I'm pathetic aren't I :)
      I love ittt <3

    • TayTay21

      yeah you are.

  • sp33d
    Submissive, my ass. Am I evil? Yes, I am!

    Great trolls, by the way :) A solid 8/10
    • Anonymous

      thank you :)

  • ElvenMr
    Whats the point making these on a site like this? Especially that you put the most important stuff after your whole post.
    • Anonymous

      To counter the other takes like this that were serious.
      I'm a pot stirrer.

  • Tony1974
    HAHA! THIS is why Hillary lost the election. You women fail to listen and understand. There are many valid points in the MGTOW argument which you are happy to disdain with your own sarcastic take. Let's see who is laughing when you all want to "settle down" and have a family. There's already a man shortage now... can't wait to see what happens in another 10 years. The obesity epidemic may skyrocket in women..

    He who laughs last laughs the best.
  • likitb4istickit
    I was going to say you are a smart girl, until I read the satire disclaimer at the bottom. I've actually stayed single for the past 11 years not counting Backpage girls. If only Backpage existed in 1933, could have saved me 83 years of grief.
    • Grumps

      my last girl was in the beauty industry. very hot but messed up and very materialistic and arrogant at the same time being the most insecure creature I've ever come across. been single for 6 years since.

      i date around but haven't found a match for myself.

  • Svengodofman
    Thank you for mocking them. Anyone who hates the other gender on the basis of their genitals is a moron. All of the MGTOWs and Radical Feminists are the same in the end-- They hate the other gender because they have no social skills. If someone is an asshole, they alone are an asshole, it doesn't automatically include everyone else who shares their genitals. People need to stop with these goddamn victim complexes.
  • jacquesvol
  • Unit1
    "All Men Are Evil"

    Yes, we are >:) We are the root of all evil and we invaded your peaceful planet and have constructed our technologies and buildings and roads on it, so we can expand our empire on your lands. Muhahahahaha!

    "A Few Guys Are Going to Ruin It"

    The exact same logic applies to women.

    "All Men Care About Is Sex"

    What are emotions?

    "You're Secretly Submissive"

    Submissive? What?
    And what do you mean with us not being the first greek letter? I don't know what you are talking about.
    Uh, no, not really.


    OK, I got it. You can be on your way now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Unit1

      Oh yeah, look at the blue comments section o_o seems reasonable to actually give up.

    • Anonymous

      lmao exactly!

    • Unit1

      I really feel bad for women now :(

  • Sorenome
    This is probably one of the most stupid things I have ever read. "All men are X, All women are X, all black people are X"... do you see the idiotic stereotyping here? Just because you attract the assholes doesn't mean everyone are assholes. I'm not any of those things that "all men are", I'm completely opposite. Before you have met every single person in a given category, you can't legitimately say that "All of them are like this".

    BUT our society wants men to be like that, and then the guys who are not like that, are more emotional and respectful usually become very insecure, because they are the minority. So it's harder to find them, and they probably even feel that "all women like assholes"

    If you expect men to be assholes, your experience will confirm that. We get what we wish for.
    • Anonymous

      *sigh* it's satireeee
      I'm trying to point out about how other people make these sort of stupid stereotypes about women.

    • Sorenome

      hahaha I didn't read it completely. My bad! :D In that case it was very good :P

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha cheers

  • AriadneSky
    i agree with the last one even though you were joking, i think its true.
  • Pyrofox
    "Well your young and probably views change" ~(was what I was going to say.) But since its Satire xD. I will instead say damn girl your mature.
  • Vostock
    It"s a to harder to convey sarcasm on the written word than by voice. But I understand the nuances. I haven't given up on women just trying to get a girlfriend because so far I have been rejected at every turn for 13 years
  • Kuraj
    Too bad it is just a "satire".
    We would all benefit from you giving up on men.
  • lumos
    Funny how when a guy writes a SERIOUS, non-satire, mytake like this, he gets nothing but fist bumps and awkward "no homo" man hugs from the male users. But when a girl pokes fun at takes like that by basically copy-pasting the take and changing the word "woman" with "man", all hell breaks lose and guys are running to get the tar and feathers out.
    Y'all are cute!!
    • jjmarvin

      Come on now that's not true. We're both just as bad as the other.

    • lumos

      @jjmarvin sadly it is true...

    • jjmarvin

      I think you're just not seeing the guys disagreeing with them. But if you give out an opinion like that, most of them won't take the risk of talking to you, in fear of being stereotyped or attacked. If you want measured and humble men around you, you have to be measured and humble to them. this includes compromise, listening, and not making sweeping statements or sexist jabs. There has to be some sort of halfway point to bridge this petty gender divide.

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  • venomhbk1313
    Not all guys are assholes you just have to find the right one
    • Anonymous


    • Smile things will look up for you

  • juliaanita
    Love it love it love it!
    esp. the line "i'm giving up because I want to be pathetic."
  • YourFutureEx
  • CrazynKinky
    Let them rant. Let them voice their pain. Anyone who's ever been hurt bad enough knows that pain. Some people need outlets so let this be theirs
  • Notorisch_Arschloch
    Men want women to be nothing more than what's well within the power of every last one of the to very easily be: not fat, loyal, and pleasant.

    Women have a list that includes multiple aspects in which a man must be genetically gifted or otherwise in the top 0.1% to even at best warrant not being referred to as creepy for daring to speak in her presence.

    Those of us that gave up on women? We didn't. Women gave up on us, as well as their end of a social contract to which they still expect us to adhere. Men are finally giving up their end of that social contract.

    Thank you for the mockery. The more you heckle the rational response of not tolerating women who can't even be a fraction of a percent as decent as none of you have any excuse not to be, the more you strengthen our resolve and help show more men that they should follow suit.
  • cth96190
    Thankyou for removing one of the Skittles from the bowl.
  • AleDeEurope
    But pumping and dumping is good, though :/
  • Nice_Guy_Last
    Hnggg Triggered You is a stoopid sloot fk u m8 guys r best.

    Good post though
  • Hollywood-Glam
    I did not know this was a satire. I really thought you were giving up on men.
  • skeptic002
    while you do that I'll find a girl to stick my penis in good luck
  • BenignCzar
    The difference is... I know a number of men, including myself, who gave up on women decades ago. Life became more serene, more profitable and the vacation were much more fun since I did not have to go where someone else wanted to go.
  • Jxpxtxr
    Lmao how the guys got sooooo triggered 😂
    • Unit1

      Yeah. I actually feel bad for women seeing this :(

    • Jxpxtxr

      @Unit1 oh well, if you've been on here for long enough you know to keep your expectations of the male members of this site extremely low 😂

    • Unit1

      I noticed it by now :P
      Besides... what the internet writes, that is going on doesn't apply to the real world outside as far as my experience goes.

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  • TheInvisibleMan
    We need to write a take how we are giving up on takes, you know, take it to the next level
  • mrdave11
    we aren't all bad, everyone has bad experiences with either sex, it doesn't mean either are exactly the same
  • Jjjoooggg
    She sounds kind of young to make such a drastic decision. I waited til I was in my 40's to give up on women. The problem is not that girls and guys are bad. Is that even the nice ones are a challenge because they have trouble trusting others. Which is understandable until you figure out that there will never be a day you can gain trust from some people. And then the ones that are nice and want to give a chance, I believe will fail because of human weakness of discipline or paranoia. Too much work for a relationship that will most likely fail and waste a lifetime of work.
  • CancerianMan81
    just to put it out there you're low vibration is showing
  • amphet11
    We won't miss you
    • Anonymous

      I won't miss you either 😘

  • kingarthas
    Pathetic af.
    • Anonymous

      I know, satire is pathetic.

  • CT_CD
    I'm giving up on women
    • Anonymous

      I would too if I were you.