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5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder


I used to be obsessed with Tinder. I've had some success with it but I barely use it now that I have Bumble. So here are a few things I like about Bumble:

1) No cheesy pick-up lines.

Some of them can be funny but most are just super old. I guarantee most guys just google "Tinder pick-up lines", because the same ones are repeated so often. I've pretty much stopped replying to them unless its something I haven't heard before. On Bumble, women have to message first which leads to my second point...

5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder

2) Guys don't have to waste their time messaging girls who won't respond.

I get swipe happy sometimes and sometimes I'll receive a message from someone who I don't find attractive. This way the women HAVE to initiate the conversation. Guys won't have to waste their time sending messages to girls who won't respond and then get butt hurt about it.

5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder

3) The connection goes away after 24 hours.

This helps you remove all the clutter and makes the app move faster. The connections only last for 24 hours and disappear forever. This includes when you're messaging someone too; if they don't respond within 24 hours, the message goes away.

5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder

4) You don't get a million notifications.

On tinder, I had my notifications turned off, but then when you go into the app all of the notifications pop up after you go back to the home screen. I DESPISE notifications so then I have to go in and open all of my new matches. You only get notifications for messages on bumble.

5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder

5) Much better options.

Tinder is considered a hook-up app. Even though every person on it isn't looking for a hook up, it's safe to assume most are. Bumble is the opposite. Every guy I've met up with from bumble has had more serious intentions.

5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder
5 Reasons Why Bumble is Better Than Tinder
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  • Vostock
    Online dating sucks in general. Bumble, tinder, plenty of fish, ok cupid, they all gave me the same results as looking for a partner offline, a whole lot of nothing. One woman strung me along for two weeks and even after we got to know each other refused to meet me.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Do you have to sign up for Bumble through a Facebook account? I kind of... don't want to be meeting friends of friends lol.
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    • not every match you have is going to be friends of friends haha

    • I dont see why even frends would be a problem i mean there on the as well?

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  • AleDeEurope
    Isn't Bumble pretty small and full of bots?

    I like the idea of girls having to initiate, cause if they do, you know they're actually interested, unlike with Tinder, where around 40% of the messages you send get no reply.
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  • Fathoms77
    I haven't done the online dating thing in a while so this is actually a real question (not a rhetorical one):

    If you're looking for a serious relationship, doesn't it make more sense to use Match or eHarmony or something? Aren't ALL these silly apps basically for... shall we say, less mature relationships?
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    • 1) bumble is free
      2) I've heard HORRIBLE things about match. com lol

    • Fathoms77

      ... in this world, free generally equates to lesser quality. :P

      And what exactly did you hear about Match? I've used it in the past... seemed fine to me, if a tad outdated.

    • I agree with him on this one. I feel like people who are more likely to be ready to get serious don't mind checking out the more serious sits like Match, eHarmony, or Christian Mingle for that matter.

      I admit I have met, and dated, a few ok enough guys from the free sites (some of which I now have as good male friends) ... but in terms of ratio here... there was definitely a lot of sorting to even find them. :shudder:

  • frozenhorizon
    Look at that fuckin "hey" that woman sent RIGHT IN THAT VERY SCREENSHOT! Why don't they add a minimum character limit to the first message?

    Do you work for Bumble btw?
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    • Lmao no. Why?

    • Well you're promoting the app, sounds like a blog they'd write or something. :D

      But ugh yeah #2 is so frustrating, it happens so often, probably 60% of the time.

  • 10dsw
    This is a bit off topic but I've found Tinder girls more interested in relationships than POF, believe it or not. The reason I say so is because I've had 3 times as many hookups off POF vs. Tinder.

    Maybe it's just the way I come across as a person though.

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  • blutwolfe
    its silly how you need a facebook to login to any dating/hookup app these days
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    • I prefer it

    • blutwolfe

      I've never gotton into social media before and try not to, so something like this would really force my hand and I'd rather not, otherwise I wanted to try the app before lol

  • CasaNorba
    yea Bumble lets you play a fair game and all but in the end I think both of these apps are a joke. just another place for chicks nowadays to go to when they are bored and want an ego boost.
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  • john52461
    it's just another hook up app and the guys who don't want to hook up you won't like anyway, but girls can keep trying to convince themselves otherwise
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    • I wrote this take from personal experience lol

    • john52461

      it has nowhere near the users as anything else and the idea that girls message first is something any site/app can change within a minute. Also how many guys is a girl messaging, she'll date/sleep with anyone who responds fast enough? WTF is that all about lol? It's the internet equivalent of spreading your legs for everyone until someone is down? What if this senario played out in real life? A girl walks into a bar chats up 5 guys who all see her talking to multiple guys. Some guys will not like the slutty behavior and not make a move as a result, the ones that do obviously don't care about the girls morals anyway, which means the girl is likely to find a guy with low moral standards. This is the exact opposite of what makes a good relationship since loyalty and commitment from the man are extremely important. Bumble is just another app for girls to explore their sexual freedom/hook up culture without getting copy/paste messages and an overflowing inbox.

    • Completely disagree but okay haha

  • JohnDoe3000
    It must be a dream come true for women but in the end it's going to be useless to 90% of guys, just like any other dating app. But go have fun I guess...
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    • lol okay. It's successful for just as many men.. it takes 2 to tango.

    • Yeah... that's not how any of this works...

    • To clarify: one guy can juggle multiple women and that's usually what ends up happening on dating apps, add to that the fact there are always more guys than girls on these apps...

  • mikemx55
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  • jman46241
    And all this time I thought GAG was the best dating site! Just kidding lol. i use the best option of all.. Approaching women in person :)
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  • AnayaWilliams
    I've heard of Bumble but haven't it tried it. I might plan on using it in the future. Only thing is I wish with dating apps is that you didn't need a Facebook page to access dating apps.
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  • doctorwhofan23
    Have not used bumble can you actually get a relationship from it?
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  • CancerianMan81
    I'm sorry but I think people have lost their dating sense
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  • JustWorthlessMe
    it doesn't matter... no looks=no conversations... women will not care how good/smart/kind you are. period.
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  • PiuBravoRagazzo
    My roommate pulled the most Beautiful girl using Bumble
    If I were into dating rn I would probably make one. It seems legit
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  • Abe90
    I only knew of tinder and OkCupid. Learned something new today
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  • bedroomdweller
    Had no idea this existed. I don't use dating apps, anyways.
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  • RationalMale
    For me, Okcupid has been a lot better than Tinder or Bumble, but Tinder has had some decent results.
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  • TheDevilInside
    So on Bumble, we're the ones getting ignored?
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    • Most guys don't ignore lol

    • Yeah they don't ignore YOU. with me it might be a different story lol

    • Lol they wouldn't have matched with you if they didn't think you were attractive

  • GoldCobra
    Pretty good take. I use Bumble and tinder. I don't really get much luck on either though
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