How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!

How to use Tinder Properly (get more matches!)

Tinder can be a scary place, and like doing chores, you can only avoid it for so long before you must give in like everyone else and participate. Tinder, however, doesn't exactly come with a manual other than "swipe left, swipe right". Yet after using the app on and off for a year, and getting a girlfriend and a couple of dates out of it, I figured out the tricks you need for success. Just fair warning though, not everything in this article is going to be in the best taste or moral alignment.

(1.) Swipe Algorithms: Either be attractive, or fake it.

How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!

Guess what? Tinder has complex algorithms. There's patterns you'll notice the programmers built in. Let's get to the points first, then discuss. Here's how Tinder works:

(1.) Those with the most matches/right swipes (usually the most attractive people) are shown first on everyone's "deck". Those with the least matches are shown last.

(2.) Those who swipe right too much OR too little (inactive) are also bumped last.

(3.) Those with negative unmatch reviews (harassment, spam) are bumped last.

(4.) Those who give their hard-earned money to Tinder are bumped closer to the front.

(5.) When opening the app again after some time, Tinder will always show you someone who swiped you right (if you have a right swipe) within the first few cards. Usually the first or third.

Alrighty, now let's expand upon this further and give you some tips.

Using the "more matches" technique to bump you to the front.

How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!

This was me after only a week and a half of using tinder and maybe swiping 15 girls per day. I'm not an attractive guy, but managed to cheat the system and bring myself to a good number of matches without much effort.

When you first open Tinder (or Bumble, which is a clone copy). you're going to be shown a ton of attractive profiles. The reason why is those who have the most matches (or just those who are swiped right the most) are shown first. Partially to lure people into the app. Don't fall for the trap. Unless you know that you're attractive, don't waste your time swiping right super hot people. They'll never see you anyways and the goal is to just get matches NOT to optimistically swipe right every 8+/10 you come across.

In fact, your beginning strategy after first opening the app should be to swipe those you're most likely to match with. Especially if you're new and average looking, you're not going to match with those hotties. Sorry, you're at the back of the line and there's plenty of Instagram models in front of you that they're probably going to end up with.

So, in that case, here's your strategy in the beginning:

(1.) Only open the app once or twice per day, and only swipe maybe a dozen or so people. Try not to swipe everyone right. Your goal here is to be on enough that tinder still considers you "active", but you don't want your swipe/match ratio to get too high.

(2.) Set your swipe range to something small first, like 5 or 10 miles. Tinder still shows your profile to those outside your preferred range, so it's easy to spot who right swiped you when their profile has them located out of your range.

(3.) If you know they will match with you, go ahead and swipe right on the overweight, unattractive, and spam profiles. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, all that matters in the beginning is getting matches. Just don't message them.

(4.) Improve your profile for success (will discuss later).

So far this probably seems a bit cold. I mean, I did just tell you to swipe those who were fat and ugly right even if you didn't care (see all those matches up top? I only had 5 convos going for a reason).

However, you also chose to join a site where the only dating mechanic is judging people on their physical appearance and 3 tweets worth of information about themselves, so who's really the shallow one here?

Moving on, it truly is important not to get yourself too swipe happy in the first week or two. If you manage to swipe to the point that you either ran out of likes or ran out of people to match, you're doing it wrong. That means you are NOT getting matches, and you'll be stuck getting the "scraps" at the end of the line. The goal is not to be the most attractive person on the site, but rather, to fool the app into thinking you are. You accomplish this by both getting matches and maintaining a low swipe/match ratio, and you do this by swiping a dozen or so a day only.

(2.) Improving your profile and knowing your goal.

How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!


What really matters at first is your main picture. This is the first impression and chances are someone is only going to look at it for 0.30 seconds before deciding to swipe. So, either choose your best photo, or let Tinder choose it for you. Tinder now has a feature called "Smart Photos", which tests your pictures to find the one most well liked (and the most hated one to send to the back). According to Tinder they found that users would get up to 12% more matches using it. Don't worry if you don't have a good photo up, I personally have two up there that I couldn't care less about. Chances are these will be moved to last place anyways and if someone didn't like you already based on your other photos, they weren't worth worrying about anyways. Use Smart Photos.


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BIO. It's a common misconception that nobody cares about the bio, and there is some truth to it based on Tinder's "card" mechanism. However, having a good bio can be essential for getting matches that were on the fence or were looking for something specific. Your bio shouldn't be so small and empty that it's useless, but not taking up all 500 characters either. 200-300 characters is a good ballpark range of where you should be. All you need to really include is things that will make you look better, but not exaggerating or being too stale. Think of your bio like your resume, but now condensed to a sticky note, and a bit less serious. What traits do you have that others would like to see? Here's some common ones:

(1.) Height: Both guys and girls like to show off how tall (or sometimes for girls, short) they are. This is also helpful in finding a suitable person who'd like to swipe.

(2.) College, Major, and Job

(3.) Hobbies, but try to only pick 3 of your best ones as to not overload.

(4.) What you are looking for. Be honest and try to be humorous. Example: Instead of saying, "Looking for a boyfriend", say, "Looking for a guy who's willing to let me use his hoodies the next few years."

(5.) What animals you like or have as pets.

(6.) What your favorite music is.


Okay this is where you need to be honest. What are you really on Tinder for? Everyone thinks Tinder is a hookup app, and that seems to be the way, but Tinder was created and has shown to be so much more. There's Tinder Social now, for groups of friends who want to meet groups of friends. A lot of people are just on there to meet new people and find those with similar interests. Some (mostly women) just want validation that they are attractive to the opposite sex. Some say they "don't want hookups" (again, mostly women) but just want to bang. Some are looking for legit relationships. Heck, I found my ex by chance because she super liked me after realizing I wasn't like every other guy on there. You don't have to include this in your bio, but if you do be honest. I didn't include it in mine but due to other things in my bio it was easy for women to see that I wasn't there to bang.

(3.) Lastly: Have fun and have patience!

How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!

This was after I removed those "throwaway matches" above. Once you've gotten a good number of matches and ran out of people in your range, it's time to start fresh and play the waiting game. REAL matches can take some time. You must wait for your card to appear and most people only get on for maybe 10-20 minutes total a day. Be patient. It can take over a month or more to find a good date on Tinder. I live in a populated area and over the summer I only got one date out of it and she really wasn't even worth it (this was BEFORE I figured out the Tinder Secrets I'm sharing with you now). Messaging is important. Just a hint, girls don't like name puns of GIF's. Have a good icebreaker, don't just say "Hey! How are you?". Say something like, "I really love your <Insert physical trait>! It looks so good!". For the fellas, I tend to compliment girls on their makeup or ask them about what interesting things they've learned in their major.

Don't take Tinder too seriously. It is a dating app, but it's mostly just for fun, validation, and trolling. However, it is currently the best dating app out there because there's a ton of people on it. Where Bumble fails is not by being a "feminist dating app", but rather that Bumble has a population that is a fraction of Tinder's, same with okCupid.

Have fun and thank you for reading!

Also, don't forget to enjoy some of the weird stuff!

How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!

How to use Tinder Properly and Get More Matches!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    Fascinating ahah

    How did you learn the specifics of the algorithm? By reading about its architecture... or just by playing around with the app a sufficient amount?


    As for "purpose" --
    I always think it's funny when people distinguish between "hookups" and "dating" as though there's some kind of sharp line drawn between them.
    A lot of very good relationships start out as mostly or purely physical ("hookups" or "friends with benefits")... and then become more than that, if the two people discover that they have awesome and irrepressible sexual chemistry *AND* are well matched in other ways.

    In fact, I'm of the school of thought that the BEST way to have a good long-term rl is to start out physical ("hookup"/"fwb's"), and then discover that something deeper is developing.
    This seems like it should be even more important for the guy -- at least if he values a strong sex life for the entire duration of a relationship. If a woman is WILLING to "make a guy wait" for very long -- thus not only taking the risk that he'll decamp for another girl who wants to hit it, but also denying her *own* urges along the way -- then, as much as I hate to say it, that's a pretty solid sign that her attraction to the guy isn't all that strong to begin with. And/or that her drive to use sex to manipulate/bargain, is stronger than her actual sex drive itself.
    For a long-term relationship in which both people stay deliriously attracted to each other? Yeah, that's not a good sign.
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  • sherbearee
    "It is a dating app, but it's mostly just for fun, validation, and trolling."
    Oh so very true. Its also so much easier for girls to get matches in general, and it's always a good idea going in without high expectations.
    Tinder's a laugh aha
    Nice take!!
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    • front2back

      Girls, even unattractive ones, are pretty much guaranteed to just have to swipe right on any guy they sorta like and have about a 50% chance of matching.

    • sherbearee

      For sure. Personally most the guys I swipe right on I match with, and I honestly have the worst profile ever - it makes me wonder what these dudes look for (if anything)

  • Hopefuldreamer8
    I don't use Tinder anymore because it was pointless for me. I have social anxiety, so the thought of meeting someone from that app or even sites like Plenty of Fish doesn't work for me. I used to think it would because I can talk to people just fine on the internet. So I figured for someone like me, it would work but then I realized I actually have to meet this person offline. That caused me anxiety.

    So I just used Tinder as a way to see if guys would actually like me or not. I never talked to any of them. I am ugly, so it's not that often I meet guys. Most aren't interested. So it was kind of a confidence boost if I actually got a match. It didn't matter who it was. I was one of those swipe happy people to see how many matches I'd get. I kind of wonder now if guys swiped me right because they were following the formula you do. Either that or they were desperate because I got a lot of matches.

    After a while though, I just deleted it. I was never going to meet someone off of it, and so it was a waste of time for me and the guy I matched with. After hearing a co-worker vent about women never responded to him when he matched with them, I stopped doing that.
  • NatashaJ
    I don't know think this will help with the issue of people just liking everybody and not even responding to some women. I mean I got a lot of likes most of them are not even trying to talk to me, I try to talk to some still some just like for the hell of it.
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  • TheNoOne
    I never had much luck on dating apps let alone tinder. When i do get matches they rarely respond if ever respond but its the same with most dating sites. I do swipe a lot so maybe i have screwed up. I have had tinder for about 2 months now. Thanks for this advice i will try use it to improve my results.
  • Jxpxtxr
    Haha I swipe left on 98% of the people and yet virtually everyone I swipe right on is an immediate match. I think way too many desperate people are just swiping right on every single person bc they think it'll increase their chances at least one person will have mercy tbh
    Disagree 3 People
    • You're a girl, and not an ugly one, so that overrules all these second-order subtleties of the algorithm.

    • Jxpxtxr

      @JohnDoe3000 yeah hate to burst the bubble but I'm average at best

    • Jxpxtxr

      And yet there seems to be tons of people swiping right on me so you can clearly get matches by simply relying on other ppls desperation

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  • Puppylove94
    The point of the app in my opinion is to find someone you want to date... you're just trying to get as many matches as possible. What is that guna get you?

    by the way I wouldn't recommend complimenting a girls make up.. it makes you sound superficial and a little gay. Stick to where the pictures were taken
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    • The whole point of getting more matches in the beginning is to get on the top of the list of people they show first to get more exposure on your profile. Then you have more opportunity too find a match you actually want to date at least that's what I got out of it

    • TheGOM

      The point of tinder is not for dating. It's a hookup app. I purely swipe for entertainment and to see who'd bang me. If you're using tinder to date, you're using it wrong.

    • @TheGOM people use it for different reasons the dating, ego, entertainment and hookups the vast majority of girls just use it as entertainment and an ego boost when no intention of anything but that. Just because they swipe right on your profile doesn't mean want to fuck you i bet half of them won't even reply to your message tbh

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  • KaraMcNulty
    Tinder - The place where you get 50+ matches and no one speaks or responds.
    Like if you can relate... haha.
  • yellowmamba024
    Damn I never knew that. However, I don't care much for Tinder anymore since it can be really awkward, especially if you know someone you know sees you on Tinder. Just bleh.
  • bedroomdweller
    I've never used dating apps, and never had to. But these are actually some pretty good tips. Also, you kinda just sold me on trying it in the future. I'll have this in mind.
  • kespethdude
    i. e. If you're ugly, don't use it. Thanks, Captain Obvious. And as for "faking it", if you get to the point where you actually physically mety a match, she will find out about your lie and possibly report you to the admins. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, and if you can't make it, don't try it. You are not ugly, but average so that's how you did well. was on dating sites before and had to quit because A. I don't take good pictures, and B. Without a good picture, you WILL get rejected or not evan have your profile read.
  • Mrwoo99
    How to actually win at tinder:

    I've just proper destroyed your mytake with 2 images.
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    • Robertcw

      Ehh, he admitted that instagram models would be at the top of the list in the beginning. So, actually, you have not.

      His take is actually showing an alternative for non-instagram models. And that's important.

  • Chico_brah
    My old tinder take was better. Lost me at complimenting a girls makeup.
  • JohnDoe3000
    Do you live in NYC or a similar place? I'm a bit skeptical a guy would get enough right swipes for the smart photos thing to get a statistically significant result in a less densely populated area? Also being pushed to the back of the queue would only be a problem if there is a daily supply of more new people than the number of profiles a girl typically swipes on during a day, which again, I only think would be a problem in large cities?

    But it's a nice thorough myTake, I'll keep it in mind if I ever cave in to desperation and go back to using Tinder.
    • front2back

      I live in Charlotte, NC

    • Hmmm, still 2.5 million people including suburbs, but no NYC, interesting...

    • front2back

      I live up in the suburbs too, my range for these only went out to 15-20 miles.

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  • That1tallguy
    I'll have to try this out thanks for everything tips
  • pavlove
    Good job, brother. Here are my thoughts.

    -I hope you bon'd Josselyn
    -very smart strategy convincing tinder you're hot by swiping unpopular profiles. but does tinder not also have an algorithm to constantly show you similar profiles to what you've swiped before?
    -a little trick i've learned recently to great effect is unmatching. if you keep your tinder clean with only ongoing conversations it helps get you matches
    -thoughts on swiping at night when i presume most girls use it? i feel like if they're on it when you match its much better than if it happened hours ago and they may not even scroll down
    -any thoughts on making tinder exciting? I've gotten so bored with it i find i act like a huge jerk to most girls out of sheer boredom and there's nothing that makes me into the conversations like when i speak to girls in person?
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  • Righttobeararms83
    Chances are if you use Tinder you can't get a date in the real world so will have the same bother on Tinder. How many female profiles are actually Tinder employees. Any high quality woman will not be on Tinder as she's either already taken or has her pick of amourous men. Best to dump dating apps and the long lonely nights of staring at a screen sifting through thousands of profiles for hours and instead go find a girl at pubs, clubs, with friends, at church, hell even at the store. Single women are everywhere.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    yeah... I would try it, but I already know how shallow women are and don't need my fragile self-esteem mangled any more. lol
  • Cosytoasty
    "Holly 20" I have 3 daughters...
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  • ShayanMortazavi1998
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  • TripleAce
    Excellent analysis!
  • Eternallylucky
    How did it go
    • front2back

      Still a work on progress. Girls on tinder are generally quite flaky so you have to wait to get a real date

    • What is your age range chosen for the girls?

    • front2back

      18-23, although 18-22 is normally what I would only be okay with.

  • louiseisaturtle
    Great take
  • Adigelunar
    quite explanatory
  • Anonymous
    I still use tinder and other dating sites/apps but don't take them seriously because there's a lot of flaky people on there. I've met tons of people from tinder, pof, and okc but it's best just to play it by ear and see how it goes. I guess you could say the same thing about dating in real life too, but it's hard to find anything serious from tinder and other dating sites.

    Regarding my profile, it's interesting, I've gotten more matches with less pictures and info as opposed to more.
  • Anonymous
    Now I know that my time saving policy of swiping right until I run out of swipes is screwing me over.
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