How to beat Tinder!


Tinder is a game. Game's have rules. Let's begin.

How To Beat Tindr

Rule 1: Ignore the "don't swipe at everything rule"

Tested rule. They say their algorithm punishes those who swipe everyday. I consistently get way more matches from swiping everything everyday than when I'm selective and I have way more girls match me before i swipe them which infers that you show up more the more you swipe.

Rule 2: Look better in your pics not worse

I used to look worse for a long time thinking it'd be a pleasant surprise to see i was better looking in person and also just being lazy to figure out how to take great pics. The problem is you won't attract much in the first place unless your pics are on point. Don't let girls fool you...girls who use Tinder are into hot guys. We're about getting dates here not about playing fair.

Rule 3: Be generic but super attention grabbing

The generic is for your benefit so you can copy paste the same message to every girl regardless of them being vastly different from one another. the super attention grabbing is fully neccessary to stand out from the crowd. its unlikely she'll even see the message even if she looks for it because of the sheer volume of messages she recieves from everyone she swipes with but if she does you want to be something so stupid and attention grabbing that you'd be mortified if anyone you know saw you write it. I was asked a really hot girl whats gucci she laughed we talked i got her number we talked some more we hung out a couple times and slept together i lost interest but before i did she said she thought it was so funny i actually wrote that she had to respond. Even: you wanna have sex? will get more responses than "hey."

Rule 4: No hook ups means hook ups

No girl is going to say she wants to have sex. no guy would want that. what saying no hook ups means is that her mind is on sex even if it's in the negative. that can quickly turn around as long as you're a cool, normal guy and not some weird stereotype of a guy who uses an app to get laid (you are that guy but not that stereotype.)

Rule 5: Always set date close to your apartment

It's just potent. If thing go even remotely well she will agree to come back to your place for that beautiful red colored streaming app that's gotten guys laid everywhere. By being close, you always put sex on the table and you'd be suprised by just how close it is.

Rule 6: Always be hitting girls in normal life.

Tinder is addictive but can be punishing if done in isolation.

Like protein powder, it's just a supplement that will help triple your numbers but 3 x 0 is still 0. You need to be hooking up with girls in the real world too even if it's just a few here and there.

Rule 6: Delete and recreate your Tinder Monthly.

The boys at Tinder know what you're upto. Everytime you pull one of your shenigans, the likelihood that another girl will leave Tinder forever goes up. the more girls leave the more guys leave. you're disrupting the circle and therefore have to escape the radar with a brand new Tinder. Rebirth on Tinder also has the nifty trick of letting you reswipe old girls who may have blocked you because you asked for the number too quickly.

Rule 7: Facebook it.

I swear there's a really bad glitch where girls you've swiped with on Tinder show up really easily when you type their name into facebook search. Girls mindlessly add everyone who adds them for the most part and in doing so you set yourself apart from the legion of creeps on Tinder to the slightly smaller legion of creeps on facebook. Don't rely on this and think just because you're facebook friends you can start figuring out what positions you'd like to do with still need to have game when talking to her...don't be too eager and don't be too distant. just be normal and a little bit more direct that it will soon be on between you two since after all you still haven't met. Soon, she should be open for the date. I suggest not wasting too much time to go for sex because as a guy from the web you can get quickly written off.

Is this as much fun as Uncharted Collection for PS4? Not really. But such is the nature of being a guy...

How to beat Tinder!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ccp16
    As someone who has tindered a fair amount, had plenty of dates, and actually dated a girl for almost a year off of there, I can say these typical rules to tindering for guys is BS.

    Be geniune, be interesting and funny, don't be too pushy or just looking for a hook up. I get a match almost every day with just 15 min of swiping. Put in the effort, dont copy and paste an opening line, take a moment and say something unique about her profile/pictures (also HAVE a profile yourself).

    Girls get played by guys like this 5 times in ten minutes probably, if they are on there for more than 2 weeks, they know how guys play the game and avoid those ones, unless of course they genuinely just want a hookup.
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    • pavlove

      thats why you're playing a numbers game. you'll land girls who have just made a tinder etc. a decent percentage of time. you dont want to meet an actual relationship on tinder, bro.

    • ccp16

      I have and it worked great. I dated 3 girls off their just fine, I don't do hook ups.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    The #1 rule is why for girls it's better to swipe left 10-20x more than you swipe right. Almost every guy's a match, so might as well only swipe right on guys you'll actually talk to. And if he says something specific to your profile, be more likely to say something back. Also, always have dates in public, and take my friend's advice and don't shave - it's like a sure-fire way of ensuring you don't hook up no matter how pressuring the situation is lol, 'cause no way in hell you're letting him see that. In addition, no need to say you don't hook up, just don't.
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  • juststrollin
    no hook ups means hookups, I think I read something like that in a rape manual. Also that girls dont say what they want and can't because there women... this is really how to solely objectify women and seek self gratification be rapey with tinder as a platform :D
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    • Bards

      Not the first rape manual he's made tho lmfao

    • @Bards srsly? lol

    • Bards

      Yeah check out his DTF signs mytake

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  • Lioness
    Tinder is just the poor man's solution to prostitution.
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    • pavlove

      I like your sass. I like it a lot.

    • Roostah

      So why are so many women on it?

    • Lioness

      @Roostah Some people are just sadly misinformed.

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  • meatballs21
    Rule 1, are you sure? Do you mean don't just swipe RIGHT on everything? They must want you on there every day as an active user since they need active users to keep people coming back.

    Rule 4 is a filter, if she likes you, the 'no hook ups' rule will be broken.

    Rule 6 is cool and something I'd never considered.

    Rule 7, I've had Tinder matches show up in 'people you might know...'
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  • Phoenix98
    First and final step... don't use tinder in the first place lol.
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  • godfatherfan
    what a pathetic and moronic take.
    what is it this is supposed to say? how moronic and childish some men are?
    tinder has been a good dating tool as has POF.
    • pavlove

      learn more adjectives my man. lol.

  • apple24
    Wow... Now I know why that guy was so direct with me that one time! hahaha... he uses tinder a little to much... I don't use it this and never had one. Anyway, it sounds like it works.
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  • Roostah
    All this is BS. THERE's a secret technique to be successful in tinder but I'm not going to reveal it here.
    • pavlove

      haha no no it's much too powerful for that.

  • iamyourneighbor
    So you believe if a girl says no hook ups then she wants a hook up? I wonder what you believe when a girl says she wants to hookup.
    • pavlove

      she's spamming or has an std or is secretly a man

    • I don't do hookups I never have

    • pavlove

      and you say on your tinder that you want hookups?

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  • tynamite
    You should never add a girl from tinder to facebook as when she gets to see your profile, friends, photos and job, she'll use that information to disqualify you. Keep an air of mystery about you.
  • Polocrew
    1) Be jacked
    2) put up pic in shades on bed
    3) don't fill up your about me
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  • sp33d
    Interesting attitude, entertaining to read, but a far cry from reality :D
  • NotMyUsername15
    ... in a nutshell. 👌
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  • apexalpha
    Beat Tinder never get involved with it
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  • zagor
    Do you have to be on Facebook to use Tinder?
  • Anonymous
    Is photoshopping huge dick-picks a way of beating the game?
    • pavlove

      lol yes if you can commit to the character even after she sees it's not that big.

  • Anonymous
    I've used tinder a bunch and met a handful of girls on there but i strongly disagree with rule number 1. Sure you may get more matches but what if the ones you do accidentally swipe are ones you end up not finding attractive or they end up being bots which there a shit ton of?

    And regarding the no hook up rule, not everyone is gonna fuck you on the first date, if you do get one. At most, I've just made out.
  • Anonymous
    How to be a under cover slut on tinder 101. Thanks for the read.
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  • Anonymous
    "Thunder only happens when it's raining..."
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