The Benefits of Dating A Plain-Looking or Ugly Woman.


Women thinks we care about the way they look, so they practically bathe in makeup and wear expensive outfits and purses because they believe we care. Guess what Ladies, WE DON'T!

The Benefits of Dating A Plain-Looking or Ugly Woman.

Here's three why Plain looking or ugly girls can be better girlfriend/wives than their Taylor Swift look-alike friends.

#1--A good-looking man with a plain or ugly woman is viewed as genuine. People knows that he is open minded, genuine and sees inner beauty. Sorry ladies, but this WON'T work in reverse, because if we see hot chic with an ugly dude, we automatically think he's rich and you're a hooker.

The Benefits of Dating A Plain-Looking or Ugly Woman.

#2--We can trust & rely on a plain/ugly girl. We can't trust our hot girls around our friend, especially if they are horny and our friends are good pick-up artists. We'll have peace of mind.

#3--Plain/ugly girls are almost NEVER goldiggers. A goldigger's method is to trade on her looks and sex to pull in rich men. How can ugly girls do that?

The Benefits of Dating A Plain-Looking or Ugly Woman.
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  • Victoriacourtney
    So, what you`re saying is, guys are less likely to be happier with girls beautiful on the outside and inside? If he dated someone, he wouldn`t think she was ugly to start with... Yeah, this article is maybe dedicated to women who don`t feel like models. But no one is "ugly". "Ugly" girls can have shitty personalities, too. Guys are happy with girls who take care of them, are nice and love them. Not all pretty girls are hoes.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • MrNameless
    I think unattractive girls may be less likely to cheat, and less conceited. But there's a ton of personality things that come into account for judging someone. Certainly you can't judge people until you really get to know them (or at least you shouldn't).

    Other than that.. People typically date people that are on the same level as them in attractiveness or socio economic status
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  • Loadedgamer
    Have fun screwing ugly Betty dude.

    I rather be a basement virgin based on your dating knowledge
  • Thatguy269
    I'll pass.

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