5 Tips to Find Your Best Life Partner Online in 2017

5 Tips to Find Your Best Life Partner Online in 2017

For many singles finding a partner for a relationship based on love and friendship is an important point on the list of their New Year resolutions. People who desire to settle down, get married, and maybe start a family feel excited about fresh beginnings that a new year brings. January is the perfect time to put your plans into action. Here are some time-tested dating tips for me and women who want to meet a mate online in 2017.

2017 Dating Tips to Find a Life Partner Online

It seems daunting to put oneself out there and spell out your wish to settle down. The majority of online dating tips suggest you should take it slowly and casually, but truth is, serious-minded singles are sick and tired of the hook up culture where guys and girls are supposed to pretend about their feelings and intentions. If your 2017 wish is to find the best life partner, then waiting time "just hanging out" may not be the best approach.

Tip #1. Get real

Online dating sites are full of people trying to score, as well as lost souls who try the game only to feel discouraged by the seemingly false shell. Plenty of good-looking single men and beautiful women give up on online resources for meeting singles altogether after a couple of unsuccessful attempts. But if you are not real from the onset and pretend to be seeking casual encounters when in reality you wish a relationship, then it's unlikely you can discover what you are looking for. Take a leap of faith and state clearly you are at the stage of your life where you want something permanent. You may be surprised how many other singles feel the same and will appreciate your honesty.

Tip #2. Contact people

It may be easier to wait until getting a contact from someone but if you really wish to succeed in the task of getting a mate, take initiative.

Tip #3. Go beyond the regular "Hi"

Women feel it's pretty boring to get "Hey, how are you?" from every man. It is also quite hard to decide what to answer. If you are seeking for more than just a simple hook up, include at least a few sentences of a personal message. The reason why you decided to contact him or her and not someone else is a good place to start a meaningful exchange.

Tip #4. Check new listings daily

Hundreds of new men and women register on online dating sites and apps daily. And just about the same amount of love-seekers delete or hide their profiles. Whether is specialty portals or free dating sites, you will be better off sticking with your plan for at least a couple of weeks, to see what potential you have here. Also, when you login, your profile usually jumps to the top of the list of results, so it's easier for other members to find you.

Tip #5. Get meaningful

If you are after something meaningful, there is no need to waste time on empty chit chat. The person who wants the same things in life as you do will be excited to hear from someone who has thoughts and ideas, and not only wants to quickly move to closer encounters. As you might remember from movies like "Crazy, Stupid, Love", the hero played by Ryan Gosling dumps his playboy ways when the sweet girl (Emma Stone) starts asking him personal questions, which he usually avoided. Personal questions help to establish heartfelt connection, if this is what you want to find at the end of this quest.

Meeting a genuine and loving life partner could be easier than you think. Trusted dating sites assist people seeking serious connections, and you are able to establish worthy relationships quickly. Being real and active, and following the chosen path consistently is the key to success in establishing a great connection with the best possible match.


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  • So here's the thing - what exactly do you bring of value to a relationship besides a vagina? We can read profile after profile of special little snowflakes all saying the same goddam thing, like 'I like travel, gormet foods, walks on the beach, I like to laugh.
    Hmmm... let's see, NOT ONE OF THEM has anything that they are going to DO for a guy of their choosing. No, "I'm a great cook and will be your chef on call". Or, I just love men, I want to wait on you, serve you, love you, make you feel speical. And never, "I'll fuck your brains out whenever you want". Nope, we get a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about what a special snowflake they are, how much makeup they wear, how they like to go dancing, and how they expect a man to treat them like a lady. But they want to be equal. And they're 'strong and independent'. Great.

    Okay, good. What exactly are YOU going to do that makes yourself actually be someone of value? [shrug]


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