Being Single is Not Really That Bad...

Being single is not really that bad...

If you are having trouble finding a girlfriend.

As I approach 50 years old. I look much younger more like 30.

I see things in a different perspective. My physics teacher said that he is a slave to his family. The men who had many girlfriends are now supporting a family with a wife that may cheat or pay for an expensive divorce.

Being single has its pluses. I have time to pursue hobbies and work endeavors that would be difficult in marriage. A man in his elder years said that he is finally free after his children moved out and I can't remember what happened to the wife. A family is a lot of hard work for a someone who will most likely betray you. I've seen a couple friends go through divorces. One spent so much on the divorce. He could of had a stripper every day of his marriage.

I look back on all the girls that I chased. I wouldn't give them a chance now because they were selfish. Most males and females alike are not worth it. I don't believe that even the nice people have the discipline to survive a marriage.

I am not saying to quit finding a girlfriend. But being single is not the end of the world. Just make sure you found that one in a million.

I only have a couple friends and a lot of free time. The only downside is that I will probably die alone taking care of myself alone. In a way, I think one can feel lonely living with a family too. I try to run and bike to stay fit till I die.


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  • single n happy


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  • This take circles around the essential point without directly making it: it's about stress. Women not in relationships experience more stress. They don't have a man to fix things, change tires, pick her up when her car breaks down, buy her nice dinner so she can spend her money on herself, pay 80% of the rent so she can spend her money on herself, split utility bills with so she can spend her money on herself, split grocery bills with so she can spend her money on herself, they're worried that people judge them as inadequate for being single, their biological clocks tick deafeningly loud, they see their friends getting married, their mothers start nagging them about being single, they keep pursuing men who will fuck them but not date them, and they just need someone around whose job it is to make them happy. So, being single is stressful as hell for women.

    On the other hand, being in a relationship is more stressful for the average man. You have to spend so much of your money on shit you don't care about (fancy meals, 37 extra pillows that you just end up fucking moving before sitting on the couch or bed anyway so what the fuck are they for?, activities you don't care about, name brand crap, tickets to movies and plays you don't want to see, etc.), covering her cellphone bill because she spent her money on a $500 purse this month, moving your schedule around because her's is always more important, worrying about and getting annoyed by that one orbiter who's always trying to break you two up, always giving in because it feels easier than getting into a fight, feeling like an asshole because you're unsatisfied when the sex goes from every day to once every 2 weeks, feeling like an asshole for still wanting blowjobs one year in, changing 80% of your life goals and plans because it's easier than fighting with her about it and then not getting laid, and on, and on, and motherfucking on.


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  • I'm actually over 30 and a Single For Lifer and I approve of your message. :-D

    I wouldn't worry too much about the elderly years, no guarantees anybody ever makes it that far as unexpected bad things can happen randomly sometimes. Besides with developments of AI and Robots and Drones I don't see how they can't be used to help support the elderly that don't have any family or children, or even those that had family and kids but they don't care about them any more. You won't exactly be all alone because if there are automated machines that can take care of you and interact with, then it's still better than nothing, better than expecting kids and family to come see you when they may not want to see you or is unable to see you for whatever reason (s):

    As for dying alone, I've learned to realize we all will die alone, technically. Unless we die at the SAME TIME as our spouses, partners, etc. such as in an earthquake, tsunami, car crash or plane crash or some other great disaster.

    Just take care of yourself buddy, you'd be alright.

    @Unit1 Double Thumbs up for this one?

    • You got it, @JudgmentDay and thanks for mentioning me here.

      I also approve of this exact message.
      My hopes however are to find a nice girlfriend, who wants no marriage and no kids - you know, the kind of lady, that is on my side and understands the worlds circumstances like we do. Unfortunately there probably aren't such girls.

      As of lately while I am single-for-life too (involuntary that is) mother nature attacks me with my raging hormones and makes me feel depressed, that I haven't had a female companion as of yet.
      I can't let her win of course, I have to stay focused and stay alive.

      Marriage and children drain my vitality, health and well being and my personal vitality, health and well being is what I value the most in my life. It's not the money.

  • I am single for live, although involuntary but still.
    I approve your message fully!
    Marrying and/or reproducing would only hinder me and take away my freedom and vitality and my health, which is detrimental to my life. I don't want that.
    I still do not have freedom and my health isn't in a good condition either. I'm still fighting to this day to improve both things.

    But if I could find myself a good lady worthy a relationship, by all means I would happily enter into one.
    The moment marriage or children are going to be the break up criteria, I will need to continue surviving rather than being used.

  • 50, single and living in denial.

    • I recall a post a decade ago in another forum. An elderly man saw his kids graduate college and widowed. He was elated because he said that he was "finally free." I never forgot that post.

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    • It took me a long time to become cynical about human friendships. Peopla are divided by class and race. There is distrust. Almost always, a relationship will form from selfish hidden agendas, money or looks. I would find it really hard to trust even someone with good intentions. Because their fear will take over rational logic. Which will end in divorce.

    • I made life long enemies when I was the perfect friend. They will never treat me as an equal because of my race.

  • Ok ok x

  • I'm in a similar boat as you. I look half my age, and I mean I really do. The lack of stress in the single life means you remain younger, healthier and fitter. A girl I met a few months ago thought I was in my 20's hahahaha. The guy that is married with 3 kids looks twice my age and is unhealthy.

    I say being single is one of the most healthiest things a man can be and when you have better health, growing old is much easier too.

    I know a girl that has been in a boring dead end relationship for years but she is more afraid of being single!

    Nothing beats freedom and no stress, not even a beautiful woman!

  • "But being single is not the end of the world. Just make sure you found that one in a million."

    Well said. Being single is actually fantastic for men today. Sex is usually pretty easy to come by and that "one in a million" girl is not. In fact, the odds of getting a good woman these days are getting increasingly slim and the consequences to men of marrying a bad one are increasingly dire... certainly far worse than being alone.

    Yeah, being single is a pretty sweet deal.

    Nice take.

    • I meant to say "that "one in a million" girl is not likely to be found".

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