7 reasons why Tinder is a TERRIBLE app. It sucks!


I'm on Tinder today and it pissed me the fuck off. Here are my reasons why Tinder sucks ass.

I use OkCupid, it is better but here is why Tinder sucks.

7 reasons why Tinder is a TERRIBLE app. It sucks!

7) Ads, Ads, Ads, and more Ads.

Constantly tinder is asking if you want to get Tinder Plus, or if you want to buy super likes.

You even have to pay to access the button where you can go back.

6) Likes are not unlimited. WTF?

You have to pay for extra likes. What kind of evil dating site does this?

5) I literally never get matches even if I constantly swipe right.

4) Bunch of horny fuck boys ruin it for the rest of us that are looking for a relationship.

3) Useless shit like supper likes, group Tinder, connect with Spotify.

2) You can't easily change the order of the pictures you want to show first.

1) My location is set to San Diego and radius 10 miles. Still it shows me girls that are located in random colleges in the USA. Places where it is no where near my house.

What the hell is the point of that then? So Annoying. I'm wasting half my time swiping girls that are too far away yet there is nothing I could do about that because my settings are set the right way.

The only dating app that might be worse than Tinder is Hot or Not

7 reasons why Tinder is a TERRIBLE app. It sucks!
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  • Heythere2013
    I tried a couple dating sites and the most luck I have had was w/okcupid. W/all the other sites, you have very limited space to put anything about yourself, so when looking at other people, you are pretty much flying blind. W/okcupid, you look at the compatibility % to other people (depending upon answers to many questions). Tindr was horrible and I barely used it. There creeps on okcupid, but more so on tindr.
  • Lucifer_666
    I think dating apps in general suck. It's better to meet girls in real life. The reason why is because sometimes the person looks different on photos
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    • The other reason is women are much less picky about your appearance when they meet you in real life.

    • MrNameless

      Agreed, and they're less likely to ghost on you.. And you usually have more to talk about vs cold texts.