Educated Professional Males: You Can Have Higher Standards

Educated males can start taking back ground lost in the dating scene where previously it has heavily favored women.

Especially if you have a background in STEM`s.

Women know that those subjects usually mean a higher standard of living however if you went to a top tier university you will also stand out.

Educated professional males you can have higher standards

Facts in favor for men to take advantage of

1) There are fewer higher educated men than women

2) Female hypergamy meaning educated women want someone at least at their level but preferably higher

3) Super educated females particularly those with Phd`s rarely get asked out so you got the field to yourself

4) You won't find them "nooding off" when you converse on the latest in tech and science why?Because it sucks having to stop the flow of conversation every few minutes and define words or explain concepts that an educated person would already know.

5) "Inter-competition"for those college educated males seeking to settle down with a similar women also have it in their favor basically some educated men see the oversupply of educated women and play around so their will be even fewer numbers that are looking to settle down

6) Time favors you-woman that put an extremely high priority in getting married know that every year they are in the dating market, the numbers get worse.

Educated Professional Males: You Can Have Higher Standards

Looking then at sexual attraction, it is clear men and women are attracted basically to those features that best exemplify those roles.

A woman is likely attracted to a mans ability to hunt effectively, and musculature as well as Intelligence has a bearing on this selectivity.

Likewise a male is most likely attracted to a woman who can demonstrate an ability to bear healthy children and is thus more keenly attracted to demonstrations of health, youth and physical traits that demonstrate that capability by contrast.

Thus relatively speaking it is most likely an issue of evolutionary sexual extension why women have accented preferences for demonstrable Intelligence in males.

This is further aided where statistics show that women marrying less educated men are inclined to break away from the relationship.


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