Why & How Men Need to Rise

Why & How Men Need to Rise

These days, there are two powerful groups tearing society apart, the Left-wing and the Religious. Both of those sides have beliefs that are harmful to men, our Freedom, and to scientific progress.

The Left-wing has convinced a portion of society that masculinity and everything that it represents is harmful to society. The Left-wing believe that women are the solution, and that only women are fit to lead. The Left-wing has seduced every marginalized group with promises of power, but none of those groups will ever become powerful, they will be made to become, even more subservient, but to women.

The Left-wing seduce abandoned men, with promises of a life without burden, a life in which they will not have to carry the burden of masculinity. This is a lie, and a lie designed to make men weaken themselves, so they can be easily made subservient. The same women that offer you these promises, also rub themselves to the thoughts of rapists breaking their bodies. Only a fool would put their trust in such women. The Left-wing movements are nothing but a trap, and so was Religion, designed to make men subservient to the needs and fantasies of women.

Why & How Men Need to Rise

Most men who are Right-wing have been led to believe that the old days were better, that Religion was the right path, and the only way to defeat the Left-wing.

But Religion is filled with rules upon rules, that make it easy for women to extort money from men. On the other hand, the subservience that people believe religion forces women into, actually plays into women's sexual fantasies of domination. Even today, in countries, where women are given a lot of benefits and advantages, women still in majority seek the same domination that religion enforced upon them, and they will continue to seek that domination, because it is in their very nature to do so. It is also in their very nature to accumulate resources from men.

Religion was highly influenced by women, and most people seem to forget that, behind every major "prophet of God", there was a woman, probably filling his mind with the ideas that ended up forming religion. Behind Moses was the Pharaoh's daughter, behind Jesus was his "virgin" mother Mary, and behind Mohammad, was a businesswoman named "Khadija", whom he was married to for 25 years.

What is another important thing to know about religion, is that it is by design a threat to scientific progress as well. The irrational beliefs that religion is based off of, are ridiculous and only push society towards idiotic thinking, that ultimately benefits no one.

Why & How Men Need to Rise

The only solution to the manipulation of Religion, and the Left-wing is to form a new world order. An order that gives authority only to men, because only men are designed to wield that much power. An order that priorities scientific progress, and the freedom of men (and women). An order that unites men under globalism, not nationalism, because nationalism is simply another way to make men submit, sending them off to die to protect something that they will not benefit from again, because they would be dead.

It is not a nan's job to feed and pamper women. It is not a man's job to give his life away for a piece of land. It is not a man's job to coddle and defend women. It is not a man's job to do anything that does not benefit himself.

Free yourself from both the Left-wing and Religion, and set your own goals in life, and become the man you want to become, not the man women want you to become, or the man religion wants you to become.

Why & How Men Need to Rise
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  • btbc92
    And that's why I selfish men like yourself need to stay single and away from others who simply want to live their life according to how God has commanded them to lift. You are twisting up things that you obviously don't know about all that you're saying is that you are a selfish man, and you don't care to be selfish. Last I checked, you know it is your job to take care of us if you want to be involved with us. But you don't have to be involved with us if you don't want to. No one is begging you to. But what you don't have the right to do is disrespect other people. You don't see me whine and complain about how nobody wants to take care of me. My complaint is when a guy says he wants to be involved but then they act like you. A lot of you need freaking help.

    Economically a lot of people are suffering. Especially men. But what you're talking about is not communism. It's just you going on a rant because you don't want to do what's expected of you but you want the benefits. That is some toxic masculinity going on right there. This is what we mean by toxic masculinity. Thanking you don't have to do anything but you expecting everybody else to physically kiss your feet. I got news for you buddy. I am not kissing your feet. If you can't get off your own Duffer's to work and do what you got to do, that has to do with you. I have nothing to do with me. I got my own problems.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • hahahmm
    I'm for minimizing social experiments. We know religious based societies were able to create great civilizations. I don't see any evidence that atheist ones can -- maybe they can but has it every happened? The Soviets were a failed state from day one but were able to continue because the west gave them tons of humanitarian aid. So to me the best way forward is a return to traditional ways in many areas.
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  • IncognitoBandito
    The first sentence sounded somewhat reasonable. Then you went completely off the rails in a twisted wraith of reason that would make a Scientologist or Snake handler proud.
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  • weeee
    Generalisations and generalisations and generalisations
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Wow, kool-aid must be having one helluva year in sales.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    Men aren’t the problem here. No man of any race is the issue and every single one of us knows it.
  • StunningANDbrave
    I agree with you.
  • Joker_
    This is why & how men need to rise in chess
  • Anonymous
    Oh bravo what a novel solution

    goof. Terrible solution.

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