Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Yourself

1) you don't take chances

Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Yourself

you act like all is lost before you even give it a try, you don't ask that person out cause "why would she go out with you anyways" you don't apply for that job cause "there are other 50 people applying and they're better than me"

for your sake you need to get rid of that "if I don't try I don't fail attitude"

2) you overthink

Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Yourself

In some cases you might be reading waaay too much into it , for example : "the straw in her drink is pointing in a certain direction, so that means she probably doesn't want to be approach "

while understanding body language and such might go a long way, don't overdo it

while you overthink the moments come and go

3) women seem wicked when you're unwanted

Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Yourself

don't resent the opposite sex for not liking you, specially for guys, I've read so many resentful comments, the times when you paid 10 goats to the family of your future bride for a chance at marriage are long gone, which is a good thing, so if you're a resentful creep, don't expect women to be eager to date you

4) the "I have nothing to offer attitude"

you might confuse being humble with low self steem, and while no one likes someone arrogant, having to reassure you all the time gets really old really fast

im not saying be arrogant, but a little self confidence won't hurt you

5) the "I have a beautiful inner world"

that might be the case, but if you haven't showered in a few days not many people will want to get to know it, so you're sabotaging yourself when you blame others for not being eager to get to know your beautiful inner self

lastly a comment I don't write this as if I don't make any of these mistakes, I do, so hopefully at least it gives you something to think about


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  • Exactly THIS is the recipe for not being bitter and angry all the time at everyone... Especially the people you want in your life...

    Very nice take!



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  • 1. Failing over and over eventually leads even a dedicated person to give up, even if they put in effort.

    2. Most men are oblivious to women's body language and nonverbal cues. She thinks she's being overt when he hasn't the slightest idea she's interested.

    3. Men come to resent women not solely because it feels like they are hiding the antidepressants to life. Rather, the scorn and nastiness that comes out of some of these bitches mouths is so foul that their words traumatize a man in regards to the opposite sex.

    With little to no positive experiences with the opposite gender, many men become despondent and convince themselves that "That is just how women are: Evil." In reality the man has just had very bad experiences with very bad women and therefore is ignorant of anything else. There could be a college female dorm orgy going on and the guy won't believe it because he has no relateable experience.

    4. Many of them don't because many of them were raised on media instead of by parents.

    5. Many men are undervalued and trivialized by society. Sitcoms and TV specifically seek to marginalize men for comedy such as the buffoon clueless dad or inept neighbor. Not surprising that men have a hard time showing their worth to a society that treats them as disposable.


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  • Nice take :)

  • I do the first 2 a lot


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