7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

7 physical things that will put a girl at an advantage in my eyes and make her stand out and why.

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

Hey everyone! I decided to share with you a 7 casual things that if worn by a girl will immediately make her look special in my opinion. And do realize that I don't know what other men think about it, this is just my very personal take, and these are pretty random, maybe obvious, maybe even silly things, but I've found that these are the kind of things that make the difference between a girl that I will just walk by, and one that I will turn around for!

1) Nice Feet! And Nice Hands!

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

I know you may be thinking this is a sort of fetishism, but it really has more to do with general appeal,I think that while it may seem small it is very important. More than not the care that a girl has for her hands and feet is reflective of how much care she takes of her body entire….I’m not talking about a five hundred dollar manicure here, but girls who have feet and hands that they just don’t take care of is an instant turn off to me. Clean and cute hands and feet on the other hand, on a girl is very very attractive and yes I think all guys notice those things.

2) Groomed Hair

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

Yes, it may be obvious. But since girls have long hair, it is a large part of their facial appeal, I like to see very nicely groomed hair, call me shallow if you want but girls who let their curly hair just pop too wildly, while it may be natural IS not a turn on for me. I personally prefer organized and structured hairstyles, but perhaps that’s just me so don’t take this too seriously, and besides if your hair texture is to be a certain way then it’s the way it’s gonna be LOL

3) (BIG ONE!) Smell


OMG There is nothing more physically calling than a girl who smells awesome. Good smell is just the kind of thing that overpowers you and draws you in closer and closer, you always want to get more of that sweet perfume. Ladies, you want to create attraction, there’s nothing better because if you’re a guy, you get addicted to that smell. I’m not saying to overdo it and just spray yourself with a shower of perfume. But yes, perfume and great smell is a big big plus. Even if it’s a little too obvious as long as it smells nice.

Now let’s get to the little stuff that can add to that extraordinary physique of yours, and are true positives in my book. These are pretty personal thought.

4) A shade of Red...

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

Actually not necessarily red, but noticing lipstick on a girl’s lips is pretty sexy. Just gives that little wow factor when a girl just has the guts to just pop out a deep shade of red. And I do believe that there are only a limited number of girls who do. Definitely very sexy to me...

5) A ponytail (once in a while)

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

Don’t ask me why, I just like it. If a girl has a pretty face, her having a very clean ponytail that let’s you just enjoy her facial features is pretty nice. Plus it makes the girl feel subtly more spicy and authoritative to me.

6) Winter scarf and hat

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

Ye pretty random, however I do find that to bring home the cute factor. If the girl is pretty just having her little face all muffled up between the scarf and the hat is very attractive, makes you just want to hug and keep warm :)

7) Cleavage

7 Physical Things that Will Make a Girl Stand Out in my Eyes, and Why

OK..OK.OK Calm down, I know what you’re thinking..Boys will be boys, and all and all....But we are talking about physical attraction, and yes ladies, this is attractive to us, call us very shallow or pervy it won’t change anything about it lmao. Yes shocker, guys like boobs. NOW be careful, what I don’t want to see is something too obvious where all of your beautiful stuff is just hanging out! That’s not what I mean, and that’s not only distracting but sends off a very vulgar message. I did say cleavage and not breasts, the idea is to leave most of it to imagination, in short the ideal is cleavage, that you know is pretty rich, but that you can’t exactly see...Which makes you curious. Obviously not all girls have the same breasts, and don’t worry this alone will not be a very decisive factor. I am merely talking about attraction here, and any girl whoever she is can create a lot of it.

So here it is. 7 physical things that I personally like to see in a girl. Thanks for reading through, and if you liked this mytake well you know what to do… Private Message me for questions if you want!


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  • From my point of view:

    1. Pretty face (natural beauty, no makeup).
    2. Nice Hair (preferably long or medium haircut, or ponytail).
    3. Sexy Legs.
    4. Beautiful Eyes.
    5. Fit & Athletic Body (toned but not overly muscular).
    6. Height (I like tall girls, even taller than me).
    7. Sporty and/or Casual Outfits (I like tomboyish girls because they are assertive, self-confident, energetic and they are not "high maintenance").


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