10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

Okay, yesterday I wrote about "Top 10 things I hate about women".

Well this is the what I love about you beautiful ladies take of it.


1.) Innocence

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

I love it when she pisses you off to a whole new level...

....So you feel like barking at her....

....Then you go and do exactly this....

...but then she looks into your eyes...

You're heart melts....

You're mouth stays shut...

2.) Confidence

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

Has a girl ever asked you out, not caring about what anybody thinks about her?

Well, honestly speaking, I wish more girls would do this. I love it when girls take the first step.

Coz sometimes you pretty things can be intimidating you know.

3.) Childishness AND maturity

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

I want a girl to be a kid when we have a pillow fight, take a walk in the park, or play computer games.

But it when shit goes down, I'm going through a stressful time, I want her to be mature. Some girls are mature and childish at the right times and honestly it's amazing how you do it.

4.) Teasing

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

"No! No! Don't look into my eyes and bite your lip. You will not get off my mind today!"

Then she walks off leaving you dry on the outside and wet on the inside.

5.) Independance

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

I don't like spoon-feeding people, so when a girl can handle her own, and better yet, not need me then I absolutely love it. But rest assured shall she need me I'll be there.

6.) Ability to love unconditionally

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

Some girls can fall in love with a guy and love him so much that death shall separate but not end the love.

Okay, all you girls that can do this. Go to that corner for admiration.

7.) Bravery

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

Don't care if the guy is a boxer or a soldier, when a girl stands up to a guy then I'm just like.... "Homie wanna be my wifey?"

8.) Conservatism

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

I like a girl who doesn't make herself available to everyone. Who knows her value and respects it.

I'm not saying stay a virgin necessarily but if you dated every guy in the block then bye.

9.) Power

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

When she's the boss....She drives me nuts. She doesn't have to be Hillary Clinton, even a manager would do. Bossy girls can be amazing.

10.) Being great comforts

10 Things I Especially Adore About Girls

When upset, don't go to guys to pour your heart out, or ask for advice. Go to women. Coz if listening was an art, then women would be the Picasso while guys would be...well...shit at it...

I love talking to women when I'm down. You know when to listen, what to say, and sometimes not say anything and just hug.

Okay, my opinion, just mine before people say this and that ain't true.

Let me know yours. Oh and I'm also looking for a female response to this about guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nice take, although I think 2 is a tricky one as many guys actually do not like when the girl does the asking out. I've experienced and been told this by plenty of guy friends.
    Also I think "Conservatism" is really the wrong word for 8, as you seem to exclusively value this when it comes to sexual activity. You should have called that point "self respect" instead lol

    • Yeah, in hindsight yeah you are right about the conservatism part. But I just wanted to use sex as an example, I meant making yourself available to every guy (aka being desperate) shouldn't happen.

    • And not necessarily sexually either.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Pretty much sums it up.
    I do admire those traits in a woman


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What Girls Said 8

  • When you have pretty much all of it and then people stay away because they find you intimidating 😅😅😅
    but overall Nice mytake.. 😊

    • I hate intimidating girls lol

      Sometimes takes a while to build up confidence

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    • @SovereignessofVamps yes it's my real picture.. if only I could see your pic I'll tell you that you have nothing to be jelly about... but thank you. ☺☺🙈🙊😘😘

    • @mytakeowner not you but the people she was talking about.

  • Not to brag but I feel like I ve all those qualities... everyone tells me so

  • nice. i didn't mind this one. i like the same traits in guys. all of them. except the boss thing. its less attractive on guys in my opinion bc they are usually bigger. I like shy guys and bossy women. long as its good natured:)

  • I love that yesterday you about 10 things you hate about what men and today its 10 things you love about GIRLS. hmm

    • Come again?

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    • @thewanderingme Welp, at my age I'd rather call them girls lol, I guess not so much anymore at 33.

    • @RedVulcan well good, women should be called women, and underaged females should be called girls.

  • That's a very good take
    Lol I started to do a self analysis while reading it 😂

    • Lol don't, you're perfect

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    • Lol just being nice

    • Haha k den thanks 😊

  • hmm im pretty lack of some of those things

  • I like 2, 7, and 9. I also like how those exist in my boyfriend.

  • Do u mean fair as in light skin?

    • Huh? Where? Don't remember mentioning skin colour

    • U said the fairer sex

    • Corrected

What Guys Said 7

  • Good points, my favorites here are: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. Very good Take :)


    I would suggest go out with foreigners from that mistake of spelling!

    • What?

      Are you high?

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    • I have friends from the UK, and all I know is they pronounce it differently, but they spell it correctly!

    • Nevermind you're right! Y'all do spell it differently

  • Nice take , 7th one was great.

    • women guerillas

    • We Kurds know them

    • Yeah we know them very well , best women ever :)
      Şervanan gerille zhinen.

  • Different strokes for different minions.

    • Err, "PEOPLE". I meant "people". The expression is "people". "Different strokes for different people."

  • So you like top 1% of all women :D
    Nice take by the way

    • Haha no lol. Just admire them.

  • LOL if you think women are innocent. Just lol.

    • 1. Women aren't innocent in fact they are less innocent than men.

      2. Vast majority of women aren't confident. The vast majority suffers from low self esteem and if you play on it the right way , you have them wrapped up your little finger.

      5. They aren't independent. Despite this strong independent woman crap, they still blame men and other people when they fuck up and vast majority are looking to get knocked up by a rich guy so they can be stay at home moms.

      6. Majority of Women do not love unconditionally. Women love is always conditional. Hence, why so many of them leave their husband if he loses his job or they meet someone who the perceive is better than him.

      9. Women when given position of power tend to abuse it far worse than men even in smaller capacity as having power over a child you'll see that more women abuse children than men. In fact if we look up studies, majority of people prefer to work with men over women.

    • 7. Women are anything but brave. Hence, we have so few of them in army and many of them can't speak honest with men and tend to always give us mix meaning with words. Hell, even approaching someone they like and the vast majority of them are too chicken shit to try it.

    • you're hanging out in the wrong circles :)

  • fairer sex my ass. if we werent wiser and more brotherly/bonded with each other, unlike them that want to rrip each other's eyes, they savagely rule the world. and if we let the head below rule us as well... .


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