The Biggest Relationship Mistakes You Can Make!

The Biggest Relationship Mistakes You Can Make!

1. Not having self respect

Nothing ends a relationship, and allows the other person to walk all over you, like losing self respect. If you don't respect yourself then how do you expect others too? This happens all too often when one partner tries to please the other, at whatever expense.

2. Not listening to your intuition

If you're starting to see red flags, or something is off- you should not be ignoring it. Think about the fact that if something seems off, it is worth investigating even if it is just to clear your mind.

3. Short term pleasure/long term pain

Many people think about the time, energy, money etc that they have spent on a person and won't end a relationship because it hurts too much or too much has been invested. But what they fail to see, is that if things aren't working out now, you are only prolonging the pain in the long term.

4. Listening to words- not actions

Someone can tell you they love you, but if they are not backing it up with their actions and proving that they love you... then all you have is someone that talks the talk.

5. Being too trusting

Nothing wrong with putting your trust into a person, but sometimes trust has to be earner. This can be attained through various sources including time, and experiences. Trusting the first person that walks through the door is sure to lead to a potential disaster.


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  • This sounds like the words of someone who has had relationship failures rather than someone who has found what it takes to actually make a relationship work.

    • I've dated enough to have failures for sure, and enough to be very happy in my current 4 year relationship :)

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