Pick a Date - 40 Date Ideas for Quality Time Together

Pick a Date - 40 Date Ideas for Quality Time Together

Sometimes dates are a drag for the money you put into it.

But the purpose of a date is not to benefit just the people involved individually, but the relationship you want to form. This is why it's important to put emphasis on quality time and not just quality experience.

There will be the group of people who love good old traditional dinner-and-a-movie, and that's okay! But for those of us that love any quality-time opportunity we can get, this list is hopefully helpful to you.

1. Cook a meal together and eat it at home

2. Have an impromptu picnic

3. Go berry picking

4. Go to an apple orchard or cider mill

5. Go to a bookstore

6. Play a one-on-one sport together

7. Go ice skating

8. Go skiing

9. Go sledding

10. Have a game night

11. Go hiking or backpacking

12. Go horseback riding

13. Go boating (canoe, kayak)

14. Go fishing

15. Go to an archery range

16. Play music together

17. Have a bonfire and roast things

18. Go on a bike ride

19. Have a water balloon fight

20. Go to the zoo

21. Go to an aquarium

22. Walk downtown

23. Do something you used to do as a kid

24. Go to a sporting event

25. Go to a dance

26. Climb a tree and talk

27. Look at old pictures together

28. Go go-carting

29. Play putt-putt golf

30. Go to a concert

31. Swing on the swings

32. Have a snowball fight

33. Draw pictures

34. Go do a corn maze

35. Go to the beach

36. Go to a park

37. Go rock climbing

38. Go to an amusement park

39. Do some stargazing

40. Work on a project together

Some of these might sound childish but don't be afraid to pull out that inner child and truly enjoy yourself!


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