How Women Silently Judge You.

How Women Silently Judge You.

Ever wonder what women think but won't say? Here are some enlightening facts.

1. You're late...again

If a guy is constantly late for a date, and can't get their act together, a woman will clasify this man as "fun but can't get his time management skills to coordinate, so I don't know about the future". Honestly, just because a woman doesn't say anything doesn't mean she didn't notice.

2. You never offer to split, or pay for the bill

If she is always left to pick up the tab for all of the dates, she is most certainly not seeing you as a potential provider for her or a future family. This is a short lived relationship, and she may be understanding if you recently lost your job, but a woman like that ain't gonna take it forever.

3. You're 37 and still living at home

Unless your gravely ill mother moved in with you, there is no reason you should be living at home with your family. You need privacy, and if you wanna take care of your woman or even bring her back to your place, you should respect that she doesn't wanna play scrabble with your mom (just yet ).

4. You're 41 and can't keep a stable job

If you can't hold down a job, and your whole life is a rollercoster, she won't feel safe and secure with you. Might as well recognize that just like a man likes his woman to do her own thing, a woman likes for a man to be independent too.

5. You're hot but pretty stupid

If your hot, but she thinks you are absolutely an air head, she may just want to have sex with you or hook up. She probably won't ever see you as a serious husband candidate.


Most Helpful Guy

  • "If she is always left to pick up the tab for all of the dates..."

    As if that has EVER happened in the history of men and women dating. LMAO!


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  • Nice lists. Sometimes there's a natural progression for judging someone - you want to progress in your life... and you can't be held down by someone who doesn't meet your needs.


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  • 5."She probably won't ever see you as a serious husband candidate"

    Lol, who wants to be considered husband canidate anyways? He has to pay to take you on dates and wait maybe a month or longer for the sex the hot guy got on the first date with no effort.

    Besides, the hot guy who got to hookup with you probably never wanted to marry you anyways so you not seeing him as husband irrelevant.

  • "How I silently don't give a fuck"

  • 37 and 41? Those are pretty random numbers lol.

  • I wonder what bizzaro land a girl comes from that actually experiences agreeing to dating broke guys that make her pay everything.

    God forbid he splits the bill with her!*sarcasm*

  • 0|0
    • the best line in that show was when Peggy told John she never felt appreciated for her work, and he said "that's what the paychecks were for".

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    • Something just came to mind concerning point number 3

      ''3. You're 37 and still living at home''

    • Makes sense.

      Who is a better genetic father? A philanderer or a failed to launch?

      Which ones son is more likely to produce lots of grandchildren?

  • 1. I agree, being late is never nice.
    2. Agree. I generally insist on paying for all the dates.
    3. I agree.
    4. Bad sign.
    5. That's a turn off with women as well.


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