Got Beat Up In Front of My S.O.

Sorry for any gramartical mistake, English is not my language.

So, I was dating my fiancée, then girlfriend, and at that time we had been dating for a year and plus.

It so happened, in the late autumn, I'd asked her out for a date. We had got out of her car and were walking down the street when this guy grabbed my gal from behind and began harrassing her.

It was a lonely street.

I got fuming with anger and began to rough him up, high on adrenaline. My gal tried to pull me back but with no avail, so, she decided to watch the show. I had a notion she was impressed.

I'd a upper hand at the beginning but as bad luck would have it.

It was getting dark, and I didn't notice when four other guys emerged from the shadows. Perhaps they were this guy's pals.

Before realization dawns, I was back-handed. Two guys got hold of my arms in a death grip and the guy, over whom I'd been thrashing a moment ago, came down on me with equal force.

After a good deal of pummeling, I'd started to wheeze.

I heard my gal screaming out for help between the howls of those guys. But the street was eerily lonely.

After a moment or two I had altogether stopped struggling to break free. They took turns in roughing me up and I had started to bleed. My mind was foggy and the pain was great but among that fuss one thing crossed my mind, my gal had been there the whole time. My ego was bruised that I won't be the same man in her eyes anymore.

Tears prickled the back of my eyes, but I hold back n' luckily, I didn't cry. My gal was there and she would've thought I was a sissy or something.

A strong punch to the stomach and I crumpled down. I was beyond exhaustion. When I was numb a rock hard kick landed on my chest and it felt as if all the air left my lungs.

Now, my vision was getting foggy as well and a final blow to the jaw knocked me flat on the ground.

Got beat up in front of my SO

I came around few seconds later or perhaps withinp a minute.

She had cradled my head on her lap and was on verge of tears. Dazed, I watched the guys disperse. I took few moments to put together what had just happened and I felt like running away and never showing her my face again but I was in so much pain that I could barely move.

All she said was: "I was afraid! If something might've happened to you."

I didn't recognize her voice, she'd screamed herself hoarse. She said I can crash at her place and in the rest of the journey, she drove and I just sat silently. Humiliation clouding my brain.

At her place, she ran me a bath and I relaxed in the tub when she got the guestroom ready for me. (We have saved sharing a bed until after marriage). We had dinner etc.

And when I didn't talk to her feeling embarrassed she said that she didn't care if I got beaten up and all. All she knew was being with me and by the way it was five against one.

Though I was upset she hasn't changed.

Today I post this 'cause yesterday I had bought her a ring and we are engaged. Got Beat Up In Front of My S.O.


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  • There's no shame in losing a fight you have no shot at winning. Now if you had seen the other guys first, then you would be too cocky and arrogant to think you could have won. Anyway, it's good you stuck up for her and are now engaged. She probably did appreciate you trying to defend her


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  • Good to hear she stayed. Even if it was a fair 1v1 fight she shouldn't leave but you took on 5 guys to defend her. Props man.


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  • "I got fuming with anger and began to rough him up, high on adrenaline. My gal tried to pull me back but with no avail, so, she decided to watch the show. I had a notion she was impressed."

    6/10 for a decent descriptive effort though :P

  • as Dred said dont beat yourself up over it almost no one can win a 5v1 let alone lose one and not cry with the pain you went through you should be happy that you managed to save your girlfriend / fiance and did what most guys wouldn't of and actually stood up for them and you.

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    • This! Self defense is always crucial!

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    • @BaileyisDarcy

      then the government is against you

      Romans 12:2
      And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

      do not conform to this world you have the right to protect yourself by GOD end of story

    • I agree with him. The government doesn't value us if we can't protect ourselves with these. I personally hate the government not only for it.

      That quote was something I liked actually and I am not even a theist.

  • Sounds to me you bit off more than you can chew. hope the lady works out for you. You need to have better situational awareness my friend. I suggest a few months of Krav Maga so the next time you get jumped by 5 guys you'll at least give as good as you get.

  • Dont worry about it, she is glad that you would stand up for her. I do understand your feelings. Altough it it was me, id take my homeys and slaughter them wholesale

  • Don't beat yourself up about it. Only a sissy needs his buddies to help him out. Congrats on your engagement!

  • its all right man. shit happens all the time. dont worry, life can get too much worst sometimes.

  • No shame in getting beaten up by five dudes fella.

  • banger, its over

  • No shame to be beaten up but you should watch out next time. Things like *beat him to impress* are not a good idea and you could even could have been stabbed by knife since there are lots of idiots out there.


  • Do like me and never go anywhere unarmed.
    Still, it was more than one against you, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. You fought for your girl like a man should.


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