Welcome to the Friendzone.

What is the ‘friendzone’?

Not much more than a really immature term used by an individual to rid themselves of any blame when the interest they’ve expressed in someone else is not reciprocated.

Welcome to the Friendzone.

…okay. Enough of that. Is the mythical ‘friend zone’ real? No. At least, not in the way that many seem to portray it as being; not all that different from hell. In (universal) reality, the friend-zone is simply what happens when your emotions are not reciprocated, and you decide to react by either:

a) Accepting it, and moving on

b) Creating an environment filled with self-pity and hate towards the individual who you, as difficult as it may seem to believe based off of all the insults and such you're spewing their way, you apparently are/were hoping to win their affection?

What would be the most logical thing for our fictional participant, Jane, to do if she at no point hears fictional participant #2, John, ‘baring his heart’ to her? Well, of course nothing. She’ll leave him where he is, and see him as a friend.

Now- it’s tough to make a sound argument that anyone, Jane included, should ever assume that someone doing things such as holding the door open or allowing them to go through the door before oneself, is a definite sign through which they’re not only confessing their feelings to you, but also extending an invite to start a relationship. Unless this door-holder makes no effort to explicitly state anything other than them possessing basic courtesies, the other individual has every right to look at them as nothing more than someone who wishes to be their friend.

With us having gotten the rational (more like ‘irrational’, but I digress) side of things out of the way, perhaps we’ll take a look at what has given ‘the friend zone’ such a claim to fame. What is it about this non-existent reality that people find so appealing about it as a frame of mind to adopt after being rejected?

1. It’s a source of comfort.

A coping mechanism, in a sense.

Who wouldn’t love to utilize a non-existent, and by proxy, defenseless term to shift their feelings of inadequacy and rejection onto? I mean, let’s get real, here; as much as our mind may tell us otherwise, nobody in their sane mind enjoys taking responsibility for things that will tarnish reputation, or in any way negatively affect who they are as an individual.

It’s hard to turn down the accommodation provided by the friend-zone in which one can sit back and rationalize the fact that life is not fair especially for themselves, what with the object of their affection being 100% to blame for this rapid-onset of blindness. The object of their affection is also to blame for themselves not being able to verbally express (much less act on) that they hold such feelings.

Welcome to the Friendzone.

2. It’s mean.

Okay, okay. So you’re bitter that someone else got the attention and/or interest of who you also happened to be pining after. Which is a perfectly understandable reaction to have but let’s take a step back here- in receiving interest from who you happened to have your hopes set on, was the other person doing anything to consciously and intentionally spite you? Did they slash your tires last night, or talk smack about you to your boss? ..No?

Okay, good. In that case, doing everything you can (from the comfort of your computer chair, at least) to reflect them in a bad light is in no way warranted. From an outside perspective, you’re going to look like the ‘bad’ one.

“Let me distort that and turn that into an insult against you and anyone who you’ve given a second glance at.”

“Your selective blindness to my greatness and just how ‘nice’ I am deep, deep down must be quite a headache.”

3. It’s deflective

Deflection is a classic maneuver pulled when one realizes they’ve gotten themselves into a less-than-ideal circumstance, and they’d like to pull the attention away from their involvement. You know what going on endlessly is going to accomplish in the end, though? Draw even more attention to the fact that you didn’t succeed at winning over who you wanted.

4. It’s flat-out immature.

When hearing people (both online, and to a lesser extent, in person) complain about how they had gotten turned down and ‘that asshole’ had undeservedly ‘won their prize’, you know what comes to mind?

A toddler throwing a tantrum at Toys’r’us because their parent refuses to allow them to place the Barbie mansion into the shopping cart.

…Nobody should ever be made to feel obligated to return your affection, whether you actually make it known or not, simply because you’ve been ‘nice’ to them.

Where did this recent trend of women all of a sudden flocking towards the ‘douchebags’ even come from, though? Well, if you think about it, why does anyone, regardless of age, complain or throw insults?

To mask jealousy.

Why do you get jealous of people? Because you know they possess something, be it material or otherwise, that you don’t.

People want to be around people who are confident. People who create value within themselves, be it via developing really good social skills or a sense of humour, having a good set of skills in a certain sports, etc.. Resulting in them to having some personal value to ‘give away’ or entice others with, versus seeking validation from everyone else through endless complaints.

Tl;dr- there is no golden ticket capable of ensuring that anyone of your choosing will magically ‘like’ you. Being confident is great, sure. But being confident yet failing to actually make your hopes for being more than friends known? Not so much. Same goes for being ‘confident’ yet saying it’s the other person’s fault for not having reciprocated your interest. Complaining about how you've been 'friend-zoned' and then feeling like this justifies your hurling certain girls with an assortment of name-calling is common in toddler/children below the age of 10. Assuming that you're within a few years of 20, if not older, though?

Cause for concern, for sure.Welcome to the Friendzone.

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  • the problem with friendzone is that they still wanna be your friend and moving on is hard if you´re still friednds. cause you think you might be able to turn things in your favor but you never can and them being friendly will periodically will refresh your hopes of getting with them over and over again.

    i think we shouldn´t ditch the term "friendzone" cause it´s a pretty accurate description of what is happening to you.

    we should however ditch the person that friendzoned us, cause we can not make it work. fuck them. get them out of your life completely, this is the way to go, not that "we can still be friends" bullshit.


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  • Just want to make myself very clear here... I accept Kindness coins. :+)-

  • "If you want to avoid the friend zone, make your intentions clear from the start."

    That doesn't matter really, if they don't like you as anything more than friends clear intentions still won't help. Some girls get intimidated by stating your intentions right away and reject you.

    • Some girls might get intimidated... but that sounds like something that'd be more applicable if you were in junior high or something. At your age, some girls will continue to find a mere request to join you on a date as intimidating but most should be perfectly fine with it. You won't know until you try, unless you decide that you can tell the future and foretell who will reject you as well as why.

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    • Being friends means they Don't want to suck my dick, it's not obligation it's a choice. The same goes for me I don't have to suck their pussy.

    • ... nobody asked you to, though, or whined about your refusal?

  • This is a decent Take overall. I think that a lot of the more illogical guys could learn a few things from this. But there are a couple major issues with your arguments that need addressing.
    The first issue, I'll be relatively brief with. One of the other guys already mentioned it and you have acknowledged the comment, but still.

    In your description of rejection you appear to be presenting this idea that the guy will make his feelings known and if the girl rejects him, no big deal. Things will continue to be business as usual with only the minor change being the newly solidified dynamic between the guy and the girl. No.

    What I typically see is more along the lines of: the guy makes his feelings known, the girl rejects him, but then continues to treat him like he's festering with this new epidemic. Even if he's not even going after her post-rejection, I still see that a lot of girls will actually be really condescending or passive-aggressive (through their friends and such) to the guy. It's not just "relationship or no relationship." More like "relationship or borderline-notoriety." So I don't really think it's fair to bash guys who get a little on edge after being rejected.
    The second issue comes from your dissection of the "bad boy" thing.

    I'm having a bit of a problem with how easy it looks for you to simply jump out and say "he's not an asshole, you're just jealous" with absolute certainty.

    "in receiving interest from who you happened to have your hopes set on, was the other person doing anything to consciously and intentionally spite you? Did they slash your tires last night, or talk smack about you to your boss? .. No?"

    Perhaps not. But I do have to say that it's definitely far more common than you make it out to be. I'd say many MANY guys can remember going through times when it seemed like the guys who routinely pushed them around got the near-universal respect and desire of the girls around them, even the girls they thought to be their friends.


    • Regarding the 'dissection of the bad boy' thing...
      I never said 'he's not an asshole, you're just jealous' with absolute certainty?

      Nothing that I said here would be 100% applicable in 100% of cases. However, one thing that seems to be a common trend about this 'bad boy' thing or guys who complain about having been friend-zoned by a girl who chose an asshole/douchebag etc, instead, is that there is no information given to support exactly what would make this other guy a douchebag without reasonable doubt other than anecdotal retellings of the friendzoned guy.

      Usually involving not much more than that the 'asshole' is on a sports team, goes out to bars with friends on a semi-regular basis. So.. GENERALLY things that are:
      a) complete subjective and open to interpretation
      b) not in any way directly harming the guy who's been rejected (other than his ego. But again- it's not like just because this guy had his hopes set on the girl by default bans anyone else from pursuing her.)

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    • The 'guys point of view' is looking at his ego having been deflated a bit being reason enough to throw insults at EVERYONE involved in his rejection. Everyone including the guy who the girl might've chosen instead. Throwing insults at the girl who's affection he's trying to win (?) because she didn't return his affection which she has every right in the world to deny?

      I have already 'bothered' to look at the issue from the guy's perspective. It's sill not making any more sense, though. (also, it's not just guys who get rejected. I've been rejected a handful of times and decided that i'm going to take the high road- accept the rejection with grace rather than whining like a sore loser.)

    • "there is no information given to support exactly what would make this other guy a douchebag without reasonable doubt other than anecdotal retellings of the friendzoned guy."

      Usually there shouldn't NEED to be any information given considering those guys are often douchebags in plain view. And if a guy does give information, well I already said what normally happens.

      "The 'guys point of view' is looking at his ego having been deflated a bit being reason enough to throw insults at EVERYONE involved in his rejection. Everyone including the guy who the girl might've chosen instead."

      Okay, once again. "Since he was rejected, the most likely explanation has GOT to be that he's just spewing crap."

      I can say from experience that most of the anger from insulting the guy was from him making beating me down in some way. The girls I liked and/or thought I could trust to be there for me going after him certainly helped BRING THAT ANGER TO THE SURFACE, but it wasn't the core of the anger.

  • I always thought of friendzone as more of an emotional attraction without any physical one. So when someone "friendzones" another, they are saying essentially that "I find your personality attractive (hence why I find you as a friend), but I'm not really physically attracted to you."

    This definition, of course, comes with special stipulations including if she is flat out refusing any romance in her life, she has a boyfriend, or any such similar circumstance.

    So I suppose, in the end, it is still unrequited love/rejection like you said. I wouldn't say the term has much to say in regards to deflection or accusations when used though. I mean, I've been friendzoned before. I've friendzoned people before. I wouldn't call myself bitter either, and it isn't like I had an issue with the people I've friendzoned before.

    After a friendzoning happens, I don't think the guy uses the term out of bitterness or hate against the person who friendzoned him necessarily. I think that is just called being bitter lol. Being bitter and victimizing yourself is just a poor way to go about life.

    So on the whole, I agree with your take that being bitter is not the way to go. However, I don't think the word friendzone is really a word to blame for the bitterness. Bitter people may use it (albeit exaggerated or incorrectly), but it isn't like the word represents bitterness in my opinion.

    (Granted, you did mention something along the lines of this in the beginning with the A and B selection thing, but I felt it still could have been a bit more explicit.)

  • Sure... But girls are simply not honnest about what they want, otherwise you wouldn't think they are interested in you in the first place. They like the. Attention

    • oh? So you mean when I asked my boyfriend out, I wasn't being honest about what I want?

    • No I meant girls who want to go out with you and don't explain in what context are clearly sending a weird signal, and it's convenient to pull out the friendzone card... If you weren't interested you wouldn't have to bother... Or at least you would specify you are just a friend BEFORE

    • true. But the same logic applies to how, if the guy sees the girl as more than a friend, he should specify that BEFORE taking her out and paying for dinner/buying her things. Rather than hoping she'll be able to read his mind then bitching about how she's a golddigger/user who friendzoned him after the fact, when he didn't even have the courage to so much as TELL HER how he felt beforehand.

  • The "friend zone" is real. But it's not something you get 'put' in. You were in it from the start. It simply means that while the person 'in' the friendzone may have romantic interest in the other person, the other person is ONLY interested in friendship. Occasionally this may be partly because they moved slowly or presented themselves as a friend, but 95% of the time, they were in the 'friend only' zone from the first day they met, or close to it.

    They just didn't check and find out.

    The problems are:
    - shy people not knowing how to make a romantic move, so they hang around being -even nicer than a friend- hoping the other person notices and appreciates it. As you say, kindness coins dont' make sex fall out
    - people saying its good to be 'friends first'. Generally, no, this only happens if one of you was with someone else or you're both too shy. It's good be able to become friends, but you should also have both been attracted immediately, or somethings' wrong, and if you were both attracted immediately, you wouldn't just be friends first (unless both shy etc)
    - inexperienced guys mistake female 'friendship' for more very easily. Most male-female friends end up acting like female-female friendships, not male-male friendships. For guys, being friends means you hang out in groups, do fun activities, don't talk about your feelings, and make fun of each other. That's friendship. Doing each other favors, talking 1-on-1 and sharing emotions is something you do with a girlfriend. So when a girl hangs out 1 on 1 and shares feelings with them, they feel like she's INTERESTED.
    - decades of romantic comedies show guys the right way to win a girl over is a long series of wonderful actions plus being there for her till she realizes how awesome you are. This is combined with all the mythical talk of 'guys being jerks'. This makes guys who are not assholes assume that their being a nice guy is a rare trait that women will value.

  • So, like most women, you don't understand what the term is referring to and you just wrote out a several pargraph-long screed where you mercilessly destroyed your own strawman argument that you just made up.

    "friendzone" refers to the concept that women like to keep their friends and their sex partners separate, i. e. "We can't possibly have a romantic relationship, that would never work! We get along too perfectly as best friends!

    It also refers to the fact that once a girl friendzones you, she doesn't treat you like a friend, she treats you like a cuck. She treats the hot guy she's banging like a friend, she treats her girl friends like friends, she even treats total strangers like friends. But she treats her "guy friends" in a way that makes it clear she has less than zero respect for them.

    That's what the term, "friendzone" actually refers to and it's why now most guys are calling it the "cuckzone."

    • ... spoken like a truly bitter man, wallowing in self-pity.

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    • @BillyMays_Oxyclean okay. Quite an amusing idea seeing as many of these 'men' can't even muster the courage to actually approach the woman and make their hopes of romance/sexual encounters be known. Yet you say they'll have the balls to 'wage war'?

    • You know girls can be in the "friendzone "to right?
      If a girl or guy doesn't treat you with respect, they probably just don't like you and they don't wanna say it.. lol

  • This is why i dont bother to show interest in girls i like. Whats the point if they are going to get uncomfortable about it.

    • uncomfortable about what? &in what way?

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    • Maybe it's just you who thinks its awkward? Or maybe the way you interact is actually affected in a subtle way (that seems out of your control if so) and she notices? I don't know

    • @frozenhorizon its out of my control. Best to let it be until she finds a way to chill out

  • The Friendzone is real. The thing most guys need to understand is that most of the time it boils down to three scenarios: 1- she's not attracted to you, that simple or 2- she considers you just a friend because you presented yourself as friend material, not as boyfriend material or 3- she has a boyfriend / crush / it's complicated so she has her mind fixed on him and doesn't considers anyone else right now.
    Guys and girls please don't make a something so simple and straightforward look complicated and dramatic

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    • @deepguy Most of the time our world isn't only black and white, there could be many factors that you can't imagine which make her act the way she does, just don't stress about it, give it some time. You said she's back in town so she wants to catch up with all of her friends, wait till she settles down and make your move, patience is key, right now she's like a shaken can of soda - you act too fast and you will ruin the situation, but if you wait till all the commotion passes you may get to drink a lovely soda.

    • She's back in this country tho. What I don't get is why she'd be so keen to see me (and message me about that fact), lead me on trying to ask me when she can, and then ghost me once when I said sure, when is she free. And then second time round, sure I get she is catching up with other friends, but ultimately why can't she catch up with me separately? I mean I live a busy life and I don't mess people about let alone her. I hope your soda analogy works, but it's been ages now and ultimately she caught up with other people and not me which makes me feel pretty hurt tbh. I mean I wouldn't do this to someone I care about. And it's so mixed, in that she seems to give off the whole deep caring attitude and then does something unbelievably rude too? I dunno what to do from here. I sent her a bday wish after this despite all of it. But since then haven't messaged her figuring it's up to her now. But then it worries me if she isn't single anymore by the time she stops being crazy?

  • Of course the friendzone is real.

    I've friendzoned a few girls. There was this one, whom I really liked as a girl buddy, she was fun to be with but very shy and stuck-up, so I always invited her with friends, trying to get her out, introduce people to her, etc. When she made her move, I realized I'd been completely oblivious!

    Now, I think the real, scientific test to know if a girl friendzones a guy is extremely simple: she will ask him to do stuff for her, and he will. Fix her computer. Help her with paperwork. Good doggie.

    My answer is simple: I casually mention my hourly rates.

    • .. I see nothing remotely 'scientific' about your proposal. Good luck with charging girls in exchange for these imaginary qualifications you've made up in your head. 👌

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    • @Wwwyzzerdd

      Careful or you get blocked

    • I really liked your method 😀 wonder how many girls do actually pay you

  • The friend zone is just made up. Guys do the same thing and nobody calls it the friend zone. If a girl was ugly or had an unnattractive / undateable personality, he would reject her and tell his friends why. We understand why he did and we didn't call it putting her in the friendzone.

    When a girl does its somehow called "friendzoneing". It's the same thing as when a guy does it. The only time it's a real friendzone thing is if you became such good friends with her she didn't want to risk your friendship by dating you.

  • Another woman denying the friendzone exists but I bet you anything she thinks the patriarchy is real.

    • next time, save yourself the little bit of dignity you've got left and consider actually reading what's written, eh?

      'Is the mythical ‘friend zone’ real? No. At least, not in the way that many seem to portray it as being; not all that different from hell. In (universal) reality, the friend-zone is simply what happens when your emotions are not reciprocated.'

    • Whatever. You are just trying to devalue the term by redefining it. Here's the thing though, just because you don't believe in it doesn't make it any less real.

    • how in fuck's sake could I devalue a term whose existence I've acknowledged, yet simply clarified how little sense it makes? &in the end, accomplishes nothing but making the individual who uses it (primarily males) look like an even bigger bitch?

  • To me, the friendzone is literally what the word says: it's a "zone" (imaginary zone) where all your friends are. So anyone that you consider your friend, is in the friendzone.
    I don't see what's so bad about it, considering most of the best relationships begin with a friendship.
    Being in the friendzone doesn't mean you have no chance with that person, because you can clearly "come out" of the friendzone. If the other person doesn't want anything serious with you, it's not because you're a friend, but because you don't have what they want in a partner, so either you give them that, or you'll remain in the friendzone, crying about it won't get you anywhere, that's for sure.

    I think people should stop dwelling about being in the friendzone and do something about it.

    • yeah, agreed. I just wrote this take in response to the huge amount of posts people seem to be making as of late on GaG solely dedicated to either complaining about how stupid/slutty/or a combination of the two their 'friend' was for not reciprocating their romantic interest, or asking why 'all girls' insist on choosing assholes over nice guys like themselves. 🙈

    • That's never gonna stop, because it's easier to blame others than yourself... no wonder why they're always in the friendzone xD

  • Friendzone is what girls do to guys they want to keep around but have no sexual interest in. If the guy will do stuff for her and validate her, he's like a girlfriend - the friendzone. Simple as that.

    You've taken a simple concept and made a whole argument about why it doesn't exist or is wrong to think women do it all the time. Duh.

    Seems like you do this a lot. [shrug]

    • "Is the mythical ‘friend zone’ real? No. At least, not in the way that many seem to portray it as being; not all that different from hell. In (universal) reality, the friend-zone is simply what happens when your emotions are not reciprocated, and you decide to react by either: ..."

      I fail to see where I denied the existence of the 'friendzone'?
      (next time, try reading past the first two sentences before you embarrass yourself even further.)

    • Uh, no. TLDR. You really think everybody hangs on your every word, don't you? LOL.
      I'm seeing a lot of this on this site - kids still wet behind the ears spewing out all this emotion and feeling thinking they have it all figure out. Just not like you think you do. [shrug]
      The embarrassment is just you reflecting. ;)

  • I've never really proposed to or asked anyone out but if I get rejected, I'll move on and forget them. This friendzone bull is too confusing and I don't get it.

  • Too many men let themselves be " zoned " , as they have no self respect , she does not & never will genuinely like & respect the man in question , let alone take it further. Simple solution , never contact her again & delete her details... then forget her , never been a problem for me !!

  • No, not me. I'm out of there.

    (I did read your mytake by 50% but all I have to say is exactly this as a response to your mytake title. Good take by the way)

  • I have lived in the friend zone all of my life and although I have hated it I am now content because I came to realise I have nothing to offer a women anything but friendship.

  • "Make your intentions clear from the start" is the golden rule for me.

    Its a pity though that some girls take advantage of those "kindness coins".

  • The friend zone is just an idea and term for the position some guys find themselves in.

    It's the result of an unassertive guy not making the right move at the right time. The women waits for him to man up and assert himself, to have show that aggression it takes to make romantic advancements.

    When the guy is soft and is unable to assert himself and misses that time when he needs to assert himself, he will lose respect from the women and behold he enters the dreaded "friend zone." When the women sees him as nothing more than a friend as he doesn't have what it takes to be more than that.

    That's what the friend zone is. So yes, it's real, but It's just a term.

    I think most guys just don't realize that the friend zone is often times simply a result of their inaction and find comfort in using the "friend zone" as way to justify them not being able to muster up the courage and assertiveness.

  • Yeah I never been able to get behind the whole "friendzone" thing, just nonsense really. If you dont want to be someones doormat for example, just stop doing things for them, and if you do things or pretend to be "friends" with a girl just cause of hope for more, you aren't being a real friend to begin with. Not to mention, is nothing wrong with simply being friends with someone either. If you like someone and they dont like you the same way just go your own way and do your own things. No need to pause your own universe and make her/him the center of your galaxy.

  • I've always thought the friendzone was when someone is only seen as a friend

  • "You are sweet"-----On internet , I read somewhere that this means that you are friend zoned. I don't believe it.

  • The friendzone, in my opinion, exists. It's not, however, the way many people think of it to be.

    Let me explain, a guy likes a girl. The guy confesses his feelings to her. The girl says she does not reciprocate his feelings in the same way he does, and that she only sees him as a friend. Boom, friendzoned.

    But this isn't exactly a bad thing, and the fact that a countless amount of people promptly grab pitchforks and terrorise the person who friendzoned them is, as you mentioned, immature. The person is well within their rights to say no. To demonise them over their rightful exercising of their rights is petty.

    • lol yes, exactly! I don't know why so many are concluding that I said the friend-zone doesn't exist, seeing as how a mere sentence later, I clarify that.

      I think you're basically the only one who I can tell read past what was bolded/emphasized and actually got the gist of what I was saying. As is clear by how you've pretty much summarized my entire take in what you've said above. 🍻

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    • Agreed. It exists... now in my experience, if I've shown interest (even if I didn't but they assumed), they run for the hills... it does hurt, but I move on.

      Now, it's usually the girl who on occasion says she wants to be friends, but then will avoid me like the plague, or for some reason, turn really nasty, when I've stayed respectful and kind. I figure ok, just because she doesn't want to date doesn't mean I have to be nasty. Or that after a little while we can't become friends...

      I've friended (genuinely friended) and defended people when mutual friends were rooting for us to get together... if it didn't work out, and they call her names (odd, as she's supposedly a friend of theirs too), I've still taken the road of "she's still cool."

      Now, there are girls I have been interested in, didn't work, and I've had to walk away because they have, in my opinion, started toying with me. I still don't call them names, but walking away is, frankly, the smart thing to do.

    • @GoodManDave
      It is, indeed, best to walk away. No good can come out of holding onto feelings for someone who turns toxic. It's the path that benefits you the most in the long run.

  • Friendzone? I have a hard enough time leaving the acquaintancezone! Gals want something, and act like they wanna be your friend. So you go through the whole icebreaker thing, and all seems well. Until you want to actually go somewhere or do something. (I don't mean dating or sex, just head to a park or meet up at a parade or carnival with others, literally anything besides the one place where you and her *have to* encounter each other. )

    She may even agree to it at first. But then... nothing. She ghosts you out of nowhere for no given reason. She then finds out how you voted, and starts hiding behind clothing racks at work so you can't even wave hello.

    Who's the childish one there?

    • ghosting is not the friend-zone, though? Of course she could have expressed her lack of interest in you in a nicer way but.. it is what it is. Plans change, and rest assured as this happens with everyone- my boyfriend does that all the time.

      All you can control is how you deal with it. Complaining about how ALL girls are cunts who always throw you in the 'friendzone' (ie. you've yet to find one who wants to hang with you) is an immature, childish way to cope with rejection.

    • True. And I never said all women. That being said, I must be looking in the wrong places for friends. Or maybe the cunt:average ratio where I live is higher than I'm willing to believe? I might have to move in a few months anyway. Maybe then, I can find a town that isn't so miserable.

    • You're not going to find any place that's any 'less miserable' until you ditch this mind-set and debbie-downer attitude of your own. The matter of perspective and always being able to find something if you 'look for it hard enough' is truly an amazing phenomenon.

  • 0|0
    • In the third video it sounds like he's saying "baked tomatoes" 😂

      I only clicked because of the thumbnail.

  • It's something to joke about. You see teenagers say this shit seriously. .. Meh w/e

    • hah yeah, pretty much. I mean the whole idea is comical. The fact that there are plenty of people who are in their mid to late 30's and give stories about how them being 'friendzoned' so dramatically you'd think they were involved in a workplace shooting or something.. it gets a bit more concerning. You can even scroll down and see a gentleman who is supposedly 58 and posted this:
      'Be forewarned. Men are waking up. Men are incredibly pissed with women. A war is on the horizon, and it will break VERY soon.'

    • I hear senility comes with old age :(

  • i wonder if girls ever end up in the friend zone too

    • well do girls ever get their advances rejected by men?

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    • @cth96190
      Interesting theory. I guess you'll choose to just look past the fact that I asked out two guys before the age of 25, and got rejected once (aside from times when the 'approaches' were not all that serious, and also got rejected) because it doesn't sit well with the generalization you pulled out of your ass. -_-

    • @kaylaS91
      I have not had you under surveillance for the past 10 years, so I do not know every detail of your interactions with males. :-)
      I commend you for taking the initiative with males whom you fancied. If more women went after what/who they wanted the world might be a happier place.
      Expecting males to make the first move every time builds in a lot of missed opportunities for mutual happiness.
      Before I was 30 that happened to me once. . . but she was insane. Feel free to suggest that any woman who was interested in me would have to be insane, which is the normal female response.
      Re generalisations: when talking about a group of people, that is the only way that it can be done. I did not pull those generalisations out of my arse. That is what I have experienced, observed and read about the experience of others.

  • What Kind of bullshit fuckery is this?

  • i agree, it's pathetic.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I have to agree with this and I like how you pointed out why guys like to use it as an excuse. The friendzone is why everyone needs to make their intentions clear from the start. You will lose out if someone doesn't know you're interested

  • As expected, shitstorm from gag guys

  • I feel like the real definition of friend zone is:
    The place where girls put guys they are not attracted to in, as a subtle way to reject them without really rejecting them, because they don't like conflict or rejecting someone.
    It's basically a sneaky way of rejecting someone before they have the chance to ask, so you don't have to deal with the awkwardness.

    The problem is that dudes won't take the damn hint!

  • i prefer ones who are straight and tell me the real reason

  • good


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